Muhammad Alshareef – The Call To Ibrahim

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © -- The Kava and Mahdi return after the return of the waq, and the Mahdi and Kava return after the return of the Kava. The importance of actions and actions in shaping one's life is emphasized, along with the need for people to establish their values. The segment describes a busy period of political and cultural events during Islam's time, including a study on the prophets and their actions being accepted by Allah. The importance of forgiveness and apologizing for past actions is emphasized, along with the need for people to establish their values and values in shaping their lives. The segment describes a situation where people felt embarrassed and anxietyily, and felt like they were in a crowd.
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For those who don't want to stay in and want to still fiddle whenever we learn when surely unforeseen Omen see Dr. Molina de la la la la la, la la la la sala de la

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la la la la la sharika shadow under Mohammed Abdullah sudo Amanda so SQL mana Scimitar por la as the agenda for the AMA run alongside of the delicacy serving and caring for Florida Tyler, you will live in an awful lot of hot spots of crisis whether it's emotion in lower intimacy moon or pilot Island Tyler Yeah, you

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have an upcoming has over seven humare jangka 01 is what's the hola hola de Luna he was in the LA I can only come up Eva

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when he brought him on is completed the structure of the Kava and he had built it with his son Ismail Allah subhanaw taala in such a long time ago, commanded Ibrahim alayhis salaam to call the people for Hajj, to call the people to do pilgrimage, and to come to this house of Allah. Ibrahim on Instagram said, well now you have lukewarm, salty, or love. How will my voice reach to all these people? And here look at the power when a person has sincerity in their call. A lot of Tadasana said that is not upon you that you make sure that that call reaches it's upon you that you give the message and we will make sure that it reaches the people. And so Ibrahim alayhis salam climbed the

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mountain Nevada and he entered the plains of alpha and he called a announce in the Lucha catabolic hedge the hedge you all people all mankind. A lot of huddle, adada has made Hajj compulsory upon you the pilgrimage to this house compulsory upon you. So perform hajj and you'll see a lot of Pamela Donna mentioned this in the Koran Posada

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and proclaim the highest amongst the people yet.

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Jean army, Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling and recording what he said to Abraham, what have been some nasty to touch and proclaim the hunt amongst the people to pilgrimage yet to Khadija and they will come to you walking. And indeed even till today, there are people that still try to hold up to this. Clip this walking to hygiene you see people coming from China walking for months, just to come walking yet to to the journal while actually vomiting and in every means of transportation yet to come including the surgeon army, that they will come from every cranium and nook and Every valley they will come from every direction.

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And so this day, millions upon millions of people go for this hygenist pilgrimage, answering the call of Ibrahim alayhis

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salam last for the alongside when he became Muslim, or when he became a stamp on the house was one of the leaders of Quraysh. And he was one of the people that led he was one of the people that led the battles and hadn't caused so many deaths of the Muslims. And so here he was becoming Muslim himself after all the Muslims that he had killed, and he came to the province of ally sent him to put his hand forward to give the pledge of allegiance to Bay on. And as he put his hand forth in the province of the law, they sort of put his hand forward. I'm a really a lot more I hold his hand back. And he said he pulled his hand back. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Malik, he said

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What's wrong with you Malika? What's wrong with your camera? He said, What do you do? And he said, I want to make a condition. Before I get out before I become Muslim. I want to make a condition. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, What's the condition alarm? And I'm rhodiola han who. And this is a very important lesson on how the movement is always seeking for this to be aligned who said and yoke feel love with me. He said, I want to make the condition that alone Forgive me, that alone forgive my sins for all those Muslims that I've killed and all the hardship that I brought to Islam, that I want a promise that allows them to forgive me, forgive me, and the province on the lives of

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them smiled at him. And he said he and I didn't notice the moment. He said Oh, um, don't you know that Islam wipes away all the sins that came before? What and then he's like

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attempting a math problem and that the history of the migration from Mexico to Medina, it wipes out all the sins that came before. What and had a problem and that hij and the pilgrimage to Mecca wipes away all the sins that came before.

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Hajj is the fifth pillar that Islam was built on. And from from young age, the children learn within Islam or other forms, that Islam is built upon five things. One, Hajj is the fifth one that Islam is built upon.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran

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lots of tunnels officers when they learn the other nurses should be has their to is a duty mankind owes to Allah, Minister pa in a subpoena for those who can afford the journey. And then notice here the opposite of those people who don't want to go for Hajj woman Qatar, and whoever is nice, save a lot of coffee for the person who doesn't wish to go for Hajj woman tequila. So in the law of the United Ireland, that barely a law stands in No need of any of this creatures. That if someone wants to do cook for me, I'm grateful to Allah and not wish to go for that hunch that Allah not only doesn't need that person, a lot doesn't need anything in the creation.

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And the performance of Hajj wipes away all the sins that came before it as a regular or the alone time who narrates it the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said

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men had fenomena meal fourth one a mere soup or john is a newbie to me whether that's for the purpose of our hunting we sent him said whatever it performs hedge fund me out for who doesn't do me any obscenity while I'm Yes, and doesn't do any transgression during his Hutch or john Mizuno v he, he comes back free from sin, to me whether that's like the day his mother gave birth to him.

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And one and heist is one of the greatest deeds that the person can accomplish in his lifetime. And for the longest time who narrates that he was present, when someone asked the Prophet sallallaahu it was so know that you are many of which action is the best. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and notice here, he said that the man will be learned he will assume that in men belief in Allah and His messenger. And notice here he was asked what action is the best. So what do you need to do is the best. And he said he met in America is I want to say the man, belief in a line is messenger. And people when we see the English word belief, we think it's something of the heart.

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It's just something that a person puts in their mind. But indeed, that's not what the companions understood, because action, when a person truly believes in Allah and His Messenger, then they act upon that. And that was the first action. The greatest action that a person can have is the man of learning what assuming, and then the person asked, they went on messenger of Allah, and he said, a geography similar to hers in the sake of Allah. And then what the companion asked and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that the greatest action a person can do on the third question was hjem, abroad, and accepted or a hunch that is accepted by Allah.

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We shot a long time ago, one of the great scholars said that I can't say that the good deeds that a person does. And I found that salon is something that a person does with their body. And she had

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that fasting as well. Hello, and welcome, as well as you heard is something that a person does with their body. And then Southern coffins that can is something that a person does with their wealth, that he says the only thing that I saw that joins between the actions of the body and a person's will is Hutch for barely when a person goes for HUD, he's spending his money and he's exerting his body for the obedience of Allah subhana wa, tada, and Asia for the long line as the process of aligning. And we learn here when we're talking about jihad, the Hajj is the greatest Jihad that a person can do for a long as the province will have one minute. And she said knology had.

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She said, we see and we found and we understood that she had the best deed that a person can do. So she didn't we the women go and perform Jihad and go out and fight in the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then the prophets of Allah Harding was sent him said, for their kingdom and he said rather, that rather the best jihad is

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Had your mobile while not enough brother g had a job that the greatest you had to do is accepted Hutch and I saw the alongside that I had said after that, that I'll never cease performing highest after I heard that from the prophets Allah La Jolla

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and the person who goes for Hajj sincerely should be accepted by Allah subhana wa tada for the prophets on the line he was sent him said, I want to defeat to be the one had you one more time. He said the person, the warrior who goes out to soldiers goes up to fight for the sake of Allah and the person that goes to Hajj. And the person who goes for Allah was the law, that all of these people are the delegation of a loss of Hannah Montana.

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He called them to Jericho. Allah subhanaw taala call them and so these are the ones that answered the call of a loss upon Allah Dodd was a little and they asked him and they may do it to him for a job. And Allah subhana wa tada for our for whom Allah subhanaw taala gives them. I remember once that some students in Medina, they had friends that had come from Bulgaria, and they were the delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And they had come and they were in a nice hotel. And there, they had lavish buffets there. And as the brother told me, he said, in our country, we never have food like this. Never. And he said, I saw like uncles and cousins, taking from this taping from

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that flat and wasting. And I told this to someone. And then he said, Subhan Allah, he said, this is the delegation of a human King. This is the delegation of a human King. Some of them What do you think of the delegation that comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And in Spanish history books, it's narrated that on the day of alpha, a man from Turkmenistan, came on the day Bahasa, and he saw as the sun was setting, and people were there, making the jump into Russia, the mountain of mercy there and Otto from the plains of Africa, he looked left, and he looked right. And there wasn't a single person there that wasn't crying for the sake of Allah subhana wa. And everybody was making their art to Allah. And he in his heart, he didn't understand Arabic. And he didn't understand what they were saying, what he saw all the crime that was going on, and he knew that he couldn't express his daughter and he couldn't pray like everyone else was

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praying. So he raised his hands to Allah subhana wa tada crying. He said, Oh, Allah. I can't make job like all these people are making the law, or law gives me every single thing that they're asking for.

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And it was narrated, and someone had seen that in sha Allah that Allah subhanaw taala accepted his

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in a MOBA, called the love of time, I'm

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sorry, the greatest day that ever comes in the entire year is the day of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Men as men in Yeoman, there's not a single day that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't three more slaves from Hellfire than the day of alpha. And there's no day that the sun comes up upon greater insight of a less tunnel data than the day of alpha and the day is coming very soon. And verily, Allah subhanaw taala draws near on that day. And he boasts some carnivores on you very, some kind of a data to the angels. And he says to them on the reliability, look at my look at my service, job on the chart, and overall, they have come to me to shell and dusty. And then Allah

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subhana wa tada says, to the angels are the heart. What do these people want? And you'll notice that in hygiene, there's nothing else there for hygiene, a person can say that I'm going to have to go swimming, or they can say that I'm going to have to do to go to a special event, or some sort of theater. There's nothing in Mecca, except the caliber, just the hotel surrounding the hotels, and the cabin. And if you go to autosar, you will see nothing there except dust and tents, and hills, there's nothing there. And then Allah subhanaw taala says to them, why have these people come? And the angel said they've come for no other reason except to establish your oneness, oma, and then

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Allah subhanaw taala says to them, let them go for forgiving them all.

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dilemna Mobile are the longtime who he narrates that I went to Sofia even Ariana as the day of alpha was setting and he sat on his knees and his hand raised to the heavens and tears or moistening his cheeks and beard. He turned and look at me. He looked at me, and he said,

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he turned and looked at him. So

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He said that Monique said to him who is the person who is in the worst state on this day, this day of autofocus, everybody making their heart and Sophia urashima. Home long Todd said the first two things that Allah subhanaw taala won't forgive him today.

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Apollo quality has stopped for a lot of us. What do you say there was an enormous FEMA festival in the Horn of

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Africa. Salatu was Salam ala Milena de vida, if you couldn't move up, inshallah

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I showed you a long time when she would sleep with the prophets of Allah heininger Center, and he would stand up for pm lady, she would notice that the feet of the prophets that a lot of you send them would begin to swell from the excessive standing of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so when he would complete his Salah, and she would look at him, she would say, Why are you doing this? When Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven all your sins in the past and anything that you may commit in the future? And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and we all know this, he said,

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according to Quran, he said, shouldn't I be a faithful slave to us? If all my sins have been forgiven, that should not be a thankful slate.

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With this example of the province of the long run, he was sent him we understand what our attitude should be when we go for Hajj, or whenever we hear about our actions being accepted by Allah subhanaw taala or forgiveness or agenda.

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Does it mean that when someone performs hides that they fall back into the search engines, or does it mean that if they go to the cabin, this was worth 100,000 sold out, but they never paid for the next 100,000? That's not what it means. You'll find in many studies, the prophets have a long way to sentencing Juma boo sango. The term has nothing has the same huduma bro and accepted Hutch and the scholars talked about what headjam Abreu means. And then some of them said that headjam abroad means a heist film Ross uttanasana has accepted and only Allah knows if the husband's accepted or not. And they say a sign of this is that a person comes for highs

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and then returns after highs in a state other than the state that he came in. Meaning that if he was disobeying a loss of power, she wasn't performing so well properly before highs. And after he begins doing his follow up is before had she worked. She wasn't wearing Hijab after her she wears hijab, and so on a person is taking interest before High School and after high school. They desist from such actions as your mob rule. I once saw a group of pilgrims during the Hajj season and they had these t shirts and hats. And maybe I think you see the Ravens. Everybody has the raven

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flags going on their cars now. These people had flags like that that said hajima Brewer 1997 1997. And I said sulphonyl you know and they're selling the shirts hjem abroad in 1997. That would have been different. But a Juniper is a little tough for Abdullah Norman rhodiola Han, when he was on his deathbed and his son came to him, reminding him of all the good things that had happened with him in the province of alarmism and all the great deeds he had done. He had told him, he told him to be quiet. And he said, I said that he knew me as a couple I said, Do you know who it is that Allah subhanaw taala accepts from and then he recited the verse in

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testing, that Verily, Allah subhanaw taala accepts from those people who feared Allah, and were sincere in the action that they did.

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And it's with this spirit

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that I didn't have to save him a whole lot of time when he would go for Hajj. And he would put on his, his towels, and he would cover himself and he would prepare and he was begin his journey. He stopped. He lost color in his face, and he couldn't pronounce anything. And people told him What's wrong. And he said, I see the define me diggin myself via the fake alarm and a bank that it will be sent back to me that a big one. That it will be that I'll say old law I am here that I'm afraid that it will be sent back to Me, me You never have come to me know happiness country. And this was the greatest people that walked on this earth

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and it's with this spirit that we move forward.

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Hi child law for those people who are going to see it. And for those people who are intending to go in the future.

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I remember once the first time that I performed in 1993, I was with some brothers that were very keen on

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the fear of the loss of harmony. And indeed, the slave has fear and hope, to have fear and hope. It tells me what he would have hoped and the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And fear from the punishment of the law, you will see in some religions, that they may have exaggerated the mercy of Allah so much so that they can examine they associate partners with the law, in the end, saying that Allah is the loving and that he's going to forgive no matter what, even if murder happens, or whatever happened. And on the other side, people have said that a lot is going to punish everything and everyone. And so they've gone into celibacy, and they've gone into things, and they've

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disassociated themselves with the entire world. But indeed, the believer is in the middle path between hope and fear. So I was with some people in this Hutch, who were very much keen on the fear of a loss of harmony. And they kept reminding me and reminding me of the fear during hatch. So much so that I almost felt in my heart, that there's no way that this hunt is ever going to be accepted. That there's no way and they will keep commenting on people here and there. And as I went through this hygine was my first time and going through the hardships. I remember, you may have heard the story of the democrats and people like a stampede or crested Hampton, in 1992. Actually, it occurred

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a couple of years after that. Also, when I said when I was younger, that I had heard of people being crushed in a tunnel. So I said that if I'm ever in that situation, during this hedge, I'm going to step away from the crowd and try to find some higher place, maybe a bus or something and get out of the crowd. So it went to the gym a lot that day in the gym a lot is where the stoning of the pebble or the pebbles are thrown.

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And we sat down and about half an hour before limited time came. All of a sudden, there was like a domino effect. And maybe the people walking were four, or four or five lines ahead of us all sudden, everybody stood up and just fell over. And our umbrella was broken, and we fell to the ground and so on. And then I stood up and realize when you look back, the road leading to the Jamaat, there's no way you can go opposite the direction. And at that moment, I saw people climbing the buses, I saw people climbing the wall. And I said, this is one of those emergency situations and ability was with me and he said, what should we do, because you can go backwards. I said, let's go through our

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agenda. And, and at that time at Boomer time, we walked into the Jamaat and Subhanallah as you walked in, and you see some people falling, don't think, and you may hear that people get trampled. But that's not true. So Turkish brother I've seen had fallen, his wife had fallen to the ground. And immediately nobody knows who the person is, besides that, but myself and some other brothers, everybody grabbed hands and made a circle around it immediately. Just instinct immediately, and allowed that man to stand up with his wife in that town. And I lost my friend immediately in that in that crowd. Just to tell you, the kind of the the ambulance sirens going on the helicopters flying

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over. And as I walked into that jemalloc area,

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when the province for the line, so to speak, so the Day of Judgment. And obviously the line in the province that a lot of them said that everybody will be naked. And I actually love the line and say, well, won't the people look at each other? And he said, Yeah, he

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said, he said a lot. He said the affair is much more severe than that people have lifted when I had come out of that jemalloc area, and I sat down. I remember these words of the province that a lot later, because they sat down and there was a woman sitting behind. And I had sat back leaning my back, and the woman was leaning her back on my back, just to show you, the state of Florida and we sound like that for me five minutes before I realized that this is a woman sitting behind me and that we were mutually leaning our backs on each other. And no one was even paying attention to what was going on to that state. And then I sat there after the jumbotron watching people finishing up

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the Joomla and I saw three people standing and then all of a sudden two of them burst up looking for the friend. And I just saw happiness on their face when they're showing the document for their friend to come. And the third friend just started crying. And it was with that as I moved out and my feet I was actually like in a wheelchair. I got blisters and I was walking back to the towel all the way from there. It's about an hour walk or maybe longer than that. And as I lived out, walking back, and my slippers lost I got

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Some new slippers. I came upon this villa, a place where it has like a patio, a carpeted patio. It's a villa. And there's like shade trees there. And I saw people gathering this. So I went there. And when I sat on the road on the concrete and slowly, slowly, I saw people sitting up on the patio, but the owner was dead. And I started coming closer onto the patio.

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And I sat there watching the owner of that villa. And every time he was just standing there, every time he would see someone come by who was in need of water, who would run out there and give them the coldest water that he had. And I saw that he had an entire freezer of water that he was giving out to people who needed water, people would come and ask him for you know, something, and he would go get a water and get some juice, juice packets with it. And in the state of thirst that I was in, and believe me, you've never been thirsty until you go through something like this. You've never felt what it means to be thirsty. And when I saw those people making dots for him after he gave them

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the water, that I knew how sincere those drops were.

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And so a woman was sick, and he brought her in and gave her that's the concern. At that moment, I spent so much time until finally I was just too thirsty. And so I told him that and he was talking to me, I asked him, could I have a glass of water.

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And then he realized that he hadn't given me any water, she ran and brought me with to water, two bottles of water and some juice packets and put in the front.

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And actually i'd went in and use use this house. And then as I walked back to the curb, all those lessons, I realized, and when I met my friend after that, and I told him the realization that I had, I said look at all these people that came to them for for Hajj. And how many people died actually said maybe 600 people died that day, in that in that event. So all these people came and look how merciful this human being was to them. So somehow, I said what do you think of the mercy of

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that all these people came for the sake of a loss of a diamond for no other reason? And indeed the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said was my blue laser which is the Protestant alliance that has no group has

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except paradise.

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In the love woman advocates Ilia saloon out in the

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lobby, he was so new to SEMA. Alongside

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can also later Ibrahim, Ibrahim

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Ibrahim, Ibrahim in

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Philly. Hi, you know me you didn't

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even know Sabina was a kid, you know, along with men and women

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on interfaith home and so on and in the left hand mobilizing.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:12

Kotoba y n Hi, Sasha, it will make it

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look familiar. I look into the code for a little while the math curriculum was a little odd. And the irony here is it's called What is it called? Love the item and that's awesome.

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