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Training of Musa Pbuh

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Musashi is on victory over Pharaoh Pharaoh, Allah will give victory to Rasulullah sallallahu over the kings of this dunya. So let's continue where we left off. We said the last verse was on that first page, where it says in the Hon Lana lake in Aqaba, del Mercado, verily I have chosen you. So leave your sandals. Verily you are upon a Blessed and holy Valley, which is the one that was taught to customarily Nima you have I have chosen you, Allah subhanho wa Taala. Chose Musa Salah question really is, Will any what can and how can we be chosen by Lazarus and what may Allah subhanho wa Taala choose Musa? As the obvious answer is, first of all, Allah does what He wills. Number two, the

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second thing is also Musa alayhis salam possess particular characteristics that made him very different and special. First of all, he was very focused on what he wanted to do. Yeah, he could not tolerate wrong and which was one of the reasons that he killed one of the gods of Pharaoh because that man was actually prosecuting, and hurting one of the one of the slaves of the of the, of Pharaoh at that time. Also, the third reason is because he is very, very, extremely hardworking, and he's very determined. Yeah. And the, I guess, the, the, the fourth reason is that the values of Musa alayhis salam are phenomenal and his ability to lead his ability to, to have faith in Allah subhanho

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wa Taala. These are all phenomenal also, he came from a righteous families, his mother was a righteous woman. And that has a big impact. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses people. And that is why if you want to be also chosen by Allah subhanho wa Taala for good in this dunya then you have to encourage your whole family to be righteous, that's number one. Number two, you yourself have to ennoble yourself with beautiful manners, a beautiful, beautiful o'clock, it was well known that musala Shaka Salaam, when and his inability to, to

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accept arrogance and inability to accept

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rule was also evident when he went to Medan and he saw that these two girls were the what were the daughters of Eva de la,

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la supersalon when the two daughters travel around the world, and they were being abused by some of the people and not being allowed to take water from the well. And so he went when we went there and he defended the rights of these two girls. So we see that musasa was intolerant of oppression. And it is the sort of qualities that make him different and special. No doubt well hamdulillah in, in, in any Ana Allahu La ilaha illa Allah. Verily, indeed it is I who is Allah there is no deity worthy of worship except me. For a Buddha needs to worship only me or optimal solitary victory in the same sentence Allah says and establish the prayer for my remembrance. So we find that prayer has been

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ordained very early on it's not as people said that the first thing was obligated was always La, La La, then everything else came slowly now even through Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam very quickly onwards right after La Ilaha Illa the Salah was established and that is why the first priority of any new Muslim that accepts Islam must be Salah, and that is why it's not right when someone accepts Islam we say Okay, you know what, you take it easy. You learn slowly and then you will you know you learn the deen now we tell them Look, your first priority is your Salah. So it's time for Salah you accepted Islam and it's the whole prayer and there's only one hour left for the whole now you need

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to we need to show you how to make will do and so you can do your whole prayer right or have a verse and with that intent will do and inshallah then pray over before the time was over, runs out. And this shows that therefore Sala is a very early obligation also tells us that if we don't have Salah we don't have Eman

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And because it's in the same sentence for Buddha new Optima salata lyrically, meaning if you don't have Salah, then you don't have a bath of Allah azza wa jal so and that is why in the authentic hadith that has been reported and say Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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bainer were bainer alko for worship Turku, salah and between us and between alko for unshare right is to leave the prayer so alcohol is shared meaning the further shared meaning between Islam and the Quran the shape the Salah, if you don't have Salah there is nothing between you and COVID and that is why

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one of the one of the scholars Islam, Ashoka Rahim Allah says this hadith is the greatest evidence that leaving Salah is leaving Salas Cooper in that our solar system said Alka for a ship, a ship, right? I look for a ship. There is no difference.

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between them and you and Islam except for salah and therefore Salah is missing that there is no difference right?

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Okay in any anila hula in a Buddha Nene will appear masala theoretically so establish the prayer for my remembrance in

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the tone verily the last hour is definitely coming to tone to tone meaning it is most definitely coming a qaddafi ha I'm about to Academy I'm about to have fi has worked to

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remove the veil from it so that it's it is apparent to everyone loves to just cool enough Cindy matassa so that I may reward every man or every soul based upon what they have this hour they have worked for. And and this is the whole point of wanting that the main two reasons why we're worshipping Allah is because Allah is the law is the deity and that he is going to take us to account. Yeah, if he was a deity didn't take us to account they would be like, you know what, alright, Allah created us but so what he's not gonna take us to account. So as a result, I don't have to be good, but because Allah azza wa jal will has created us and will take us to account that

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truly must make us different. And that is why the belief in the Hereafter is very inconvenient. Belief in the Hereafter is very inconvenient for a disbeliever belief in the Hereafter is very inconvenient. For a tyrant belief in the Hereafter is very inconvenient for anyone who wishes to do heroin, because he knows that he cannot persist in this harmonic so that you will have to answer for it. And that is why many times Allah subhanho wa Taala, again and again, talks about they don't believe in the hereafter they don't believe in the hereafter. Why? Because they persist in their behavior and with their behavior. They're showing that they don't truly believe believe in the

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hereafter or they don't believe in a hereafter that we believe in, which is that everyone will be taken to account Allah will do justice, they believe that they will be rewarded despite them being shaking, that somehow they believe in a skewed form of the hereafter. Follow your suit Donna can harmala

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follow your suit Danica Anna, so let no one stop from this religion Malala you know, we had those that do not believe in it. What about Hahaha, Fatah

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and they follow their, their Hawa and they are misguided. So Allah subhanho wa Taala forbids the people from stopping from believing in Allah subhanho wa Taala and tells us therefore when we say we don't stop them therefore must do the opposite meaning we must bring them towards that which makes them believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and to do the opposite what law says here whatever haha meaning the follow the desire, so he said no, the opposite of that. So the fact that the people are misguided by following the desires shows your whiny that ultimately it is our desires before our doubts that misguide us in fact, our desires ultimately lead to doubts themselves, and desires form

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doubts. So for example, you end up let's say for example, you end up believing that zenas hallen, for example, I was the biller or alcohol is Helen, then apologies you end up doing drinking alcohol or you'd end up committing Zina. Then suddenly a situation comes when you start saying, you know what, it's not that bad. It's not that bad is actually the crew. And then from there it goes to Halloween and from that it goes to, you know, even recommended just like you know, some of the Shia have done, they have made prostitution halaal because of their Mata and they've even considered it good until they even say it's better than normal marriage is more blessed than they said the normal

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marriage until it was reported the Khomeini

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Alayhi Myostatin Allah was actually recommended on his deathbed to actually have done to have recommended to do.

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So any we find that

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we find that this is from the deception of shaitan. It takes you from a belief into another belief into another belief into another belief and desires ultimately lead to doubts, doubts, they do lead to desires but it's actually the desires that is a bigger, bigger problem, because your desires ultimately leads to disdain for Allah azza wa jal what he said, which then leads you to even thinking that you know what, it's not as bad as originally, I was made to be made to believe and that is where the doubts come in. That's what destroys totally follow your suit. dominicana Manila you know, Bihar wha wha hoo photo, the mama till cabbie Yemeni kya Musa. So now I was able to train

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Musa and now Allah tells us about the training that Allah is going to give Musa Alicia Salaam preparing myself for the trials that is going to come when Allah azza wa jal sends Musa to be tested by crown or to call around to the past. One motril cabbie aminika Musa, so what is in your right hand here Musa? Allah, Allah already knows but you know, it's like

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any when I read this verse, it's almost

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Ravana is

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so gentle with musashino It's a bit like, you know, when I, of course for Allah is a is a higher example. And for allies, allies No, no one like us at all. But you know, I'm sure you will appreciate this when you have your child and you say to your child very lovingly, you say to your child very lovingly, saying, My son,

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what are you doing? What so what are you playing? I mean, you already know is playing a game. So what exactly are you playing? What are you doing? What are you writing? You know what I'm saying? So you say that out of genuine love, you know, it's almost like

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any showing you interest,

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though you already know but showing your interest politely and in a loving form. So Omar till cabbie, Yemeni kya Musa, so what is in your right hand?

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Moosa call is ayah and no one should ever understand from this letter is a note in his right hand please. This is the way of formal speaking, formal speaking, Paula hirasawa say it is my outside meaning my staff. So this is my utter workaholic. I use it to walk on and where does he walk on because there are a lot of hilly areas and lusatia tsunamis tend to ship and therefore she used to be in hilly areas. And so sometimes you need something to be able to give you almost like a fourth or a third leg, you know, to give you some balance at the workaholic I I use it to rely on to work on it. Well, I wish she'd be alive on me and I use it to tend to the sheep

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while he and he Hama

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use it for other purposes as well. What are the purposes? Well, you know, I use it to shoo things away. remove dirt from the path, so only FEMA Baccarat

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and I have other purposes with it as well. Yeah, Rob, Mama tilka BIA Monica moussaka, yassa Takahashi, Bella vida me Malia Fiamma, Arivaca Paula lucre hyah masa so throw it on Moosa Alyssa Silla for Alka either he does, so he through it and it is as if a higher a snake that is moving on a Buddha, Allah Hopson, take the snake and don't be afraid, sir no Ito ha sera Tallulah we will return it back to its Sierra. It's it's early form. And what does that mean? It means Allah subhana wa Taala will return the staff to the original form that the staff had and you should not be afraid for indeed, it was a miracle that Allah azza wa jal gave

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to our prophets or the low it was Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala gave it as a miracle and training for him so that he knows that this is a, a sign that he can then show to figure out what boom yada yada, yada, and put your hand into your chest what will happen suddenly you do have the courage bla bla, and when you take it out, it will come out white, meaning white meaning light would be shining from it will be completely white, not the yellowish color of your hand. And that means Allah subhanaw taala what Allah did was that he put light in his hand until the hand became an emanation of light. If you were to look at it, you'll be blinded, the amount of light that would be

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coming out of the hand of Moosa Alan Soto Silla

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and so the huge berba I mean very soon in an opera will come up white bethought new lady, so without any form or deficiency in that light, I attend Oprah another side. The notary acumen, I a tunnel Cobra so that we may show you from a greater science. So greater signs lesser signs before the greater signs will show you smaller small signs so that they are lesser signs for the greatest as No. Now, the question I have for you is, these are amazing signs, no doubt. But how do we know that this is not magic? How do we know musala supersalon was not doing magic? Well, number one, because first of all, Musa was a righteous man. And magicians are usually unrighteous people. They're not

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people who are close to Allah, they're people who are closest to get done. And miracles don't happen to evil people. Only magic are from evil people, right? miracles happen to good people righteous people. That's number one. Number two, magic happens whenever you want it. Yeah. What would you like us like a pizza? You want a pizza from New York? You want a New York style pizza bam, in front of you. Bam, you've got a pizza. What happened? Well, you just spoke to your gin, the gin went to New York and stole a pizza from a pizza place and brought your pizza that's actually what happened. So this is black magic. On the other hand, miracle only happens by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so you can't just say shabam and you know something will happen. No, you can't. You know it will only happen when Allah wants it. So Allah will turn the water into wine or Allah will turn you know as a prophet says

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Elon had water come out of his hands or the splitting of the moon. All of this happened when Allah wanted it not when our solar system wanted it. Otherwise, when our solar system was debating with the machine, why did the prophecies do a miracle like splitting of the moon, or water coming to the head because he couldn't do it? You see, that's the whole point. He can only do it when Allah wants it, you understand? So that's the difference. The second difference between a miracle and magic is that miracles happen only when Allah wants it not when you want it so many times you would want a miracle it won't happen because Allah won't show you the miracle. Right? And at other times, look at

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look at for example, he and he looked at the miracle of the descending of the plate of food from the sky that that that he said the Maria malissa had to do. He didn't happen when he wanted he had to make Guatemala. Yeah, he didn't just say, Oh, you want to play the food? Bam. shabam and here you go. Here is food. No, no, no, that didn't happen. He had to say Allahu munzee La Nina Ma, e determiner sama, the culinary then the AF era, now I want

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you to make dua to Allah. So Allah sent down a plate of food from the sky, that will be a feast for the first of us, The Last of Us, right? So it was, it was by the dua of righteous people that miracles take place. This is a second thing. Miracles happen when Allah wants it. Black magic happens when they want it. Okay, number three, number three. The third example is that even the magician knows that his magic is a trick. Even the magician knows his magic is a trick. And sometimes his magic will fail. A miracle on the other hand, will never fail a miracle, another hand will never fail. And a miracle on the other hand, totally changes math totally, totally changes the

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whole nature of something whereas magic is only an illusion in the eye. Yeah, illusion in the eye or actually bewitching the eye. Whereas black magic, whereas a miracle actually is a transformation of nature to transformation. It's a metaphysical transformation of nature. And that can only happen through the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. So learn the difference between the two so that you're not confused. For Allah so the NACA, what are we sorry, we are.

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What when we had the karela Jana piccata, which, by the way, the suit in iron okra and other side linaria kemin iottie Nell Cobras, we may show you the greatest of our signs, meaning Allah azza wa jal is making Musab supersalon comfortable with these smaller signs so that Allah is going to then show him greater signs. What are the greatest signs? Well, there's going to be an army of locusts there's going to be a plague that is descended on Egypt is going to be a river now becoming blood. There's going to be an army of frogs that are going to come there's going to be to fun, there's going to be lightning from the sky and hail and a storm. There's going to be the parting of the Seas

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you know all of this is a massive miracle from Allah subhanho wa Taala to Musa al Salaam. So no doubt in order to prepare him, Allah has given him smaller miracles first before the greater ones

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is happy la serrana inamoto Now Allah tells him your training is complete and the goal now to fit around For verily he has transcended all boundaries. And he has an he has a god beyond belief in what he says call a rubbish rally sorry. So what did Moses say not late you know later Later Lord any no nothing like that. Now I'm, I'm up to it. But I need to help you out. Okay. That is the attitude and you see, this is the attitude we want to have guys is called initiative take the initiative. When robina Allah subhanho wa Taala when you read verses in the Quran, Allah tells you saying gives others pray fast help Allah's Deen take the initiative, even if you're not ready, and

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make dua to Allah and Allah will answer your door at that point because you're truthful in doing something for Allah. So let's say you read a verse about South Africa and you know, you're a bit out of money these days, then you say you are a B, now I'm gonna give sadaqa up to the challenge, then you say you are a B, give me wealthier Allah so I can give sadaqa or Allah give me a business or law make me wealthy, or Allah gave me health and wealth so that I can take this wealth and then give it to your cause. So you have to use the opportunity, you have to take the opportunity to make the law and do not say that massage the salon knows is not ready. And what sort of training does he have?

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What sort of Army does he have, what sort of, he even has an impediment in his in his speech because of of the burnt that the burning that he had on his mouth? When when he was burnt in his mouth, he had an impediment in his speech. We'll come to that inshallah, in the story of moussaka to the slab tomorrow. And because of this he had an imperative in his speech but that didn't stop him right. He said yes sir. up I will take it on. But you are a B I need help. Or Allah give me my my brother as a helper or Allah opened my chest up or Allah give me

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Easy of speech so that they may understand you or allowed keep my heart firm, right? So they said all of these things, but that didn't stop him from actually jumping in and taking the plunge. And that is my advice to all of our brothers and sisters when allez command comes to you. And when someone asks you for help take the plunge, take the plunge and that is the moment to ask Allah for help. Allah will help me because he knows that if he doesn't help you, you can achieve it. He knows that you're weak human being where we are human beings. So never say no to the appeal of Allah subhanho wa Taala and and the request of Allah never say no jump, take the leap. And Alyssa just

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help will be near so look at what Musa alayhis salam said he said Carla, Bishop Elise Audrey or Allah expand my chest. And Sheila has sada What does it mean? So there's a couple of things you can understand. Number one is when you have disbelief it heart feels constricted. Also when you are depressed, your heart feels constricted, right? And also when you feel hurt, your heart Your chest feels constricted. An example of that is while Aparna alamanda de Posada Rupa Bhima pologne verily we know your Mohammed Salah your chest is constricted because of what they say. So we know that therefore when you feel hurt, your chest feels constricted, right? Also when you are miserly, you

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feel constricted also when you're negative. When everything is negative doom and gloom, you feel constricted. So what does rubbish please have the remain happy. Sorry, sorry, I feel positive Arab, so that I'm always looking forward to Europe so that I am looking looking forward to things I am not feeling bad, they may insult me but my heart in my chest is big. It can take it a lot so that I don't feel negative and I don't feel full of distress, but I feel a lot of help is always with me. I don't feel disbelief and sins in my heart. I feel my heart full of belief. And good right? That's what insha Allah has other means. That Allah subhanaw taala expands your chest so you don't feel

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hurt. You don't don't feel depressed. You don't feel harmed. You don't feel negative. You feel positive and you feel good while hamdulillah rubbish rattling sodbury or Allah purify my chest or expand my chest to the dean. And we positivity wise, surely Omri and make my affair easy. Yeah. Make my affair easy. What affair every affair? And did you see what what, what he is asking for? And did you also notice one more thing or two points that come to mind. Number one. First thing we do when we have to do something is we start plotting and planning. And we start we start strategizing. Right? We start strategizing. So someone says, Can you give me $1,000 for Allah? First thing we do

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is is strategizing $1,000 Okay, I could give money from that account there. Stop it, stop it, stop strategizing. First thing you do remember Allah. And that's why you know, you know, I run this organization, commercial mission, lots of work, lots of work. And there's always one problem or the other a legal issue, a human resource issue, a funding issue, a PR issue, something or the other coming up somewhere in the world. You know, I've given up trying to strategize.

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Of course, you have to think and strategize. But the point is, you know, when you just can't solve a problem, and we enlisted, think about it, and you know, our families as well. They enlist, they think, you know, like my mom sometimes, like, how are you going to look after your kids and they are seven kids now and how you're going to put us through medical school and oh my god, all they do is worry. All they do is worry. So all I've learned to do is just make the Corolla have asthma so I know he is. And so this is part of that of that issue is that you make dua to Allah stop worrying and you make dua to Allah The second point of advice from this, though of massage the Salaam it

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looks that though I saw general it's a general though it's not specific. You know, you don't want to make the work to get married or Allah get me married to Fatima.

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tofi show that he who lives in 37th Bukit Otama and she is 37 years old any Why are you being so specific? In your marriage do a general alleghany righteous wife or Allah make me wealthy and healthy? Or Allah give me soccer and make my affair easy make it simple open though, because you don't know perhaps Allah azza wa jal is going to say no. When you make specific though, because Allah something better for you a better wife for you a better job for you. Right? So make your dough as general right and

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wrong. robina atina mila kurama Mohini Umbra Natasha Who said that? This though I was said by the youth who are in the cave, they made that they are very gentle, da da da da da da da,

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da da da because of that. Allah gave them a miracle after miracle after miracle. They never even saw the dog that Allah said the cave that less than the sun that would not beat upon the cave, the protection that they had for hundreds of years sleeping in the cave, who would have imagined all of these blessings

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They could not even imagine to make that. Therefore every dollar must be general. General okay? Call a rubbish rally sorry. Oh Allah. Oh expand my chest Well, you certainly agree and make my affair easy why melissani and make my speech easy? Yes cago Kohli so that they may understand me remove the stature from my tongue so that they may understand me what jolly was here Amina Holly and make me a friend or a was a who was a helper for my affair. Haruna de Harun my brother, who should be as the I may strengthen my affair with him, Well, actually, Kofi ambry. And so that I may I may share my matter with him my sorrows and my difficulty and I may use him as a helper and as a personal

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assistant, gain new sub behati aura so that we may praise you a lot. Why not? kurata kathira and we may remember you a lot in contadina basura Verily, you are always watchful over us we're going to stop here inshallah Allah we've run out of time, and I'd like to keep my tissue short for these few days inshallah, so it's easy upon you as well and easy upon me, I've noticed my tongue becomes very, very tired and I get very tongue twisted these days of Ramadan and inshallah, as Allah improves our health and inshallah we can better inshallah, we hope to make this a little bit longer. Thank you once again, tomorrow inshallah we'll carry on with the meaning of some of the last parts of the

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daughter of Musa al Salaam. And then inshallah we'll tell you about the story of the birth of Musa how he grew up how that island caught him, how he then grew up in in Medina, and then the challenge of Musa in the courts of around, it's all coming up tomorrow. Don't miss it. inshallah. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.