Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 21

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of generosity and how it is not just about money, but also about giving and giving more. They use an analogy of a woman's spouse being a "sliver" and how many people do not know what to do with their money. The speaker emphasizes that everyone has a responsibility to be generous and gives an example of how money is a "sliver."
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when I talk about generosity, what comes to your mind?

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Meaning money. So,

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of course Allah, him and everybody else do it part time, which I'm not saying anything about this. I wanted to be more deeper. And I wanted to look at how many opportunities and what you know to be generous, and I absolutely don't see it and throw it away. And I feel so bad when I hear my friend paid on the door and in my budget cannot allow me what to pay for your

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generosity. Absolutely. There's no question about it. And this is a very famous How do you have to slam you to eat so you need to breathe in number one every night, except the last year before he died. It was twice and can this whole was this kind of Jordan.

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He was more more generous than the running wind to bring a lot of that. However, I want you to look at generosity in another way. Give me an example of generosity outside money.

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forgiving, forgiving.

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Smiling in the face of someone? Absolutely.

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So reaching, reaching truly your kinships even if they never call you.

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I wouldn't say this is generosity. But I want generosity mean it's something extra. You have to do.

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I that's it.

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I'm sorry.

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So remove remove any harm. It's not generosity, self sacrifice. generosity.

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For example, you're cooking then you sell everyday food in your neighborhood. That's fine. I'm looking for more than that.

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To be generous.

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That's not generous, generous, generous, more generous. Are you ready? do you have? How many of you because I have never been here in number one in your mosque. The woman here in a crowded

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number one

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crowded or there is plenty of space.

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Yeah, and if you come at a time, you may or may not find a place.

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This is the scenario. And I see this all the time in St. Louis. Definitely in the home. So if you are you are interested, right? Let's say your reality in the States, your family on the weekend. Or kids come on in. We're gonna bring the past in the West you gonna stay? I brought my son Jada. I brought my swag but my misbehave might come on. I want to enjoy my day. My husband is there. Kids are there. Alhamdulillah. So I come in.

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And I'm sitting in that place. Beautiful center. I hear well, nobody disrupt. Before I shall walk past you. You have to.

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You know what I'm saying? What happens? You come back. Good luck. Bye bye.

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And world war three will happen.

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That's generous.

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generosity, is what you give more, or more than average, more than most people do. Or you do something most people will not. And especially giving your right that's generosity.

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It's with people is with me. That's why I told it's not about money. Because a lot of people don't have money.

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But how many will do this the example I gave how money somebody looks at you, and this is your spouse. But when he was

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shot it was so beautiful. Take it and you may not take it in your

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generosity. Same thing with the same thing without by your generosity you will give you will give not because of who she especially if you don't know

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what to do,

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are doing it because he was

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and I'm following his footsteps. Because a lot

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of what love is also a jungle is because of what says those who spend when they have and when they don't have they don't have me when I come to the masjid. There's no place. I'm not going to be praying in the masjid that she took my place not a single word.

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And, of course, the people who's next to you it's hard please what happened and then you

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margins and it's okay no it's not okay.

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You're not stalling, right? But he will

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help each other to be generous. Nothing is yours. So I tell myself nothing is mine is nothing.

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just to give you as Keep it with you for a while, then he will take it back. So generosity in

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exactly in food. I'm sure you come into the line awfully fast. The first one I'm thinking everything.

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No, put the least make at least five place to be the people behind you before you do it for yourself. That's generosity. The last piece of cable the last piece of something, the speed by people behind you leave it, you want it you like it. But to be generous. The series is all small things are not how much we even pay attention to to be journalists.

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