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In this continuation of the series on the Battle of Badr, shaykh yasir continues from where he left  and we know that Abu Sufyan detected the presence of the Prophet ﷺ and took a way closer to the Red Sea, also sending a crier to the people of Quraysh to gather them together. The Quraysh convened and agreed to send an army to protect the caravan.

Abu Lahab decided not to go and instead found someone by the name – Al Asr bin Wa’il to do the needful. Why did Abu Lahab not go himself? What prevented him from doing so?

When the Quraysh marched out of Mecca, they were around 1300 in number which was the largest group at the time.

When the Muslims left Madinah they had no idea of facing an army. They were confident of a clear victory. However, a dream seen by the Prophet ﷺ where he was fighting an army put them in a state of unrest.

The details of the Battle of Badr have to be heard with full devotion to fully comprehend the nature of the battle and what transpired every single minute. You will be left mesmerized by the way Shaykh Yasir dissects every event as it happens.

The Prophet ﷺ gained the consent of the Ansar on their willingness to fight and this was when Sa’d ibn Mu’adh RA, their leader, gave a beautiful speech and said, “We believed in you, trusted in you and testified your truth. And we gave you a promise to ‘listen and obey you.are we not muslims? Go forth and we are with you. I swear by the one who sent you, if you take us in the ocean we will go right behind you. We aren’t scared of meeting the enemy in battle, and Allah will show you that which will comfort you”.

When Sa’d said this, the Prophet ﷺ was elated and his face lit up like the moon and this energised his spirits immensely. He said, “By Allah We have been promised victory”.


AI: Summary © The history of the Battle of butter is discussed, including the largest battle in history, the largest battle in history, and the importance of blindness in society. The return of the Sunni Muslim- based army is successful, but chaos among the Muslim population is causing chaos among leaders. The Prophet system is designed to encourage leaders to use their authority to win war, while protecting families and unsolved, while emphasizing the importance of standing up for leaders and protecting their families. past incidents include the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter, the Battle of butter,
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad. And

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so we are now still not about last week we had talked about the preparations for the Battle of butter. And why it is called the better the better who can remind me Why is it called the Battle of butter.

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It's a person's name the person who dug a well at a particular place. And that place was then called after the well. And this is which Battle of others the first the second, the third?

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No, this is not sort of this is Cooper, ah, this is the big one. This is the second battle of weather. This is the big this is the real battle of weather, the other Battle of but it is not even quite a battle. It was just a minor skirmish as we had mentioned. Now, we had mentioned that Abu sufian detected the presence of the prophets I said him and he took an alternate route going closer to the shore, closer to the the the Red Sea. And he sent

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an envoy a crier to Mecca to hype up the people have the courage to send an army. So what happened after the dream of Attica, we had mentioned the new vatika we had mentioned the commotion that have been caused by Abuja and by a lab bus and what happened over there. What happened after that, the chorus immediately convened the council, and they're debating what exactly needs to be done. And almost unanimously, they agreed they need to send an army to protect the caravan. Because the exaggerated report of bom bom the exaggerate report of the envoy, Ababa sofian had made them very worried about their investments. This is their livelihood. This is their saving, there's simply no

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question that this in their eyes is a legitimate army, that they need to gather together an army immediately and send it out to to confront the the Muslims, and

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therefore the largest. And the quickest gathering ever in the history of Makkah took place in that they gathered together the largest quantity of people in the smallest amount of time, that literally within a day preparations were completed, and they left MCC and a number of incidents occurred. And again, we're trying to piece this together to make a fluid narrative, a number of incidents occurred. It is said by even his house in his house mentioned that not a single family in Makkah remain behind except that somebody was sent on behalf of that family, every single household sent somebody. And this is a prediction of the dream of Attica what was because what was the dream of

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Attica, that every household, a rock would hit it right. And in prediction of that dream, what happened, every household was sending a person an emissary, and if they could not send an emissary, if they couldn't send somebody from within the household. They hired another person to send, they hired another person to go in his place. And a number of specific incidents are mentioned by a number of people about what happened here. So we know a number of things that occurred Firstly, Abu lahab himself, who is Abu lahab, of course, he's the uncle of the process, and he's also the chieftain of the bundle Hashem Abu lahab decided not to go

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and instead he

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found somebody to go in his place. And this person, his name is known allows.

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His name is known allows him in wild that he hired he didn't hire sorry, he didn't hire somebody who didn't hire somebody, he actually had a loan, an outstanding loan of 4000 Durham's that was owed to him. And so he told this debtor, that if you go in my place, I'll forgive the loan for you. 4000 dirhams is a large amount of money, if you go in my place, I will forgive this large amount for you. And so this person went in his stead in Abu lahab did not go. Now, it is not mentioned why a Buddha hub did not go in this. This is not mentioned in the classical books as far as I could find. But Allah knows best perhaps along with the natural fear and cowardice of meeting an enemy and of being

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killed. Allah knows best there was also probably a sense of conflict. There was a sense of personal conflict that in the end of the day, this is his sub tribe that he will be fighting. And this goes against everything that the Arabs stood for the jahi paganism, the jahi system of tribalism, that in the end, he could not meet his own tribe in battle, because after all, most of the process of himself was brainwash him. That's his nephew.

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The majority of Muslims of the parish are from the tribe and related to him, and therefore perhaps he did feel some conflict. And in fact, throughout the Sierra, even though of course I will not have is not worthy of any praise, and a lot of criticism in the Quran. Nonetheless, we find that Abu lahab and a few occasions did do certain things of nobility according to his custom, not going to Islam, going to his custom, and have them as you remember, who can remind me what are two things that I wouldn't have did that were of nobility.

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When the processor was born, that he was so happy that he sacrifice he freed the slave and he sacrificed in order here. And because of this, the Profit System said he's given just a little bit of water every week, he's given a little bit of water because of this right? And what else do you do who can remind me

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he initially protected the Profit System after the death of

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butadiene. After the death of Abu Talib, a Buddha became the de facto leader of the horatia or of the Banu Hashim To be more precise, and despite all that happened, he said, You know what, since in the end of the day, he is my tribe. He is my nephew, I guess I'll have to protect him. But then a Buddha got in the way, and he had to withdraw. So there seems to be that deep down inside, it's not any good. Rather, we call the Joe Hillier, that he had the sense of Jamelia that this is my tribe, and how can I find my own tribe? Allah knows because this is my theory. The classical books don't mention anything Why would have would have not go out and fight of those who initially and by the

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way, there's no question that even tabula was one of the worst, there are people much worse than him. Right? A Buddha is much worse than him, or Maria is much worse than him. Right? So there are people that are much worse than a hula hula hoop is definitely of the lower category of the of the disbelievers of those who also hesitated and refused to go was routed by Abner obeah rootsweb. Never be Who is this webinar will be open remind me.

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No, no, no, no, it was not the guide.

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What did he do that made him

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we all know but you just don't know the name.

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And Robbie, I was the one who

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gifted the grapes to the profitsystem after the incident of life.

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This is a webinar that he saw the process of them being tortured. And he saw him sitting down in the shade and shelter bleeding, and he felt some sympathy for him. So he gifted him some grapes with the Christian slave if you remember right, this is a hidden robbia. And again, algebra has some

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some noble qualities throughout we noticed a number of noble qualities throughout the Sierra original Evan robbia. And he was a distant uncle of the Prophet system. Or to me, Robbie, I himself initially decided not to go and fight because again, these are his own relatives. However, his brothers shava shava were Blood Brothers, his brother shaybah said, if we abandon our people at a time such as this crucial time, then for the rest of our lives, we will have to suffer mockery and humiliation that if we don't stand up to our principles and our cause, now, it will forever be a cause of either a cause of embarrassment for as long as we live. And so the both of them prepared to

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go out. And they did not know and realize that the both of them were preparing for their own debts. In fact, their debts were the first debts of or of the first debts of the Battle of other as we'll study, they died in the mobile as the mobile data is the pre battle, the battle before the battle, the it's a it's a duel to the death, right? This is the duel to the dead that precedes the wars. This is how the arrows would fight and Rhoda and his brother shaybah. They were of those who died in this pre battle and wrote about By the way, he clearly demonstrates some common sense and some values that he believed in. And Aruba is the one again I'm jumping the gun but so that you

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understand who is eligible is the one who tried to prevent the battle till the very last second. till the very last second. I'm going to repeat this story shala next week, but roozbeh was the one who when the two armies had lined up.

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It was just so disgusted that cousins and uncles and brothers and sons are all going to fight each other that he devised a scheme and a tactic. And he The story is long. I'll talk about it next week. But what happened was he then jumped on his red camel, he had a red camel, and he was galloping throughout the ranks. And he was telling the courage do not fight. Even if you win, you will be the losers because you will have killed your own brothers and sons. Right? What type of victory is this when you go home having been proud of killing your own cousin and brother? How was this a victory? And he said blame it on me and my cowardice go ahead and tell the Arabs. Now that's what you call a

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noble man. Right? That he's saying go ahead and talk

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them that I became scared and I was the one who stopped you I don't mind let the blame come to me even though you all know I'm not a coward but go and tell them that I became a coward today. Now that is really a sense of nobility This is Aruba even though it'll be a rite nonetheless

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his brother told him that if you stop now then for the rest of your our lives, we're gonna have to hear the what's what's we're gonna have to hear the the the innuendos of the porridge that we didn't participate when we should have participated, and therefore his what we now call blind nationalism, really, this is what causes him to basically support his cause. And this is Islam is always against blindly supporting any cause. Only the Prophet Mohammed so seldom is the human being that we support unconditionally, right. As for other human beings, we look at their cause we look at their methodology, we look at who they are, the only person who is unconditional support, it is the

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prophets of Allah Almighty, who was send them everything else, every other person, we need to see what is right and what is wrong. This is this type of jelenia, this type of Serbia, this type of supporting your party right or wrong, I don't care, I'm going to support it. Right. This is typical in humanity. You find it in nationalism, you find it even along the let's say political lines, Democrat or Republican. Sometimes people are so blinded, they really don't care is their party they were born in at a loss there is they're going to support it right and wrong. And we as Muslims are told no, follow the truth. Even if it is against yourself against your mother and father, a lot of

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Allah says, even if it's against your parents speak the truth, follow the truth. It is above any person or any blind cause. And this is what we find here. That rotable was a wise man in the end of the day. In fact, again, I'm jumping the gun. This is all next week's how to the Prophet says Adam said if anybody in that gathering has wisdom, it is the amount on the red camel.

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And another version if anybody has any claim any good in him, it is the amount on the red camel. So the Prophet says Adam said the man on the red camel who was Aruba, he is the one who embodies all that is good. In the Jahangir, Arabs in the Quran. These are the if they have any good it is this man or two. But still what happened when he tried to Abuja had one over and loads but then in his anger again, I'm jumping the gun but Abuja had accused him of something and in his anger, he became the first person to go out and fight in the mobile Rosa, look at blind rage. What happens? Look at the sense of I don't care what right or wrong, I will support my cause. Once he threw in the towel,

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as they say once he agreed Halas he became the first victim to his own fanaticism. Because what was you fanatic about the cause of Jackie Lee, the cause of tribalism? Why did he not want to fight the process them not for any truth or falsity. He believed the truth was on his side. But it was a sense of joy, he tribalism that's all it was. Right. And so that was what was caused motivating him. That's not a noble cause. And therefore, it's not going to take him all the way as much as it needed to be. So eventually was also convinced, and therefore, he also agreed to go and participate. Yet another person who was hesitating to go but for totally different reasons. So wrote by Abu lahab.

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Perhaps the reasons were somewhat noble from jahai standards. As for one who was not wanting to go out of pure cowardice, this is local, but even a bit more local, but even a bit more mild, or even a bit more, it was perhaps, the lowest of the low of the entire enemies of the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them. And I've mentioned many times before, that those who opposed Islam in Makkah, we can say that there was a spectrum, that some of them, they say, the higher side of the spectrum, even though they're pagans, and moshtix and Kaffirs, they nonetheless had some nobility, that they didn't stoop to cheap shots. They didn't. They didn't do that, which was undignified. And the best

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example of this is Abu Sofia, that Abu sufian despite his his jahir, his paganism, whatnot, he had a sense of nobility in him. And that is why we don't have any narrations where he did something crude or vulgar, or demeaning to his own dignity. He didn't do that. He was a noble enemy, and therefore eventually Allah guided him. As I said many times, generally speaking, of course, there are always exceptions. Generally speaking, those who are noble enemies, we find that Allah guides them means they had some good in them, right? And those who are the lowly, the vulgar, the crude, the disgusting enemies, those who had no manners, and generally speaking, we find that these were not

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guided again, there are exceptions, but this is the general rule. And it'd be more ideal. Perhaps we can say he was the filthiest of the filthy, the worst of the worst. And perhaps this is a wisdom why Allah did not even mention him in the Quran that he's indirectly mentioned Abuja. He is directly mentioned Abu lahab but Raka is so filthy, he is not even worthy of being mentioned.

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And where do we begin about Aqua and what Aqua has done. Aqua is the one who in the insert we mentioned in the persecution of the Muslims loca was that one who snuck up behind the Prophet system took off his his garment, his shawl, and he tried to choke the Prophet says and while he was praying in front of the camera, and Abu Bakr came running up and he said a taco to do an original viola, this is now a verse from the Quran that will you kill a man just because he says Allah is his Lord, you're gonna murder him and he's trying to choke the Prophet system. And Abu Bakar had to go and defend Roca defend the process against Jehovah and that was an Abu Bakar who was beaten and bloodied

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and bruised until he was in his house for a week or two. We mentioned the story in detail. Raka is the one who was amongst those who suggested and approved assassinating the Prophet system and that secret meeting, right? This is the the doubter, najwa the secret meeting that they had that to assassinate the processor was in that crowd to suggest it and to approve it. And Rocco was that filthy person who when Abuja has mocked the the process of in sajida, that they were with a group of people that Abuja has said, Who amongst you will go and pick up the carcass of an animal that had just been slaughtered, an animal had just been slaughtered. And in those days, an animal was not

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slaughtered every day, this is a rare event an animal is slaughtered once every few weeks, and then the carcass and the the end trails and the antecedent is thrown in the in the outside and the junkyard. And so I will just said who amongst you will throw this when the process is doing such that on him, because they would mock the Prophet system in such that you know, the sajida is not something the college did the search that is an Islamic

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routine, the Muslims bow down their heads to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And so this posture was being walked by a Buddha Hall and they're laughing and they're hitting each other on the backs and they're saying, who's gonna now to make fun of the process and throw this carcass on him? And so as they've been his house said, For karma, filho me call home, the most worst of the people stood up and rushed to get it. And that was a bit more it could be more it was the one who rushed outside of the city. And this is a nobleman he's not he's not a poor person. he's a he's a slave owner. He's a nobleman. He is a rich person, and yet he picks up this filthy Can you imagine like the flies and

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the filth and the blood and the gore? Can you imagine he's going to pick this up? Right? He would never do this for any cause. But the filthiness inside of him was worse than the filthiness of this carcass. For him to pick up this filth and to rush back happy rejoicing that yes, I'm gonna throw this on the profit center. Can you imagine what type of mentality is that right? This is gonna be more and this is the one who when he threw it on there all laughing in the process and was stuck as you know, he was stuck there. It was so heavy on him. And they've been through the same that I saw him and I could not do anything because even Mr. Rude is a slave it must Rudy's a Mola they would

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have cut his head off, but he or somebody runs to Fatima because she's a hoarder, she and Fatima then goes and she is the one as a young girl crying. She is the one who helps the Prophet system out from under this and it is narrated that but once he sarcastically invited the Prophet system to a meal, sarcastically like, come home, I'm having a dinner Come have a feast with me as well. And the Prophet system said that I will never eat with you until you testify. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, I will never even think I'm gonna sit and eat with you. And so in his anger, stuck with a lot, he spit upon the face of the prophets are set up. This is a book by a woman Wait, he spit

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upon the face of the Prophet system. And the Prophet system calmly wipe that spit away. And he predicted the prediction that would happen. And he said, oh, look about when I meet you outside of the valleys of Makkah, I shall execute you or I shall kill you or I shall chop your head off is the Arabic word which means I shall kill you and it was literally chopping over the head off while you are tied up. This was a prediction. The Cabal was the nobleman and the processes are being persecuted. Or Aqua said the process was just wait when I will meet you the next time outside of Mecca. Right now you are in luck. The next time we meet outside of market or we can say the first

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time I meet you outside of Mecca, this situation will be turned around that your execution will be at my hand and your execution will be as a prisoner of war basically. And so rock obama was frightened when he heard of the Battle of butter. He said, This man has promised to kill me.

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This man has promised to kill me and I cannot go out of McConnell. Now look at the irony here. that deep down inside he knows this prediction is true. Right? Deep down inside he actually knows this is going to happen. So he does not want to leave MCC but one of his entourage one of his family. We don't know what the name is not mentioned. He said don't worry. I have the fastest

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camel, I will give it to you. Even if the army flees, don't worry, your camel will take you far away from the camp, you will come back to Makkah safe, right. And so with this promise, and the others were also castigating and making fun of him, he decided he had to prove his manhood. And so he decided to go ahead and accompany and this person gave him the fastest camel, but you cannot outwit the mucker, or the case of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Somehow, hello, when the army fled in the butter, we're going to come to this when the army fled. Lopez camel was the first to flee.

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And so it was left in the middle of an empty plane with no person and no camel and nothing, absolutely nothing. And the Muslims captured now as a prisoner of war. And as we'll come to probably in two, three weeks, Allah knows when we'll get to that. But Cuba was one of only two people who were executed. The Battle of butter, there were no executions, all of the prisoners were released, except for two. And there are a number one on the list is right for all of these reasons. So robot was scared and he knew something was going to happen. And indeed, it did happen because the prophet SAW sent him predicted that it would happen.

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And of those who try desperately, also to get out of the bottle of butter is omega in Hala familia and Hannah is the slave master of the law. Right? He was the one who did what he did to Bilal. And his death is a gruesome death as well, or may have been Hannah was the typical coward. He's the typical, overly fed, huge man wearing fancy garments. The typical, the stereotypical, you know,

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richer, you know, nobleman of Makkah, he doesn't have any skills at war. He's got a lot of money. He's got a lot of slaves. He wears the fanciest garment, and even his house as he was a big man. And he was much jealous of Article right that that type of men, and so when Oh my you will have heard about the Battle of butter. He found somebody to go with him. And he said, I'll pay you as much as you want. You are my representative, you will fight and you will basically any not pretend to be me. But you will say this is the representative Omar, you have no right. And so, omega n holla. was very happy he managed to get out of it. But omega is no doubt one of the seniors of the whorish. He is

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one of the top five leaders of the aurash and his presence will bring great morale to the troops. So Abuja heard of this Abuja is there is no doubt number one on the list of enemies the worst person in Abuja, right. As the President said, He is the founder of my own Abuja, he gets involved in every matter he can Abuja, hell turns the tide many times for the worst. And this is one of them, that when he heard of omiya, not going, he went to omega n. And he said, If you do not go, this will demoralize many people. You are the savior of this whole valley. He is boosting him up his ego, right? He's not the same, but he's one of the saint. He's one of the leader, you are the savior of

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this whole valley, and your presence is necessary. Still, he was hesitant with Jehan, despite his force, could he still could not convince him? So what did he do? Abuja, he then went to the same jacoba, the same mokuba right. And they devised a tactic to humiliate him in public to make sure that he goes out, what did they do? So when omega is sitting in the Nadi, the Nadi is the public space, right. And that is the, the the Senate, if you like, outside of the cabinet, there's this open area, this is called the Nadi. So in the daytime, all of the colors would sit there. So when omega was sitting on his fancy carpet, and he has his entourage, and he has his clothes on him. So

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October came to him with a perfume burner, and coal underneath it, of the type that women use. So they had feminine perfume, right, of the type that women use. And he brought him in, he said, this is your gift, oh, oh, my ear, perfume yourself, as you are worthy of being perfumed. You get the hint here

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that you are no man, you are a woman. You're you're deciding to not fight when you need to be. And of course, omega understands exactly what's going on. This is how the Arabs did their smearing to each other. But this is how the chorus did it. He understands what is going on. And so he stood up and he cursed Cuba, literally he cursed Baba, and whoever sent it over, because he knew Cuba is not smart enough to do this himself. Right. So and by the way, oh, by himself, you can tell he is overcompensating for his own cowardice before right? by himself is just barely convinced. Now he needs to show he is dedicated to the cause. So Elphaba is the one that is sent by Abuja to push

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omega to go fight. And so even then, by the way, Romanians cowardice shows when he goes back home even Isaak tells us, he tells his wife that go purchase for me the best camel that money can buy.

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front back if I need to write his wife begs him, don't go

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You never know you might die this and that. And he tells her, don't worry, I don't really intend to fight. I'm just going to make a show of it and then just quietly sneak back, don't worry, you know, even so to the last year that omega did not intend to fight, he was not a fighter in any sense of the term and he just wanted to spend a few days and hopefully, he would just sneak away or he would make an excuse and come back. He never intended to fight. But Allah subhana wa tada said, Lee aka the Allahu Imran kanima fruta De Luca, manana colombina, that Allah will cause to pass what he has willed, will pass and so everybody who will die will be will be caused to die. And omega his name

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was amongst those and by the way, the incident of the the the camel or the, the the goat being thrown onto the Prophet system, right? You all know that after this happened. We mentioned this many months ago when we talked about this, when the Prophet system stood up with the blood on him. He said, Oh Allah, I leave you to deal with and he mentioned all of the seven or eight people by name, or my European holiday and even more eyes on Abuja, and every one whom he mentioned, every one of them this list, were the first people who died at butter.

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Right and so he is one of them over here as well. And he knows that this is very risky for him, nonetheless, so may as well have been harder for me even harder than even though he purchases as we are led to him. Of course, the detail is not mentioned. But he tells his wife go and purchase and notice even tells his wife like he, he's too embarrassed to call himself like to people wouldn't know go and purchase the fanciest camera you can. And so he prepares himself and he doesn't realize he himself is also preparing his own death.

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In the seat of a suit D it is mentioned that before they left, maca, all of the courage gathered around the Kaaba, and they made a dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they held on to the rings of the cabinet and the cloth of the cabinet. And they said, Oh, Allah, whichever of these two armies is more noble in your eyes, help them and it will law whichever of these two groups is more honorable, then give them victory. And will law send your aid upon the better of the two tribes.

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And little do they realize they are making law against themselves. They're making a law against themselves. And Allah subhana wa tada References This in the Koran suited and file and by the way, suited and file. All of it deals with the incident of other and inshallah I'm seriously thinking about when we finished the Battle of whether we actually pause for one half and just do a little and trial as Battle of butter. Because honestly, I think one of the biggest drawbacks of most Sierra books is that they actually don't discuss the entire Quranic relevance versus you know, and I think it's very important personally, that we actually discuss the holonic verses, and sudut and file all

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of it and it's only 10 pages. It's not a very long surah it's a middle sized sutra, the whole surah is about the Battle of other beginning to end them seriously figuring out if we can manage to do that in one haidakhan Shalom Tada. So

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we said that they gathered outside of the Kaaba and they may drop to Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah References This incident and found verse 19

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and five verse 19. In the Ufa Khadija accumold

00:28:26--> 00:28:43

if you are asking for victory, then the victory has already come. Meaning on the other side, not on your side. In this stuff the roofer Khadija Kumar Fattah El tiempo who for who highroller come, now, the verse is a reference to the khoresh, not to the Muslims.

00:28:44--> 00:29:06

The reference to the Muslims has already come we're going to mention this when we get to sort of that and fact that Allah says when you asked Allah for help, Allah said, I'm sending down all of these angels. This isn't the beginning of this room. Right? Now alignment is the other side into stuff to if you're asking a lot for fetta means victory right? Then don't worry, soccer the job

00:29:07--> 00:29:50

to overcome that the victory has already come not to you. It has already been sent down the victory has come but not to you what intenta who for who hydralic them. But if you stop what you're doing, it is better for you what entire Udo narrowed, and if you return to war, we shall return to war. What Antonia and configure to come share and what oka Surat and all of your numbers will not help you even if you're a lot what in the law law because the law is with them within and not with you. So a lot of references that you're asking for victory. Don't worry, the victory has already come too late. You're asking for it is not going to change where the victory will be coming down. Now the the

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

orange left McCurdy began marching outside of Mecca and the whole army came and at that time, we'll mention why it came down at that time, their numbers were around 1300

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

1300 people gathered together and this was the largest army that the orange had ever gathered in its history. And Islam brought many changes with it of it. It is literally exponential the sizes of the armies increasing the orange. As we have said many times as a tribal society, you don't get 510 15 tribes joining together to fight another 510 15. No small tribes fighting other tribes, an average skirmish would be 200 people, 100 people versus another 100 200 people, this is how you would do it. For the first time numbers are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And in budget. It's 1300. In Ohio, that is 3000. In a HAZOP. It is 5000 is getting bigger and bigger and every army is breaking

00:30:40--> 00:31:23

records before it because clearly a loss of power without is intending in a very expedited way. It's an exponential literally allow soldiers attending the entire conquest of Mecca of the Arabian Peninsula. So they had 1300 people as they're exiting. And from the beginning, we noticed that the kurush are not united. There's always bickering. Allah says in the Quran test several home Jimmy and well hello, boom shatta. You think they're one group, but in reality, their hearts are disunited. You think they're one but in reality, their hearts are disunited. And this disunity began from the very exiting of Makkah, that one group began debating amongst themselves that hold on a sec, we're

00:31:23--> 00:32:01

leaving mcca, unprotected. All of the men of fighting age are marching outside of Mecca. And then they brought up an old rivalry that existed before the coming of Islam. This is paranoia has been now 10 years since this rivalry, it's still fresh, meaning the people who are involved was still alive. But nothing has happened because when Islam came, both tribes had to deal with this new message of Islam. Right, what had happened, the correlation or the correlation that boubakeur, another tribe, the operational brubacher, had started a small tension or war. To make a long story short, one of the kurashiki Youth

00:32:03--> 00:32:44

wandered into the land of the new bunker, and he was a future leader of the whorish. And even as he mentioned, that He was tall and handsome man. And so when the leader of the bundle Bucher saw him, he felt jealousy that this boy is going to become the leader. This boy was a very handsome and strong man, he felt a sense of jealousy. So he told one of the blue bucket to go and assassinate him just kill him for just for no reason in the middle of the desert. And before this by many years or decades, they had a blood feud that the one member of the orange had killed somebody from the blue book. So they say so he said, I'm going to make up for that one for one. I'm going to make it up by

00:32:44--> 00:33:22

killing this young man. So when the call center representative that what is this why did you do this? So the the the chieftain of voto, Booker said a man for a man, a man for a man that remember that guy you killed and he mentioned some name. We don't know when 10 1520 years ago, remember that guy? I killed this boy for that boy for that young man that was killed. So let's just call it quits a man for a man. So the courage said, Okay, fine. You know what a man for a man he's right, actually, that they did. We did owe them blood money we never paid up. So instead of paying 100 camels, we'll just not go to war. And so the brother of this killed man, the brother of this quarter

00:33:22--> 00:33:59

shoe who was killed, he decided to go and assassinate the chieftain of the bonobo. Not just any average guy, the very man who was jealous, the very man who ordered the assassination. And so he succeeded in this mission, and the chieftain of the boubakeur was assassinated. And this brother This is the days of JD, this is before Islam came. This is before the coming of the process of this brother brought back the clothes and the sword of the chieftain of the blue bucket bloodied. And he had a gruesome death as well, he cut them into pieces, he cut his stomach up, and then he brought this back and he put it on the door of the cab, that look, look at what I have done. He put it on

00:33:59--> 00:34:41

the door of the cab. And so the news spread that the chorus has basically killed the chieftain abubaker. Now, this is war. This is civil war between the blue bucket and the orange. And before any war could take place, the message of Islam became stronger and stronger. And the both tribes basically just paused for a while. So the situation was now in limbo. It's unresolved. And so for some reason, they get paranoid that now the blue bucket are going to come and they're going to attack muck up when it's empty. They'll take our women, they'll kill our children, they'll take our possessions, they'll get their vengeance now. Okay. So there was a huge commotion in the army.

00:34:41--> 00:35:00

rumors spread. And as it is, generally people don't want to go to war. They want an excuse to get back. Right. So this is an excuse. Now the army was about to return, or at least a large segment of it. Then what happened? shavon became desperate. She thought he believes himself.

00:35:00--> 00:35:17

became desperate, that what am I going to do now? And so it believes appeared to them physically it believes came. And Allah mentions this in the Quran as we'll mention, it believes came to them in the form of surah, Eben Malik the same Soraka Eben Malik, who

00:35:18--> 00:35:50

was attempting to catch the process of individual is the same sort of why Soraka because sulaco was from the blue key Nana, and the blue key Nana is the larger tribe of the blue book, ie the origin, the blue Hashem the same relationship. Right? The blue Hashem is one of the tribes of the Irish, right? So the bulky Nana, rivals the polish. And the Banu Bucher is one of the tribes of the Boo ki Nana clear. tribalism has to be studied when you do this in a clear, right. And

00:35:52--> 00:36:14

Soraka was from another of the tribes of the manoukian Anna but nonetheless, Yanni he is from the Vulcan and he's from the equivalent of the kurush. So and he is a chieftain of their tribe. So Soraka comes and says, Don't worry, I have heard of your fear, I will make sure that the boubakeur do not attack you.

00:36:16--> 00:36:31

Clear, right shaytaan basically comes in the form of a nobleman whom they all knew and trusted and respected. Soraka. And of course, at the time Soraka was not a Muslim. So aka became Muslim. Later on, as you know, we mentioned the story of Soraka in detail, that the that,

00:36:32--> 00:37:14

that shavon came to them in the form of Soraka and said to them that don't worry, I promise you that as long as you are gone, I shall protect mcca that I have any general rule of thumb, that I will be your protector, I will be your you can counter my word that the bernbach are not going to attack, MCC and Soraka even said, You know what, I'll accompany you as well so that you know that I'm serious, even though he's not from the whorish even though it's not his fight, even though the the Bank of Canada are not involved in the caravan. It's nothing but surak allegedly Soraka said, to show you how clearly we will not attack I will fight along with you. And so they were so happy that

00:37:14--> 00:37:25

one of the chieftains of the benaki Nana is coming. This is a big morale boost, and then when to rock up, quote unquote Soraka Soraka This is a fun one she thought we should say

00:37:26--> 00:38:00

sees the angels coming down on the morning of budget and we'll come back to the story when we get to the morning of other one shaytaan sees the angels coming down nucca side activate he eliminators all those in the Koran right he turned around and he started running away. And the orange were like Soraka Why are you running away because they cannot see the angels? They cannot see the angels right? So the question like why are you running away? Didn't you say you're gonna fight with us? And one of them tried to stop him because he's come all the way can you imagine from Makkah, he's come all the way to better the morning of the Battle of button. This is one Soraka sees all of those

00:38:00--> 00:38:26

angels come that's when he turns around and he runs away. And when one of them tries to stop him shavon basically shows his true identity pushes him so hard the man just flies up in the air and quote unquote Soraka ha Vaughn says that in the aroma tunnel This is in the Quran in the aroma Tyrone This is suited, suited and filed verse 4748 to the in fact 4748 that Allah says in the Quran

00:38:27--> 00:38:44

that what is a in Aloma shapeoko Amalia home this is the verse what is a yen Allah Who shall follow Amanda whom one shall upon made their actions beautiful for them? This is the story of sulaco now, when shaytaan beautified their actions go ahead fight you're doing a good cause. Wakanda la Wakanda

00:38:46--> 00:39:31

What is it? What is the total amount of work on the outside medical numinous? No not Lhasa Wakanda de la hora de vida como una de Janiero COMM And he said none amongst mankind can defeat you lalibela C'mon yumminess none amongst mankind can defeat you Why? Because you are so many. You have so much so many weapons you have 1300 people in need Zhao to lock them and I am your guarantor your protector, we need you to lock them it doesn't mean I'm your neighbor means I'm your protector here. I'll make sure nothing happens back there for them to attend when the two armies faced one another NECA saw it but he turned his back around right? And he said what color in the aroma that are on I

00:39:31--> 00:39:50

can see what you guys cannot see in the a half a la bella and I mean I am scared of Allah shaytaan is scared. I am scared of a lot the Lord of the Lord will law of Kabbalah is Severe in punishment. So this is the first if you like notice of the differences in the army of the kurush.

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

We know from a number of Mama's mustard and him in his house and others. We know that when the army left when they were 1300 people have moved

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

What is the undisputedly the main leader is Abu jihad. They had over 100 horses, over 600 suits of armor. We don't even know the number of camels. Probably around four or 500 camels, we don't know the exact not only to ride on but also to use as food. It is said we're going to come to this that every day they had to slaughter 10 camels. And so they must have hundreds of camels because they're slaughtering 10 camels every day. And they they have to ride on the camels as well. And they even brought along they're singing girls, they're a unit and the singing girls, you understand there's a connotation here as well. And there's also the issue of having some morale as well, that the girls

00:40:43--> 00:41:23

are going to be beating their drums, they're going to be dancing, they're going to be they're going to be showing displaying the pride of the crush. And so they brought their cheap sloganeering you can say as well. This is cheap sloganeering. They bought their cheerleaders you can say right? They really they are a type of cheerleaders you can you can say that. They brought them along as well. And Allah subhana wa tada mentions this in the Quran. So with that and fall verse 19, why not? So Kunal kalinina Holloman, Dr. Han, batalla, Maria and NASA. We also don't answer be the law. Don't be like those who exited their houses, both are on worrier and that they are arrogant, they're

00:41:23--> 00:41:49

boastful, and they want to show off to the people and they want to block the path of a lawyer so Duna and CBD law will law will be my Medina, Mohit, and Allah is surrounding all that they do. So Allah describes their psychological frame of mind when they're walking out there feeling puffed up button, and the and they want people to hear their 1300 strong where the largest army

00:41:50--> 00:42:26

the Arabs have ever seen. And so this is another point here that up until this time 1300 people have never gathered in this backward area because again, there's no government of retreived to himself for the first time they have 1300 so they want the Arabs to hear the orange have gathered the largest army ever so Allah mentioned what is their Nia and Allah says what was their main Nia oil so don't answer beat Allah they're blocking the path of Allah and will law will be may not be doing the more hailed rather Allah has surrounded all of them. They think they're blocking a laws path. They do not realize a law has blocked them while low ma'am aluna more Hill

00:42:27--> 00:43:09

and another incident occurred soon after this that well let's get back so the army of Polish has left Mecca, Abu sufian once he realizes that he's in the safety, we go back to now the caravan. Right. So so there's three things going on the Profit System, the Polish Army and Abu sufian. Abu sufian. Once he realizes that he's beyond the reach of the Muslim army, once he's realized that he's in his in the green, he sends another emissary, another envoy, and he mentioned to him that go tell the Quraysh that they can now return that the caravan is safe. Notice even Abu sufian did not want war. He did not want the Battle of but that he didn't see what he wanted was protection for the

00:43:09--> 00:43:10


00:43:11--> 00:43:48

There's no need now for protection. The caravan is now in the green. It's in the safety zone. And so I will soufiane sent an emissary go tell the army to return. We don't need their help now. I'll be back in Makkah in a few days. So once the envoys reached the Macan army, they had to now they're already outside the city. They've been camping for two three days outside the city traveling for two three camping and now they have to reconvene What are we supposed to do now? Some of them foreign primary amongst them was urged by ignorance to be at the same route but who didn't want to go the same route but who to the very end does not want to work? urdhva says okay, now we clearly don't

00:43:48--> 00:44:12

need to fight. Let's go back to Makkah. The job has been done. The caravan is safe. Once again. Abu Jahan was adamant and Abuja has said no, we will go to butter. We will go to butter, but it was known for being a nice plain area. And there was lots of water because there was these wells there. So we will go to but it also has some grave, not great some date palm

00:44:14--> 00:44:58

plantations there. So it was a type of Oasis, we will go to better. And we will stay there for three days. And we will drink our wine and have our women Sing for us and let the Arabs hear that we are a strong and mighty nation. So again, he has the jelly mentality. Now notice here there's still not a talk of war. Perhaps a Buddha had had it in his heart, but there's still not a tug of war. The whole purpose of the army was to protect the caravan. There's still not a talk of fighting for no reason now. The caravans protected Why do you need to fight Budapest saying let's go back. A Buddha insists and even now he says let the Arabs hear of our strength and let us slaughter our Campbell's baby or

00:44:58--> 00:44:59

cook our meat

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

Our wind and let the news spread and all of Arabia that we are a nation to be feared, we are encouraged that people should be scared of us. Despite this, some tribes decided to come back because they had no interest in fighting the Muslims, they only wanted their money to be protected, their investments to be protected protected. The largest of these was the Bonanza hora. And perhaps other smaller tribes also joined so much so that around 300 or 350, people returned back to Mecca. And so the army went down from 1300 to around 1000, or in another report 950 men, so around one third of the army, now, it goes back and this is obviously a big, demoralizing factor. And Allah

00:45:42--> 00:46:03

azza wa jal again mentions this in the Quran, that the tailor for the differences there's tensions going on amongst the Muslims as well, because the Muslims did not want to meet the the Polish Army as we'll come to, and there's tensions in the army for a whole different reason, that they just don't want to engage. And Allah says in the Quran, against what it did, and what I would try

00:46:05--> 00:46:05

to fill me.

00:46:07--> 00:46:38

If the two of you had agreed to a fight, you still would not have been able to set the time and a place. Right? Even if you wanted it, you wouldn't have done it, but I wanted it. When I would tell Well, I don't for me, it was called the Allahu ameron kanima for Allah, but rather Allah wanted his commandment that had already been decreed Allah wanted to fulfill it. So beautiful verse here, that Allah is saying, even if the both of you intended for a war, it wouldn't have taken place.

00:46:39--> 00:47:21

You would have disagreed you would have not been fully on the same page, but neither of you wanted it. Allah wanted it. Why, in order that his other be done, well, that leaves the alarm on kanima fruta and Leah alikum and helicon Bennett and white hem and haryanvi. So that whoever dies dies after the proof has been established, and whoever lives lives after the proof has been established. And so, a lot of Xhosa is saying that no one can ever escape from the other of Allah azza wa jal. Another incident that is mentioned is that one the army reached Jaffa and Jeffers where Masjid Arusha to name is, that's the area of Georgia when the army reached this area. So most likely this

00:47:21--> 00:48:05

took place before I was two fans and we reached them but again, we're just trying to piece it together. Most likely this took place basically as soon as they left maca, one of the youngest men in the army from the tribe of Banu Hashim, ie, a cousin of the Prophet system, or to be technical, his cousin's son, so he's one generation below the process and as a young man, the youngest of the new Hashem he woke up startled because he had seen a dream and he said, and he announced to the Orisha what the dream that he had seen, he said in my dream, I saw a man riding towards us and announcer, a crier to give us a news and message and he had a camel with him. And the man announced

00:48:06--> 00:48:47

hoods, but Admiral BIA has been killed and shave at Monrovia has been killed. And I will haccombe even his Shama Buddha has been killed, and oh my he had been hunted has been killed. And he kept on mentioning so and so and so on. So every single famous name of courage that eventually was killed, he mentioned all of these names, and then he cuts the hump of the camel and sent the camel forward. And the camel went into our tent area, our encampment, so he's seeing his own encampment in the dream, and the blood splattered on every single tent of our encampment, and he woke up scared and flustered. Obviously, the interpretation is very obvious that not only are these people going to be

00:48:47--> 00:49:31

killed, but every tent will have casualties. Every single house of the police will have casualties, but they ignored his dream. And they just considered it to be just a dream that he had seen not realizing that it was a true dream. So let us pause on the right side. Let's now go to the Muslim side. Now what's happening on the Muslim side, we'll get back to the other side in a while maybe most likely next Wednesday inshallah. Now the Muslims when they left Medina, they had no clue that they're going to meet an army. There's not even an inclination. Right, so the totally different perspective now the Muslims are leaving Medina, and they literally think this is going to be an easy

00:49:31--> 00:50:00

raid, a raid, where we are Mashallah 315. And there's only 40 of their armed guards like we have a ratio of almost one to 10 basically, right? We're almost one to 10 of their garden will have a clear victory. However, rumors began to come. And this is the way of the better ones that better ones are traveling back and forth and they'll carry the news that something's happening. And every time you meet a traveler in the desert, you would ask Where are you from? What are you doing?

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

What is the news? And the rumors began to spread that rather, there is an army that has left Makkah, intending to fight with the Muslims, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now he was shown a dream. We don't know when, and I guess I go back to this next week, inshallah. We don't know when but he was shown a dream that he will be fighting an army. And he was hoping that this dream would be later on, maybe not in this particular expedition, maybe not in this expedition, then when the rumors began to reach. So the profitsystem himself began to then question the Muslims. What do you think? Because what had he told them? We said that initially, he kept it a secret, right? He said,

00:50:43--> 00:51:27

We're going on an expedition, then as soon as they exited the city, when he knows was in the Muslim camp. Then he said, that we are going out to meet the caravan, Abu sufian. And perhaps Allah will give us a huge aneema huge booty with this, right? So the people that came very happy, then after a day or two, when these rumors are now coming, now, the tone begins to change, because news is reaching to the country. And the Prophet system said, What do you think that instead if we met a group from Makkah, that has been already informed of your departure, ie a group that is prepared to fight you? And some of the Sahaba began to question the city out of sutala we do not have any

00:51:27--> 00:52:08

preparations to fight an army we came to attack is the caravan. We came to attack the caravan, we're not ready to engage in a fight. The next day, he repeated the question again. And their response was even more firm. We cannot do this. We're not ready to engage in an army. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this in the Quran. That was 100 mimetic herbal healthy enough very familiar moving into the carry home, that one your Lord caused you to go out of your houses. So notice a lot is causing the both armies to leave. Right? We already mentioned that one group has left Makkah. Now Allah is talking about the Muslims, that Allah is saying, with a heart chakra book and basically will help

00:52:08--> 00:52:16

that remember when your Lord caused you to exit your own houses. But the truth was with you, we're in a communist mania,

00:52:17--> 00:52:17


00:52:19--> 00:52:23

a group of the believers did not like it.

00:52:24--> 00:52:24

We're in

00:52:25--> 00:52:37

the Caribbean, you judge the Runa COVID help divide them by when they began arguing with you about this truth. Even after it was made clear to them, you just didn't want

00:52:38--> 00:53:16

to be yourself una emotiva homeodomain. It was as if you were dragging them to their debts as they're looking at their debts IE Allah subhanho wa Taala is Maya Lee rebuking some of the companions that they were so scared they thought they're gonna die and none of them died. They thought that you're dragging them to the death you're dragging them to the greatest victory. Right? So they began arguing with you, you judge Luna COVID Hulk, they begin argue we can't do this. No way. There's no way we can fight the flesh. And Allah says it's as if they're seeing themselves die. They don't trust Allah subhana wa tada that they'll take care of them, that alone will take care of

00:53:16--> 00:53:23

them, right and a lot. And when Allah says buy them at IBM, even after it was made clear, what is this after it was made clear.

00:53:25--> 00:53:29

The next verse explains what is the common law who thought if attaining

00:53:31--> 00:53:40

a law had promised that yes, you're going to meet one of these to attain whichever one you meet, you will be the victors.

00:53:41--> 00:54:17

And the Prophet any under Harlequin. So the profitsystem told them at this stage, he himself is unsure, but he told them even if we meet the other group, Allah has promised me victory. This is what he told him. Even if we meet the other group, Allah has promised us victory. And so he is telling them Look, don't worry, Allah has promised us victory. But still the human soul is weak. And they said we're not ready. We cannot fight an army. We don't have armor. We don't have food. We don't have supplies. We don't have anything. We literally were expecting expedition and come back, you know, within two days, but it is two three days away from Medina. We're gonna come and come

00:54:17--> 00:54:27

back. We don't even have anything. And Allah says they continued arguing even after you had explained to them, but Allah wanted his decree to go forth. And

00:54:28--> 00:54:49

Allah says what's our doing? And the height of that is socata Kula comm you wanted the one with no weapons. That is shoka to be yours. You wanted the honeymoon, you wanted the booty? But while you read the law, and you have been Huckabee Kalamata why yakata dabura caffiene Allah had a far bigger thing in mind then some money,

00:54:50--> 00:54:53

allow one to to show who was upon the truth.

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

allowing it to show who is upon the truth. Yeoman better is called Yeoman for on

00:55:00--> 00:55:40

Remember this right? The day where truth is clear from falsehood, the victory of better was unparalleled until the conquest of Mecca that bother and the conquest of muck are the two biggest victories, without a doubt that this is the first and this is the last victory that Allah azza wa jal gave them. And the both of them are miracles beyond miracles. And Allah is saying, today I wanted to show who was true and who was false. That Allah sadly, Heckle, how were you able to learn about how to destroy the doubted? What the hell capital, even if the calf alone do not like it? So what this shows is by the waist panel, there's so many benefits here from this ayah it shows us that

00:55:40--> 00:56:12

the Sahaba Yes, they are perfect human beings, but they're humans and humans cannot be perfect. They are as perfect a generation as possible. That Allah is saying you Jacques De Luca philhealth, they were arguing we can do this no way we can fight the crush. Yet this arguing does not make them any less of a believer, because Allah says in the Quran, that ferrea communists mean, Allah calls them movement. These are not what office

00:56:13--> 00:56:55

mother, there are no more African mother, the fox started after but as we mentioned, right before, but that anybody who converted there is known if up until better, every convert is a sincere convert. So only after but the phenomenon of difficult begins. So Allah azza wa jal called the group that is yuja de Lune. That is attempting to persuade the process of not to go a lot of calls them Minh. And what is the show? It's a big sigh of relief for us that look, even the believer. Yeah, and he has some hesitation. He has some fear. He has some it's not as if they're all superhuman, or Superman. No, there is some genuine fear that look, they didn't want to fight. And a lot as Miley

00:56:55--> 00:57:05

reproaches them, but he says they are for the communist movement. They're a group of movements. These are not we're not one that didn't want to go and fight. So to find, to find

00:57:06--> 00:57:14

a deed difficult to be a bit hesitant to do a positive deed. This in and of itself is not enough.

00:57:16--> 00:57:59

As long as your Eman eventually wins over. Allah says in the Quran, that quotevalet como como como la ku Patel has been written for you, but you hate it. Allah says you hate it, their hatred of Qatar, did that make them wanna feel? No, it did not. It is human nature to not want these types of things. So there is a difference between finding so waking up for fudger. Right? This is our Jihad of origins. We think a lot this is the type of job we need to do as a manager, you know, waking up for fudger every one of us we might feel on occasion, when the alarm bell goes off, you know, the alarm clock goes off. next panel on another day, can't we just sleep do I have to do this? That in

00:57:59--> 00:58:00

and of itself is not enough?

00:58:01--> 00:58:03

As long as what

00:58:04--> 00:58:05

we get out of that.

00:58:06--> 00:58:43

If we don't get out of it, that's a big problem. But to feel the hesitation, right? Or to feel the likes, let's say those who are going for hedge for the first time, they're really scared. They're really worried. Because of all of the problems. Yes, that's EMA not a problem. It's okay to have a little bit of fear and trepidation and nervousness as long as you overcome it. So Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Koran, the Sahaba felt this type of fear the Muslims, they also made their way to better and they're still not sure, the better his scores on the on the route to the caravan. They had expected to, to meet the caravan the first time in the same place of weather, and they're still

00:58:43--> 00:59:20

proceeding there. And that is why the Croatia as well they know this is the most logical place for them to go to so the both of them are intending to go together as Allah says, even if you had agreed you wouldn't do this, but Allah had already planned. Even if you had agreed to set a time and a place you would not have been managed to meet each other. But Allah had set a plan that you will meet each other, you will that Allah azza wa jal already decreed this to occur. So the Muslims got to bother, and they're still not sure which of the two groups they're going to meet. And the prophets are some took aboubaker himself as an emissary. Why? Because this is a very tense

00:59:20--> 01:00:00

situation. He didn't even send any other emissary he and Abu Bakar, they went out scouting for information. And as far as I know, from my own readings of the Sierra, this is the only time that the process of himself acted as a scout as an emissary, that he leaves the army. He himself is the fact collector. And this shows the sensitivity to shows us that even the profitsystem was worried what if it is the army, what are we going to do now, but he doesn't want to tell the Muslims until he himself is short. So he takes the only person that he trusts like beyond anything his most trustworthy and that is Abu Bakar and the two of them go collecting information. They begin

01:00:00--> 01:00:37

Come scouts, they become the, the people, you know, fact finding. And he takes Abu Bakar. And he and he's finding information until finally they come across the old, an old Bedouin. And this is the source of information, right? The Bedouins are just wandering in the desert. And these are any people who are not going to be involved in the fight. They're neutral. They're not they're Bedouins. They're not in the race. They're not in the etheric. They're not in Medina. They're simply carriers of information. So the better one obviously does not recognize who these two people are. And the profitsystem asked him, do you have any information about the Quraysh? And about Mohammed and his

01:00:37--> 01:01:17

army? Not even realizing, though, but one is that he is Mohammed? He's asking this so that suspicion doesn't fall on him. If he said, Do you have any information about the Polish? Obviously, which side is he on? He's on the side of the Muslims. In fact, he is a pseudo law officer, right? But in order to like, make the Bedouin feel that he himself is also a neutral, that he's coming from a neutral tribe. So he asked the Bedouin, do you have any information? What's going on with the hora? He heard some stuff? And what's going on with mohammedanism? and his army? What's what is going on? So the veteran said, Who are you? I can't tell you until I know which side you're on. Right? He's also a

01:01:17--> 01:01:23

wise man. Which side are you on? I will not inform you anything until you tell me who are you?

01:01:25--> 01:02:05

And so of course, the president cannot say because he's gonna then give away the game plan, right? And so, the profitsystem said, I promised to tell you, who were that where we are from notice very specific now, the processor knows what he is saying, right? I promise to tell you where we are from. As long as you tell us any information that you have, you have to tell us what you know. And then we will tell you where we are from. So with this confirmation, this bed one felt Okay, you know, if they're gonna tell me, clearly, they're not on one of the two sites, or else they wouldn't want to tell me, right? And so the better one feels like, okay, I can confide in them, and they can confide

01:02:05--> 01:02:15

in me. So he said, Okay, if you want to know this is my information. What has reached us is that Mohammed Salim has left yesterday, on such and such a date, and he was right.

01:02:16--> 01:02:55

And if this is true, then they are camped right outside of budget. And he was also right. But of course, the process of in the bedroom right now are not at better, they're at another location, right? So the man is thinking, if that information is true, they must almost be admitted. And he was dead on because he's a better one, he knows exactly how much armies are taken. So this was the process of new because he is the offices. And it has reached me that the army of the Quraysh has left MCE on such and such a date, which was also true. And if that is accurate, then they must be at such and such a location, which was also true. And that was on the other side of whether they're

01:02:55--> 01:03:32

going to be there the next day as well. Right? So this is very well, bad news at the time. But of course Allah xojo had a good news plan, that the better one is confirming that there's an army that he's telling them, and they can verify it because he knows about them. So clearly, he knows about the other side as well, that the veterans have the this is their CNN, right? This is their news network here. The Veterans have their information, by the way the veterans needed this to live themselves, right. They needed this to survive themselves. They need to have all of the information to avoid any conflicts or maybe to bribe one side against the other. So this is their information.

01:03:32--> 01:03:47

This is their livelihood. This is their safety. So the veteran says, okay, I've told you my information. Now you need to tell me where are you from? You promised and obviously the process and promised and so the Prophet says Adam said, No, no min.

01:03:50--> 01:03:52

We are from water.

01:03:54--> 01:04:35

Hanuman Ma, we are from water. And he turned her on and wrote on the camera with Abu Bakar at his side, and the old Bedouin was left scratching his head menma from Ma, which ma is this? Is this the mount of Iraq like the city of Iraq is Ma, is this the Iraq war? Which ma I don't know which mount you're talking about? But the process of give the answer now know me, man, we are from water. And this isn't the first time that I've demonstrated this phenomenon called you should all know it by now. DoDEA told you this isn't the first time DoDEA DoDEA again, I'll say it DoDEA. We saw it into Caesar use of many times we saw it in the theater many times in the hedgerow where a worker said

01:04:35--> 01:05:00

this is my guide. He's guiding me to the path, right? This is my hat. Yeah Dini to play this is my guide. Right to Odia means double meaning you're hiding the truth with another truth. You're not with a lie. Islam does not allow lying, but at times DoDEA is permitted. Right? And our shady AI tells us that whoever uses toady excessively it's only

01:05:00--> 01:05:16

Gonna be a matter of time before he gets accused of lying. And there's an element of truth in that, but totally in and of itself has a legitimacy because you're not lying. You're not lying. Where are you from? We're from water. Are you not from water? Yes, we are from water. Right? Allah says no, hold on that what

01:05:17--> 01:05:54

you're saying, hey, everything living comes from water. So this type of DoDEA, as we have seen it many times in this era of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Notice as well as we somehow have the bravery of the process to act as a scout scouts are the most dangerous, because there is no army to protect, anybody can see. And he is the Prophet. So I said, I'm like literally the most important person, but it's also the sensitivity, the sensitivity of the situation. So the process of him comes back. And he does not tell the army anything yet. And the first thing he does, he goes, and he stands in Salah, asking Allah for help, because now he himself is getting tense, what is to be done?

01:05:55--> 01:06:11

And this isn't going to natural tension, nothing wrong with that he himself does not what is to be done. And as he is praying, as he is praying, there's a commotion that begins, what is this commotion? The Sahaba have captured two of the slaves from the Hirsch.

01:06:12--> 01:06:55

And they are asking them, where are you from? And they said, We are from the army of the kurush. We are from the the army that we just left a few days ago, we came to defend the caravan. And they began beating up the slaves, the Sahaba saying no, you're lying. You're not from the army. You're from the caravan of Abu sufian. Notice they themselves are so eager. That's what they're going to meet up is not the army but the caravan. They're throwing their own projections onto these slaves. And they began beating the slaves they know. Tell us the truth. Tell us the truth. You're from the caravan, aren't you? And they continued beating until finally they said yes, we're for the carrier

01:06:55--> 01:07:19

for the caravan. Then after a while, they asked again. And they said no, we're from the army. So they beat them again. Until finally they said no, no, we're from the character of the caravan. When the process I'm finished to SATA. Notice how long is the Salah as well. So Pamela is praying along so that when the process finishes a Salah, notice the simplicity and yet the profundity that he says to the Sahaba. When they tell you the truth, you beat them.

01:07:20--> 01:07:56

And when when they lie, you let them go. I mean, how, how foolish is that? That Dave? Ted, they're telling you the truth, you cannot swallow that information. And so you're beating them, even though they're telling you the truth, which is we're from the army of the chorus, right? And when they're lying to you, and they finally say we're from the character of the caravan, that is when you know you let them go. And this shows us that this as of the process of saying, it's ridiculous to torture them, they'll tell you anything under torture, right? What's the point of beating them? What's the point of torturing them, whatever you want them to say they're gonna say it when you're going to

01:07:56--> 01:08:32

beat them. So this is the beauty of the profundity, the process that he's telling them, Look, they're telling you the truth, they have nothing to gain. They're not. They're, they're from the army of the policemen. They're slaves, but they're not a part of the army. They're, they're just workers in the army. They're just, you know, cooks and cleaners and whatnot. They're telling you the truth and accept them at face value. And of course, this was the final if you like, verdict now, that whole us we are not meeting the caravan, we are meeting the army. Okay, this was a very difficult and emotional time now for the Sahaba. Now that this was the test, that the caravan is now

01:08:32--> 01:09:09

officially now the profitsystem has told them that no, this is now they are true. And what they said they were saying they are with the army, and they are not with the caravan. And then the prophecies who came up to them to ask them questions. And he says, tell me how many people are in the army. So he wants to find out how many people in the army and they said we are slaves. We are just water carriers. We don't know these things. And they are illiterate. They're uneducated. We don't know anything. We don't know how many you know, people are in the army. And again, the wisdom of the Prophet system, okay. So you are workers you are slaves. Tell me how many camels do they kill every

01:09:09--> 01:09:09


01:09:10--> 01:09:50

So now this is their job. Notice panela you know, the, the the deepness the profundity, like the saw the they're the slaves are right, like how do you expect to so we don't count to 1000? We don't know. So the process, I'm asked them a question they would know. Okay, you're the cooks and cleaners, how many candles Do you kill a day? So they said nine or 10. So the processing immediately said there are between 900 to 1000. Look at again, the Sahaba are not able to get this information to questions. And immediately the processor has the information that he needs from these, these slaves there. So they're around between 900 to 1000 people because one Campbell would on average, be

01:09:50--> 01:09:59

able to feed 100 people and he said who is present amongst them from their nobleman, and thus began a who's who of the kurush right

01:10:00--> 01:10:43

This is the whole point of butter that we don't really many of us don't understand. Like, every single major henchman of the Quran is eliminated. But this is really the beauty of butter. Everyone whose names we've mentioned, and, and we are worthy of being criticized and smeared everyone to a last man, it was a victory upon a victory, every one of these men, and so they began mentioning or may even Hello, Shay Robbie, Robbie. So he live in Abuja had all of these people I mentioned, and they're all the nobleman, they're all the nobleman. And this news caused the Muslims to be very disheartened. Why? Because the whole gathering has come, all of the nobleman and if they and if they

01:10:43--> 01:11:19

are here, this means their wealth is here to this means they must have paid a lot of people this means to have the best armor this May. And they didn't have the best camels in the best armor. A lot of these cowards purchased the best camels. Right? So this demoralized many of the Muslims. And again, this shows us the humanity of the Sahaba. I mean, we're lucky, they were demoralized, we would have turned around and read flat flat, you know, this demoralized this habit. But the prophets Allah sent him smiled and happiness. Why? Because he knew Allah's promises true. And Allah had said, whichever of the two you meet, will be yours. That's what the Quran says, right? What is the idol?

01:11:19--> 01:11:21

qumola who is the Prophet any?

01:11:22--> 01:12:08

Allah had said, you're going to meet one of the two, whichever one you meet, it will be yours. What's our doing and the height of that to showcase that you wanted the one that had no weapons? You wanted the caravan, but a lot wanted something bigger than this. So when it was now confirmed, that the there are facing the army, and the Profit System here is that the army has all of these elite people, he is happy. Why? Because he trusts Allah as promised that Allah has said this will be yours. And so he told the Muslims that Ooh, look maca has presented to you. The Arabic expression is a fella called Kabbalah which basically means the creme de la creme, right? It has given you it's

01:12:08--> 01:12:37

what he was, what are you gonna say the liver of it's what the expression is, huh? You can't translate this it doesn't tell you. But yeah, the cream of the crop and in English we have our own way, right. So it is given to the the bounty it's given to you the cream of the crop right is given to the apple of its eyes is given to you the best that it has mcha has given to you offered on a plate. Basically, it has given to you the best that it has. And when he saw the look of like

01:12:38--> 01:13:20

dejection in their faces. He said that voila, he By Allah, omega will be killed over here, and Shaban will be killed over here. And earthecho will be killed over here. And Abuja will be killed over and he pointed to them, every single location, that literally the next day when it happened, or two days when I was will get to one and happen. Every single person was found on the very spot that the processor had pointed out that he's trying to make them feel a sense of ease and at peace. And now that the Muslims realize that they're facing an army and not the caravan. Now the Prophet system needed to rile up the troops. He needed to rally up the troops. And this shows us Yes, there's a lot

01:13:20--> 01:13:21

of fear.

01:13:22--> 01:14:00

But when push came to shove, they passed the test. Right? There was a lot and Allah Himself mentions it that you were arguing that the Prophet system, and this is the difference between a man and a man and the fact that yes, a man might feel hesitant, but in the end, it will win in the day. And so the Prophet system called the gathering of all of the Sahaba. And he told them that you know, the situation as it is, what do you think we should do now? What do you think we should do? Now? Obviously, there is really no choice. I mean, you know, there is no choice the army has come. If they were to go back to Medina, this is like the worst humiliation, this is like not even meeting

01:14:00--> 01:14:23

them in battle. And if they meet them in battle, then it's a very difficult victory. It's a very difficult situation. And so the prophets have said, What do you think needs to be done? This is not the first time nor nor will it be the last that we will see Shura in action Shura in action. Here the law that allows hand is upon the majority of the or the group. And there is no question that

01:14:24--> 01:15:00

consultation Shura is a praiseworthy element of Islam. And the Prophet system had no need of Shura, but he demonstrated shooter for all of us. He doesn't need he is rasulillah system, but he's demonstrating what any leader should do. He's demonstrated that the leader needs to have the people behind him also even if he is also a system, the best way to moralize the the troops is to have them involved in the decision making as well. Right? And so he says what do you think we should do? Immediately a worker of course a worker stands up he praises Allah subhana wa tada sends a lot upon the Prophet system and then says

01:15:00--> 01:15:44

Yara sola, do as you please, we are behind you. It's your decision, right? that sits down. The Prophet system, thanked him and praised him. Then he asked again, what do you think we should do? Silence Omar stanza. And Omar says jasola Do as you please For verily, we will do anything you want us to do see sits down the process and praises him. Then he says, For the third time, what do you think we should do? Silence again because what does he want? So I'll make that even Mr. Mahajan stand up, stood up and that probably thought that maybe Oh bakudo mode warrant forceful enough. Let me go and add some some rhetoric. Let me add some fiery language here. So that in Alberta said and

01:15:44--> 01:16:24

said Yasuda law, do as Allah has commanded you to do and we are right behind you. You are a pseudo law. We will not say to you as the bunny is thrown in said to their Prophet Musa is have antelope Booker for katella. In the hoonah cartoon, you all know the story in the Quran, that when they're going to meet the big giants, right? The Venezuela is said to the Moosa Look, man, you and your your God go and fight, we're not going to go fight those people. Right? We're not going to say that the elements that said, rather, we will say, you and your Lord, you go fight and we are right behind you fighting, right. And then he said Yasuda la go and take us to Barack Obama, Barack Obama is an

01:16:24--> 01:16:51

expression take us to the corner of the world. This is an English word, say Barack Obama is just an expression take us to the corner of the world. And we will follow you until we meet what allows decree has destined for us now is basically the same thing as being said except that it's a bit more eloquent, you can't get more eloquent than this. Now, he says down things call us this is what the process is wanted to hear the process of him thanked him, then for the fourth time said what do you think we should do?

01:16:54--> 01:17:05

Why because the unsolved, this is now the crucial factor, I will bucket is partially on what is called a shemekia scholarship and the unsolved

01:17:07--> 01:17:24

remember from the covenant of battle acaba go back there now, the unsought had promised the Prophet system that they would the phrase is protect him as they would protect their own families. But it is not protection but it is offensive.

01:17:27--> 01:17:58

But it is not protection. They can go back to Medina allhallows. The onslaught had not signed up for this. The condition for the unsought was if we are attacked in Medina, then you will protect me as you will to the max as you will protect your own family and children, you will protect us. That's all we want from you, right, that was the condition. And so now for the first time, the unsought are being asked in a very gentle manner. And notice the problem did you put them on the spot?

01:17:59--> 01:18:37

Three times and three times are a stand up and the courage are indeed a sad one and a one note, we expect the courage to stand up three times the courage standard, and the unsought are quiet. Now for the fourth time, they realize there's something deeper than this right? And so, that great leader of the unsolved the greatest leader of the unsought that leader whom when he eventually died to Shaheed the Prophet system said, the throne of Allah shook at the death of side they've been why this aside, they've been wired. Now we know why the throne of Allah shook side even more of that young man that that eloquent that powerful man who was going to be their leader had he lived, lived. And the

01:18:37--> 01:19:11

prophecies on one side, even wife came after the Battle of Honda, and he was wounded and he was dying, but they didn't know he was dying. That was his death wound. They thought he would live he was wounded. He came on his donkey and the process of them said to the unsolved stand up to meet your leader, oh moolah, say you do? Stand up Show some respect. This has sadly been while that the process of is telling the unsought stand up have show some results show some respect to your leader. And by the way, standing up for leaders is a whole issue about should you should you not, and this hadith clearly shows that it is allowed on occasion. It is allowed on as for the moment no and

01:19:11--> 01:19:52

others talk about anyway, this is sadly been while. So then he stood up. And he said, perhaps you're waiting for us to sue the law. He is that what you're asking for times? Perhaps you intend US law like a duck sooner? Perhaps you're waiting for our response. And so the profitsystem finally admitted. He said, Yes, I need to hear from you. What is your response as the answer? And so sad gave that eloquent speech speech which when you translate it destroys all of the other causes, but it is a powerful a rousing speech and he says in it that the out of soda law and because adanac After all, we believed in you and we trusted you and we testified that what you have come with is

01:19:52--> 01:19:59

the truth. And we have given you our loot and mythique our promises and our oath that we will listen and obey.

01:20:00--> 01:20:38

You notice the beauty of Syed here, he doesn't go back to the bare minimum. We gave you a promise to protect you. rather he mentioned the other phrase, we will obey you Yasuda law, right? Look at this a man now he is going now to the spirit of the law, not to the letter. If he wanted to go down to the letter of the law, he could say, look, you know, there's an exemption. We didn't sign up for this, you know if you wanted to, but he's looking at the spirit of his time. He's saying Yasuda law after all, are we not Muslims? Didn't we believe in you? Didn't we trust you? Didn't we do everything you want us to do? So now your suit of law go forth. And do as you see fit, and we are

01:20:38--> 01:21:20

with you for I swear by the one who has sent you with the truth where you were you to take us into the ocean and charges galloping into the ocean. These are people who cannot swim By the way, right? these are, these are better ones either desert others in order to swim, where you to charge us into the ocean, then we will go right behind you. We are not scared of meeting the enemy tomorrow. And we will show you our patience during battle. And in sha Allah, Allah, Allah Allah which is basically insha Allah, Allah will show you through us that which will comfort you IE you will see our bravery, our sincerity, our truthfulness. So go forth Allah Baraka Tila from the other Baraka Tila go forth

01:21:20--> 01:22:01

upon the blessings of Allah, we are right behind you. And one side even Wilde said this, the prophet system, his face became like the shining moon, like he was so happy to hear the unsought were behind him. And this reinvigorated him. And he reiterated what he had said before that will law he Allah has promised me one of the two, and it is this one. And every one of them will that I have mentioned, because he had mentioned them, every one of them will die tomorrow, every one of these that have mentioned will die tomorrow. And having said this, he then began the actual preparations for war. And we have come right to the end of our halaqaat for today shall the next one's day will

01:22:01--> 01:22:16

continue about the preparation in the sight of the Prophet system. And also what happened in the side of the Quraysh. We have a few minutes for q&a. And then we have two three announcements to make before selected Asia. So questions about today's Yes.

01:22:28--> 01:22:28


01:22:30--> 01:22:47

So the question is, when was the verse revealed that Allah has promised you one of the two caravans? The response is we don't know exactly when, but we can assume from the context of the verse that it was revealed. When the first rumors had come that there is an army coming.

01:22:48--> 01:23:20

So when the process of left Medina he had no clue, he had no idea that he's actually going to meet the army, and that's why he tells the Muslims that we're out to meet the caravan and inshallah Allah will bless you with a great victory, which was true Allah did listen with a great victory right, but he thought it was the caravan then in between this caravan news and this incident now, when the rumors began to come, Allah subhana wa tada promised him You will meet a group one of the two either the caravan or the army and you will be victorious in whichever one that you meet.

01:23:25--> 01:23:29

No suit and fad was revealed after that, but it explains but it

01:23:34--> 01:23:41

was Sophia who became the leader of MK after better Lucien Abu sufian became the

01:23:42--> 01:24:22

fan was relatively younger he was he could not have been leader had not been for the death of all of the seniors. So he sucked up into the vacuum. And so I was feeling became the leader and that is why in the Fatimah the process of said Mandela beta v soufiane it for who I am, and he mentioned one person by name, that Abu sufian is the only one of the old guard of that level of that tabaka right. Now, they had to hit up an AMA and they had others but not to the level of Abu sufian right again, these are levels of people and Abu sufian was like you can see here right now for example, Abu sufian is the leader of the caravan, Abu jihad is the leader of the army. So already you find Danny

01:24:22--> 01:24:30

that they are at somewhat of a similar level. So the main person of Mecca became a fan and that is when the Battle of word abou fan was at the head of the army.

01:24:31--> 01:24:58

Certain and five was revealed after but, but it explains but immediately afterwards, immediately after better and it explains better and that is why inshallah I hope inshallah, when we finish better, will actually pause to do a quick two seater suta anthologist one hadoken inshallah, maybe even just the verses related to bother. So that next time we read through that and it will be very fresh in our memories because it's part of like every one of these incidents is linked to an idea of and fun. So it's very beneficial to know too little and fire. Yes.

01:25:00--> 01:25:00

On the

01:25:11--> 01:25:12


01:25:13--> 01:25:15

torture, the torture from

01:25:16--> 01:25:17


01:25:18--> 01:25:19

in order to obtain?

01:25:23--> 01:25:56

It's a very difficult question I understand. So the brother is asking about so the the the two slaves were beaten and in our terminology would go now when we say torture, they were not like slice they weren't like, you know, I mean, they were just like slapped with shoes or whatever, you know, I mean that type of that type of stuff, you know, just a little bit of we would say roughing up, you know, they weren't like cooked over a fire like the Chinese torture or something, you know, it's like this is not so firstly, I mean, I'm not saying that even this is just an arch I'm saying let us be careful this term torture has a connotation that perhaps that's why I didn't use the term

01:25:56--> 01:26:00

torture, I use the term beat, right? bada boom Yanni roughed him up, slap them up, right?

01:26:01--> 01:26:30

This is a very difficult question. And there's a very simple response to this. And that is that, in my humble opinion, the Shetty has revealed a basic framework that allows for adaptations, right. And there is no doubt that at another time and place and world environment, certain things would have been allowed that our political system, you know, treaties and whatnot do not allow in our times. So

01:26:32--> 01:27:04

the shediac came and raised the bar immensely. For example, you had to feed prisoners of war, you couldn't starve them to death, you had to give them a minimal amount of housing and whatnot. This was not known before the coming of Islam, right. And the Battle of butter, the process of them said, we'll come to this, he said, feed them with what you feed yourself. And so the prisoners were treated better than the people who are hosting them. Right? Because one of the problems said feed them with your feed yourself. So then the meat was given to the prisoner, just in case somebody would be accused that you took the meat you didn't give it. So the Sahabi literally picked his meat

01:27:04--> 01:27:46

up and put it in front of the prisoner, the prisoner felt embarrassed that you're giving me the meat, he quietly put it back in front of the Sahabi. The Sahaba said, No, this is yours. Right? So the Islam came in no doubt it changed a lot of things. And yet, it didn't, you know, do maybe what some other later treaties did to show that there is a spectrum, right? So in our times, if certain elements of certain treaties go more than what Islam did, once the country signs agreement to these treaties, there's no problem in saying, Okay, you know what, we will also raise it to this level, right? So what I'm saying is, it isn't there's nothing wrong at all, in any Muslim nation or country

01:27:46--> 01:28:04

signing on to these international treaties and then upholding their level and condition. And as for the incidents in the cielo that seem to go against modern conventions and whatnot, I think honestly, it is very intellectually shallow, for any serious academic to challenge

01:28:05--> 01:28:12

them, because they what you need to compare what the prophet doesn't cohabited with what others did at his time in place.

01:28:14--> 01:28:51

Right, you need to be relative, that when Europe was doing this, when China was doing this, this is what the Muslims were doing. Right? Now, if, let's say, the treaties have, you know, done certain things in modern times, then, okay, not a problem for us to hold up to them. And also, we do need to be very clear here and point out that look, even you guys have not upheld your own treaties in a million in one exceptions, all related to Islam and Muslims. So don't come preaching to us about, you know, human, you know, human rights and whatnot, when, you know, we still have Guantanamo and we still have this whatever the word is we where do we even begin to list okay, don't come preaching to

01:28:51--> 01:29:01

us when you yourselves clearly don't have a stellar record. So it's a difficult question, but again, I don't see any major problem in responding in this manner. Sisters, any questions before we