Why are we making Qunut Dua in our Prayers

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The Sunnah of the road. And this is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would do

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when the Muslims are attacked, or under persecution. And so we see this in this particular incident, this idea of the

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how the 70 companions don't rot. The researchers of the Quran were massacred. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard about that he started making dua, in every single salah. And he would specifically say, Oh Allah, punish the tribe of Mulan severely and set upon them, a famine like that of use of Allah mush due to warp attack,

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which is a lien CD that has made use of in another variation of the process and would curse them, he would say a lot more than

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they need to hear, read the Quran. We're also here, oh Allah curse, then we'll hear from the tribe, and the tribe, the tribe, the Quran and Rosario because these were the tribes that I participated in that massacre. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was do this. He did this for an entire month, he made to hurt against them for an entire month, even though this was a massacre that took place and was done it over with. So how will when the massacres are ongoing and they're not stopping? So we should constantly be making

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this to have colluding every single server and we should not stop until the aggression and the massacre stop. The other time that is mentioned in the Sunnah is up to add Knut is when there were some Muslims who had stayed back in that camp, they couldn't make Hydra. They couldn't escape. They wanted to make hydro but they were being held back. So the person would make to have polluted every salah. He will say, Allahu Allah, God given and will read aloud managee cellar evolution, beloved energy, I guess.

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He will say Oh Allah, save these companions. And what he did when he celebrated initial I actually have your beer, and the weekend, the oppressed of the believers. And so the DUA that we should be making is two things. Oh Allah, protect the Muslims who are oppressed, or Allah, save them, protect them, have mercy upon etc. And the second making against the enemies making against them. Allah punishes them, that he afflicts his punishment upon them, that he destroys them, etc.