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As a very important concept of Islam, Allah says that Isaiah only belongs to Allah says and certainly set is only belongs to Allah. And that has so many implications and consequences if we were to take that seriously, because a lot of what we do in the dunya how we undermine ourselves is assuming that somebody else has is just like honor, okay? It's like honor and dignity, maybe maybe we could say, honor and dignity. And so if we don't realize that Allah has all As and that he's the one that distributes it and grants it, we make the mistake that we think it is with another person, we think it's with the politicians or we think that it's with the people of cloud or the celebrities

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or whatever, then we act in a servile way towards those people, because we want them as we think that we're going to get honor from them or dignity from them. And Allah is telling us that the opposite, you have to be relating vertically, not horizontally, okay? There's no as horizontally, there's only as vertically. Okay? So if you want honor, the honor is in a snap. That's it. If you want honor, honor is in what Allah gives you, and Allah is not going to give it to you, if you are being servile, and like this towards the creation, now we're supposed to only worship Allah subhanaw taala in the true meaning of what worship is complete servitude. And that's the kind of beautiful

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paradox is that if you only submit to Allah, He gives you the honor among the creation and if you try to serve the creation and make everybody happy, then he takes away the honor from you. There's actually a hadith the Prophet saw, I saw I believe it's in Sahih Muslim, where he says that whoever tries to please the people by y by what Allah hates, then Allah will cause the people to hate him, and Allah will hate him too.