Farhan Abdul Azeez – Sweetness of Salah – 11 – Standing After Rukoo

Farhan Abdul Azeez
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of letting one's body calm during prayer, reciting the Bible and not stuttering with tweets, avoiding stuttering with tweets, and leaving one's book alone to save a better one. They stress the use of "medicals in a conversation" and "medicals by" to express pride or praise, and the importance of affirmations during prayer. A pastor gives a brief overview and explains the significance of affirmations during prayer.
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Standing up, when you do this, you say send me How long have you been happy that now this is a one position in prayer what you do not say Allahu Akbar. When you're moving you say semi Allahu even hamidah. Now again, what we what did we say number one, the most important thing is when you stand up, make sure you let your body come to calmness and stillness. positive seven hidey lie under Allah azzawajal inna sala de la you people

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or your house or Judea. Allah does not look to the son of someone who between his reports for June he doesn't make his backstreets.

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Allah won't even look at your prayer.

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So you stand up and you start and you still don't go down without coming still first, to have her shoe or brothers and sisters. We have to focus and slow down. So what happens number one?

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What does that mean? What is

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the mean? We say Luke was pregnant and he has the answer he praises him but we know that semirara means wants

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to hear now I'm a daisy so i can i can get away with this we have a problem. We always say semi yellow Neiman coming in with a Yeah, there is no word in the Arabic language semia there's nothing doesn't exist not pound sorry. Repeat your search.

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We say sunny all the time. I know it's hard the aim. The letter is in Arabic. It's hard. It's in the throat. It's hard to pronounce, but try

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semi practices. And I'm telling you people are shy to stutter with the tweet. I'm telling you a lot.

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Don't feel shy. Your your Muslim says

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the one who recite surprised and recite to properly math simpleton Kenobi.

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He's in the companionship of the normal obedient angels. So don't feel shy to make mistakes. It's the path to learning recitation properly. And if you're struggling, what is the prophecy? If you struggle to recite for the legend on you get double the reward?

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So say, let's try to say that I semi I love and even though that's important, you know, what does it mean? We said something it means yours. Why do you translate Isabella answer? Number one you notice these May Allah it's the one this is me I was a past tense verb, are we saying Allah heard the one who pays them? Or maybe Allah answer the one who pays them? Are we saying May Allah answer the one who prays? Why do we say translate as a do? You know if I say to you, does that alone?

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Is that a job?

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It's a job will not bring you goodness. Jehovah is a past tense verb but say Baba, may Allah bless you not because of past tense verb. So why the transitive drive because this is the way in which you can make a drop by saying a passive verb example. Have you ever come up economical Ah, hey, Yakima. These are all verbs. So this is that we say is that Allah heard the one reason it's Allah May Allah that was not heard, but answered why, because of the word semi comes with a heart of love. Then the meaning goes from here to answer.

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And we say semi, Allahu Li, the man, I mean to the one who praises him. So we say, Allah answered the one who praises him. Now why do we say this? What would we want to say in response right away, I

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want to break them up, because I'm interacting with overthinking and

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milma. And someone who praises him. So now you want to immediately praise Allah. So you can say one of four things. You can say, Oh, so this what this is, is a long

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wait, what's ended up happening to you, you can say the whole thing alone. Now what I can come, or you could say the first leave off the second lahoma. But now, look at it. Or you can say you can leave our book and say, Robin and I can leave it alone and save a better one or more often theory you can do anywhere you wish.

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Now, what I've been doing here is to say what should people say?

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That's not authentically narrating. So avoid that. Now.

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You think you see this little Allah, our Lord and for you with all the praise, then you could also say Hamden Cathedral, unbeliever, Nevada can feel a great, abundant, beautiful blessing praise. And this is all in your handouts, and abundant, beautiful lesson praise. Now what's amazing is this. The reason I'm saying that is

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he says that he was praying the narrations that he was praying.

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We have a scene we're putting behind the Prophet.

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And when the pastor

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said semi alone, even a man behind him said, Rob better what I can come

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This part from here have been out when I could have been eaten and then kept here on

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after this

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headache phase

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many with the kind of person who said who spoke those words. So the man said, I asked what am I? I did. Most of them said A to B Watson Watson, Athena man I can. Yep, yep.

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He says, I saw with my own eyes 30 something angels running to you.

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At 30 something angels coming to this man to be in his presence, who will write down what he said first?

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I think it's almost.

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Can you imagine if you have to say, well, you can just

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you mean it with your full hearts a lot to use a full praise of plus and praise and abundant praise. Imagine 30 angels come running to you. Even if I'm a sinner, even if you're a sinner, angels come rushing to you and write down what you say.

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Your last 30 something angels. And then a hadith Muslims. And Muslim, say Muslim is similar narration he says A man came to the prayer and he kind of came rushing in. And so the person who said something to me that he says

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at the London Cathedral Blue Bottle coffee, after the period ended, the customer said many would call him bill Kenny Mac who said those words of the man this time thought he was in trouble. So he gets quiet. The problem turns around to Japan and he says Who said that?

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was me.

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The President says Look, you're not in trouble. Don't worry. You didn't say anything wrong Who said it? So the man said either the president said it national American you have a union power. I thought 12 angels rushing to you, who is going to take it up to Allah first, who's gonna pick it up first.

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So now when you pray, and you say this words are going out when I can hum Hamden Cathedral, or even Mubarak and V, and you see it with that tense of hearts, imagine 30 angels racing, not just coming racing with one another, who is going to write it down first. subpanel

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now you want to really want to set up but I want to get you can also say after that made

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me shake him back. Which means

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you you were mean to you as a priest that will fill the heavens and the earth and all between them and all that you will besides them now brothers and sisters, if we know we just said we made a drop? May Allah answer the one who praised him? Wouldn't you want to praise Allah as much as possible? Absolutely. So you want to memorize all three of these so you can praise Allah with the way the Prophet taught us? The most lengthy way the Prophet taught us to praise Allah in this position of prayer.

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So memorize this again, it's in the handout if you need to memorize it. Now before we conclude, is the President said and how do you do so? Hey Buhari, what is wrong with the people who raised their gaze to the sky while in prayer? He says they will indeed stop this meaning you better stop this. Otherwise their site will be snatched away from them. What happens

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when people come up and

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they will sugar which is wrong. And they do this which

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don't look at

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the prophecies directly.

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Or a lot of the pupae.

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So don't do this is a common mistake. You see you come up with a book or

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is looking down on

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all that's us is beautiful. That's great. Thank you.

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Now, and by the way before we end just like Surah Fatiha we say Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah and me We praise Allah, Allah, He molecule Medina, then after we praise Allah then what do we do We ask Allah for guidance is gonna sit on Sunday. Just like that. In this we find the same thing. We stand up from record we say robina we praise a lot of But now what I can help and then when we go into sudo

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is the time for just like sort of this this like cracking the symmetry between is amazing. absolutely incredible.

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