Taraweeh Truffles Day 2 Adversity Is the Road Up

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One of the most beloved shoes to me is shift Yusuf Estes ship Yusuf Estes used to be a priest in the US. And then he reverted to Islam. And on the day he reverted to Islam. It was a day of Jamar. And he went with another friend with him, after they had given their shahada publicly in the masjid. The Imam got up and he's doing the chutzpah. And then afterwards a fight broke out in the masjid. Right. So you can imagine he just became Muslim. And here are the Muslims in the masjid. And you know, they're fighting. So he turns to his friend who had just become Muslim with him. And he said at Hamdulillah I know we're on the truth now. And his friend said, How do you know that? And he said,

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Because shaytaan definitely does not want us to be following this path. Because look at what you see around you. Let's look at today's ayah Allah subhanaw taala says m Huseby tomb do whole Jan.

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If you look at this verse, Allah subhanaw taala is saying, Do you think you will enter paradise when the example of those who came before you still hasn't reached you? Now the verse then continues on to say that they were afflicted with Besa and blah, blah, and it was like an earthquake that happened to them, but they didn't recant their faith. Now, the question is this, if somebody is Muslim, you know, they might think that Well, everything is gonna go up from here. The reality is that we will all be tested. Allah subhanaw taala says another verse, Do they think that they will believe and that we won't test them? Allah subhanaw taala will test all of us. This verse speaks

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about tests that came down upon the people of bet sat and Dora Allah subhanaw taala says they were afflicted, or they were touched with that sat with Barbara, the scholars of Tafseer. Interestingly, say that there's a difference between these two types of afflictions are these two types of tests that come down upon a person. In the case of bet set, it's a type of affliction that happens, or tests that happens in a person's property in their wealth. So a person might have a loss of wealth, they might lose their job, they might lose their property, they might be expelled from their homes or from their lands. And Allah subhanaw taala also says that they were tested with the raw and the

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raw is a type of affliction or a test that happens within a person's own body. So a person might have cancer might have leprosy might have, you know, illnesses that come down upon them, maybe a loss of limb. And so Allah subhanaw taala is saying that the people before us were tested with this, even though they were the beloved to Allah subhanaw taala but yet, we're hasty. This is the road that we traveled down and so we must be patient to Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that Jana, her fat Bill McHattie that this is paradise and it's surrounded with undesirable things. And the prophets of Allah Allah Islam also said that Hellfire

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was surrounded with desirable things. So as you go out in your life, you go out in the streets, you'll find the things that are haram. It's obviously that people have a desire to you know, partake in the Haram things. And at the same time, the things that will lead you to paradise. It's surrounded with mechanic things that are undesirable. So now that is the nature of the test and the life that we live. So when you find things that are undesirable, you got to take a step back and tell yourself that this is the path to paradise. And when you stay when you see other things that are desirable, but you know this is forbidden, the less Pantano stay away from it, you have to

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realize needs you to take a step back and realize that this could lead to hellfire. And together going closer to Jenna staying away from hellfire brings you to that ultimate success and that is the pleasure of Allah subhana data and entering into paradise.