Unbelievable what Oppression I saw in Palestine

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah smell from the Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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Last year and Hamdulillah, Allah tala gave us the honor and the privilege to perform Hajj. And then from Hajj from there, we flew over to Jordan. So when we reached our man, Jordan, we went there with the intention of going in the Palestine.

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So from there, we jump onto a bus and we hit him.

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And as you get to the borders, you see the Israeli flag stands extremely high.

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And Subhanallah, automatically, your heart starts to beat.

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You know, because hearing is not like seeing. So you enter this place. And you go through this whirlpool of emotion, some of it is anger, some of it is fees, some of it is frustration.

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So you get to the borders. And keep in mind, you're an Australian, you've got an Australian passport.

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And you get there. And we'll live from as soon as you see them for the first time.

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It's like something enters the heart. It's like a it's it's like a poison enters the system. And from as soon as Yanni, as soon as you make contact with them, no smiles, no welcomes no nothing whatsoever, you're automatically made to feel like an outcast. So you get to the border there. They take you off the bus, you walk in.

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And you see

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for an hour 2345678

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you haven't been questioned yet.

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You're an Australian that wants to go in. And you haven't been questioned yet.

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And as you see, and you watch, you'll see a Palestinian citizen, an old senior man, a man who we Yani we might call are more, or hedge, or an old man, at least at the age of 7075 years of age.

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And you see a young Israeli soldier, a female, maybe about 18 years old, 19 years old.

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Talking down at him,

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giving him orders

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will law him like he's an animal.

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Like he's Yanni, like, he has no value, no worth nothing whatsoever.

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Talking down at him fool, lucky. And he,

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if you could call it talking was more like barking. Right?

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And you feel it will law then you feel it.

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And you sit there and you bite your tongue.

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And this is a Palestinian.

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This is an old man who is supposed to be receiving some sort of respect. And he's been spoken down by a little 18 year old.

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Anyway, so you sit there, and then eventually they call your name. And then and then then young lady. And don't think it's a coincidence that the ladies, it's not a coincidence that the ladies, the young lady will come over, she calls you out. And then you got to follow her. You walk into the room, you sit down, who are you? Why are you here?

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And then she starts to ask, why have you come to Palestine? And what sorry, they call it Israel. But why he? What business do you want from here?

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Why do you choose to come here? Why don't you just go straight home,

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full on, full on. And this can carry on to talk to you for about half an hour, they should tell you to go back and then you see an hour, two hours, three hours, then she'll come back, she'll call you back out, she'll ask you the same questions again, then she'll send you back, then you sit down for an hour, two hours, and then another and someone else will come and pull you out. And then they'll also ask you the same questions, then you'll go back and then you sit for an hour and for two hours.

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Until eventually you lose whatever love and whatever desire you had to go in, is lost. And then they tell you come in. That's if they tell you you come in.

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And then from as soon as you walk in,

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you can feel

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the oppression.

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You travel on the roads and four kilometers on end, concrete high walls,

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four kilometers and kilometers and kilometers separating.

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And then when you reach this suburbs,

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the concrete walls, they start to have paint and artwork so that it doesn't look as intimidating.

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And then you get there. And then you want to enter the goods, the holy mosque.

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And it's surrounded by Israeli soldiers.

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So you come to walk in, you got to show your passport proof of ID and there's a man there and Israeli holding a fully automatic weapon and I need to justify myself to him to why I need to enter the budget of Allah.

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Anyway, so you walk in you show your ID

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You go in there and you walk into the woods

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and we're like it's like the walls are crying

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There's no use

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because that alone

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No youth

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you walk in and they have a stained

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glass stand

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with a collection of bombs, grenades, shells, things that have been fired into the masjid over the period of ease

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you look at the shells made in the USA

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anyway so you pray a share and maybe now you're thinking maybe I'll stay and make some make no, you can't stay Brother Why? Because they're gonna lock up the machine

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930 everyone's got to get out.

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But who does the final inspection? They do?

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Do you think they honor the measure then take their shoes off

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by walking?

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And while all this is that you can absolutely say nothing.

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And then you speak to the local and he tell him how come you know like how come they like where's all the Muslims? How come there is a more people.

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It was your brother, I have to show my passport and my ID five times before I reached the laws of the machine.

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This is a citizen.

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He has to show his ID and his passport five times before he can reach the machine.

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And if you forget to say let's just say he's forgotten, right?

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He can get charged he can he can he can he falls he falls he falls into harm.

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You imagine in this country,

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you cannot possibly like you cannot travel from the Kimba to say, Sally Kimber.

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Today what you

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say from the Kimba today which you

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you get stopped twice.

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This is for the citizen, nevermind the tourists, the citizen his own country, he gets stopped twice. And twice, he has to stop, prove who he is get out of the car. If his wife is with him, she also has to get out of the car, the cars got to get inspected

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every single day.

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And if this brother has to go to that with you twice, three times, four times, it's the same God he seen him he seen in the first time he seen him a couple hours ago. him his wife, his kids have to get out of the car and they have to inspect

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but it gets worse.

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It gets worse.

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So we're traveling along the highway and you see this beautiful land of Palestine

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and in the middle you see this object this object that has nothing to do with the surroundings and it's a

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it's a container just a container that sitting in the middle of bush you think added that possibly get there. You know what it is brothers.

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It's Palestinian land

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that some Jewish person puts his container on there.

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But it doesn't do anything.

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And it sits

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for a month two, three a ye trees until it becomes normal to you until the Palestinians no longer question the container. And then what is he doing? He builds a house they

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become his length.

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That blunt and it's not it's blunt, bluntly. And you see these little containers everywhere.

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And you see these little containers everywhere.

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My time is almost up and I'll I'll share just a few things with you.

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When we went to measure that valley, that's where our Prophet Ibrahim Ali salat wa salam is buried.

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This isn't the only I'm not trying to put spices etc. But this is history. You can look it up. Measured Khalid was a Masjid that belongs to the Muslims in 1994. So that the Muslims were there. Praying selecting

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a Jew from the States, a doctor

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walks in and opens fire to the Muslims that were praying.

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One Institute

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kills 30 and wounds 125.

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So what do you think happened? I'll tell you what happened. They closed off the mosque. They made an investigation. You know what the result of the investigation was?

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by two and half of it into synagogue.

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And this

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whatever you want to call him.

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His grave became a shrine

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and extremist jerseys to go

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Make pilgrimage his grave

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a hero

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you know my brothers will lie he when you visit Palestine it's not like hearing about it and seeing it on TV. You see the oppression in the eyes of the Muslims will lie you see it

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and you can see in their eyes that they've given hoping the Muslims

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will lie there are so many so many experiences that I wish that I wish I could share with you but my time is short. But finally

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the reality is is that they want you to forget about Palestine

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and that's the truth.

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They don't want you don't want your money. They don't want you tourism they want nothing you and this place needs to finish

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and so long as this place is not in the eyes of the Muslims, it's not in the hearts of the Muslims.

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there for them this is good.

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Have you ever asked yourself why is it we know so little about Palestine?

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I'll end with this this this was a request of the Imam of Masjid al quotes. He said me please go back

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until the use of Islam to come and visit this place.

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He said come and visit. And Wallah he understand that what's happening in Palestine is very real.

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Very, very, very real desert