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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in Wagga. He was having his main morbido Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to Session eight in our Ramadan series the path which is an explanation of the book of Imam

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Kodama Allahu taala. And it's his book.

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Dr. Solomon had a class ed in. So we reached Kitab was sown. The book on fasting Kitab Asami. What a story he when he met he one way I look will be so book on fasting, its secrets, the important matters related to other matters related to it. And if you saw me certainly set theory where he referred to in Allah, He has Georgia know that there is something unique to fasting and it's not found in in anything else and this is that it's connected to Allah, it belongs to Allah. However, your order subhanho, Assam Oliwa and edges EB he, where he Allah, the Exalted says, fasting is for me and I reward for it. So there's something very special about fasting that it belongs to Allah,

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it's uniquely for Allah in a special way, whatever behind the law for to shut off and this is such an honorable or honor there's such a huge honor

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particularly to fasting Kemah surely for b2b Life commercial often b2b life and he probably he was a hero at just as Allah honored the Sacred House and must be held on

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ascribing it himself where Allah says in surah 10 hedge ordering Ibrahim and he said Mr. Beatty and purify my house are in the foot Bella salmoni mountain again, the merit of fasting the reason fasting was given this honor is twofold one huduma Anna Hussein one Ramadan ballpen Lai Allahu Hello Hola. Hola. Hola. The first that it is a secret, it is an inner action. It has to do with your inner being more than anything else. And this is a dimension that humans and create creation have no access to, they cannot perceive it they cannot see it. So thus showing off does not apply to fasting. A fairly unknown only I do will.

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And we'll see a little I do a shower too and nametag wash you what will actually was sharp. Second reason is because it is an act of overcoming the enemy of Allah, Allah Shavon. Because shaytaan utilizes desires our base desires and the desires are strengthened strengthened with too much drink and food.

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Woman dammit or do shouty mostly button for sheltering without the donor in identical model. And as long as the lands of desire have fertile and are fed, then devils will frequent it will frequent that grazing land and utilize it or be Turkey shouty totally equality human Masonic and by leaving our desires abstaining from our base basic desires

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the their ways or their their access to this land of desires is narrowed down or for Sony Ababa Ethiopia Lulu Allah finally he when he Emma Shula and in and there are many narrations on fasting and they are very well known for Sloane few Solanacearum This is a section on the Sunnah recommendations etiquettes that pertain to cm used to have booths, a Soho House, the whole staff booster Hall was a funeral home. What are you doing for three when you fill out a temporary is recommended that to eat the pre Dawn meal before vigils and to make it as late as possible just before Virgil and to break the fast open the fast as soon as mother comes on. And to open the fast

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with dates. We used to have Buddha Ramadan well February Mahalo for Catarratto sadaqa Akademia Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's also recommended to be very generous and charitable in Ramadan and to extend acts of goodness and favorite and to do more charity give more for the sake of Allah following there by that example of Allah's Messenger peace and blessings be upon him. We used to have all the licensor Kalani Castlefield on Madonna CMFA national worker was yeah, that was the other tradition he had if he and it's recommended to study and read the Quran and

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To perform anti calf and that is to say the mustard specifically in the last 10 nights and to exert oneself in it well if you say hey name and Hadith Iraqi shutter or Abu your long run, or that's gonna be your Salah Allahu Allah He was

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either the color and national and international he shed the masala who what are your Lena? What are you Allah? Uh Hello Who

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in saya Bukhari Muslim authority of Asia of the long run, and Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, so the message that the prophets Allah sent them, whenever be lost in light of Ramadan started, he would tighten his

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son of the belt, he tightened his belt, I'm going to explain what that means. And he revived the night and he would wake up his family's household with economic with a Mountain View, Man, I sure didn't mince any words hanging the scholars mentioned two meanings with regards to shut the middle which is to tighten his belt. Had Obama

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tighten the waist in the you know the waist belt? How do I know they are allowed to and in this? One is that he would abstain from intimacy with his wives

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attorney in Okinawa, John and Judy with the Shmi refill

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the second meaning is that it's a figure of speech indicating that you would exert himself and work really hard. I know what kind of several wished you hadn't even actually follow up will even agree.

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And the reason you will exempt himself exceptionally during the last two nights is that it was seeking lead at other Mariano Estrada Estrada saw me when he a clarification on the secrets of fasting and it's etiquettes Well, it's so mythological malati song will mommy or someone who's also it was someone who's also who's saying there are three levels of fasting, the general fasting general level of fasting and there is a more special form of fasting higher level and then there is the highest level of fasting. That's for the elite fasting for a maximal amount. The general basic level of fasting Firewalker full botany will follow Giancarlo Xiaohua so the basic level

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is to abstain from food and drink and from sexual intimacy Excuse me.

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sorry about this, right.

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will fold your shower and from intimacy what a man's soul for social media higher level special level of fasting will occur for novelty Well, we certainly will Yedi will regionally where somebody will personally will say rejoice. And

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the higher level especially level of fasting is to protect one's eyesight from looking at things that are hot. When the sound and the tongue from engaging in something that's hard well yet and the hand from engaging were originally and foot from walking into something that was so many from listening, listening to something how long will bizarrely eyesight as well. Was there any jewelry handle attempt to protect all of your limbs, your senses from engaging with heroin? Well, I'm not so Mufasa for source now the highest very special level of fasting. Fasting of the elite that was sold will be annually him and me Danny. Wow, that's just beautiful.

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It says this highest level of fasting is

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when the heart fasts and abstains from low desires and ambitions

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will carry morbidity Angela, and when it abstains, the hot abstains from thoughts that push you away from a lie. What if you hear a massive Allah heater, Bill Kalia.

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And to turn the hot away from anything other than Allah subhanaw taala.

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That's just so profound. Why are the so Mueller who Shadowhunter TV really had the mold, and the elucidation or more explanation further comment on this type of fasting is going to come in other places, seem seems to be in this book. I mean, there'd be so many fossils from the etiquettes of the second level of fasting. What Bulbasaur is to lower the gates we have been designing and the McCallum and Mohammed OMA crew and to protect the tongue from engaging in any kind of haram prohibited speech, or even disliked speech. Oh, man, I have it even abstaining from speech where there is no true benefit. Well, hey, rasa to welcome Jawara and to God the rest of your limbs and

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sensors. Within Hadith, remember

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why they believe it and then the VSL Allah Who are you sending them a call? millimetre Zuri well MLM behavior they said Allah He had it on V any other outline mashallah

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have it collected by the Imam Bukhari that the Prophet SAW Selim said whoever does not

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give up false speech and for a and and false actions actions of a falsehood

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and there is no need for this person to give up their food and drink trying to seek reward from Allah and fasting. Women are Debbie and lamb telling me not to harm if you laelia could have been Ecuador from the etiquettes is that the person does not feel their stomach but eats you know, up to the level of necessity so you know, Mama lab no Adam and we shot ramen Bakunin is the son of Adam would not fill a container

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worse than this Tomic

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this is part of Hadith, right? Well, matter shall be a will Elaine let me intervene FCV female he kind of a person eats especially at the beginning of the night eats a lot, and the person would not be able to utilize the rest of the night. Okay. Delica shabby, I love to help them into the NFC Illa Caribbean

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and if a person eats a lot to their fill, before Fajr then the person would waste that date like the beginning of that day till about the whole time, the end and accurate and accurate tourists will Kassala will fool because eating too much brings about laziness, you know, lethargy and feeling down through my A photomask sodium scma Because it will actually then the benefit of fasting is cancelled by eating too much the NL Mala them in having a dual compartment jewelry where you're gonna tell you can wash the hair is the the point or the purpose behind fasting is that the person feels hunger and experiences hunger, and that a person abstains from the desire especially the like the base natural

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desire for food for a Masamoto without them unless they have ever saw me It's funny, I'm involved in it. Now he's going to talk about voluntary fasting that's outside Ramadan.

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He's saying know that

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it becomes more emphasized this recommended fasting or this extra fasting, it becomes more recommended in those during those special days. With a welder, a Yamaha general frequently sent and those special days are found in every year like because they are more suited to Yemen mentioned a while back the Ramadan just like fasting six days of Chawan after Ramadan wickersley me yo me out offer fasting the day of alpha, we only ask you a lot why should they join Mahatma and just like fasting the day of alpha the day of Ashura, which is the 10th of Hydra, and the first 10 days of the hijab.

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And then we're held on during the month, the first month of the Hijri calendar. We're about to cut off equally Shaheen and some of those special days for fasting occur in every month, like on a monthly basis. or what have you or something here at

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the beginning of the month, or in the middle or at the end from an sama Willa Sherry Well, sorta who had accidentally run about

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a year Melby

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which he means basically fasting three days a month. And you could actually

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spread them over the beginning and the middle and the end of the month. But he says the best is to first three days which are the white days and according to many scholars, the white days are the days in the middle of the month.

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And they are called the white days because the moon is full and it looks white.

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About Aloha agricutural roof equals we're in Hawaii woman with no money with Nene, we almost homies and some of those days. We're fasting is recommended,

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you know, repeat

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occur on a daily on a weekly basis like a Monday and Thursday, we'll have the low of the song metadata work so that we

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can assume a woman or you have to know your woman. Well that occasion atleta 10 man and he says the best type of voluntary fasting is the fasting of Dawood because there's a Hadith from the Prophet Solomon this he would fast every other day. And he says here that because this combines three meanings or benefits. One I had OMA and the NAFSA Terrazza yo woman fatale helva

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what is Sophie for yo Miss AMITA Buddha with either Erica John Bane Amanda, how am I How do you have a holiday? First beautiful meaning here is that the neffs you give yourself on the day that you eat, you give it what it desires and what it deserves. But on the other day where you fast

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As you're taking your share of worship, and he says you're combining you're giving yourself it's right but you're also giving your heart is right here and he says this is balance and justice. Second, and they all met at Leo Masuka. We almost saw me almost, he's saying the day you eat

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is a day of thank gratitude and thanking and the day you fast is a day of patience with Emmanuel Isfahan. Shadowclan. Wasabi and Eman is divided into two. Automatic Eman is made of two meanings. Gratitude and patients should call and sober

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with anyone know Ashok Leyland Neff Seafield muda Adelina coulomb and he said to be healthy not to let

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third because it's hard for yourself because you're not allowing yourself to get hooked up to a specific pattern or habit. Because the the moment it becomes more comfortable with fasting, you opening fast the moment it becomes comfortable with just eating you fast.

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For a muscle muda hurry, as to fasting every day infinitely for free a Friday Muslim and Hadith Cataldi Allah and Muhammad Allah will be your loved one who said it'd be so nice to qualify for the mini astronaut data cooler who forgot the last time I would have thought I will let me assume when a mute

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in say a Muslim from a book that only Allah who asked the Prophet and salam. How about a person who fasts every day? The prophets I send them said as if he not fasted or not opened as fast

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we'll have them more than Adam and salah the soul muffin hmm And He answered me

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and basically the problem seeing here that as if this person never like fasted or never broke is fast

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or the province of sentiment seems he made me this person not faster me he not. Basically it's a statement of disapproval from the prophets, Allah salah.

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And he's saying and this, like this advice against fasting every day infinitely.

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Only applies for people who fast every day including the tourists. While I'm holding elements of the soma filet mignon here and so yummy. For me that I follow your meal either way, you have to share it forever symbiotic. And he's saying so the meaning of this hadith, the disapproval in this hadith means when someone fasts everyday, infinitely, that's it. But if a person opens, they're fast, like they do not fast on the days of read, the first days of read, and the days of the Shri, which are the hedger of two out of

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then there's nothing wrong with that.

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For could we and he shared with me, Allah and Allah who can I get through to so what kind of time she told me Allah or the alarm and had to sort of do

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what God answered numerical the Allahu Anhu salah the Buddha had to sound badolato less awesome Urbina because we have narrations from German and Alba, or himolla that his father Ottawa

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and believe organiser buddy

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used to fast every day. Again, obviously with the exception of the days of aid,

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and I shall be alone I also used to fast almost every day and enter some pneumonic or the low Anna mentioned is that a bobblehead Radi Allahu Anhu after the Prophet sighs fasted every day for 40 years and again obviously that would be with the exception of the two days of heat and the days of Tishri which are the days of heated up

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while I'm in NEMA losing fitness and I even Matsuda a song for him and and if so called Ramallah huge amount of volume in and he's saying here and whoever is giving good understanding he would know what is the point behind fasting What's the benefit

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and a person would get himself or herself to fast to a point that does not incapacitate them from doing what is greater than that state so it's basically striking a balance there for that kind of intimacy with a leader so me What can I hold on to life to evolve to me Salah will NFL selector and inshallah Allah song so have no muss road would not fast so often. And he would say if when I fast, I become physically weak, and I'm unable to pray as I want to our wish to. And I choose I prefer salah, praying over fasting. What can be done without my blog of anthological antha clinic through fitrah, Hatha Yoga Delilah Tila and some of them meaning some of the early generations specifically

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the companions and the tablet and

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when they fasted, they would become weak and they would not be able to read as much as they want, as much Quran as they want. So they would

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Actually not fast too often because they wanted to recite and read and study the Quran and everyone he says we'll call you insane and LM will be highly manual salehoo and every person has knowledge and awareness of themselves of what is what works for them and what doesn't work what's good, what empowers them and what we can do that that's that's important and that's beautiful

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he talks about hedge here and I'm gonna skip hedge because we might actually bring that up, before Hajj comes.

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I want to mention the meanings beautiful meanings he has about how to actually leave that. Inshallah, if Allah gives us life.

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Till beforehand, we might actually bring that up and make some sort of maybe two sessions on this.

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I'm gonna move on to Kitab Addabbo And Kareem are the crew formerly so this is a book on the etiquettes of the Quran and the merits. So I think this is this ties in with the Ramadan spirit. And then

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for that no one including others will follow blindly Kim and the whole Kalam Allahu xojo. The greatest Meerut about the Quran of the Quran. The noble Quran is that is the words of Allah.

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Mahalo to an Effie. I think if you an Allah praise the Quran in many verses, can only lead to Hello I would like you to have an answer now homophobia Allah.

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Allah says and sort of an average number 92 And this is a book that we sent down into bless it book

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in how the Quran is the reality here at one this book guides to that which is most straight and it's slot verse number nine, lay a tale about a human being that he will have and hopefully he evil of also does not come to this book does not approach this book. Or the from it from in front of it or from from its behind.

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This is Surah facilite verse number 42 of the affordable quality human Hadith mana money I found all the Allahu Ana and then Obeah Salallahu Salam Al Roker mentor LM Al Quran

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this is collected by Buhari on the authority of Earth man, Radi Allahu Anhu that the Prophet SAW Selim said, the best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it. Well, Anacin body Allah when Allah Allah Allah Salam in reliance Zojila, Lena Mina, nurse, lemon homeologous Will Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah alayhi wa so to whom? On authority, this is connected by

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I been here it's been merger and admittance authentic.

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From NS on the authority wireless, probably a lot more I know that Allah's messengers a lot of them says that Allah has

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family among humans as a very interesting beautiful narration

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that was said, Who are those or messenger of Allah? He said, These are the people of the Quran. They are the family of Allah and the most special people, the closest people to him.

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If you had he can offer an unambiguous online, you send them all there, you read the blog, and it's been awhile.

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Okay, so this narration is actually not authentically traced to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Rather, it is traced back to the companion about oh, man, I'll be alone when it's authentic to Obama. So the meaning is correct.

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Larry read the mullah who called Benoit Alico Pandit Allah does not punish your heart that has encompassed on that has learned to

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what anybody normal anybody anybody and nobody Allahu anha and in nebi Salah Where do you send them at? Slowly when he was salam upon your quarterly saw him on

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WhatsApp they will tell him a contact or to feed duniya

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intimacy letter can the FE reality INTERCO house so how did Amelie skillfully by telling me the you know Buddha would

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and it's hasn't it's acceptable.

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That the Prophet SAW Selim said it is said to the person of the Quran person who has learned the Quran when we say learn the Quran, meaning memorized it understood its meanings and lived by it. Not any single one of them individually but all of them together. It is said to the person of the Quran. Read

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and rise and recite just as you used to do in the dunya and the world the life and your state in Paradise will be at the last or the find the last verse that you recite so meaning with every verse you are rising up even more.

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One boy that will be Allahu Anhu and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and now on

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nurple Anejo Kazuhito materiality Hina and Shaku abou coproduce share hibbott

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I feel this is a week narration I'm just going to read it but just realizes it's not an authentic narration. But again, this shows us how the scholars used to deal with weak Hadith. They used to mention them when the meaning was correct, not establish anything new but to emphasize something they've already you know, spoke about that in the Quran, Allah Sahaba we all know Pierre MAHANEY in Chicago and a couple of local Rotary Shahid vehicle who had telephony for your call magnifique. The colonists are Hebrew called Quran Allah the Quran led us to care.

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Phil Howard was held today in Aquila tagit in Mineola, at gelato in the local Yama and equally to Java and Malika be a meanie. He will hold their Mishima Ali he

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Well, you will not see tangible Waqar weeks when he does Latini letter formula Hamid dunya Kalani Bhima kusina had to be the will of the human Quran to My Allah was very diligent Jannetty will roughly half hour Visoko the mechanical how they can add them cannot alter it alterity

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right. So the general meaning is Okay, so we're going to just explain the meaning of Quran meets its friend on the Day of Judgment when the when the grave opens up and the person comes out.

00:26:29--> 00:26:38

Like a man always looks like a man like a pale Mani, it says but I'm not sure what that means. So and it says to the person,

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do you know me?

00:26:41--> 00:26:44

And the person says no. So the Quran says,

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I am your friend, the Quran that made you thirsty throughout the day and kept you up in the night and every business person they have their business and their profit behind them and I am your business, I am your profit. So, this person has given great, you know, kingship or authority in the right hand and the given and given everlasting life in the left hand and there will be

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a crown it will be crowned with a crown of peace and the parents will be given a dormant some kind of jewelry and they would say why were we given this and it was it will be set to them because your child learned the Quran and it will be said to this person recite and rise in the ranks in paradise and its rooms and the person is keeps ascending as he or she is reading whether they are reading rather quickly or they're reading with proper

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like taking their time with it. Or even a master within the Allahu Anhu I am very happy to have Annie and your offer bill at the National immune will be in a hurry the national of Toronto because New Haven nurse we have a lot of fun we'll be back at the nursery of popcorn will be some tea the nursery hold on oh because you're at the nursery, I don't even restaurant there'll be a lot of minor says it shouldn't be known about an should be marked

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with regards to the person who is who is a person of the Quran, it should be known he should be recognized for his night. He's awake at night when people are sleeping. He's worshiping he's reciting is praying.

00:28:42--> 00:28:43


00:28:44--> 00:29:08

with fasting days when people are just eating and with his grief. When people are happy when people rejoice. Grief knows that like the believer should be grieving but grief that comes from longing to Allah from wishing that a person could do more for the sake of Allah. I mean, it's Shinya. It's connection. It's it's awareness of Allah.

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When we look at the last one and with his tears when people are laughing, he's engaged in such a huge undertaking. We'll be selecting either naturally or holding on with his contemplative silence when people are just talking and gossiping. will be for sure at the National afternoon with his humility. When people are just acting arrogantly, well I am very in your corner geography and what have you done well as a Harbin wonder Hadid and such a person should not be of a rough nature

00:29:45--> 00:29:51

but of kind nature, and not absent minded and it's like not heedless, not

00:29:52--> 00:29:56

unconscious of his life and his life's purpose.

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Are Nora Sahaabah Naka loud personal talkative, loud talkative person has begun lots of noise. Well, I didn't know a rude or tough kind of guy. What follows the lead on a Hema la hamdulillah Qurani hemiola to Islam lay in bed and yellow and yellow on that Emanuel who were eligible nominees who whether it will make money and who to eliminate later on. If although you have a lot of time for little or no help, says the carrier of the Quran is carrying the flag of Islam and it should not engage in idle talk. Pointless speech with others should not be heedless and unconscious dislike others and should not engage in play unconscious play just like others. Out of His glory, awareness

00:30:49--> 00:31:01

and glorification of Allah. What are the embryonic Cornella who hadn't heard yet but the ambivalent to hula isn't necessary and this person can read the Quran should not have any need for people. It should be independent of people.

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Because again, when you need people that put you down,

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but people should need him

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or call him and hammer Hello, hello. Hello again. Where does this come from? It comes from faith that you're independent you don't need people or what people possess.

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You are free from all of that. All you want is a loss pantiles You will find people will need you need your guidance need your help

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okay well call it mama has been handled or him all along to add or at all but it is implemented for poultry or have been a caribou maya called Rabu monitor Calabi Mehta, Calabi electromotor reborn the quality karamea metrical to yellow BV salmon, I'll be ready if I'm gonna call a busy I mean, it was narrated from him and had been handled and Allah, He says that in my dream I saw Allah and again, not necessarily seeing Allah, but as in so there's no image, right? But Allah is in the dream.

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And he said, I said to Allah in my dream, oh my lord,

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what is the best thing that people seek nearness to you through? Allah says, Oh, I had with my speech. So I said, Oh Allah with understanding of comprehension or without comprehension, Allah said, with understanding and without understanding, and I would need to, you know, put a comment here is

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with understanding for those who are able to understand it,

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but with a here without understanding what it means when when a person tries their best and that's, that's what they can write. They say someone who doesn't speak Arabic, and they try to learn the Arabic language and they don't get to the full meaning. Right. I think that's what it means. Otherwise just learning the words of the Quran without trying to seek the meaning beats you know, the purpose behind it, and again, the purpose behind revealing the Quran

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Okay, I think that's, that's good for today.

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We're going to carry on Shalane next time, our next session more with we have more on the Quran. And that's actually beautiful and good. And I hope we are. I mean, you guys are able to sort of, you know, contemplate this and that it really connects you to the Quran. And as we are going to explain, Inshallah, in the future, there are some etiquettes so it's good actually to observe them and act upon them. So Zachman l'affaire for joining us, and I hope you guys are having a good Ramadan. And that fasting that you are experiencing fasting at a level that brings you closer to Allah and

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that you are able to pray. And I know that for many of you, they are unable to pray at the masjid. So nothing less than praying at home with your family.

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If you don't have a family by yourself, but do not miss out on these beautiful nights of Ramadan. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from all of us desire como la valen, Salah La Silla manatee, Ahmed Ali, also I view cinema cinema, you come to La here

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after the seeking the help from Allah, we are also seeking you continuous, generous donation to support our center. Donations are needed for our annual operations and to pay off the interest free loans for the new property.

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