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assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome to another segment of conversations where we reflect on the conversations and dialogues that have taken place in the Quran and we try to understand it and take lessons from it. Today a passage that I've chosen is from Soto an arm. Now before I get into the passage, what exactly is sort of an arm so an arm is the sixth surah in the Quran, and it is one of the very first long sutras that were revealed in Makkah. So, so tell me that that comes before this is a Madani Surah sootel An arm is a mucky surah and is probably one of the first long sutras revealed in the time of Macau. When you study the entire story or the entire Sutra

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of Soto and its main goal and main theme is one, it is the toe hate in the Oneness of Allah subhana wa Tada. It highlights the importance of monotheism, the claims of those who does shit with Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is a sutra that does not talk about so much about Africa and because the whole thing is about the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, in the sutra, there the passage that I've chosen today, in the conversation that I've chosen today, from sutra, starts off in is number 74. Now as I've said before, there are many ayat and many you know yet of each sutra that they are grooved and there is one primary objective. So here in Iet, number 74 and onward for

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approximately 21 If there's a very strong emphasis again on Tawheed of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and not only that, but the one person that you and I will always refer back to as Allah subhanho wa Taala says he is a honey if he was a Muslim, who was that our forefather Ibrahim, Allah has set up a lot of talks about his story is sort of an arm that what brought him and how did the reflection and reflecting upon what is going on around him. How did this bring him to the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is what we find in these are yet so first of all, is that Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, What if Allah Ibrahim Ali I be zero?

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Cinnamon? Leah in the Urraca Wako McAfee Veralyn movie here in this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Remember when Ibrahim alayhi salam said to his father, Azhar that do you take these idols as gods, meaning that you worship them, you put your hope and your trust in them, you believe that they are the ones who will save you, they are the ones that you go to? Because this is exactly what an Ila means. That whenever we have challenges, whenever we have problems, the one that resort to, at the most difficult times. Just imagine, just imagine that imagine that we are like, for example, in the airplane, you know, when the the pilot says, you know, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna go

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through some turbulence at that time, because you know, you are in the air, who do you call out to at that time, even though someone who does not believe in Allah, they're gonna call her at that time? That is your either. That is the one that you resort to. So here, Ibrahim alayhi salam is telling his father as and there's a lot of laugh about this in the books of the Pharisee which I don't want to mention right now. That was his name truly as they are not that irrelevant here. But he says to his father, that do you worship and do you allow these rocks to be your either, he says in the Urraca workout will matter

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Feel automobile? And I certainly see. And he says in the mean that most certainly I see you. And I see this nation, the people who worship these idols in clear and in a manifest error in misguidance. Now the very first thing that I want to ask, as all of you watching this video is just think about this. Allah could have mentioned anyone else's story. But Why did Allah mention Ibrahim's story here? And I have said this before that if you truly reflect, there's always a reason behind every single thing. For example, even when we study the story of Israel in marriage, you know, the story that the Prophet sallallahu it was some he ascended. And as he went to every single heaven, he met

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every single one of those prophets. And there are only few prophets that he saw. The question is why those prophets in particular? There's a reason behind that too. Why did Allah mentioned the story of Musa in some sutras and not in some sutras? There's a reason question again is, Why did Allah mentioned Ibrahim story here? And he could have mentioned anyone else's story. This is the beauty of the Quran. The first reason is that because Ibraheem Alehissalaam is giving Dawa to the one who is close to him, his own father, likewise, you O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you're giving Dawa in Makkah, to those people who are close to you. That's the first similarity. The second

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similarity is that Ibrahim was giving Dawa to people who are worshipping idols. Likewise, you owe Muhammad you're giving Dawa to people who are worshipping idols. And thirdly, the third similarity. And why the Allah mentioned the story of Ibrahim here when talking to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that just like you revere Ibrahim alayhis salam, and these people in Mecca, they also Revere and the see up, they look up to a Brahim as a father figure. Likewise, here in this case, the best person that I can relate to you is your forefather Ibrahim alayhis salam, and you know, subhanAllah, just think about this. They imagine if you and I are we're talking to our kids. And we're giving

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them an example. What example is going to hit them the most, which example is going to hit home. If I give an example of a stranger, or if I give an example of you know, myself, if imagine a parent is talking to their own child and telling them that do you know what happened to your father, imagine what happened to your own mother, giving them examples that is close to them really hits home. This is why Allah is telling them the story of Ibrahim, because not only does he not only does Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam revere Ibrahim, the people of Makkah, they also revere Ibrahim. So now that Ibrahim alayhis salam, he's now starting to use his intellect. And he's trying to come to his common

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sense that you know, first of all, is that anyone who truly thinks, who truly clears their mind, and when I say Clear, clear their mind, what I mean by that is that, you know, people who don't worship Allah, people who don't believe in Allah subhanho wa taala, their, their judgment is clouded. They have been taught that you have to worship such as such. So now they are not they have never been put in a situation where they can think rationally, in most cases. But when a person who really clears up their mind, and they start to think rationally, and they begin to reflect, and they begin to think, very deeply, this is why they're probably some says that each one of us we are born on

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fitrah. And that means that innate human nature and what is that innate human nature, it is the Oneness of Allah subhana wa Tada. Then that is why the Prophet Psalm says, From Abba, who you holy that and he, oh, you know, Serani Oh, you must Giussani that, then his parents would either make him a believer in some other faith besides Islam, it will either make them Jew or Christian, or

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as arresting or anything of that type, or they will make them worship someone else. Meaning that a human being is born on the fitrah to believe in when Allah subhanho wa taala. So when a person is able to clear they're conscious, and they think rationally, and they think deeply, this brings them to the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala. This is why I think about this, when every person becomes a Muslim, or when they convert to Islam. When you talk to them, and you ask them their conversion stories. What do they say? They say that when we began to read our book, we began to realize that there is something wrong, because that is the problem with Schick is that when you do show

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Look with Allah subhanho wa Taala you feel there is an emptiness in your heart, you cannot there is no way that you can worship so many idols. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala very beautifully in the Quran and Sunnah Zomer He gives us a parallel, that imagine if one person was worshipping one, you know, one God. And on the other hand, you have a person who's worshipping many gods. Now, if you worship one the other one can get upset that his Huck was not fulfilled. How many masters? Are you going to how you're going to try to please? On the other hand, to please one Allah, it is more simple and as more idealistic. That's why schicke when a person does shit, there is a void in

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their life. And that's why when people were they convert to Islam, they would say that it makes more sense to believe in one Allah, and to believe in monotheism, than believing in so many in so many healers, and to believe in so many different theories that may exist out there. And this is exactly what happened to Ibrahima Islam. He's thinking rationally that these rocks and stones that my father, first of all, he carves out and this is a profession of his. And not only that, but everyone is worshipping them. They don't have the ability to benefit nor harm. Even if a person comes with a DUA or with a supplication, what benefit can they do? So Ibrahim is thinking to himself that this

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there's something wrong over here. And this is why he told his father, that you know, this is something wrong over here. Now that the fact that Ibrahim is starting to think rationally, Allah is going to begin to guide him And subhanAllah This happens all the time. When a person truly is looking for the truth. Allah will always guide him to the truth. When a person is looking to for that one Allah, Allah does not say Get away from me. Allah subhanho wa Taala will say, This person is looking for me. I'm going to come to Him. And this is why I don't want to go into this long story. But there's a there's a very beautiful story, I want you to look it up. It is a story of zeta

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Munna Amara. And by the way, this is a div and Ahmed happens to be the same father, he has to be the same zayde of sight even as a who was one of the ashram Bashara. So save even Ahmed is mentioned about his story that, you know, and quickly in short, in summary, that he was looking for Allah subhanho wa taala, he realized and he began to tell the people of Makkah, he will used to be a resident of Makkah, he began to tell them that how can you first of all, you take a sheep or a goat, and it is there is some other power that has given it has given it life is nourishing it taking care of it is feeding it and giving it water to drink. And you on the other hand, the people of Makkah,

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when the time comes to slaughter and the the animal, you are slaughtering it on the name of these idols, there is suddenly wrong over here. Now he was heavily criticized and he was told to leave, he eventually left. And he began to look for the truth. And then he came across a Jew and he says that, you know, what is that religion out there? And he says that, well if you want to become Jew than you know the Wrath of Allah, so Allah may come upon you for every thought, every run that you have done. So this story is getting long over here. I don't want to go into long story. But eventually what happened was that he was told about Ibrahim Ali Hassan, he was told by Ibrahim he was told about

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Ibrahim from a Jew from a Christian. And eventually he realized that Ibrahim Allah who sounds Mila and how he came to Allah subhanho wa Taala and how he believed in the Oneness of Allah, this is the right path. And this is why he would go back to Makkah, and he would tell these people that you believe that you are on the path of Ibrahim, you are not on the path of Ibrahim. I am on the other hand on the path of Ibrahim, and he will tell the people that do this. So this is why when Ibrahim alayhis salam began to realize that there is another power out there, Allah decided to bring him closer by how so this is the next idea where Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the Quran, what

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Kedah the canary Ibrahima Mallacoota summer wa T without when he Hakuna Mian walking in Allah subhanho wa Taala he says

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and thus we did show Ibrahim alayhi salam, the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. And not only that, but he will be the ones who will be one of those who have faith in with certainty. Now here Allah subhanaw taala saying that now we're going to begin and we're going to take Ibrahim out as I'm here on a journey, and we're going to show him about the different creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala and here we're talking about a kingdom. So the sky in itself is like a kingdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala and within this kingdom they are

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are creations of Allah subhanho wa taala. So now, it's not that Ibrahim does not know about what it's about take place. He sees all these things that he sees what he's about to see on this journey. He has seen these things every single day. But now he's going to see them. He's going to see them with a different lens. He's gonna see them very differently. So this is what Allah subhanaw taala he mentioned. So the next ayah says Furnham Jana Allah He Laolu Rocco kabbah. Allah had Robbie phenom of Allah, Allah Allah or April 15, Allah subhana wa Taala He says, When the night covered, when the night covered him over with darkness, he saw a star, he saw a star, he said that this is my Rob, but

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when it said he said, I like I like not those that set. Now this is what he brought, he might use some he mentions here. Now what this is actually says is that now Ibrahim, he starts on this journey. And there are three phases to this journey. The first phase is that he begins to see stars. Now I do want to mention here that while the people of Ibrahim and his poem, while they were not only that, while they were worshipping idols, they used to worship the stars. They used to worship you know, the different planets that did exist. So this is why Ibrahim Ali get some he's thinking to himself, that first of all these idols they don't make sense. Now let me try to make some sense out

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of this too. So this is why he's going outside and the Quran says philam JANA Allah He laid when the night covered him. So mean that when you cover and you are, let's say, your imaginary you're under a blanket, the only thing you see is that blanket. The night is covering Ibraheem Alehissalaam the only thing he sees now is just the stars. So he's thinking to himself, could this be my Rob? Because he's trying to come close to Allah subhanaw taala and he's isolating himself from everyone around and now he's looking at the stars with a different lens. So then the Quran says, when it said for Lama Fela, when it said, he said law or herbal ATHLEAN I don't like those things that set. Now what

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is Ibrahim saying over here? He's basically saying that anything that sets then what how will it take care of the other creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala when we learn about Allah, He never takes a break. Allah Subhan Allah never gets tired. Like, you know, as human beings when we work, work, work, we get tired, when we eat, when we don't eat, we get we have fatigue, when it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says Letta who sienten when I know Allah never takes a break. So here Ibrahim Ali is I'm sticking to himself, that if this is Allah, and this is God, the stars and his sets, that how he's going to take care of the creation. That

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means that I don't believe in this, then this brings them to the next step for them. Jana, ALLAH SubhanA says phala Mara, camara bears Johan Paula hada Robbie, when he saw the moon rising up and he said, This is my Lord fella, fella, but when that also said, he said the Ilam yeah howdini Robbie Hakuna Murakami vollem. He says that if Allah does not guide me, I will be far amongst those who are misguided. And I'll be from amongst those who are astray. Now here he's looking and see once again notice this one is a star. One is the moon which one is more brighter, the moon so now he sees something that is more brighter. And he thinks that this could be Allah this could be my Arab. But

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when that sets he's saying that Hakuna Nemea Coronavirus clean. Now he's making dua to Allah and Allah ma they say here that this is a this is Ibraheem Alehissalaam asking Allah for guidance. This is why we see even a certain Fatiha Royden mo Dubya alayhi wa Lin, Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about those people who are astray. So here Ibrahim is also making dua, that oh Allah guide me to the right path, otherwise I will be amongst those who are misguided and who are astray. Then Allah subhanho wa taala. He says in the next idea for the Mara shumsa bezzie Houghton, Allah has Robbie had Akbar. He says that it when he saw the sun rising up, then he said that this is greater. Now

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look at all these three things, all these creations of Allah, the star, the moon, and then the sun, and each one of them is greater in terms of brightness in terms of light. The sun is the brightest here. And we see that we know how bright the sun is now Ibrahim is thinking to himself probably

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This is my Rob. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says from afar that now also the sun will also set and when the sunset, he says in need but he will mumma to Shikun first of all I understand these idols they cannot help out so he rejected the idols, they will worship the stars, he said when the star is set, he said, I cannot worship this because Allah cannot set Allah is the One who takes care of his creation all times that he saw the moon that you would worship the moon at times, when he saw that set, he goes, this cannot be it either. Then he continues to journey when he sees a sun. But the Quran says when the sun also said, then he realized that my Rob in my ILA that I am looking for, and

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I'm seeking, he is above and beyond all this, and when the sun actually said he began to realize, that there is there is an ILA that in a guard and one that is worthy of worship, that we cannot see. And this is true when it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we cannot see. This is why even when bunny is saw even they wanted to see Allah subhanho wa Taala they said Musa is something you cannot see Allah subhana wa Tada. So, this is why he realizes that Allah, there is an Allah there, there is an ILA there, that we cannot see. And that is the one I worship. Go back to the story of zeta and Ahmed, he was a same exact thing. He said that there is another ILA out there. And this is why, by

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the way, regarding Xavier and Ahmed, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he saw him in Jannah. CZ live in the ALMA he never accepted Islam. But at the same time, he did come to the conclusion that there is one Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is, this is exactly what it is to come close to Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is what it means that when we try to come close to Allah, Allah will never just let us go. And this is why in the Hadith could say, it is mentioned we're in a tiny yum she attained to Hawala. When a person when a human being comes walking to Allah, Allah says, I come running to him, mean that when we take steps to come close to Allah, Allah will

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do everything to come close to us. Then Allah subhana wa Taala says about Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. After realizing this, he says in ni wa jal towards you here the lady for the rasa tea will either Hanifa and warmer and Amir mushy Qin. He says, Verily, I have turned my face towards Allah, meaning that I have now my focus is only Allah subhana wa Taala Who has created the skies in the earth. By the way, Fatah means that this Allah is so amazing, who has created everything from scratch. Fatah means to create something from scratch, and you have nothing there and Allah out of nothing, Allah created something. So this is what he says. And then he says, Why am I Anna menial? Mushrikeen and

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I'm not from amongst those who who does share with Allah subhanho wa taala. Then Allah says waha jeho como. Now this is where this conversation begins to take place between him and his communist nation. They his people dispute it and dispute it with him. Well, hi, Joe como, and then he says Ibrahim alayhis, salam to Ha Joon nee Fila he Wakata hudon Are you go you Do you dispute me dispute with me concerning Allah, while he has guided me, and I fear not those whom you associate with ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala in worship? So basically what happened was that when he said this to his people, then they came to him and they said, that if you don't believe if you don't believe in these idols,

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they have the power to harm you. So he brought him on as I'm saying that do you first of all, are you disputing me or with me, and when it comes to Allah and he's the one who has guided me, and then he says, Well I a half of my to shake want to be here in LA and your shadow be Shia. I do not feel anything which you commission with Allah subhanho wa taala, these idols that you are threatening me with? I have no fear of them. And this is what true Eman is, this is true Iman, that when you believe in Allah subhana wa Taala and you stick to it. That means that when you when you fear Allah subhana wa Taala more than anything else, then you know that Allah is always going to be on your

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side. But if we are fearing, and we don't have a true Yochanan Allah subhanaw taala that Allah will put the fear of other things in our heart. This is why it's very important that when we believe in Allah, we stick to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we don't fear anything else. Here. Ibrahim Al Assad has been threatened. He does not fear here what we understand is that when we come under pressure as Muslims here in America or anywhere else, and we are told

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If I stick to my religion, then there'll be some a phobia. If I am a Muslim, I can come, I can become a victim of Islamophobia, then we have to remember that we cannot fear anything else. This is what Abraham is anime is teaching us here and this idea that we cannot fear anything else. The second thing that happens here and this idea Ibrahim is on is making it very clear, nothing can harm me, unless Allah wills. And what we learned from this is that this is Ibrahim teaching them Iman that only if Allah wills harm than a person can be harmed. And if a person wants a person to be benefited, that a person can be benefited. Now Subhan Allah, look at the current situation that we

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all are going through this pandemic that we are going through Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter all the scientists and all the doctors are coming together right now, the great minds are coming right now together to try to create and develop a vaccine. But once again, go back to the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim. If everyone got together, and they tried to benefit one person and Allah does not want that person to be benefited, then that person cannot be benefited. This is the power of Allah subhanho wa taala. So everything happens due to the will of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he says, we'll see Arabic militia in Elma. When it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala his

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knowledge encompasses everything. You people, oh, my people, you believe that your your idols, they encompass everything, but it is my Rob whose knowledge on encompasses everything. Then he says a fella that karoun Will you not then remember, then Allah subhanho wa taala. And the next idea, he says, and once again, this dialogue is going back and forth here. He says what key for a half a short term, then how should I fear those whom you associate and worship with Allah subhanho wa Taala though they can never Nick and neither benefit, no harm, while at the half a shock to while you do not fear what you have joined in worship with Allah, things for which He has not sent down to you

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any authority. So he brought him on, as I'm saying, I am fearing Allah. Because Allah is our Rob, he's my Rob and he's Europe. And on the other hand, you are trying to threatening me, you're trying to threaten me with things that you worship, and you're not even afraid, like you feel secure, that they will, they will protect you. Now, if you don't feel threatened, that something will happen to you, and you feel secure under these idols, that I have a right to say that I feel secure under Allah subhanho wa taala. What's the difference here? In fact, he's saying that I am the one who I'm fearing Allah and the one who should be feared. But you on the other hand, you you feel that the one

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that you are worshipping your idols will save you, whereas you should be more fearful and you are the ones who should be fearful, not me. So this is what he's saying to His people. And he says for a human free, will Armin, just think about this the witch amongst the two groups amongst the two parties, who has more right to be in sick insecurity meaning that I have more right to say that I am secured You have no right to say that you are secured here. And then he says in quantum talamona Only but if you knew then Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the next idea, and levena What um you'll be so Imana homebirth Ohlman Hola eikelboom? Well, I'm not well known. It is those who

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believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. And when they do not confuse their belief with volume, then Allah subhanaw taala says Allah eCola whom will know what they're doing, then for them there is security and they will be guided meaning that anyone who does not mix okay eemaan With kufr because if someone does this, this is a volume. This is a an oppression. So anyone who does not mix Iman with Cofer, Allah says there will be there will be secure and they will be guided. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the next idea, he says what silica tuna? Tuna Ibrahim Allah told me not to follow the raja Tieman Shah in Arabica hachimura Aleem that when and that and that was our proof,

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which we gave to Ibrahim Ali some against his people, we raise whom we will in degrees, certainly your Rob and your Lord is always an all knowing here Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that we raised and we gave these proofs to Ibrahim alayhis salam to present to his people and this has come only from us. Now here Subhanallah this ayah also tells us that you know imagine if you and I are giving Dawa and you know at times when you are so you know engaged in giving Dawa. At times you don't realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala he puts something

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In your heart, he puts something on your tongue, that you're able to really explain your matter. And you're really able to make your case in a very beautiful way. And sometimes you're thinking afterwards that, you know, I never thought about that. And Allah put it in my mind. This is exactly what Allah Subhanallah is saying that when it comes to matters of giving Dawa, he prayers, he puts it sometimes in our mind, and he puts it in our heart, and he raises the rings. And this tells us very interesting very importantly, that when it comes to giving Dawa, we should never really just depend on our own intellect, we should always ask Allah subhanho wa taala. So now having said that,

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there's finally I just want to conclude here by saying that there are some few important lessons. First of all, the story tells us that Ibrahim went to his father said, This doesn't make any sense. Then Ibrahim alayhis. Salam is on this journey of looking for the truth. He sees the stars, he sees the moon, and he sees a son. And each one of them one is brighter than the other. And he says to all of them, that they that this may be my Rob, when all them they set, he realized that there is only one Allah subhanho wa taala. And that is when he went to his people, the people threatened him, that if you do not come back, you don't worship these idols, you could be harmed. He said that I'm the

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one who's secure here, you're not the one who secured. In fact, you believe that they can provide your security, you should feel more threatened here than than I am. And then he's telling them that it is only Allah who can benefit and harm and you believe your idols have knowledge. It is my Allah who has all the knowledge. And then Allah subhana wa Tada saying, It is Allah, who gave Ibrahim alayhi salam, and he brought him to the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala. Of course, there's always lessons to be learned and quickly I want to go through this. Number one is that we learn when it comes to giving Dawa, that we should always start off with our own home. Here. Ibrahim is some

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started with his own father, we learn is yes, we start with our own family. You know, there are some people that they focus only on their family, and they don't do Dawa outside. In my personal opinion, you know that you can do more you can there's nothing wrong in doing that, by the way, but you can go and give Dawa outside to because here, here we find even in the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he gave Dawa outside to he gave Dawa to his people. So what's important is that we have a balance. We cannot neglect our family and just go outside and giving Dawa. Because we find people like that, too, that their house is a complete, you know, there's complete chaos. There

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are people in their families that are running away from Dean. But people are outside giving Dawa so much there has to be a balance. Even if we want to go outside and give Dawa, we have to first start with our family. And our priority is our family. That's the very first thing that we learn from this story. The second thing that we learned from this story is that it is important to know how to ask questions. You have to ask questions, that is in a way that will create some curiosity and that will make them think, imagine if I'm talking to someone who does not believe in Allah. I'm trying to give them Dawa. You should not ask question that pleases to me very carefully. Do not ask questions, the

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questions that will corner them. You know, why do you believe in this, rather ask questions that will spark their curiosity that will make them think about it later on. And that will hopefully bring them to Allah subhanho wa taala. Because if you ask questions that come off disrespectful, or you come off, are you asking questions that are that you are degrading their religion, they may not come close to Allah subhanho wa taala. Here, Ibrahim Ali Hassan was never disrespectful. He's simply just spark their curiosity. So this is something very important when it comes to giving Dawa, that he that you ask questions in this way. Something else that we also learned from these stories is

00:33:53 --> 00:34:31

that Allah subhanho wa Taala created around us science for us to reflect upon. See, you know, when you reflect upon something, and when you think about something, things really open up to you, you know, when a person is in it, for example, when they first begin it, and they're coding and you know, they are the the techy type it is, you know, you know, in the beginning, they're learning everything. They're learning, coding, they're learning all these things. But the more they think about it, the more it's on their mind. Eventually, eventually, they began to learn things that they may not be able to explain to someone. This is what happens when you reflect upon things. Ibrahima

00:34:31 --> 00:35:00

you Sam the Quran says Ibrahim Ali some has seen the stars every night. He saw the moon every night he saw the sun every day. But this time when he saw it with a different lens, he was able to draw some conclusions from it. When you know when we reflect upon something, we always are going to learn something when we reflect on the Quran. Most certainly we will learn something you when you when we reflect upon the things around us. Like for example, this pen

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

endemic, if I just sit there, I just look at it I say, and I stay home. I never gonna learn from it by sit down. And I think and I think and I ponder, most certainly, we will come away with lessons. The other thing that we learned from this story also is that when it comes when we learn that when a person leaves something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will never forsake and forsake them. Here, Ibrahim is Psalm He knows the criticism that will come. And we also learn from this story to from this from this point, that when you do something good, remember that you will also get criticized, see, logically speaking, you think that if I'm doing something right, why would I be

00:35:40 --> 00:36:15

criticized, but that's the world that we live in, unfortunately, that we will always be criticized. You know, I always tell people, especially when it comes to our youth, I always tell them this too, because you know, when it comes to youth, they're always very concerned about what people will think of them, or what people will say to them. And I always told my youth that remember that there's two things that you have no control over and none of us have any control over what people will think of you and what people will say about you. You cannot be worried about that. You just have to do what is right here you brought him out at some do is doing what is right. He's not worried about the

00:36:15 --> 00:36:58

backlash. So this is why it's very important that first of all, when we leave something Allah will never forsake us. Allah left evaluating Islam, he left his family in Makkah, Allah never and Allah never let him down. Maria Maria, some give up her youth, worshipping Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah, Allah never let her go. Allah gave her a child who was so revered and not only that, but Allah subhanho wa Taala made her mentioned in the Quran. She is the only woman only woman who is mentioned by name in the Quran. Allah never forsakes his people, we have to be the ones who have to have the European Allah subhanho wa taala. The next thing that we learn is, though heed makes us

00:36:58 --> 00:37:39

confident Ibrahim is the more he came closer to Allah the more he became confident. If you and I we don't know our deen, we don't know Allah subhanho wa Taala then this will make us less confident when it comes to Allah. When someone asks us a very difficult question when it comes to our deen. Then at that time, our iman may waver. But if you and I were strong in our toe hate in our monotheism to Allah subhanho wa Taala nothing can shake us and Tohei the more we learn about our deen the more we learn about Allah subhanho wa Taala then it will eventually it will make us confident. And finally, the last thing that we learned is that the last thing that we learned from

00:37:39 --> 00:38:18

this is, the more the more we come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala the more we try to come close to Allah, see at times we feel and I've met you know, subhanAllah I've talked to a lot of youth to who are on this journey of coming close to Allah. But we have to realize that see, look at look at the story we brought him he first saw the stars, then the moon, then the sun and then eventually he came to the Oneness of Allah subhana wa Taala you know, when it comes to Allah and when it comes to this journey that we take to come close to Allah is not always going to be easy, Allah is going to test sometimes a test us too. So when first of all we want to, I want to I want all of us to understand

00:38:18 --> 00:38:55

here, there is a journey, it will take some it might take some difficulty. But at the same time, Allah subhanho wa Taala will come to us. If you and I are committed, there's no way that Allah will leave us hanging. So that's why it's always very important that if you know we want to change our life around, we want to come back to Allah. Now just think about this. It cannot be that simple, where you have a life of sin. And then one day you start praying to Allah subhanaw taala and your iman will go from here to here. It doesn't work like that overnight. You have to build that up. And you have to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala every single day. But remember that the more we

00:38:55 --> 00:39:37

try to everything to come close to Allah, Allah will challenge us remember, Allah will challenge us. Just to give you a simple example. Imagine we are an Earth. Imagine I'm going high into the atmosphere. Think about it, the more I go up, does it become easy to does it become easy to read? Or does it become more difficult to breathe, obviously becomes more difficult to breathe. Likewise, the more we get, the more we go up and we try to get close to Allah subhanaw taala the more there are going to be challenges. But remember that when it comes time that we need Allah, Allah will always be there on our side. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala that he gives us the ability to worship Him the

00:39:37 --> 00:39:59

way He used to be worshipped, to believe in Him the way He used to be worshipped, to truly have Yochanan him the way we should be having nothing. And once again from the stories Abraham Alehissalaam we would the lessons that we learn, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to learn from the stories of the Quran and to implement them in our life and mirabile Alameen does akmola hide a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh in

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he wants to label this NEMA

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Allah will feed to Nia

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mother Molina well levena You

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