Reviving Ramadan #20 – The Final 10 This Is What You Came For

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The speaker gives five suggestions for the last 10 nights of the month ofFinancial, including starting by reflecting on your weakness and helplessness. The suggestions include going to bed early to stay at home, disconnecting from sources of distraction, and not allowing people to excel in worship. The speaker also suggests avoiding graduation and graduation should be a habit.

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It's the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. How should I approach these blessing nights? Here are five suggestions. The first, begin by confessing to yourself your absolute weakness and helplessness, realize that you're unable to pray a single unit to recite the single letter of the Quran or engage in the act of worship without Allah's help. during nights where so much is up for grabs, beg Allah Almighty to keep you inspired and eager until the end number to behave in these 10 Nights, as though you shall never witness their likes again, the moment you feel a dip in the enthusiasm.

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Remember that a single hour of one of these nights is better than 3000 days worth of actions, in other words more than eight years, and that a single minute during that night is greater than 50 days worth of actions. And these calculations, of course, are only meant to bring the meaning closer, because the reality of Laila to Qatar can't be calculated. As Allah Almighty said how you don't mean and Fisher is greater than 1000 months, not equivalent to 1000. That's how much more greater only Allah knows. So, contrary to common assumption, losing out on these 10 Nights cannot be compensated for next Ramadan. Number three, keep yourself distant from people, gatherings, and

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sources of distraction as much as you can be keen to spend the majority of your time in privacy with Allah, whether in the masjid or at home, and each one of us knows where best to find his or her heart, whoever is able to participate in that decaf and congratulations. Otherwise, make the best use of your private moments and disconnect every possible distraction and you know what needs disconnecting? The fourth bit of advice as you come into these last 10 nights of Ramadan is very your acts of worship, move from the recitation of Quran to prayer to dua, to remembrance to deep contemplation and their likes. This alternation is a key way of dispelling boredom and laziness. The

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fifth If Allah Almighty assist you to excel in worship, then beware of allowing even an atom's weight of pride or self admiration to creep into your heart.

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Because this is what causes good deeds to come crashing down. Planet Earth is filled with people who are far greater than you and I, and sincerity in righteousness and hard work. It's not about the size and the quantity of good deeds. It's about Allah accepting them. And perhaps this is one of the secrets why the dua of Lena to Qatar is Allahumma in Nicaragua want to help you laugh or honey or Allah? You are pardoning and you will have pardoning so pardon me, we ask Allah Almighty to pardon us.