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The current unrest in India is causing a "arson" atmosphere among people, leading to "arson" atmosphere among politicians and media. The lack of support from politicians and the media for India, as well as the dangerous association between terrorism and Islam, is causing "arson" atmosphere among people, leading to "arson" atmosphere among politicians. The lack of political support is causing "arson" atmosphere among people, leading to "arson" atmosphere among politicians. The conversation also touches on the rising tensions between the United States and India, where the UK is seen as a partner and the US is seen as a threat. The lack of political support is causing "arson" atmosphere among people, leading to "arson" atmosphere among politicians.

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somebody come up with a cat so how you guys doing? So one topic to be honest, which I haven't done justice in covering, even though it's not my kind of forte to be kind of journalist, but I should as a die and I believe we should as diet. People who call to Islam cover these topics is the injustice that's happening in India at the hands of the brutal and fascistic BJP and Zhi Shan smarter genma how are you doing? First of all 100 Mashallah, very good, man. Good. You've done a lot of you've actually, to be honest, I've just been I was expressing this before we started this video that because you've done a lot of those videos, I felt like I didn't need to do so well, because there

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is. Clearly there's a cross pollination in that, like followers and so on. But at the same time, we do have maybe followers that we don't like I have some people that follow me, I don't follow and vice versa. It's important to highlight this issue to everyone we can. So today we're going to be talking about we're going to first watch a rash video and I want you to give us a kind of contextualization of the situation.

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Name is Mira sanada.

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I mean, that's really shocking, isn't it? That's one of the I mean, that is one of the most severe things I've ever seen the brutal way in which this man was killed. And the Prophet Mohammed Salah Suleiman says, a man quoted Edwin D'Amico Shaheed whoever is killed, trying to defend their life than he is he then we hope that the brother was was his Shaheed inshallah. inshallah, of course, and this and this for us, probably, it's just, it's just shocking, really, with with us, they say, Oh, he was shouting Allahu Akbar. You shouting this shouting that here. They're asking him what they're telling him, say, Jay Hanuman, long live Hanuman, the monkey got their monkey got. So and sometimes

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they say, Joshua, you know, I'm sorry. Why is religion not being bought into question here? Well, it's being justified by they literally telling you, right, this, this is why we're doing it. It's unbelievable. But it's not being bought up. Like if terrorism and extremism was something that was a genuine concern. I'm sorry. But it would be bought into question here shortly. It's like Mark Curtis is saying he's been looking into the declassified documents of the British government. Yeah, I think they've stopped declassifying them. But he's definitely been like 40 odd years, yet before they will declassify them under the Freedom of Information Act. But he noticed that before there was none of

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these grandiose principles like human rights, freedom of speech. Yeah, they didn't talk about that when they're invading countries. So now we're seeing these very LGBTQ and all these countries and doing gay rights, but they don't care about that sort of stuff. There's always this is just on the surface. Yeah, if that was such a concern, of course, don't bring that with with Saudi. You know, I'm saying because Saudi is an ally of the UK, and the US was another country that's not they will openly speak out against Pakistan is not necessarily considered as much of an ally or an asset as much as say Saudi. That's why the UAE Pakistan is doing this and and, but with India, now, that's

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that's another here as an ally, we got to be careful. That's why they got the Priti Patel.

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Priti Patel there. They called her a fat cow. They said no, no, that's, that's going too far. That's offensive. That's offensive, because she's a Hindu here, but when Muslims and he was a cartoon, it was a cartoon. So I'm sorry. When you see disparities like this, is it any wonder that Muslims feel alienated? Sure. Is it any wonder that Muslims are not now believing the nonsense that you guys are doing? So tell us contextually what's going on in India, in terms of the minority Muslim group and how they are being misled.

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And brutalize at the hands of the BJP. BJP. Yeah, I mean, bro, there's just there's just so much going on. Yes. So the current prime minister of the country is somebody called Modi. Right. So back in the days before he was Prime Minister, he was he had kind of rulership over Gujarat. Right. Yeah. So which was like a lot of Muslims were there. And then he oversaw the butchering of literally 1000s or 1000s of Muslims to such a degree that he now has a badge. Yeah, that people remember him as the butcher of Gujarat? Yeah. to such a degree that even America didn't allow him to enter? Well, because India is India and China make up half the world's population. And they are very influential

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in terms of the economy, even in countries that have unless they have a spine, they're not really going to stand up to them. But so when he became prime minister, things became a bit complicated work. So America lifted that ban. And when he came in, that's it. Yeah, like he just went, like, as I say that he wouldn't have, right. There's there's policies that have come, for example, he will allow refugees to come in from other countries that are Hindus, Christians, but not Muslims. Well, yeah. in Kashmir, he's taken away their autonomous status. Kashmir has always been violated women raped. I mean, there's the stuff that I can't mention, and there's videos that will give the viewers

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nightmares. In fact, when that whole thing was going on with Kashmir and bookstand, Detroit, Pakistan did try to do something for whatever reason.

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The UAE were giving more the middle Bahrain, they were acknowledging Modi is known as like the Indian Trump, Muslims are being literally lynched on the streets won't cause they are accused of eating beef, because that's against their religion. Well, surely there should be freedom of expression in terms of are they forcing Muslim people not to eat with? It's interesting, you mentioned that because India is depressed so called the biggest democracy in the world. But that's nowhere near the case. Anybody who knows anything about India? That's absolutely not the case.

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Is has totally swayed and the BJP is I would say, they're very clever in the way they've done it. They've seeped any criticism, or rather they made any criticism of them. Criticism of the country, so if you criticize them or their policy is that you're not a patriot, right? Anybody who criticize nationalism one on one isn't 100% it's like the the latest farmers rights. Yeah, Rianna spoke out. And the first question that was on their mind, was she Shia Muslim? Yeah. Greta thunberg spoke out and the Hindus just went nuts. Here. Of course, they're not all Hindus, Hindu trolls. I mean, you've even got Bollywood stars that need the blessings of some of these extreme groups like shift center.

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The biggest I would say Bollywood is definitely on par with Hollywood. Shahrukh Khan even got paid more than that. Who's that? So he's like the biggest actor, I'd say probably on the planet maybe has gone down now in the last year since the BJP came. But there are three main Muslim stars, the cons, and they've gone quiet, because anything that they say, yeah, it gets misconstrued. And they are in fact, they're very liberal, very liberal Muslims. But even they can't breathe. Yeah, without getting permission from these guys. Anytime. Shahrukh Khan said something that say he should go back to Pakistan. He's a Pakistani. He's this. He's that ridiculous that you can't say anything. So people

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say, Oh, how come these Bollywood guys don't speak up? They can't. They can't speak up. The BJP has seeped itself into the film boards, such that they are now dictating what movies get made. Yet the thing that actually was at a wall an asset for India, the cinema has now become the opposite. liability. Yes. Become a liability. Exactly. So whether it's movie, whether it's like recently, I mean, mosques will get raided. Police will do the most obscene things, ridiculous things, and no one can touch them. Why? And I would say that they are worse. We were discussing and I was saying you know what? ISIS, I would say they are worse than ISIS because with ISIS, ISIS isn't on a state

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level. Yet they don't have state acceptance from wild powers. But Modi, who has RSS routes, which is mapped on the the RSS is mapped on Nazi ideology, and this is generally accepted. Yeah, the guy himself comes from always fascist, right. He's a fascist. Yeah. And you can see it, like, openly reject and that they are building just like we've got in, in China. They are building camps in which you're going to get Muslims pretty much going in there. May Allah protect our Britons.

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assists brothers and sisters there. It's absolutely ridiculous what's going on that people don't have the guts to stand up and stand and speak against it. Why because of economical leverage the economical leverage that India has to such a degree that that is one of the reasons as written a guardian Guardian article that Priti Patel is such an asset to the UK, because they put her forward to kind of keep good relations with Modi. Yeah, so, I would say it's more dangerous because of their state level acceptance. And because they have they they have nuclear weapons, they have sufficient or not sophistry, but propaganda behind them proper state sponsored propaganda, news stations,

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magazines, bollywood, ISIS doesn't have that. You know, I'm saying but ISIS is on the front pages. Just last week, a man was going with a Hindu woman, and he got stabbed by four men. Why? Because he loved jihad, which is a conspiracy in India that all Muslim men are marrying Hindus to convert them. Well, yeah. And then on the other hand, you've got beef. Yeah, somebody gets that people have been beaten to death, because they be suspected, suspected of having beef, publicly lynched. And a police are just now I just for me, I just got I can't believe the fact that this is not being covered as much as it should be. in mainstream British. I mean, imagine if the Hindu Hindu Vata, or whatever

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they're called, or the BJP, were a Muslim pi, and that the roles have been reversed. I'm pretty sure that you know, because it, because it upholds the clash of civilization narratives, the Samuel p Huntington narrative that all of these kind of right wing Neo conservatives want to uphold, they would easily kind of turned in, they will put this in the front pages, right. But the fact that now you've got so many counter examples of the narrative like you've got minorities being butchered and brutalized, killing happens on the front pages. It's been discussed on LBC it's on radio discussion. LBC question time. It's everywhere by hair hair, as you guys can see, right. a rape victim. Yeah,

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she's been paraded with Who's that who you're talking about? Yeah, a lady that's been raped. And she's, she's, she's been made to she's been paraded around town with the person that's actually done in particulars. The, you know, the culture that's there. If it was on the front pages here. It would be ridiculous. Yeah. They would immediately say the Vedas, the Vedas, yeah, they need they seriously needs changing. The the Mahabharata, the Upanishads. All of these books need instant changing. It's extremely dangerous. The fact that the word terrorism, extremism is not being mentioned. It gets covered every now and then by certain media outlets. But it like you said it's not getting the

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attention it deserves his counter narrative is counter narrative because it's not Muslim. Right? Yeah. And it's not going to sell. It doesn't meet with the relationship that they have with India. Yes. And it's just because our leaders they are obviously spineless. So because of that, here, we can just step over Muslims because our people won't speak out because we got the with the Camp David Accords. And yes, we got the Abrahamic codes. Yes. cola does, of course, is ridiculous. Yeah. What accords are you going to do with Modi? Let's get some foods done with Modi. Let's Let's pick out your flippin precisely so you got economic interests at stake? So does that come along? for that

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position? Or Honestly, it was, I think a lot of people would have felt really edified by that. And me included because a lot of what's happening in the subcontinent has just not been covered in the right ways by the media, we have a duty upon it upon ourselves to and you've been doing this I mean, actively, but we the rest of us who haven't really should be doing this work and, and telling the people the plight of those Muslim minorities in India, spreading awareness on these issues. I've literally just scratched the surface. And honestly, it boils my blood. I mean, it does. I watch that video, to be honest with you. Just just I can't believe it or not, I'm actually lost for words.

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But brothers and sisters, it's our job to know what's happening in the world, in the subcontinent, in China in these places. And we need to raise awareness. I need to bring this to the attention of whoever we need to bring to the attention to when these things come up. Yeah, we've we feel very

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lucky. We can't do anything. Right. Yeah. And sometimes we're like, what's the point what's what's going to deliver?

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Our job is to do whatever is in our means. If that means making you make da that means Ryan to your local MP, you write to local MP, if that means just educating your child or just speaking in your next family meeting is edifying each other. That's That's enough. You've done something. Yeah. The result and the

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outcome is not in your control. Like we know Islam will be successful. Yeah, it goes without saying. Yeah, so these things they will be solved. Either you can put your share in it and be a part of it. Or you can just sit on the sidelines and go there's so many things going wrong. I can't do anything I'll give up yet because sometimes I do feel like that. Yeah, but you do whatever is in your capacity to and inshallah Leave the rest to Allah knows that an organization is Salama.