Moutasem al-Hameedy – The Path 09 – Ramadan Halaqa 2021

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of reciting the Quran in a state of war is emphasized, along with the need for pride and arrogance. The Glorious Quran is discussed, and the practice of reciting it in 30 years is recommended. The importance of knowing rules and the internet to avoid harmful behavior is emphasized. The transcript uses a video featuring a recitation of the Quran and a book on car accidents to explain the meaning behind words "has been" and "has been." The importance of reciting the Prophet's teachings for personal and professional growth is also emphasized.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was heard he has remain well they do. Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome to the eighth session in our series on one series,

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which we titled The path. And again, this is a commentary on the book of Imam Mr. Pradhan and Medici. His book, Mokhtar Solomon had asked me again, we reached a new section here where he says first loan fee or debit Tila, this is a section on the etiquettes of reciting the Quran. imri decoding Ferrania Hakuna Allah will do. Mr. macdaniel adobe moto economy Rahmatullah when I'm a techie with Jellison under Hey, Attila moto can be so he's saying it's important or necessary for the recital of the Quran to be upon a state of war. And

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I mean, this translate his whole statement, then we will come Internet will start meeting it at a, you know, really embodying good etiquettes and good manners

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motoric on humble

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Rahmatullah but not you know, cross legged or putting a leg over another like setting it up. And again, in a reckless or maybe even

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I'll say, arrogant, arrogant manner while I'm attacking you know, leaning on like side or back, etc. Well, Jellison Allah hater moto Campbell, no, you know, seated in a way that implies any kind of pride or arrogance, because you're dealing engaging with the words of Allah. Now, all of these are, are easy to understand. But one common to hear on having a lot. Is it an obligation obligatory upon the personal recites Quran to be in a state of war. This is a, again, a big discussion among scholars.

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You can still recite Quran for an hour, and I believe,

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you can still recite Quran even if you don't have all those if you are reciting from your memory. But

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if you're going to hold the Quran in your hand, that's where the big debate really is. And it's definitely definitely recommended, highly recommended, preferred, it's the best state to be in. And this is what I believe every Muslim should strive to recite the Quran in a state of order. But now the question here, is it an obligation? Is it an obligation? So that's a discussion among scholars? As far as I know, the majority of the scholars say yes, you should be in a state of luck to hold the Muslims in your hands.

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But again, with regards to the the, the proof for that, again, there's a there's a big debate. So what I would say, you know,

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do your best to be in a state of limbo as you are holding the Quran. And I myself take the opinion that it's not a must. But again, it's a personal reverence of the Quran respect of the words of ALLAH to actually be in a state of a lot. Sometimes something being permissible doesn't mean that you opt for it.

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You always strive to do what is better, especially with things that relate to Allah subhanaw taala what I've done hardly any of our facilities or even one year counterfeit masjid, the best state to read the Quran is to be insular that you read the Quran in Salah that's the highest reward specially in the masjid because there's a lot of rewards combined here. For a man McDonald they'll offer the telephone VI that to select feminine man Kenny ft McCullough yo Meanwhile, a little hotma. Omaha mechanic team of Yomi will lead at the acrylamide. You saying as to how much to read. He says the habits or the practice of the cell of the old generations are different from one person to the

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other. Some of them used to

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make one hokhmah recite the whole Quran at once in 24 hours, some of them used to do even more than one in 24 hours. Omaha mechanic Timo Vita Lathi futile and hotma some of them used to complete the recitation of the Quran in three days will mean Hahnemann connecting Have you swore some of them in a week. I mean our Minecraft team have equally shot some of them once a month. You still have them btw are we actually really me Are we tidy me? Because they were busy and reflecting on the Quran rather than just going through it and they were busy teaching

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and spreading knowledge will be nowhere in minutes or hour they were busy with other acts of worship.

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We'll be right here next to Sabbath

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dunya Oh, they were busy with matters of earning a living.

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We're all in my name not in Santa min ash Valley el Mahima What are you the hippie with any heat? What are you for we to who? Know who a turtle was

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arteriole fan? He's saying the best to do the Quran as to to answer the question how much to read. He's saying you should read as much as possible.

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Providing that it does not

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hold you back from doing the important things. It does not hold you back from your important engagements for example, earning a living supporting your family giving other people the rights, other obligations and necessities and to a point that it does not become harmful to you like people could again maybe it could hurt their eyes, maybe physically being seated, etc. or the amount of focus that is required might be too much for their body so physically might be harmful to them. So you don't reach a point where you don't do injustice to your body. And you again you read as much as possible in a way that does not

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take away from the reflection and the understanding and reciting it properly.

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Personally hola hola. Anima Lin Apollon Bacala, le Himalayan la then let in

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our le Emraan or tilahun. Now the

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Quran Aquila who has the rahmatan

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Ibis. May Allah be pleased with him

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said that

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that I read the Surah Al Baqarah and and Imran with proper etiquettes of recitation to read and then I reflect upon them is more beloved is more dear is dear to me then I read the whole Quran just going through it like this

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woman Where did the * certainty walked in for the afternoon kettlebell Euro Alia foods that we can throw to throw up and whoever manages to find times here in their in their schedule? Let you know utilize this to read more so that you can win more reward cannot Man Hello the Allahu Allah and we are caught up in Quran if you look at in YouTube will be

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smart enough under the alarm who used to read the whole Quran in one blocker that he would consider to be Witter? What kind of chef in your whole life the movie Ramadan city Anahata and Imam Shafi are having a lotta Allah used to recite the Quran 60 times in Ramadan

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what what are the ones in commercial 90 As to the consistent habits so is he suggesting as if like, the practice of mathematics the Allahu Anhu and the chef theory I am Allah that this was in specific seasons but for the general approach with the Quran is saying you know, read as much as possible as we would providing the conditions that we mentioned earlier was the habit for me the whole time I've been have and how nifty I feel like until February oh by the way they're hurting I believe and if it didn't feel like attainment would it be oh my by the home oh by the holiday stuff beloved cosmetic oh well, Lady are willing now. Some scholars recommended that if you're going to if you sense you're

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going to finish your recitation of the Quran, like the whole Quran during the day then let you know finish finish that or reach that point in 30 years.

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But if you're going to finish at the end of the day, then complete the last bit in the Sunnah. That was the center of the ledger. If you are going to finish at the end of the day they finished with the two sunnah and Madrid

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or after after that so that you begin your day having completed the Quran or you begin your night having completed the Quran these are just extra tickets. Whatever almost all the Allahu Allah Mahatama Quran fella who that water mustard Yeah, that was narrated from Abdullah and Massoud that he said, Upon finishing the recitation of the whole Quran, there is an answer to what kind of Andersonville the Allahu anhu, the fundamental Khurana gemera who were there

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so it's narrated also that and as you know, Malik will be a loved one. I know that every time he finished the Quran, he would bring his family collected his family together and gather his family and make dua.

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Again, there's discussion whether these are authentic narrations or not.

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But again, from the Companions It seems this practice was their first one feet se in a salty here's a section or a heading on beautifying one's voice as you recite the Quran we used to have both seen on karate way that America has an authority has sent home master blocks and medical tubular Han for God Korea has self he sang it

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It's recommended that you beautify your voice while reciting Quran and if you don't have a good old beautiful voice you beautified as much as you can, but he's saying as to reading the Quran with melodies, then the early generations did not approve of this. What does this mean? And enhance again this is trying to recite the Quran as songs are being, you know, sung or recited. We used to have what is followed with a fella

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but what if in Hadith, you follow the law it is silly I love your writing and learning of others. So that is surgery. And so the millennial in law now embrace and use Mia Neff Sir Who

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Okay, so it's saying it's recommended not to raise your voice with reciting the Quran. And then he what's a hadith about this again, the

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basically what the Hadith suggests is that the person like when you recite the Quran, loudly is less like just like someone who is doing giving sadaqa in public, whereas when you recite the Quran and only yourself, know about it on yourself, you're on you can hear your own recitation, then this is like someone giving charity in private, which is obviously more there's more reward, generally speaking, Ileana in our Emory newsman If so, but, again, he should be able to hear his own recitation. Well, I bet so But Jared if you'd rather no party remarks shouldn't say him meditate really heavily. Obviously fantasy El Castillo no only you level was then and saying there's nothing

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wrong with reciting loudly in some certain times for a specific purpose like maybe again for revision revising or improving your memorization or to

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again push away

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you know this sleepy if you're taken over by sleep or slumber or, or boredom that when you raise your voice, it might actually get you more engaged, or to wake up someone who's supposed to be listening but they're not listening etc. For America, we'll do it for Salah we're never done on Maya photography, so that'll probably one all the jehadi Well, it's thought for that you can give them a shot of equitability as to the ruling of reciting Quran in the Salah. How much you should read or the person should read in Salah and when to recite loudly or quietly. This is again discussed in the books of woman can and the homeless have on Yemen burrito Ania philosophy he could lay Omen at

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Nacional de la guna Maduro, whoever has a must have like a physical Muslim. Okay, like whoever has a copy physical copy of the Quran, then he should read in it every day even if it's few verses, so that he does not neglect this must have wembury The third Quran Allah Halima nimbala Kiefer looked for lighter hand and heavy asylee man you can me let me him.

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When the Holy seven kilometer Bashar when you start will start little Allama tomato Killian Subhana wa Tada Baraka Mo, for INETA, the Buddha who will Matsunaga la he's saying and the personal recites of the Quran, the Glorious Quran, should really look at the kindness and the generosity of Allah towards his creation, how Allah conveys the meanings of his words to their minds to their understanding. And you should know that what he's reciting is not the words of humans, and to bring to his awareness and consciousness, the glory, the magnificence of Allah subhanho and to contemplate his words, because contemplation and reflection on the meanings is the point behind recitation. When

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we isolate the double illogical data if your data and if a person is unable to comprehend, except with repeating let them repeat the verses for a grower or Buddha or another your loved one honey Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam, and now parliament the Ariat in your Adido

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was a boo from

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El de la Anna that the Prophet SAW Salem stood up the whole night reciting one verse repeating it into a demo for inner home a block which is at the end of Sultan Matthew that verse number 118. If you punish them, they are your slaves. Or climat me money the readably Allah one the I didn't know how old we are.

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Um, has he been Latina? stellato see it in the journal. I'm Ken Levine and I mean assignee hat.

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And to me with daddy, the companion will be Allah one. You know, spent a whole night reciting praying and reciting one verse,

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which is in surah, jatiya or do the people have committed

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Since think that we shall make them equal like with those who have believed and done righteous deeds, okay, Malika may probably have a better avenue for him or her to lie Aliki Lila and also narrated from Abu Dhabi Evanoff. Athenian one of the early generations that he did the same, like semi macdaddy Wemberly telly and you stole the hamming code, the IET in my area will be hardware to have a hammer the lick or whatever hammer daddy for either tele Hola, huzzah Allah Halacha, somehow it will allow for the other matter who I tell him or daughter who equally My Allah saying and it's important for the reciter to try to seek the meaning and feel the meaning of the verse that he is

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And comprehended. So if he recites the statement of Allah halacha somehow it will Allah Allah, Allah is the One Who created the heavens and the earth, you should know and recognize Allah's glory, and try to glimpse at his might, in everything that he sees when he that's our motto, no. And if he recites the verse and follows and Walker, which is do you see, you know, the * that you produce, for data for coffee, not Fatima? Tisha, we had an exam can Kayfetz and casino Illa Allah, I mean, what I mean, when the plane was opened, mazhab was Kalamkari from Edward Snowden originally from Iran Marwaha Rafi hymenoscyphus, Sharif, so many will most likely will actually be delegated a

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Manhattan Project. So when he recites such a verse, Let him reflect on how this drop of protoplasm human protoplasm

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which is sort of consistent, it's just made of one type of matter, then it actually grows into flesh and bone and to nerve and, and whole body and how it differentiates into a head and arm and, and and the leg. And then how even traits, like hearing, seeing and comprehending how all of that unfolds from this drop of *. So let him reflect on these wonders. What is that? Well, and we'll get the mean for the additional half. Amina Sati, in Rafaela and in detail, and if the person recites any verses that talk about

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the peace, the people who disbelieve in Allah, let the person feel the fear

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of the punishment of Allah should he in a grow heedless of the Command of Allah? Well the ethical attorney and the one infamy Mithila annual high yield a shape I don't know might have got it that was unhealthy wallet holiday home in mythology for your career who Telly for yourself we met one family man, that's very important in saying and let the person who recites the Quran, let him or her

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distance themselves for from from anything that might prevent you from contemplation and understanding, such as shaytaan giving you the impression that you have not really pronounced this letter properly. So you repeat it over and over again and this takes away your attention from comprehension. I mean, then you can you can attack the muscle on hadn't been on mitosis and be Cambrian on McTernan we have a MOBA for ineradicable, Boo Boo module lb Asada, who also that for Hua, culture Robbie and Eminem integer will help pay for all Bhumika Lumira Warszawa to Metro so that when the annual Quran myth Rasuwa and let it tell us what reality will probably be the amount

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of tissue what myth Lu Algebra II will

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saying And also, if a person

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is insistent upon a sin they keep consistently falling into it, or they have the straight of arrogance, or the person is tried with very overwhelming desire. So the person is, is controlled by his or her own desires, is saying this leads to darkness in the heart, and rust.

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And this becomes more like a rust, that blemishes the clarity of a mirror

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that prevents an image from reflecting on it clearly. Because the heart is like a mirror and the desires

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and sins are like the rust and the meanings of the Quran or like the images that should be reflected on this mirror.

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So working on the heart and purifying the heart by removing the desires and our routing the desires from the heart is like polishing a rusty mirror. We Ember In Italian Quran and yet Allah and Muhammad

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So don't be shapeable Kulanu ad. We're NLP Sasa Nomura DB has some model very leery about for Nintendo affiliates and Embury that she's saying it's important as well for the researcher of the Quran to know that the point or the purpose behind the words of the Quran and the the warnings in it.

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Or to know that he is addressed, he's the one that's meant with what the Quran says. And it's warnings and that the stories there are not for fun, but they are under not for entertainment, but they're actually for taking lessons. So the results should pay attention to that the highlighted in yellow to allow what didn't, Saba who say, you know, we map so the then he would recite the Quran like a slave, or a commission person who's given instructions from their master. Well, yet, Emanuel Kitab, we aren't going to be mocked up often. For in MF LLRC. They'll call it an Khurana or Carla who committed Li, Min khatola keytab and medical Alaba. And he malati meme Lechia te. And let let

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the researcher contemplate the Quran and apply its instructions and act according to what it says.

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Because the person who reads the Quran and this obeys its instructions, even though the person is reciting it over and over again, it's just like someone or commission person or a slave who's receiving an order or command from a book from the king. But again, he's not fulfilling that order. Why am I O'Meara behaving Kitabi almost a form of tussle alleged porosity. So the person is not again, fulfilling the command that's in the book. But there's just reading it over and over again. Mahadevan Iwamura who this obeying what it says, but I will tell I can tell us at the man Mahal, if I can add them in industries that was perfectly marked. So had the person you know, given up

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completely on reading this book.

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So okay, let's put it this way. So the person has already disobeying what The Book says. So you'd be better off not even reading the book in the first place, because now you would have a little bit more excused maybe. Or, and it would not come across as that he's making, you know, fun or his mocking. And he's not taking it seriously. And that would be a lesser degree of deserving, you know, the anger and, and wrath. wembury And it's about what I mean, how did he what he will end later FUTA in NFCA behavior do about Ischia in Nevada, and if so, whole resorted to talk to Canada, syllable syllable OB.

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And it's important as well for the researcher to

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detach from seeing his own merit and his own goodness in this presentation.

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And not see himself in the eye of or in the light of

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being pleased with oneself or even like

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feeling good about oneself. Because

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when a person looks upon themselves as if they have not done enough for the sake of Allah, then this would be a further reason to get them to do more.

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Okay, let's move on to the next section.

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On next chapter here he says Kuttabul at Curry with Darwaza urea. So this is a book on car remembrances and Dre and others and nowadays about that you know what's going on here he better than to double the son of volume in decree law. Chapin Hall was

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one of in Hawaii he will address later holosophic Later Hello. Okay. You say know that there is nothing after the recitation of the Quran.

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No act of worship

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is okay, after the after reciting the Quran, there is no act of worship that is performed in the tongue better than remembering Allah subhanaw taala doing vicar and you know, raising your needs to him by making dua team we do. The decree our hotel referred corny as Kuru, calm, some of the texts that show and indicate the marriage and the excellence of making Deckard is where Allah says in surah baqarah verse number 150 2/5 Caroni at Qualcomm remember me I will remember you will only he and Lillian and Quran Allah have the IANA walk with who then while that you know behind, they are the ones who will remember a lot less describes the believers here so early on one towards the end,

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there's number 191. They are the ones who remember a law

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while standing or seated or even on

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their sights. Were only here with decorating Allah cathedral with DACA Latos law has adverse number 35 And the ones who mentioned Allah, abundantly, males and females. One Nabi SallAllahu. It you send them an uncle in the law house originally, and Mr. Haddad the man of the colony was a hard worker to be a chef at home.

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Okay, it's an authentic hadith from the Prophets law seldom he narrates from Allah that Allah says so this is Hadith Odyssey I am with my servant as long as he remembers me

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as long as he mentioned to me and his lips and tongue moves with my remembrance

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or if you have like the Muslim in annual salary, you sent him an alpha liar crudo ammonia Quran Allah in LA Fatone Malayaka. Last year Tamatoa one has a letter legal Sakina where the Quran will love you and who have you delegate How do you hook if you're on the call 24 By law, okay, Imam Muslim collected that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said

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there's no group of people who sit together to remember Allah except that the angels would fly around them be in their company, and the mercy would fall upon them. And also the tranquility and peace would be sent down upon them.

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And Allah would remember them among the highest ranking angels. And there are many a hadith that talks about the merits of remembrance. Were on me hold a bottle told the Allahu Anhu and Nabi SallAllahu. When he was selling them, I call him a jealous or own magician for the photo to Allah. He didn't realize there was an inlet and mythologies at a Hema or Canadel. You can imagine this rally in Hasselt Anioma fiam

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authority of Abu Khalid or the Allahu Anhu. It's an authentic hadith collected by the man Muhammad.

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The Prophet of southern said any people who sit together

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and then they leave without mentioning a loss of hundreds on in that gathering, except that the analogy or they're similar today would be like a people who sat over the dead body of a donkey

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and that this gathering would be proof against them or a source of pain for them on the Day of Judgment.

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If you had eaten Arthur another narration lately, so Omen legend is alive Quran Allah Azza wa Jalla wa Ala saloon Allah indivisible, so let me look at Aleem hustles in Yama. There's no group of people who sit together and they don't mention Allah and they don't send salutations upon the prophets of salaam except that this gathering would be a source of pain for them and remorse on the Day of Judgment. What a mafia leader to do it for God Aroer Abu Hurayrah tropic Allahu Allah and in the visa lottery selamat now unless you're on a Corona de la he wouldn't let me do

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this hadith Hassan cases by telling me from Abu Dhabi Allahu anhu, that you said there is nothing more noble in the sight of Allah then and then making dua calling upon Allah Subhanallah what's

00:28:09 --> 00:28:21

another Hadith Malays Allahu Allah Maliki he does not ask Allah call upon does not call upon Allah Allah will be angry with them. Why? Because Allah loves to be called upon. Allah loves to help his creation

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is also an intermediate it's like

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what did that mean daddy? Can it hello Nakata Sharifa Kiyomi. Hello Femina, sunnah Ramadan, Mina Chu who will jump I mean it was salmonellae and there are etiquettes for making dua. And one one of them is to seek the best times for making dua like the day over alpha every year, and Ramadan. And we are in Ramadan.

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And Friday and every every week, and the last segment of the night just before Fajr Wamena Locata Sharif Ebina Daniel your karma or Eva Salawat were in the autoclavable Salawat were in the Zulu youth wine del fatality should be lower in the huntsmen Quran when OfficeSuite when did they start? When they loaded I'll be over God. Among the great times normal times for making dua is between the Adan and the karma and after prayers.

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And when rain falls under the tight and the battlefield for the sake of Allah. And when finishing recitation of the whole Quran and when making sujood when opening ones fast, and when the heart is present, and it feels or towards Allah and fear towards Allah. Why didn't have the initial offer Locati yet to do it, I shuffle Hannah interruptus how work to suffer and he will have to sue the * out of you saying the reality is the nobility or the merit of the time for making dua comes from a follows from the state that is likely to be

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entered in these times. For the last segment in the night is the time when the heart is the clearest, and the most focused. And sujood is when the person is the most humble before Allah woman had ever been near the woman stuck below regular wire for ID to mamsa habia BML behemoth wotja, who were UNEF for the SOTA, who had a DUA, from the etiquettes of making is that the person turns towards the crib and raises his hands or hands. And he's saying here and to wipe his his face with his hands. But this is actually an issue of of debate. And there is no proof from the prophets I seldom used to do this rather this this seems to be a habit that grew into the Muslims that after

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they would someone would wipe you know their face with their hand after the DUA.

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One year philosopher who had another person should not raise their voice more than needed when they make an ad RB and you have the ability to lay as GA for my use on the island, maybe you saw Allah or use a lamp? Well I attended a soldier ephedra and from the etiquettes is that the person starts with the remembering Allah Subhan Allah to Allah, praising him, and then sending salutations upon Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam and that the person should not seek to make their dua in a rhymey fashion.

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Woman either behavior will double bottom or well as lovely job Tober two will have dual model from the etiquettes which is which our inner etiquettes here and this is a foundational issue and being deriving answered is to repent to Allah. And so and if and to free oneself from any, like rights of other people that he owes them.

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Okay, so one thing and I might this might cause some people confusion, what about wiping the face off the DUA? Again, I personally don't recommend it.

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There's nothing we know nothing authentic from the prophets or something though he made he that he would wipe his face with his hands. I know this is practiced by many Muslims, etc. There is no proof.

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You will find some scholars like you who don't have the same mentioning it. That is one of the etiquettes you will find scholars actually saying no, it's not something that was from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Again, I personally would not make a big deal out of it, but I personally don't practice it. I'd rather do what we have authentically traced back to Prophet Muhammad salon. And he was said, Okay, so we are in the

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pretty much the 10 Nights last 10 nights of Ramadan. So we should, again, utilize these days and these nights. It's a it's a prime time. And we know the Prophet SAW same as I shall be Allah and generated, the prophets have somebody exert himself, and we do more worship in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, because it's the time when data is expected. So what I would say, do your best to Charlize seize the moment and make sure that you don't miss any of those nights. And it would be good if you have a sadaqa you want to give. If you have a charity, good deed anything, increase more in reciting the Quran, pray at night make dua to Allah subhanaw taala any kind of worship that you find is

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accessible to you, then I'd say increase as the time to stay persistent insha Allah you'll see like a look at our 19 days of Ramadan I've already passed and it's like in the blink of an eye. There's about 10 days left now 11 days are left and

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yeah, it's just gonna pass so quickly, so better that we utilize them and exert ourselves. Soon there will be over and there will be winners and there will be losers We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who really win in Ramadan and benefit from it and seize maximum benefit and collect rewards. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us sincerity and to accept from all of us discipline look around and see insha Allah and a few days or ceremony commodifying natural law here we've got a cat

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a shadow

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