The Best Hack To Improve Your Concentration in Salah

Muhammad Alshareef


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Saramonic Welcome to lower together this hammer initiative when you get up for sulla and you want to have concentration, I have this little tip from a verse in the Quran that I wanted to share with you, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, what elkaim is solid telling you the kidney and established the salah for my remembrance. So when I get up for sulla what I do is I remember this verse that says and establish the salah, for my remembrance for the remembrance of Allah. And I say to myself, I make the intention, Oh Allah, I am establishing this Allah to remember you and throughout the day the harassing level of Asia. Whether Sunnah prayer, Witr Prayer, you're always

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have that intention. You always have that intention that Oh Allah, I'm establishing this Allah to remember you and inshallah to Allah you will find you're sure your concentration going like this. This is an homage to Sharif and this is life by da