Omar Suleiman – The First Footstep Of Shaytan

Omar Suleiman
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Dear brothers and sisters, last week I spoke about a subject that I know, strikes very close to home for many people. And I want to begin my football actually by saying that my intention for speaking about these things is not to injure not to hurt. But isn't it time to sincerely advise myself and everyone in regards to some of the phenomenons that we're seeing in our community. And sometimes, it's best described through a meme, right? That's where we live in, you know, you see all of those means of how it started and how it's going. And some how I was thinking about how it started and how it's going. So many of the ugly phenomenons in our community, we don't think about the how it

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started part, we just see the how it's going. And then we mock that part. And we try to brush it under the rug institutionally and individually, sometimes, especially when we are the ones that are indicted by the how it's going part. Try to brush it under the rug. And in order to really work through ugly phenomenon, things that are undesirable in our community in our family lives in our individual lives. It's important to get back to the how it started. Where are we? And we know a lot talks about hope a lot to shape on one tiberiu full guate shape on in the hula Can I do one movie do not follow the footsteps of shape on? Verily he is a sworn enemy to you. And so here's what I want

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to focus on in this photo. What is the first of those footsteps? There's the first one, the first first step because if you step in the first step, then you're likely to go down the trail. What is the first footstep of shape on look like when we face these types of things in our lives? And so let me give you an example. You read the Hadith, about the man who killed 99 people and then killed 100 people the Hadith is about the mercy of Allah, he saw a loss forgiveness. I wonder what his first murder was like? I wonder what the first we know what the last one look like. And the purpose of that Hadith was to speak about redemption and the possibility of the mercy of Allah even for a

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person guilty of that crime. But I wonder what his first killing was like? That was a lesson that surely there's something that led him the first time to do that. And then a door open for him. What led him what was the argument was the disputes. When did he first put blood on his hands to where it became normal for him to take another 99? That wasn't the premise of the movie. But that's what you think about right? If you're in that person's spot, where did this go? Sometimes we have stories and narrations from our traditions, not ahaadeeth. But the famous narration of Baal cseh. The man who ended up you know, going from a priest or a monk, a worshiper of Allah subhanho, wa Taala, and went

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down this long track of committing adultery, and then eventually committing murder, and then lying to commit his murder, or to cover up his murder all of these different things that happen, right, but it's the first step that's actually emphasizing that story that he got caught, he got hooked. And once he got hooked, it was downhill from there and the possibility of where shavon could lead you. So all this is to say that a lot of times we see someone as an individual in our community, or we see a phenomenon in our community, that's really, really messed up. And we look at it and we say, Oh,

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I don't want to touch that. What a monster what a far person that is from Allah subhana wa Tada, what a devastating situation. We hate it. Sometimes it's very obvious to the eye, a person walks in the messenger, then unfortunately, we have those judgmental stares and looks and it could be that person has put something behind them in the past or it could be that person is coming to put something behind them in the past, but the looks like oh, wow, are we here of a bad situation?

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And we say How could that person do that? Not in the means of Let's be introspective as a community, but in the means of mockery? How could that person go down that route, where they've gone so far to commit such a grievous sin? And so the first footstep of Satan means going back and trying to see what happened, not for the intention of excusing their current behavior, but to learn from their mistakes. What do we do better as communities? What do we facilitate better? What do we do better as families? What do we do better as individuals to learn what not to be rueful to want to shape on, don't follow the footsteps of shape on and so I want to talk about this shape plan lays traps for

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you in accordance with two things, what's going to work and where you are, what's going to work and where you are where you are in your current spiritual state. So for example, if you're a good Dewar, he'll try to corrupt the intention of your good deeds. Or he'll try to take you from your good deeds to idleness first to relinquishing those good deeds, not straight from good deeds to sin. But to get you lazy, take you from good deeds to idleness and then he'll take the idleness to minor sin, and then he'll take the minor sin to major sin, and then he'll take the major sin to disbelief

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That's cool to watch to shape on summarize, In brief, right? How do I take someone from here where I was right, because shavon was a good Dewar himself, and bring them all the way to where I am right now. I know the process because I went through that process, right. And we find some kind of love that what he ultimately wants to do is mess with your sense of recognition as well.

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You know, in the beginning, you recognize good and evil, and that in and of itself is good. But if you take enough steps, you don't know how far you are down the path at some points, right? You can't track where you left where you've departed from and where you are going to. And that's why you know, one of the key tactics of shavon is a bedarra is innovation. Innovation because when a person is committing innovation blameworthy innovation, they don't realize that they're doing anything wrong so the introduces certain things into the religion makes a person start to think that they're doing something good, very powerful statement from an Heston of naughty little the Allahu tada and Homer,

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kala, Bella Hannah, and at least God so well to the almighty Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and marassi for khazamula hurry bill is the Father.

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He said that at least said that I have decorated embellished you know, like when Jacobian is, Jacob says to his sons better so what I'd recommend for so camera that yourselves have embellished an evil thing for you. He said, I tried to embellish and mousie the evil deeds for the home of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam but they broke my back with this default they seek forgiveness from Allah and Allah takes them back. So it's like it's it's yes, some people will commit sin. But people come back to Allah we just passed out of them. May Allah have have allowed all of us to be amongst the forgiven Allah. I mean, people commit sin, they make us default, it breaks a bonds back his life's

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work with you is gone. So he said fussa Well, to let him know Ben Leia stuff you don't want Allah to Allah mean ha ha. So I decorated some other things for them. I embellish some other things that they don't even seek forgiveness from Allah for. And that is wishful thinking where the innovative types of things that come into the religion where they take these paths, they start to in essence, lose recognition of what is good and what is bad, the sooner becomes unrecognizable to them. The the true path of guidance becomes unrecognizable to them, because they've got it all figured out or so they think so delusional thinking is what he's getting out in terms of, you know, being the symptom of

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delusional thinking at that point. So it's been innovation in the ideological sense, but on a micro level, on a micro level, it's manipulation of a noble intention, that is often the first step to shape on. And that's what the right amount mentioned, the first step of cepung is usually manipulation of a noble intention.

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Let me be real with you. I can't tell you how many cases of infidelity started off with I was trying to help.

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I was trying to help someone needed me to counsel. You know, he reached out to me she reached out to me I was trying to get involved in a positive way. I was trying to emotionally support someone until emotionally support, emotionally exploited, and emotionally exploited led to things getting physical and things getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse. What was the first thing that shavon did so well to the home? I made I embellished a noble intention. I was trying to do something good here. I tried to get involved. How many times does a person get between two people in a bad relationship and end up being the cause of the greatest disaster in the relationship? See it over

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and over and over again, I'm not even talking about emails and counters. I'm talking about the friend that got pulled in becomes the greatest enemy. You were supposed to help you make things worse for everybody. But it was a noble intention that got exploited. I'm only giving one example Your Mama loves him. Allah says the first step of shape one usually is what an idiot hasn't Hasina, to good intention. I want to do height I want to do good. And so the ends justify the means how many people get involved in massage it's not this message by the way, get involved in massage it and they want to do something good. And then ended up bringing the dirtiest politics to their massage in the

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house of Allah. I wanted to fix things I had to get things right and so I had to play these games but I mean, like we play dirtier politics than Republicans and Democrats sometimes in our massages, right? Like start pitting groups against each other start doing this. Why? Because I got to set the house of Allah right really, that's how you're gonna set the house of Allah right? That's your intention. But a THON takes a noble intention, first step and once you get in that first step, the ends justify the means you are operating on a false ethical premises.

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A false ethical premise that I can do whatever I need to do now because I have a noble intention. So shake hands and say well bring this tactic in, bring this tactic in. footstep footsteps footsteps footsteps footsteps. So the first way the first step of shape and form

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For many people, is a noble intention, a noble intention, where suddenly the ends justify the means. And then it just gets out of hand way too quickly. The second one is what is excusing yourself due to your circumstances. blaming other people are other things for your moral failures.

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That person did this said this to me did this to me. The Masjid was unwelcoming. The people were judgmental. I'm sick of this people. And I'm sick of these. You know what I had? I was forced, I was pushed to do this. How long? Because my spouse

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wasn't being a good spouse. I was pushed to that moral failure. No.

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I didn't have a supportive environment. Maybe you're right. Maybe you're right about your spouse. Maybe you're right about your environment. Maybe you're right about the messages. Maybe you're right about someone who poorly gave you advice. Maybe all of that is true.

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But you bear your own burden. Don't allow shavonne to lead you to a place where you will blame others circumstances or people for your moral failings doesn't work that way with Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah will punish. And Allah will reward accordingly. So if you have to struggle more, to be morally upright, the reward is greater. But you never justify and say, Well, everybody else and every this, this person said this to me, and I went through this and that No, absolutely not first step. Because once you open that door, who's going to close it? Who's going to stop you? You've justified your indulgence at that point. That's the second thing. And the third thing and the last

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thing, dear brothers and sisters is the belittling of sins due to open indulgence around you incense far greater Mahabharata denote the belittling of since the beginning of a sin due to the open indulgence in combat and major sins around you. Why? Because the first step is, you know, is it really that big of a deal if I do this? Because I'm looking around me and

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these people are doing all sorts of things. So it's okay. Not realizing that that person that you're saying is indulging in COVID on a major sin probably started off with the same mindset that you have right now.

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You know, like, I'm not that bad. So it's okay if I do this much, because at least I'm not doing that much, not realizing that that much started off with this much. Three things a noble intention, the shape the first footstep of shape on a noble intention. Secondly, blaming others for your moral failings. Thirdly, belittling your own sin because someone else is committing a major sin around you. Then it's quick sent the trail foot the water shape on the trail of shape on his quicksand, you step in and it sinks you the first step, it doesn't go linear. It goes downwards from there. It's a downward spiral, which I have a whole lot to add. He has a powerful statement. He says, Call it

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police managers and even who Adam fell on your Zune if he said, he said that the son of Adam has made me incapable in certain ways, but there are three things that are three ways that he has never been able to make me incapable either cicada home, husband, b huruma. t. A sudden Abby Hosanna T for couldna who hates her shit now? He said that if he gets drunk, then we take him. We take him by his reins and we drive him wherever he wants while he's drunk. Drink some alcohol gets intoxicated. By the way. Karma means intoxicants. Any intoxicant falls under the ruling have come up. Before you get to was this head on and this head on? his senses are lost. So what do we do at that point? You are

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under influence literally under the influence. He takes you and takes you by your reins and takes you wherever he wants. So when you come back to your senses, you would have done so much that you feel like you can't recover from he said the second thing. He says what what I mean that Nana Bhima Buckner, so he says either Sakura home a partner, B Hosanna T for Punahou. shitness when I meet Elena Lima what either volleyball Karla Bhima Allah Ya Allah wa Camila Bhima yum. So the first thing he said, we get them drunk, take them, he does all types of things under the influence. And he does whatever we want him to do. The second thing he said, Get them angry. And while he's angry, he will

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say things that he will forever regret.

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Come on. That's what happens. You know how some of

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you don't know how to control ourselves and our anger. We don't know how to control ourselves. So you say and do things in your anger. That you don't mean but then because of your ego, you double down after you're not angry anymore. That's a lot to shake on. take you to a bigger step. Yeah, I'm not what I said. I'm not that sorry.

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Right. Because he took you to the next step.

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The second thing he says one Oba hero who will be Murphy a day he won Romania who will be nada yakety alaihe. And we make him stingy with what he possesses, and we make them have hope and what he will never possess Subhana Allah. So, step quicksands The point is if you realize there's a common trend here, under the influence are not in your senses in those moments. So what do we take from this? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Valhalla they were in Hama Bian. Were they in a homer or moron, washtub. He had Laia animo Hanukkah, Cathy Dominus. Look, Khaled is clear. How Tom is clear. What is lawful is clear, what is prohibited is clear. And between them are many things

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doubtful matters that people don't understand what they're getting into. There's a gray area between the black and the white, but there is a black and white here. There is a halal and haram there are clear red lines, those are not cloudy, but there's a gray area between those two things and the prophets lie some is telling us what a person will have Salama will have peace in their religion and in their honor, if they steer away from the gray area as a whole try to stay away from the gray area. If you can see red on the HUD arm side, then that means you're too far into the gray area. Just go back, try to make sure you can always see the side clearly. And that's where your starting

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points. And if there's a departure sometimes an excuse sometimes something where you have a special circumstance where you have filled and a true fatwah behind it. That's all you know, the holiday is still there. But the line is still there and you can still see it because once you're closer to the other side, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says and we're inadequately medic in Hema. And now we're in the Hema Hema Harimoto.

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scary part of the Hadeeth honestly, prophets lie Some said every king has a has a sanctuary. Now it's not sanctuary as in the huddle, like like most of the head on right, because it's not in the positive sense here. If you think about a king that lives you know, and has a fence that's meant for security and protection, but you don't transgress that fence, there's the house and then there's the area in front, right the courtyard, you don't jump in that courtyard, you don't cross without permission. The profit slice on a missing one

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belongs the highest example. Allah has his boundaries that are very, very clear. Every King has those boundaries. And his boundary is what he's clearly made out on.

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Your brothers and sisters. The point of this is what once you've crossed that boundary,

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the sirens are going off.

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It doesn't matter if you're close to the fence, or you're far from the fence and now close you know deeper in your across the boundary the sirens are going off. Your recognition is lost. How much more Are you going to consume? Once you've allowed yourself to consume one element of how long? You know some how am I French chef Sajid Ahmad, may Allah bless him, he said something very profound. So Islamic finance is grounded in Islamic economics. Once you lose the ethical premise, then you get into how long you know hella haram loopholes, loopholes, loopholes. Once you start, you say, you know what, let me allow this amount of river. It's like I always use the example of a gas station

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owner, who told you know, used to pledge I will never sell how long and hamdulillah stayed away from alcohol. Then he brought in the gambling I said, it's only a matter of time. Why are you going to bring in lottery? I mean, once you do that, boom, the next step is there. Right? So who's going to stop you once you've committed once you've consumed that one element of how long? How many more messages are you going to send once you've already transgressed allowable communication? Before emotional infidelity becomes physical? How much more Are you going to reveal of what Allah commanded you to conceal of your Outre? Once you've gone past with the clearly defined limits are

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where does it go beyond that? How much more Are you going to watch once you've already normalized watching certain things because pG 13 looks very different 13 years ago.

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Once you get in past the clear part of it, where there's no ambiguity into what's definitely unacceptable than Dean, where are you going? And where are you going to lead? So dear brothers and sisters, once you've gone past the clearly defined limits, your conscience goes, then your recognition goes, and only an outsider can then see how far you fall in because you don't even sense gravity anymore. freefall. So someone else sees you declining, but maybe you're not even listening to advice anymore. Because you're running into the area where the sirens are, here's the good news. If you turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. One step back to a loss parents negates all of those

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steps to shape on one moment of sincere is to find out Allah I'm ready now. Y'all I'm going to change because once you remove yourself from that hammer of Allah, then you make yourself more likely to be in the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala you

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From truly close to Allah subhanho wa Taala one step back to Allah negates all of it that talking about Alma Rahmatullah. Don't despair from the mercy of Allah. But you've got to make that step back. No one's going to make that step back for you. You have to make that step back. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us all to come back to him. Sincere, fully Allah Amina Cordova was talking about you recommend certain Muslim infested

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah and and he was talking to him and Allah Allah for the moment you know and what we know through Muslim You know, when was the man

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in Mecca semi or on curry when would you but there was a lot of Fiddler on our Hamnet wire for an hour or two I diviner Robin Warren and fish and how in lambda Phil and I will talk him Elena Kuhn and I'm in Ohio sitting alone in the car for 123454 and law of delivery Dana Farber hamama camera bonus era, Robin I have done as well as you know the reality now kurata Hernando Jana Linwood, Sakina imama along them for this one and must have Athena Thema sharika ulladulla vida llama Aster, violet one among kobina equally McCann Allah Allah killed Vitamina with vitamin, a Frigidaire with one and veniam so immediately by the line the line a little bit idly with a sandwich eater is an

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affordable way on her and in fashion he wouldn't want to carry with about a year ago come now look into the current fiscal along with kuroko mush guru who annina is it Lachlan, what are the karoli Baba la

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