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As a Muslim who desires a reward of excellent from Allah, it only makes sense that we should try to live accordingly; with excellence. In this episode, we will focus on a particular man whose excellence was so great that it was documented by Allah in the Qur’an.


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The speakers discuss the importance of achieving human excellence and the use of the words "s carrier" in the Bible to showcase one's beauty. They also touch on the behavior of Spanish-speaking individuals and the reward they receive for their actions. The importance of the dream of the throne and finding a culture that is not sexist is emphasized. The segment ends with a discussion of the Koran's use of women and men for political purposes.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu. lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah Medina via bada hawala, alihi wa sahbihi a Gemini and welcome to episode number two that is focusing on how the court and speaks about various topics. In our previous episode, we spoke about how the court and speaks about the topic of happiness. And we extracted seven principles if you remember, in this episode, we're going to be speaking about how the operand speaks about the topic of accidents.

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We want to be people of excellence not just in this month, but people who excel in everything they do till the moment they die, in the hope for an excellent reward from Allah, a reward of Sn.

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So let us begin the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the early parts of Mecca, when he was still planting the initial seeds of Islam was experiencing enormous trauma and hardship, psychological, physical, spiritual, and the rest of it profits on a lot and he was sending him was being exposed to so much pressure only Allah Almighty knows.

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He had, for example, his wife Khadija, who had just passed away, and she was really his internal line of support, who supported him with everything she could. You had also his external line of support, who was his uncle Abu Talib, who had also just passed away in Mecca. And what made things even more bitter was that he died without Islam. His companions were being persecuted. His companions were being exiled from their homes. A group of them were hiding with their tribes in different parts of Arabia, other groups were hiding in Abyssinia, in the land of Africa, not their land, not their culture, not their people. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam required something from

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Allah Almighty that would reignite with him the energy that was needed, so that he may continue upon the path of Dawa that he was upon.

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And what was it that Allah Almighty would give him Allah would give him Sora to use if the chapter of use of

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a surah that would do just as what Allah Almighty intended for it to do, to remind the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam of the experiences and the hardships of the prophets who came before him. And it was essentially a reminder and a blueprint for our profits that are sell them, and for every righteous Muslim, male and female who would come after him. This is what you are required to do during times of hardship. And here is a case study the story of Prophet Yusuf Allahu Akbar, it was that energy and zeal and that burst of enthusiasm that he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam needed at that time, and we need every second of the day.

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Today we want to focus on just one episode from the many episodes of accidents found within the story of use of and this is when he was inside of the cell.

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You to a crime that was placed upon him he had not committed

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and he spent a few years there in the cell, Allah Almighty said whether Halima who CGN fotm. There in the cell, two young men were with him inside of the gym,

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called a hammer in the arani. hombre, one of the two men said elusive I have seen myself pressing grapes. I'm producing wine. We'll call it a Haru in the arani amuro fellow karate hobos and Kudo, Pyromania and the other one said, Oh yes, if I have seen that birds are eating bread from my head, I am carrying bread on my head and birds are taking it away. They said to him, the big nabbit that will give us the interpretation of these dreams. In Iraq, Amina masini, we see that you are a person of sun, we see that you are a good doula, you are a person of excellence. This is the scene we would like to focus upon. Yusuf was identified as a man of excellence, even when he was in the cell.

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It was clear that Yousuf was not the same with respect to his eating habits, his worship habits, the way he talked, the way he slept, the way he conducted himself, the way he used free time, it was clearly visible, even to those who are criminals from within the cell that this man use have conformed to sublime morality, something very unique was about him. We see they said to him that you are a man of excellence, what is excellence?

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It is that station whereby you behave with people as if you can see Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is two essential components that make up a person as somebody who is always doing the best he can to serve others. And number two, this person is looking to excel in every duty that they have to reach the very top.

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It slammed your brothers and sisters. It has five pillars. We know what

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They are a man that believe in Allah Almighty it has six pillars. As for a sun, which is the uppermost part of faith, it has only one pillar and tabooed Allah haka and the Katara for Islam taekwon Tara, who for in the era, that you worship Allah Almighty, as if you can see him, but if you cannot see him, then know that he can see you That is, it is Islam, then it is a man, then it is. It is the upper part uppermost part of faith, and the pinnacle of conduct Allahu Akbar.

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Therefore a person of ascent does not aim for a half finished job. Their motto in life is how am I going to excel in this predicament in this circumstance? How am I going to perform in that which is best as if I can see Allah subhana wa Tada. So the slogan of a believer a person of excellence is I want to be as much as humanly possible perfect in everything that I endeavor to do because this is the quality Allah Almighty loves from people. This dear brothers and sisters, ie the quality of sn is the summary of what prophet Yusuf alayhi salatu salam was all about. And this is our focus for today excellence as it was discussed by the Quran and using the story of usif. As a case study to

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exemplify this,

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consider with me the sheer number of times that the description of sn was placed side by side with the name of the Prophet of Allah use of sapan Allah, it is phenomenal and incredibly noteworthy.

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When he was growing up, a young man, person of adolescence, look at what Allah Almighty said about him while Amma Bella should do it now hoekman where I'ma work as you can see Nene, Allah said when he reached his full age of maturity, we gave him knowledge and judgment. This is how we reward the people of Allah says as much as he mean that people have accidents the good doers Allahu Akbar.

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Please number two in the Quran, Allah Almighty said about the Prophet of Allah use of

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no Cebu br mattina, Manisha, what else do

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we touch with our mercy, whoever we will, and we will never allow the reward of the people of Assam to be lost. Allahu Akbar, Allah said about prophet Yusuf and people who follow Him, we will never allow the reward of the people of sand to be lost.

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Allahu Akbar, when prophet Yusuf was in the prison, as we just heard earlier on in the introduction, the two criminals said to Prophet Yusuf never beat nabbit at wheelie, he never beat nabbit wheelie in nanorod, terminal masini give us the interpretation of these dreams because we see, we see that you are a person of sand, you are a person of excellence, you are a good dude. Furthermore, place number four in the Quran, where prophet Yusuf was described as a person of sn was when he finally met his brothers towards the end of the story. He recognized them but they did not recognize him. What did they say to him? It was just a brief encounter, but they realized he was a man of Essen

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Allahu Akbar.

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They said to us if you have a zero in Allah, Who

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can be raw for who they are, hi, Donna McKenna, who in an era cabanel masini. They said, Please take one of us instead of the younger brother, he has an old father, he has an old father, we see that you are a person of Allahu Akbar, we see that you are repulsive. And whoever use of max of Han Allah he would rub off on them, his greatness would rub off on them. It was clear that this man had vibes of excellence and good doing. And these are the types of people we want to be dear brothers and sisters. Finally, when prophet Yusuf met his brothers again, towards the end of the story, and this time he identified himself to them I am your brother Yusuf, we have been separate from one another

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all these years.

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What the Prophet Yusuf say to them, he said to them,

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are in Nicola and the use of color and the use of he said, I am useless, what are the key and this is my brother in law who may be or indeed whoever has consciousness of Allah, and he lives by patience for in the law, hello, you will be our LGR mosinee then Indeed, Allah Almighty will never allow the reward of the people of sand to be lost, never perfect use of he said,

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focus on these five descriptions that we just gave from five different people from five different places in the Quran. They all described prophet Yusuf with the exact same description. You are a man of asset.

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And notice how these descriptions came from young people.

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from adults, from strangers, from family members, from friends and others, from travelers from residents during times of ease during times of prosperity when Yousuf was behind bars when the use of was a free man, when usage was a king, when you suppose a slave every single time people bump with him or bump into him and Crossroads with him, they describe him in the same way.

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You are a man of Asad, Allahu Akbar. And therefore, this is the reality of a more sin, a Muslim who behaves with excellence, he or she does not wait for a good day in order to exercise asset, even when that day is rainy, even when cash is short, even when suitors are not knocking on his or her doors for marriage. Even when there is a financial difficulty or there is a social crisis or there is a marital problem or there is an issue with your children or whatever it may be. Your priority during that predicament is how am I going to behave with us and how will I make the most out of this situation? So that I am a person of excellence in the eyes of Allah subhanho Medina. So these are

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the true people have young people who do not allow circumstances to change them. Rather when circumstances are always changing in their life, they are stationed, they are fixed. They always want to position themselves with the mindset of being a machine. How am I going to emerge from this predicament as a person of ESET

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato dear brothers and sisters of hamdu lillahi wa Salatu, Salam Salam ala Nabi abajo, welcome back.

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Now that we have discovered the description of who a Mawson is, the pillars of sn or the pillar of SN and some of the descriptions in the Quran that described us as being a person of SM, you may now be asking yourself the perfectly natural question, can you give us some examples in the life of Prophet Yusuf, how he practically behaved with sn so that we can compare these descriptions upon our lives? And that we have something practical to work with?

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And the answer is yes, the Quran from Surah Yusuf has given us examples of how you have behaved

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in different predicaments different circumstances and different countries as well. But the objective was always want in his life to be a person of asset, consider with me the following

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during times of seduction, when that beautiful and high ranking woman, so to seduce us have to do the harem, the impermissible act with her. What did you say? How did he behave? He did not simply lower his gaze.

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He did not simply turn around and give her his back. Rather Allah Almighty said was sterba called Bab they ran to the door. He ran to the door. Notice how he put out this fitness will stand with excellence.

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And he would say Muhammad Allah God forbid, Allah forbid, in nawabi cinemas, why? Your husband he is my master. He has made my stay so comfortable in the hula avani Moon and Allah Almighty will never allow the wrongdoing people to prosper. Look at those words dear brothers and sisters, words of courage and strength and bravery and taqwa or if you wish. These were words of Sam.

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Consider with me how when Yusuf came to see how his beauty made women cut into their hands with knives because of how splendid Allah Almighty made him. Look. It didn't get to his head and use of behaved with Sam. He saw that these women a group of them were conspiring against him, each wanting him to herself. How did you behave with Sam? And he said or BCG knew I had to lie me Maria de una de la. Oh my lord going to prison is dearer to me then responding to that which they are calling me towards Allahu Akbar. The prison is dear to me, than what they are calling me towards. See, he was so beautiful. And he realized that people saw him as beautiful. It didn't mess with his head alayhi

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salaatu wa sallam in the least God forbid, as immediate with us with praise and words of admiration that we sometimes get from people that are far less than women cutting into their hands because of suppose that beauty. I mean, sometimes a brother has told all my shallaki your shoulders are looking a little bit wider than usual. Are you working out? What does he do? He tries to find those bits of clothes that will exaggerate the size of his shoulders, it gets to his head, or his sister is told that Mashallah the hijab that you wear that color is beautiful. It really brings

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out the green in your eyes or the blue eyes or the brown in your eyes. So what did she do? She always picks for that particular color. She wears it in the morning, where is it in the evening, and maybe she will also say when I die shroud me in this color as well. So by the light, it gets to our heads as males and females it does. And look at social media, look at Snapchat filters. We really want to present ourselves in ways that don't represent us in reality, it gets to our head, but in the life of a machine, it doesn't in the life of a machine, he or she does not want to be the reason why people turn away from Allah subhanho wa Taala or obsession is taken away from Allah and given to

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him Oh Ha, no, that is not a person of concern. And that is how prophet Yusuf behaved. AlLahi Salatu was Salam. When it became so evident that he was beautiful, and women wanted him he behaved with us and he said, I prefer to go to jail. Thank you very much. Then what you are inviting me towards Allah Allah. But can we do the same? Scenario number three, when prophet use have realized that his friends in the prison also require dreams, interpreting How did you behave? He behaved with us and he gave him down to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He didn't just merely interpret their dreams, that is someone who behaved with sn capitalizing upon every opportunity. He said to them your Sahaba you CGT

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or Babel, moto Federico, Iran, Amelia Hola, hello Taha. He said to them, all my friends of the cell, or many dispersed Gods better, or is it Allah Almighty, the one the prevailing, and he began to call them towards Allah subhanho wa Taala, in the most amicable and comprehensive and understandable and eloquent of ways he behaved in the US and with us, and even when he was behind the cell,

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when us came to him that the ruler of Egypt required his dream interpreting the same ruler, who was perhaps part of the reason why he was behind the cell or behind bars, use have responded with a son, and he interpreted the dream. And not only that he went a tad further, and he gave them a practical solution how to behave so that they come out of the fitna the difficulty that was coming in the direction of Egypt, unharmed, that is someone who behaved with Sam. Finally, when prophet Yusuf was given the opportunity of walking out of the prison again he behaved with sand and he said to the person, it'll jack in Arabic Fs al Hoon, abalone Swati la tierra Katana Ada hoon. He said, you go

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back to your Lord and ask him about those women why they were cutting their hands. In other words use have said I will prefer to stay here behind bars without my freedom, till my name is cleared from that charge that was falsely placed upon me, I am an innocent man. And this is behavior with

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brothers and sisters. These are some of the examples I wanted to share with you regarding how usif behaved with your son, in the wake of every circumstance that came his way.

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Now I am with you. acting upon the station of sn is not easy, because it is a station that governs not only how you behave outwardly but how you behave inwardly. How you wake up and how you sleep, how you socialized, how you talk, how you dress, how you don't, Allahu Akbar, all of this comes under the category of sand.

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And therefore it is a difficult station to attain and this is precisely why Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us and given us a sneak preview of what he will offer to those who try their best to live by Sn.

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What are these things in order to excite you and to excite me to really make an effort to change our lives from this episode onwards? To be people have said,

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well, Allah has told us that he loves the people who said, What more do you want in Allah? How you hibou albasini Allah Almighty loves the people of San What else? In naramata la hickory boomin almacenes in the mercy of Allah Almighty is close to the people of Assam. What more could you want, if Allah as love will be with you and his mercy will be with you? What else in Allah Allah Xena Tato one levena home masino Allah is with the people of taqwa. And he is with the people of Eastern Allahu Akbar. You have with you the Maja the nearness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What more could you want? The reward for the people of asset is gender, paradise, the home of asset

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but there is more than gender. Allahu Akbar, Brother Ali. Are you sure? Yes, I am sure for the people of Asad, Allah has prepared for them something that is greater than gender. What is that? When you see whilst the people of gender are there in paradise experiencing their pleasures, and fulfilling their fantasies that they had buried in their hearts in the life of this world but in the purest and cleanest of ways they are in gender.

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There are no engender in the companionship of angels, who are rushing to fulfill their desires and help them with everything that they require. showing them the scenery of getting

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Introducing to them the food and the bedding and the drink and the treasures of gender as they tour the kingdoms of gender and inhale the beautiful airs of gender as they hear things that no human ear has ever heard and seen things that eyes have never seen.

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They are then taken aback with a reward that their minds could never have imagined.

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And no angel has prepared this reward. They were taken by surprise with a luxury that they had employed Allah Almighty for so many years, when they were still in the life of this world. Now is the time to see the face of Allah the majestic subhanho wa Taala. And they're in a breathtaking display of might and power, Allah Almighty begins to remove the veils of light and the veils of pride between us and him. And all of a sudden Allah Almighty, that Lord whom you and I had worship for many years, in the unseen, you are now able to see him with your very eyes, La ilaha illAllah. And at that point, you were you forget the men and the women of Paradise and the rivers of Paradise

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and the treasures and palaces of paradise. And you have nothing on your mind other than taking in the greatness of this Lord, that You are now observing. Allah, Allah, messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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dynamic allergenicity feanor me him isata Allahu neurone whilst the people of Paradise will be experiencing their delights in Paradise, whilst the people of Paradise will be experiencing their pleasures and light will appear from above them for our for our Apsara home they will look into the heavens for either of Buddha Allah Jalla Allahu alayhi, menfolk to him then they will see that the Lord Allah Almighty has appeared from above them, and there he will say to them As salam o Allah Co Op full agenda.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Fela, ltfu tuna either shamima houfy, human anatomy, Madame LA, and they will continue looking at the face of the Lord, staring at him not looking at anything else in Paradise, so long as he is looking at them hedayati behind him till he veils himself from them yet again. We have called neuro Baraka to who led him cdre him, but the light and the blessings of Allah Almighty remain with them within their homes. Allahu Akbar, seeing the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that which is better than gender. And that is why I like you said Little Latina accent

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was Jada for the people who behaved with us and we will give them the best and extra, the best, that is paradise and the extra that is seeing the face of Allah Subhana Allah, Allahu Akbar. They were people who behaved in the life of this world with sound as if they can see Allah Almighty. And so Allah will reward them by showing himself to them jezza and we found that this is a very just reward Allah hope it gives them and similarly those who behaved without accent as if Allah Almighty did not exist, their punishment will be likewise Allah will not show himself to them on the Day of Judgment, La ilaha illAllah. Brothers and sisters in Islam in conclusion, in the wake of every difficulty in

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your life, make your priority How am I going to behave with sn? If you have an online social media platform or something to that effect? Ask yourself how am I going to present myself on my content with sn when you are torn between two job opportunities? Ask yourself how would I choose with sn when a sin presents itself to you in the morning or the evening? Ask yourself How will I react with Sam? When isms and cultures ideologies and accept abilities are pressurizing you, my sister to adopt a particular hijab and style of their liking? Ask yourself what is the job of CERN

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when two individuals are presenting themselves to you for marriage, ask yourself how will I choose with your sound? If you are a bachelor stud waiting for marriage, ask yourself how will I be waiting with Sam and Allah Almighty will reward you by giving you a reward of CERN in the hereafter? The brothers and sisters This is the topic of a lesson that I wanted to share with you and how the Quran has tackled this particular topic. In our next episode, we will be looking at a different topic which the Koran has addressed, namely, how the Quran speaks about the topic of popularity and fame. Does that come along later on? I hope to see you then. Well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen