Marriage – Deen Vs Culture Part 10

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam gives a talk on the importance of Marriage in Islam and the cultural influence that need to be squashed

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Moving on. Lastly, and finally there are some cultural aspects in divorce as well. Okay, that's a topic on its own divorce, how nasty they become. Islam says avocado Hello, hello, hello. This is the Hadith in the center of umami. A Buddha would write the Senate is not that authentic. You know, it's slightly questionable senate but the meaning is fine. It's true. It's a permissible activity divorces, we need to understand now one kosher thing is what we what we realize is that divorce is what an unlawful activity it's an evil thing. Islam says no who said divorce is evil.

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It's permissible, one of the most disliked activities but it is permissible. Now culturally, what do we think it's bad? Now let me explain this to you know, how this has an impact.

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When you consider the law and divorce to be an evil act,

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an act of you know, wretchedness and it's an wicked and evil act. Wicked in the true sense of the word not a slang sense. It's an evil act. You consider Pollock to be an evil act, then what happens? The most natural consequence whenever divorce takes place, and what happens

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what happens sometimes, you know, something really bad everybody in the community thinks it's a bad thing. Divorce has happened. Islam says no bad.

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You know, even the messengers Heba is married alayhi salatu wa sallam divorced his wife.

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what's what's, what's the big deal? The messenger sallallahu alayhi. Salaam once contemplated divorcing all his wives. The other woman, Erica nosara, Guna, Saracen, jameelah, and he did divorce soda adventism and then took her back process of divorce. So how about divorce? So I really

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need to understand this point. Culturally, it's taboo. islamically. It's not a bad thing. It's dislike you try your best to save marriages. But if it doesn't work out, it's not bad. And you know what? Because we consider too bad what happens? Somebody has to be blamed. It's bad. So somebody has to be blamed husband and his family, they'll never blame themselves. It's always the wife's fault. You know, that's my own. You know, it's a why it was that, you know, it wasn't really the wife wife was good. But a mother You know, the mother was she was the bad one.

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pointing fingers at that everybody. You know, I've seen nasty situations. I know, one divorce case where I was the both husband's side and the right the wife spoke to me, the husband, the husband's brother, the wife's brother came to me, you know, I said just move on, you know, just be human beings and move on. Carry. It doesn't matter. They're spreading rumors about us and they're spreading in the community because now you want to get in the community. You have to prove that you are right, and they were wrong. if nobody's wrong, both are right, then what's the big deal?

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You can have the greatest imagenet of the time and there will be adversary of the time and you could have a divorce.

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No chemistry just didn't meet Indian click. There was no kuffaar hamdulillah no problem. That's what Islam says divorce a palapa Martin for incircle Morocco, two, three from the sun, even divorce should be with

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excellence, Depart with excellence. You know which on what? In what way? The husband says to the wife goes and says sorry, forgiveness, sorry, you know, it didn't work out. I wasn't good enough for you. May Allah give you a better husband than me. The wife says, Sorry, you know, Mommy, you know, I wasn't good enough for email. I'll give you a good wife, better wife than meek. hamdulillah make the you know, forgive one another.

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That's Islamic divorce. That's what Allah says. The law with their son. It's not a bad thing. Once we consider it to be an evil act. We have to blame someone. husband's family, blame the wife's family, the wife's family, blame the husband's family both become lifelong enemies. They don't talk until death do them part. And then worst case scenario when children are used.

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Then we need fathers for justice.

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Children, that's an oppression. That's an absolutely horrible, you know, practicing people seriously. I mean, I know practicing people going to jamaa arguably on all sorts of activities for dressing like Muslims, you know, niqab? hijaab. this that and the other so called practicing here, it was happens Islam is out of the window.

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Now, this is a family the father is doing, you know, practicing family. I told him I said, you know, do you realize Islam's it's a major hurdle. You're oppressing the child. The child needs the father as well as the mother. Why are you using the child as a human shield to get your own back on the husband divorce happened okay. With the Father, don't Don't you know, deprive the kid from seeing the father as a major heroine.

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And using rights of this country, the wife side and the wife don't want to use it or I don't want to let him see you know, his evil you

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When your mind is evil, he's evil to you. But not doesn't mean he's a bad father to the kidney normal, normal situations. You can't deprive you can't there are visitation rights that are child custody laws in Islam not the laws of this country that are child custody knows I have a whole article about the child custody laws is actually somebody put on the BBC website as well. The child custody laws you have to follow them until the age of seven the boy stays with the mother then goes to the Father and the girl until the age of nine stays with the mother then goes to the Father. We like it or not, these are Islamic rules.

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So divorce do it with axon in the best of ways. And then there are some other issues but if time's up, so I'm going to end with this inshallah

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