Flexibility in the Islamic Jurisprudence – Reminders and Reflections

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AI: Summary © The importance of flexibility in Islamicatt is discussed, where hedges are not just a reflection of one's personality but also the flexibility of the hedge. The speaker emphasizes the need for flexibility in personal behavior and honesty in business, as well as avoiding restrictions on sensitive topics and showing commitment to hedging. The speaker also highlights the importance of flexibility in business and personal behavior, as well as honesty in personal life.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Just a quick comment on

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given that these are the days of Hajj

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one of the most beautiful displays that we see during Hajj is the notion of tayseer

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flexibility when it comes to Islamic jurisprudence,

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and you love this aspect about our deen

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and as they say, especially during the time of Hajj, you get to see this exhibited so beautifully, even though how does inherently difficult but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the deen they make it very, very easy.

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And in numerous places in the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala teh major Allah Allah confit didn't even how much that Allah Subhana Allah does not wish to impose undue restrictions on you. So that's just part of our deen is that it is flexible. There is flexibility in the deen so much so that Imams of Fianna theory Vic arriva Rollo prefer or lefty ha enamel Shaco rocks Ottoman fell off for in Dasha Duda your Sunoco Jamia. He said that jurisprudence the essence of jurisprudence is the ability to give a lenient opinion for rigidity and difficulty is something that is mastered by many, everybody can give you a difficult opinion everybody can give you a rigid opinion. But that's not

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jurisprudence, the essence of jurisprudence is to make people's life easy. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave the best example we said this this morning, that one of the most common statements that the Prophet peace be upon him made during Hadees if Angela Raj that people would come in and they will say prophet of Allah I did this but I did not do that I did this prior to this and the Prophet peace be upon him would say if I'll do it, Lucha Raj, there is going to be no undue restriction upon you.

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Will call you out when Marathi at AC H. A to hear menghai yarraka Taka DSRL like it said that one chord in quality character trait of this flexibility is when people are given choices. That is beautiful. You're giving choice? What kind of hedge Do you want to make? How long do you want to stay? How short or how this do you want your hedge to be? What type of a hedge Do you want to perform? And people they have the choice?

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And nowhere does it say one is better than the other? It's all about what suits you.

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What works better for your circumstances. And it is very important my brothers and my sister Subhan Allah as we have said before, mentors Euro Elmo, Allah in Colorado, woman out of LC lava, it has answered row. The more we know, the less critical we become.

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The more we know, the more tolerant we become. story says that this man gave His Son measurements he wanted a jacket so he took his measurement and and he sent the piece of clothes to the tailor with his son and he said tell the tailor that I want him to make a jacket with these measurements. So they listen you can come and pick it up after a week. A week passes by the son goes and picks up the jacket and he gives it to his dad and the dad puts it on and it does not fit. And that was just absolutely upset. So he decides to pay the tailor a visit and he said look, the jacket does not treat despite the fact that I gave you exact measurements. So the tailor said go ahead and put it

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and put it on sorry. So they said go ahead and put it on. So the father put it on and surely it did not fit.

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And the tailor immediately said ha I know what the problem is. What's the problem?

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So do you need to take off your old jacket

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said you need to take off your old jacket. Sometimes what happens is that we know one thing and we think that one thing that we know is the only truth and it is the ultimate truth. That is difficult my brothers and sisters so much so that Subhanallah shellfishing Gupta in his book at what is beyond. He speaks about the different opinions regarding hedge so much so he said it is almost

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just impossible to invalidate somebody's hatch. Like that is how much flexibility there is in the there is in the team. Especially when that end flexibility is self induced. There is no appreciation for that. This morning we told the story of this man

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earlier to however in early July, so this old man he was walking around in Hajj and the prophets of Allah Allah insulin being held by two young men, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what what is what is going on with this method call ya rasool Allah He NESARA and you heard Gemma Sheehan he made a vow that he is going to make his entire hedge on foot.

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Now Oh Masha Allah what kind of dedication Masha Allah look at the commitment, despite the fact that his prophets Eliasson didn't buy any of this. He did not buy any of this, despite the fact that it looks good, but it is inherently not good. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Well, now you have Allah Allah who will be hurt. How does Allah benefit from this person bringing misery onto himself? How? You're an elderly person? Allah has given you permission not to do Hajj this way. Why do you bring this undue restriction upon you? So the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam said, Morrow who fill your cup? Just go tell him to get something to write on over what will happen to the

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vow, what happened to that commitment? Now, all of that stuff is pointless, especially when people think I am about to do something better than what Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam brought, that is a difficulty. Last point, unfortunately, sometimes, we show flexibility where we need to be rigid, and we show rigidity where we need to be flexible. And that is a sign of immaturity. I think I told you the story of the Muslim businessman who went to China, and they wanted something to be made in China. And the factory owner wanted to you know, honor his guests because he wants their business and he had this big huge banquet held for them all kinds of meat and as soon as they saw

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the meat they said, can eat that meat you guys are not Muslims, you're not Christians, you're not just we can be cannot eat that meat. And the man panics. This is like all the good meat of expensive meat. So very quickly, his wife you know, bring something else and they eat. The man is feeling very bad. Now it was time to talk business. So they told him that we want you to make one two and three. He said No problem. I can make it and then they said but we have one final request. Please on the label do not say made in China say made in Germany.

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So he looked at them and he said, Wait a minute. So your religion is not okay with you eating the meat, but somehow your religion is okay with this. So now what happened is sometimes Oui, oui, oui, oui practice flexibility, where we need to be rigid. When it comes to matters of honesty, matters of transparency, matters of people, right? Man, there is no flexibility there. You've got to be rigid, you've got to be fundamentalist, you cannot be you cannot be a modern you know, you cannot be a modern No, no, no, in these places, you need to be absolutely positively rigid, no flexibility. In other areas, where there is room, we be flexible, but we become rigid, where we need to be flexible.

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And we become flexible, where we need to be rigid, and that becomes a sign of immaturity.

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So as we remember the Hajj part of what we remember also is how easy this deen is. And what is most beautiful is that we have a religion, where religiosity, the one that is taught by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is actually is what we call sustainable. You know you're practicing the deed in such a way that is actually sustainable. What is that way? The way of Muhammad's Allah Allah, Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah increases in understanding of the law. So Allah Allah, Allah say