Al Aqsa under attack again

Muhammad Abdul Jabbar


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the Quran said that they will never leave you alone until you leave your religion. Allahu Akbar. Today we are seen in Yemen, in Afghanistan. whatever country you go to expecially in Palestine, every single year, four times a year, they want to kill the Palestinian. They want to take muscle and they will kill your Pakistani or if you're an adult who you're not an Arab, they know that you are in charge of much of the axon. They know that you're looking and you're protecting most children. They want to destroy it. They want to take it to its grand Allah. Every single Palestinian Muslim is in mustard.

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Reward you You are blessed you are picked by Allah. Because Allah told you to protect the holy land in the tower. The leaders are steep and they are too busy with the women within within children. They are too busy with the policies, they're too busy rebuilding structures, while

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boosting of

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the world you will make you from amongst those people who support most of them and support the Muslims. Allah. May Allah give