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In this continuation of the series on the Battle of Badr, shaykh yasir continues from where he left  and we know that Abu Sufyan detected the presence of the Prophet ﷺ and took a way closer to the Red Sea, also sending a crier to the people of Quraysh to gather them together. The Quraysh convened and agreed to send an army to protect the caravan.

Abu Lahab decided not to go and instead found someone by the name - Al Asr bin Wa'il to do the needful. Why did Abu Lahab not go himself? What prevented him from doing so?

When the Quraysh marched out of Mecca, they were around 1300 in number which was the largest group at the time.

When the Muslims left Madinah they had no idea of facing an army. They were confident of a clear victory. However, a dream seen by the Prophet ﷺ where he was fighting an army put them in a state of unrest.

The details of the Battle of Badr have to be heard with full devotion to fully comprehend the nature of the battle and what transpired every single minute. You will be left mesmerized by the way Shaykh Yasir dissects every event as it happens.

The Prophet ﷺ gained the consent of the Ansar on their willingness to fight and this was when Sa'd ibn Mu'adh RA, their leader, gave a beautiful speech and said, "We believed in you, trusted in you and testified your truth. And we gave you a promise to 'listen and obey you.are we not muslims? Go forth and we are with you. I swear by the one who sent you, if you take us in the ocean we will go right behind you. We aren't scared of meeting the enemy in battle, and Allah will show you that which will comfort you".

When Sa'd said this, the Prophet ﷺ was elated and his face lit up like the moon and this energised his spirits immensely. He said, "By Allah We have been promised victory".

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