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Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the issue of bullying and the negative consequences it can have. It emphasizes the need for caution and language use in Skype interactions. The segment also touches on the dangerous group of people trying to "naught" and "naughty," and the use of "naught" and "naughty," as examples of words used in Islam. The segment also touches on the importance of avoiding bullying and offers practical tips for parents to control their children. The speakers emphasize the need to address concerns and issues in the community to avoid negative consequences and offer a structure for addressing them.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he Wilbert rubbish rock Lisa threeways Sidley Emery Warlock data melissani of Kaho Ali Robina Zina alemannia Karim.

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Today in sha Allah, we're going to have a little bit of a detour. What are we going to have?

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What's a detour?

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Remembering stuff know, a detour is that we are headed in one path, and we're just going to take an exit. So we're on Highway whatever to 85 or 85 What is it? 75 Whatever that is. What's the highway here? 400 Okay, however, 400 zero on.

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You go from 85 to so we're going on 85 And then we're going to take a little bit of a detour on 285 We're still in a story, but I wanted to highlight this.

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Oh, she didn't. Oh, there you go.

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hamdulillah that's good.

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So the detour is to do with something that I wanted to address within the community as we are having this community halacha has

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a word in Arabic, which is called tena more.

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Any Arabs know what that means?

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Anybody knows what that means?

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Come on. Affiliate money you're supposed to know everything. aleck motilium any promises Salam told us about your country and your people. You have the wisdom. You pass the torch, okay. hamdulillah Yes, somebody parked drunk mashallah, I was waiting when they when am I going to get the honor of announcing that inshallah it's a red Nissan pics.

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I'm going to read your number plate, no privacy here. Because it's parked out there CW are 4300. So if you if you are the owner of the Nissan kick, you have literally parked right in the middle out here. Please go and remove your car ASAP. Before brother RF brings his running club and removes it.

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In sha Allah. So what's the word? We're going to have the word called tena more. Okay, the word 10 or more comes from Namir what's a number in Arabic?

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A tiger. A number in Arabic is a tiger and the word Tana more in Arabic language. Everybody with me?

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Okay, is something that we all witnessed, or we may have faced some form of it in our lives once upon a time. In English, the word 10 or more is called

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When we

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look down upon someone, or some individual, or some kid, because of the color of their skin, or their language, or their culture, or their food, or their affiliation to something, and we look down upon them, before we getting to that story, I wanted to bring the story in for us from the Quran. So we understand how this operates or what happens. Allah subhanaw taala in Surah Yusuf he says that indeed, in the story of Yusuf Ali salaam, there was an example for everyone.

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I actually saw it in it was signs for people who asked if all the brothers of Yusuf Ali salaam they said that useful. Wha hoo hoo. A hub boo Illa Sabina Amina, why not?

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Why not? No, Rosa. They said, Oh, look at this. Yusuf Ali Salaam and his brother are more beloved.

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A headboard, they're more beloved to our fathers than us. We're not no loose button.

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And we are a very strong group of people.

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He should have loved us more. They do not deny or negate the love of jacobellis Alam for them, but they say he should have loved us more. So the first point for us when it comes to an element of bullying within all spaces, whether it's workplace religious spaces is that we look at

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not what is you don't look at, oh, this is what I have. But you like, I deserve this. I ought to have this. And since I don't have it, the other person who's getting it, I need to make sure that he doesn't have it.

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Making sense. So if somebody gets a new bag, when you guys are going to go back to school, you get a new bag, a fancy bag. What's a good fancy bag for school? Do you guys know? Yes.

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Under Armour, Under Armour, so you get an Under Armour bag. Right? And if you're really bougie you get a supreme bag. Right? You can pay $2,000 for a backpack, IG parents sending their kids with a $2,000 backpack. So if you really if you can afford it, you get a supreme bag. Now what happens? The other kids in the school they see oh my god, you got an Under Armour bag. How dare you have an Under Armour bag. Now we're going to either verbally abuse you by using languages and make fun of you. We're going to physically hurt you. We're going to emotionally hurt you. We're going to talk bad about you online. We're going to put comments in your post somewhere online. So you look bad in

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front of other people.

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Is that a good thing to do kids?

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Yeah, no, okay. I was like, Whoa.

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Then what happens? Sometimes our hatred for the other person, this is the extreme example. Allah is telling us an example of bullying, sibling bullying, where you know, siblings can fight. But when that sibling starts overpowering the other sibling consistently as a pattern.

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Then within siblings also you can have bullying taking place.

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Over here, that hatred went to the level that the brother said

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in abana, Allah, Allah, Allah Mubin, our Father, he is definitely in an open misguidance and clearly mistaken about the matter of our love.

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So the second thing that happens in your mind is you want something so bad, you look at someone that may be doing something, right. But because he's not giving you the attention you want, you start pointing all fingers at the other person and you say, this is a wrong behavior, even though it's absolutely fine.

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And sometimes that hatred for the other person, it can start with small small things, and it can go to the level of the use of Elisa Lam's brother, where they say, oh go to use of Let's kill him.

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I mean, the it's not enough that we're going to hurt him. Let's just get rid of him because we don't want him to do use of

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a waiter who who are done or let's throw him in the middle of the line, let's take him and take him in a jungle and leave him somewhere.

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Young Lulu Kumar who are become your face of your father is going to be exclusively for you, ie your father's attention is going to be for you. Yusuf and his brother are in between you and your father for the attention. Let's get rid of him.

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And that's what bullies do.

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They want attention. And anybody that is coming in between there their attention that they're trying to seek, they want to get rid of them.

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Then Allah says afterwards, what Hakuna mean by the hill Coleman Saudi hain, this is the most beautiful part in the ayah they know that they're doing something wrong. So what do they say? They say, Oh, after you have killed yourself, then afterwards, you can all become good and righteous people. Goldman solidly and you can be a good person. Let's just do this one bad. And then afterwards we can be good.

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And that is why many times when somebody is either a victim of bullying or they're bullying somebody else what happens?

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They give themselves this this solace this peace inside of their heart. No, no, it's only this one time I'm going to be bad with that individual afterwards I'll be good inshallah.

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And they justify their bad with all the things we talked about earlier. Oh, our father is misguided. These kids deserve it. I deserve this. All of these psychological answers we give to ourselves to do that bad thing. And then afterwards, we say to ourselves, Inshallah, it's only one time I hope I can do this for them. And inshallah Inshallah, afterwards I will be a really good person in sha Allah Ramadan is just around the corner. I can read some Quran and attend some therapy and in sha Allah, Allah will forgive all of that.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says

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Biola ca illumine home, and this is where our story changes. So sometimes

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within that group, if it's a group bullying, somebody has to stand up.

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So in this particular case, Yusuf Ali salams older brother, he stands up Allah Chi Minh home, one of them stands up. What does he say?

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Nah, taco Tolu use of let's not kill him.

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Let's not kill him.

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It is mentioned in the

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Tafseer books that if you severely salams brother had not spoken up at that moment, they would have killed him.

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Right, but then somebody, so don't be afraid to stand up. When you see something is wrong, call out upon it. If you think it is safe for you to open and say something about it, say it. If not, then you go to the adult that you trust.

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As kids, you go to an adult that you trust, right? And then you tell them, This is what is happening.

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But if you choose silence, then that bully feels that I can keep on doing that for other people.

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As we come here, as a community, we all want to be safe.

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We all want to feel welcomed, we all want to feel welcomed in the masjid, we want to feel safe, we want to have good memories here.

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And if there is one or two people, individuals that may not want that, then we tackle it at that individual level and we try to address it.

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But when a particular situation goes out of hand within a society or a community right, then it has to be addressed on public platforms because it's an issue that is plaguing not just here. It is coming from schools it is coming from households it's coming from everywhere

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you guys ready for the next part of the story?

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No, you're not.

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No you're not.

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You don't you know, the whole story martial law. You know, the whole story too much. You guys can go play them, right? I'm just kidding. Stay here.

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Bah bah, bah, you know, minimum Latok to use of

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while goofy rabbit Hill job yell Tucker era In Kuntum filing. So he's trying to minimize the harm and saying let's not kill him. Let's throw him somewhere in a well and hopefully somebody will take him any of the people or the caravans that are coming. They'll take us from Allison I'm your your ultimate purpose will be accomplished.

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I want to address this this this particular topic

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from the angle of

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I have to know Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala talks about this as a community as as all of us when Allah says yeah, you have Lavina Amman Oh, who is he talking about?

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Who is he talking to?

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Talking to the Christians.

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When Allah is saying, Yeah, you have Lavina almond or you who believe who is he talking to? Us? We have to hear what is coming after. Yeah, you have Lavina Amano la Yes, her Coleman. Mean omen.

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Do not mock and make fun off one home or a one group of people to another group of people. I saw a cool new, hire a minimum.

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There's a very big possibility that you may think you are much better, more religious, much closer to God.

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Or in whatever way you feel you're better. Allah is like Don't mock the other side. Because you may not know they're much better than you in the eyes of Allah. subhanaw taala.

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So we can't make fun of somebody on their looks, the way they talk, the way they walk. The type of sports they want to play. You can only mock the people who play cricket. That's okay. I'm just kidding.

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There's a cricket crowd here. So no, but any sports that you have, we can't mock anybody from any type of affinity that they have to a group or type of things.

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This is the dangerous group.

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Okay, I'm afraid of her danger.

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Can you guys just be quiet? Promise?

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says afterwards, while I tell him his will and Fusa Comala Tenovus. Who will OB?

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Write that don't

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all look at this person he is he is such and such. And you're using a club, you're looking at some of their characteristics. And you're turning that into a label to identify them within the community or you're pointing to them based on that.

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And Allah is they do not mock one another with a we do this all the time. The adults also

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as a community, like it's normal, right? This and that, you know, Punjabis are like that.

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times are like that we do this all the time guys. We know this right Cindy's essay well as like all our cultural nuances we talk about LA pub

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right in the Arabs, they see that like you know, for Sudanese they say you know, they're really slow you know that right this is these are these cultural nuances that if we pass on, and we don't even think about it.

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Allah is a koala and Abba Zubin al Cobb, Do not mock one another and point at one another with LACOB with an attribute about them, we can't do that.

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And Allah says Vixen, this month for Su Oba then Iman, how wretched is this evil act fiscal the word first but basically means that when you we as a person as an individual, when you break the boundaries of Allah, knowing that you have broken the boundaries of Allah.

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And a facet, there's not a person who breaks the boundary one time, a faster because a person who would recognize the boundaries and then chose to break them. That is why in Arabic, they say first of all Zahara that when the flower is in its bugling state. And when it forces itself out and the pedals come out, that act is called fossa, Zara. That flower, it bloomed it, it crossed the boundaries of those other pedals that were holding it and broke. And that's a facet that you knew the boundaries and you chose to break them.

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And Allah is a bit silly, small Fuzu back then Iman, after you all of us are believers, how wretched is this behavior? How bad is this behavior?

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And then Allah says, While Melania tube

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and whoever does not repent from Allah from this behavior for Allah Iike homos volley moon, these are the true transgressors.

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May Allah protect us from that?

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In another eye, Allah subhanaw taala says yeah Yohannes in a halacha comienza carrying on what your Allah comes Reuben Wakaba in Lolita Ira

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Allah has created all of us into male and female.

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She Reuben Wakaba in groups and clans,

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why the Toronto food so we may know one another. Oh, you're from this country, you get to recognize them as Oh, that's your culture. And it's it's for recognition, not for denigration.

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There are two separate things here.

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Right if somebody is a Punjabi and somebody has a baton or hetero body or whatever, that's for us to recognize their culture and to understand so we can work with them better rather than pointing at that element of theirs and making fun of them.

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Then Allah says

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in, in the Allah He at car COMM The most honorable one is not who we think is the most honored. Sometimes we make these labels because I belong to one label. So anything other than this label is looked down upon. Allah is like your honor does not belong. Be it's not. Your Honor is not recognized by belonging to a certain label.

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But rather in a chroma comb, the most honorable in the eyes of Allah or what a talk on the one that has the most Taqwa?

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In Allah Hi Lehmann hubiera Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was once sitting and even Masood Radi Allahu Allah and he went up a tree

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who went up a tree

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even what

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even Mr. Rude Okay, who went up the tree

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even less How did you move from there to here?

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Go back there. Let's go

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Come on. And I need six feet apart you don't pandemic can you guys do six feet apart? MashAllah these are pandemic kids they should learn six feet apart use of move six feet apart there we go man that's so amazing mashallah six feet apart? That's good. So, use of Prophet sallallahu sallam was standing even Mr rude he rises up and there were people in the live and Mr. Rude in cash effort Sakai, his his thighs were exposed not size his calves were exposed.

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What cannot dirty cotton has

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Isla, they were so thin and flimsy. The calves

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felt like I'm in her bow bull hovering some of those harbors that were there. They laughed at it. They're like, Oh, look at these skinny skinny legs. They laughed.

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So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam he says I tell the Hacohen Are you mocking and laughing like are you asking a tobacco? Are you laughing?

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Men did parties happy? You're laughing because of the skinny legs of his you're laughing about that.

00:20:36 --> 00:20:37

He got so upset.

00:20:39 --> 00:20:50

And then he says one levy in FCB a day. Be ready by Allah in whose hand is my enough's my life

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Lahoma those two calves of evenness rude by you fill me Zan minute.

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They are much heavier in the Amazon of Allah subhanaw taala, then the mountain of

00:21:07 --> 00:21:22

what does that tell us? Sometimes a physical characteristic of a person, we may look at somebody that may not walk property or taught properly or they may have a physical deformity, right? We can't mock someone with that.

00:21:23 --> 00:21:31

Because you don't know because of that Allah may have forgiven that person's entire sins. He may be very close to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Based on that,

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In another Hadith Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, la Taha said who don't have Hassard with one another the hasta Do you don't do herself and the one that is a cross Shala do hazard back to HERSA do it's both

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what are tobacco do don't get angry with one another. What? Tada baru don't plot against one another

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Wallah Joby Aruba to come either

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when somebody is trying to make a deal. For example, the brother who sells mangoes outside, somebody's trying to sell mangoes for $10. You bring your car with your box of mangoes and say I will sell it for eight.

00:22:20 --> 00:22:23

We're not allowed to do that. It's haram to do that

00:22:24 --> 00:22:43

you find somewhere else and go do your your sale of mangoes somewhere else or you sell it for the same price. But you don't go to a transaction of a brother and try to undersell him so that he loses business and you win. I had a very beautiful experience that happened. I was buying a phone in Saudi

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and I was talking to an individual and I wanted to buy the phone from this vendor. And you know, in Saudi if you go into a mobile shop, they're like, you know these counters so there's one person business and another person and so there's like 10 people in one row. And they're all trying to sell each other but they so I said to him how much for this phone he said 1400 riyals so at that time happened, the guy packed up and left.

00:23:11 --> 00:23:19

So I went to the guy next before the other one was still done. He was still there. Come however, I said how much was this? He said you're already talking to my brother. I can't sell.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:25

Let him come back from salah. And when you're done with him, you can come back to me. IG

00:23:27 --> 00:23:36

Subhanallah right. This is our like, he's my brother and Islam. I'm not going to because you already initiated the conversation. Let the conversation finish with him.

00:23:37 --> 00:24:20

Either Mr. 18 who when you walk away from him and you don't get a deal, come to me. But I'm not going to sell you my phone over my brother. These are ethics of our deen. Then our Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Go no he that Allah be all servants and obedience to Allah subhanaw taala be slaves of Allah. If one as brothers and Muslim or Muslim or Muslim is a brother of a Muslim law you have Lima who he does not transgress upon him while Zulu who and he does not disgrace him while Tiru and he does not dishonor him

00:24:22 --> 00:24:36

then Rasulillah Salam pointed to the chest and he said a duck HA HA HA HA HA HA Hoonah Dukkha is in the heart while you Shiro ILA surgery he Salah summer rot

00:24:38 --> 00:25:00

and he says, Be has to be emitted in a shell. It is enough for you to be an evil person in the eyes of Allah. Uh, yeah. Kira, ha, holy Muslim, that you look down upon your brother as a Muslim. That's enough in the eyes of Allah that you want to know if you're an evil person. If you look down upon your own brother in your heart, that's enough for Allah to consider you as an evil

00:25:00 --> 00:25:00

A person

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00:25:06 --> 00:25:13

Muslim Muslim every Muslim upon another Muslim haram on

00:25:15 --> 00:25:27

just like you don't drink alcohol just like you don't commit Zina just like we don't do all of these haram things. Your Muslim brother is haram on to you in terms of using any form of abuse towards him.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:37

Kulu Muslim in Al Muslim haram on demo,

00:25:38 --> 00:25:51

you can't kill him. It's not allowed. While Mr. Liu and his money wherever he, wherever the who and his honor, all of that is haram for you.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:21

Sometimes we may involve in this form of behavior, whether it is in the masjid or somewhere else. And we say we justified by saying, oh, medicine or moussaka. I was just joking, I was just joking. While I'm Zaha was just joking, I was just mocking isn't I'm not serious. This is joke.

00:26:23 --> 00:26:25

There is no joke in bullying.

00:26:26 --> 00:26:28

This type of behaviors is no joking around.

00:26:31 --> 00:26:33

The there's no type of joking around in this,

00:26:34 --> 00:26:36

this behavior is absolutely not acceptable.

00:26:44 --> 00:26:44

In the end,

00:26:45 --> 00:26:49

the official position of the fuqaha on this type of behavior

00:26:51 --> 00:26:57

is as follows. And I'm presenting this as what has happened in the past in our societies as Muslim societies.

00:26:58 --> 00:27:03

If a behavior of such was displayed, that that person was warned

00:27:04 --> 00:27:14

by the judge of that town as a Muslim judge, and if their behavior continued than the person was imprisoned, and impounded by all of his wealth.

00:27:15 --> 00:27:17

And if the behavior continued,

00:27:19 --> 00:27:33

then the judge even in extreme circumstances had in the past, if you read our books have passed judgments of execution for this behavior, it's a very high degree of a sin.

00:27:35 --> 00:27:59

Now coming to some practical tips as community number one, if you're bringing your kids here, you have to tell them that not every kid that is over here is going to be your friend, that's the reality of life, you're gonna get along with this, but not that. So sometimes a kid feel left out. That's the reality of life, Inshallah, we're hoping that we can create an environment that everybody can work with one another.

00:28:01 --> 00:28:02

Number two,

00:28:03 --> 00:28:22

as adults in this community, keep your eyes out, open your eyes, watch people, if you are 18. And above, keep your eyes open for these behaviors. Have a side conversation with that child, sometimes a conversation from a stranger can do a lot more benefit than that same conversation with the mother or the father.

00:28:24 --> 00:28:27

As they say, in the past, it takes a village to raise a kid.

00:28:28 --> 00:28:29

This is the village

00:28:31 --> 00:28:32


00:28:33 --> 00:28:50

I know initially, there was a, you know, we don't want the kids in the same hall with the men praying. But hamdulillah the regular Musa leaves. And after a lot of discussions, they have understood the value of most kids playing in praying with us in the masala that's one of the best ways that we can develop the next generation.

00:28:52 --> 00:29:03

It's not easy. Sometimes things can go out of hands. But they'd rather go out of hands in the masala where we can control things. But then when they go out of hands when everything is out of control for us.

00:29:06 --> 00:29:13

Another thing we can do as a community is to talk about awareness of these situations. That was what I'm doing insha Allah today.

00:29:15 --> 00:29:27

Now for those of you that are not aware, there was a few incidents over here and hamdulillah as a board as myself, we're taking things very seriously about this because this is not an acceptable behavior in any place specially in the house of Allah.

00:29:30 --> 00:29:56

So we had numerous meetings about that. In a couple of minutes, you're going to have brother Suraj and his other brother here. He's not here. Okay. So Brother said I just wanted to come and he's going to speak to you guys about a few things that they're up to. And they're planning in sha Allah to make sure that we can have the space safer for everyone in sha Allah. In the end, I want to also talk to the younger kids, all of you

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

ever yes, you're younger

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00:30:01 --> 00:30:09

yes, you are, you are the one I'm talking about. Focus on you in sha Allah. So all the young kids that are here,

00:30:10 --> 00:30:11

we are all here.

00:30:12 --> 00:30:55

So that we can learn, enjoy some time, have some nice pizza, right? And we want to give that same love and care to everybody that is there. So if you see some girl or some guy that are not mixing with you, they're sitting alone, they're not talking to anybody, the best thing you can do is go and talk to him, Be friends with him. Rather than leaving that person, the kid alone, there could be somebody who's new for the first time they don't know this face. So you get the chance and the honor to show them the house of Allah. You show them it's like, no, let me show you the basketball court. Let me show you the bathroom. Let me show you where you make will do and maybe you can slip. You

00:30:55 --> 00:31:16

know, like, let me show you all these things. But you look at somebody who's not playing with you, a good Muslim, and we see that we say, Hey, let's go and talk to this brother. He's alone. Let's go and talk to this young girl. She's alone, she's new, she's maybe scared. She doesn't have friends. Maybe it's her first time. Maybe it's his first time. So we don't leave them alone. We take care of them.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:26

Promise, everyone. So when we have new people coming in, I want all of you young people to go. And if there's a young kid, go and hug him.

00:31:28 --> 00:31:33

The new kid go and hug him. He should feel so much love that he feels like oh my god, there's too much love for one day.

00:31:35 --> 00:32:10

Okay, I'm gonna end with two comments, and then I will give it to brother Suraj. So when it comes to serving the food, I want to address this. So there are brothers and the sisters, they're wearing green vests. And the idea is there is a system there's a plan. These brothers and sisters have spent time creating a plan they execute a plan. I know that some brothers and sisters may feel the urge to help. But that doesn't help because that interferes with the process and the plan.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:45

So the general request is unless and until you are requested to help, do not offer your help. Now if you want to help for the next week, then find anybody that is wearing a green vest and you can go and tell them that I would like to be part of helping next week. So we can add your name to the volunteer group and then you can be assigned a specific task so that there is no disruption of chain of commands. Right over here. You have brother Murad who's leading over there you have sister Fatima who's leading but at The Mirage Identify yourself

00:32:47 --> 00:32:54

like brother Minaj over there mashallah, he looks so young mashallah happy to see shadows at the end

00:32:56 --> 00:33:25

of uni who's active Oh, that's interesting. His wife is not here right? So you can see that sister Faulkner where are you? I can't hear. Okay. Sisters look at back that sister Fatma she is the lead over here. So if you want to help for next week if any of the young girls want to help we're more than happy to take you in make you part of that team but you have to speak to somebody that is wearing those green vests so that they can do it in a systematic manner brother said I just want to come up Charla?

00:33:54 --> 00:34:05

I think I'll remove my shoulders, I could locate you covered everything. I don't have a whole lot to add. Except the fact that I hope we all understand that. Since since the inception of this masjid,

00:34:06 --> 00:34:27

we have one top priority. Right? If it has not been your priority until now it should be going forward which is our kids. And when we say kids, we are looking at the whole child, right we're looking at their physical well being, their safety, the security, giving them a safe environment, their emotional well being all of that the the the whole child.

00:34:28 --> 00:34:45

Now primarily, like the sheriff said the responsibility of a child rests with the parents. And among the parents if I'm not mistaken, it's with the Father. Right but outside of that, like the chef said, it takes an entire community to raise children right.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

Couple of behaviors that I've seen as a parent I've my children grew up here. They have three kids Mashallah. They practically you know, they were very young when we came to the community they grew up here. Couple of things I've seen myself is we have a

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

Two extremes in terms of behaviors in the community, right? On one extreme, if we, let's say my child,

00:35:09 --> 00:35:14

he is for the most part well behaved, but let's assume that he is seen doing something which he is not supposed to be doing.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:50

Community members look at them, and they are completely indifferent. That's one extreme, they're indifferent. They don't engage, they don't tell me about it. And in my eyes, my child remains in my perception, a well behaved child, so I don't have any action to take to rectify his behavior, right. On the other extreme, there is over involvement, where people are hovering over other killed children, they're, they're watching them, they're sort of stalking them, what kind of apps you have in a phone, you don't even have the age to have Instagram on your phone, well, that's, that's too much involvement, we got to find a middle ground, we have to find a ground where we stay connected

00:35:50 --> 00:35:55

involved, the right behaviors would be if I if my child is seen doing something wrong, I would

00:35:58 --> 00:36:34

I would expect the community members to come to me and let me know your child was doing something which is inappropriate, so that I can take action number one, and second. Don't be judgmental about the child because that one behavior doesn't define the child, it doesn't define the family doesn't doesn't define the parents, right? So instead of passing judgment, talk to the parents because we all have a common goal, which is to resolve the issue, right? We don't want to escalate the issue, we want to resolve the issue. So you approach the parent, you take the right action. Second, you don't go around and talk with the other kids or other parents saying

00:36:35 --> 00:36:49

that brother mashallah he has a beard and everything he teaches Halawa with the little kids, I think you must start with this with this family because look at his own children, right. So that kind of gossip doesn't help anybody. It just spreads, Ill Will in the community, right? So.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:26

And on the other side, if a community member comes to me and says, I've seen your children doing certain things they shouldn't be doing, they were using foul language, or they were bullying somebody or whatever. It's upon me as a father, who's genuinely interested in the well being the proper upbringing of my child to be receptive of that feedback. Instead of defending my child without even knowing the reality, you know, you got my trial wrong, he's not here. He's never done that. I cannot believe he's doing this. You have no right to speak about my child. That's wrong behavior. Right? the right behavior for us is, thank you. Excuse me, thank you for letting me know

00:37:26 --> 00:37:30

this, like Alafaya. I look into it. Right. And if somebody was hurt or offended,

00:37:31 --> 00:37:57

I take the responsibility for my child, reach out to the Father to the parent and apologize and try to make things right, right. Make amends. Now, that being said, since the the topic was broached on the group chat, we have taken a couple of actions, which is the reason I'm mentioning that is to emphasize that the board is seriously invested in the the kid the overall upbringing of our children in the community right.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:37

Within about, I think 30 minutes of the topic being being broken at the board members reached out to the parent to understand what had happened so that we could get to the know the root cause so we could understand how we can fix the issue at hand. Second, we reached out to the parents, since a couple of parents brought the topic up, that their children were bullied and we're model one of them was hazed even. So we want to appreciate the parents for agreeing to talk to us to share the concerns with us we had a very candid conversation, mashallah and amazing suggestions came out of that discussion. The board will take those discard the suggestion seriously and inshallah we'll work

00:38:37 --> 00:39:17

on them, we'll come up with a plan to provide a structure where we can now address these issues with bringing in professionals even right we as a matter of fact, instead of me talking to you right now, we had engaged the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office for one of the deputies to come and talk to us about how to address bullying as at an individual level and at a community level. But unfortunately, they had some conflicts so we couldn't make it inshallah one of these Fridays we'll we'll bring them in. We also have plans to reach out to psychologist counseling experts so they can come and talk to us and have a panel discussion, right to address your concerns or questions because I can understand

00:39:18 --> 00:39:42

one of the reasons why parents may not get involved is you know, they don't know what their legal rights are if I go touch this child am I gonna get in trouble right is this child on a reported with the father may get angry them I don't know. I might get into legal trouble. So there are proper channels of handling everything we want to be aware of what those avenues are and bring in professional help are needed to to address these things inshallah So finally, before I conclude, I want to say

00:39:44 --> 00:39:59

if you see something, please raise your voice please let us know you have access to Imam mashallah you can reach out to him you can reach out to the board. The email addresses are all on the website. If you want to reach out to any of the individual board members the email addresses are there but if you want to collectively reach out to the entire board board at master

00:40:00 --> 00:40:14

Trump's dot com we will definitely look into all of these issues because anything to do with harassment, not just bullying but any kind of harassment. These matters are close to our heart it's a priority for us and those will be addressed in a proper manner inshallah.

00:40:21 --> 00:40:22

I'll let you do it

00:40:38 --> 00:40:44

okay Smilla So, are the teams ready? Are the teams on the sister side ready,

00:40:45 --> 00:41:23

sister as you guys are ready, okay, so you know the drill, everybody is going to stand up before you do that, I'm going to do the dua after the DUA, everyone's going to stand up and you're going to be either on this wall or towards the partition so that they can run those plastic wraps on the ground, food will be served to you so you will find your spot you're going to sit if one of the brothers can bring the extra up or as you know, we're putting the kids here so there's gonna be a sofa for the kids here in the front. So the kids will all the young kids are going to move up you will have sofa over here all the pizzas are going to be given to you all the kids girls on this side guys on this

00:41:23 --> 00:41:58

side, but we'll finish with the ending DUA and afterwards when I asked you guys all to stand up you can stand up and head towards those corners inshallah Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was like me he was telling him to see him in cathedra or Vedic Allahumma Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad gamma Baraka, Allah Ibrahim, while Ali Ibrahim and Naka Homido Majeed, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada that he protects every single one of us over here. We asked Allah that He grants us the ability to stand up for Hawk and when we look at it any injustices that we use hikma and wisdom to solve that, we ask that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada protects every children that every child that is over

00:41:58 --> 00:42:32

here, and the interest of their child and the Eman and we ask that every single one of us that is in this room that Allah subhanaw taala keeps our children on EMA and Ina, yo mil pm at the IRA. But I mean, we ask that Allah subhanaw taala allows us to connect with the Quran in the way that it changes our hearts and it changes our actions and character. And we ask that any shortcomings that we have or Allah we are your imperfect servants, that Allah forgives all of that, and grants us the baraka of little efforts that we put in in our lives and does not hold us accountable for the shortcomings that we have acquired only had our stuff that Hola Hola Hola, como Lisa in Muslimeen.

00:42:32 --> 00:42:51

First of Euro final affordable and if I can ask everybody to stand up on this wall or to the partition and all the kids move up and on the green side, all the kids on the green, all the kids that are under 13 Come on the green, everybody come on the green, they're going to put that so far for you.

00:42:53 --> 00:42:56

Okay, this way, all the way from there, I've Jodha

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