A Closer Look – How About Some McPorky

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The speaker discusses how people disobey Allah's actions, such as killing a person and giving money to charity. They argue that dis dis disobeying is a big deal, as it is a way to avoid consequences. The speaker uses the example of the early Muslims and how they were taught not to act like small thing until their faces went purple, and they were taught not to do things small.

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Many years ago, this guy came up to me at the University in Virginia and he was, he said he was being sincere. He was, you know, born and raised. He was born with a Muslim name. That's basically it. Right? He said, What is Allah care if I get some ham in my breakfast or not? And in his end, he actually said, shouldn't Allah care about more important things? If I murder someone if I steal if I like, What is Allah care if I go McDonald's or give me a mug Porky hollows, I eat it. But why is that a big deal? What I pick from the menu? Why does Allah care about that? So tell them yes. And this is the thing when people belittle the action, right? It's not about the action. It's about the

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bigger umbrella it comes under. And that is disobedience to Allah Zoda. So I said, Yeah, you can pick the thing easy, and then just pay $1.99 And it's simple. No one got killed. So why is it a big deal? The big deal is you're disobeying Allah azza wa jal. I told her imagine you're at work. The phone rings and your boss is standing right there. He says, don't answer the phone. And you just pick it up. Hello.

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But so he tells you, you're fired. You tell them why?

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Because they can kill anyone. I just picked up the phone. It's not like I took it across the room just not even a yard half a yard. And I only said one innocent word. Hello.

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gonna suck Lionel Richie International.

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So he'll you'll get your last. That's like I told someone like if you go to court, you shoot some one of the judges. Why'd you murder him? Your Honor. It's not like a strangled him until his face went purple and then the lifeless. I just shot him It took half a second law heavy. So the idea is that it's disobedience to Allah Allah. That's why it says he said earlier when he said what the saying of the early Muslims were you know, knowing what to do not look at how small the sin is. But look at the greatness of the one you're sinning against. That's the big deal. So that under that, through those lens, everything is a big deal. It's disobeying Allah as again, these are all small,

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big that's the big deal.