You’re Never in Control

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Alright, let's get started Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So guess what, we're actually going to be launching something new. And it's happening like tomorrow. And I don't even know if I have permission to tell you guys what it is yet. But I want you to keep an eye out for it. I'm recording the videos. And and this is like an insider tip as well. I got a haircut. Did you see that? I got a haircut. I was gonna show you guys a before and after. The last time I got a haircut was like three months ago, three months ago.

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All right. Bismillah. So the reminder that I wanted to share with you guys today is Allah as will Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, why mad dash una Illa. sha Allah in a like and Eileen and Hakeem that Allah subhanaw taala says and you do not will except that ALLAH subhanaw taala wills in Allah Cana on Iman Hakima Verily, Allah subhanaw taala is our Lehmann is all knowledgeable Hakeem and all wise. And when we teach when I teach visionair, and in the class, I tell people about, you know, there's certain doors that you make, that seem to be in your control, seem to be in your control, something like running a marathon or opening a business or something like that, you think

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it's in your control. And then there's other doors that you think are not in your control something like she felt from an illness, she felt from COVID, for example, or so it's like you see, it feels like it's out of your control. And I want to remind you guys, that everything is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. Even the things that you think are in your control are actually not in your control. Sorry to break the news. So I learned this from you know, this isn't like a non Muslim and a secular. He's a professor at a university. And he was presenting this idea that people at university should be accepted by lottery. Like you have to be like, say something like Harvard,

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Stanford, people who go to university should be his, his proposal was, we think that the person who got accepted to Harvard was the best that there was, but in actuality, maybe like, say 20,000 people, or 10,000 people applied for the same position, and they're all qualified. They're all qualified. And it's pretty much more closer to luck as the secularists or tofield, from Allah, when things work out that he said, We should just accept this and just do a lottery for everybody. But he said the problem was, people don't like to accept that things are not in their control. And I thought that this is really interesting. He was secular, and he's saying that it's called lottery,

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but I'm like, It's tofield from Allah. So even those drives, let's suppose you made a health dua, and you made a dog to run a marathon, you think that that's in your control, but how many people make the intention to run a marathon and never achieve it, and those who say they've run a marathon, they actually went on a 5k Fun Run, or a 10k run or a habit and they told everybody that's one on a marathon, which they didn't and so everything is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala so the next time you're going out and the next time you're doing something, I want you to pay more attention to saying in sha Allah, what are the hola Nick che in don't say that I'm going to do something tomorrow

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in line insha Allah except that ALLAH subhanaw taala wills it

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and that's it. It's a short reminder, this is Instagram and I know your attention span is less overhearing Instagram but just wanted to spend this moment with you because we've been talking too much on Facebook and I heard that Instagram is for the cool kids. So welcome to the cool kids. Inshallah, tada. As I said, Tomorrow in sha Allah Tada we're going to be announcing a new program and it's going to be coming up very quickly. Hey, maybe I should just tell you guys what's going on. How about that?

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We are going to be doing a take action. A take action post Ramadan challenge, a five day post Ramadan challenge. It's happening in Charlottetown is going to be announced tomorrow inshallah Tada and I look forward to all of you joining our post Ramadan five day challenge. It's a post Ramadan five day challenge is happening tomorrow inshallah. Okay, that's it. I said, I'm going to go live again.

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Wishing you all the best