The Positive Consequence of Raising Your Dua #shorts

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The speaker discusses the benefits of raising dogs for worship, including a sense of independence and a desire to worship. They also mention negative consequences of not wanting to raise dogs for exams or activities like Kia. The speaker suggests that raising dogs for worship would be a positive experience for the dogs.

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Let's suppose you have a big exam like a major exam, some entrance exam or something like that the next day, how does your Salah look the night before when you're making that dorm. In fact, you're looking forward to the salah so that you can make this kind of you can make your dogs so you have this excitement that comes along with your prayers and moments when you can make them a DA. And for example, if you really care about something, you're like, I need to go for Umrah. I need to drink zamzam I need to make dog at the Kaaba because I really care about this. So the benefit, I would say consequences like something negative but you know, positive consequence of raising your dog is you

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start running towards worshiping Allah. So and then you could do the opposite. If you aim low, you're almost like indifferent or running away from a Betta because you don't care about your dogs when you aim low and you don't care