When It’s Difficult To Wake Up For Fajr

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The speaker discusses the discomfort of Islam, stating that the experience is similar to over comforting yourself. They also mention the importance of effort and discipline in achieving success. The speaker briefly touches on the topic of discomfort and how it can lead to failure, but does not provide much context or further information.

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This is me thinking on those ice cold February mornings. You're up be why do I have to do this? What's the point? Does it have to be so painful? Let's be real. Look at these actions in Islam, Salah isn't it almost impossible to wake up for Fajr when you only slept two hours? Fasting? Isn't it hard not to eat or drink for the whole day? Hijab? Isn't it hot wearing a scarf under the blazing sun? So I'm curious is discomfort a key ingredient of the Muslim religious experience? Let's find out. First I found out the discomfort is different from difficult in Salah for example, sitting would be more comfortable compared to standing but it doesn't mean standing is difficult to we over

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comfort ourselves to death. I recently read a thought provoking book it claimed that we humans of this time are in a crisis of over comforting ourselves. How come because success comes from discomfort and hard work muscles either the muscles of your brain or your body grow with exercise and the same is what Allah wants from us. Three Allah wants ease for us you read a lot will be cool morning you somehow Allah you read will be como las. Allah wants ease for you and does not want for you any difficult. Our misunderstanding is that we think comfort brings comfort, no discomfort, discipline is what brings that ease. We all agree some discomfort in saving and investing equals

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long term financial strength which is ease so to some discomfort in worship equals peace and success in this life and the hereafter. If I could sum up what I learned on a big billboard, that would be this. The Muslim experience does include some discomfort, that discomfort makes Muslims strong. And we all need that strength for everything to be easy.

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In this verse, Allah tells us to struggle and affirms that there is no difficulty. Well, Jaya haidong How Kaji Hardy who are Jetta Banco Mwana jahana Ali confit de Neiman Harajuku and the reward for this struggle. What levena Johanna will see Anna

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listen Pamela should leave my dog for you is to see you succeed at the highest level