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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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sisters understand that your marking class is not a reflection of your rank before Allah, that's very important.

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A person could get zero, but with Allah azza wa jal, they have Taqwa. And they're from the mercy. No, that's really what counts. It's not your rank in the dunya. It's your rank in the hereafter. That's the most important thing. So, like I said, even even when you do get things wrong, at least now you know the answer. At least now you know the answer, and it's all a learning process. And that's life for you.

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And also sisters, it's not about what's in the mind. What counts?

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Well, hosts dilemma is sudo, Allah tala said, on the day of judgment, that's what's going to come out what's in the heart, not Scylla macular hole.

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And what counts is the heart if that is correct, and that is sound, the whole body is sound, as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us, because for example, let's just say we had a test about smoking, you know, and a sister comes in, she does a test, she knows all the answers workings, how it causes lung cancer, heart disease, very bad for you. 100%, she walks out of the test, she goes, that was a tough test.

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What took over how demand

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know her she knew everything.

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The heart, her desires took over. So it's not about getting 100%, as we said earlier, and Alhamdulillah, you've succeeded, it's about implementing that. And making sure that the heart is is correct and not corrupted. Because if the hardest corrupt, the whole body is corrupt, that's very important. A lot of people think it's about the mind. No, it's about the heart. In Islam, a person is judged regarding what's in the heart. And of course, that will come out on the limbs naturally. We don't just say a man is in the heart only. As we've given many examples of the seed. When you plant a seed, and you don't get any fruits, you don't get a plan. What's the problem? There's either

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no seed or the city's barren or doesn't this corrupted somehow. Likewise with a man, if a person doesn't have any actions, because they're the fruits of human, it's either they have no man or the man is corrupt. So next time you hear a sister tell you, I don't have to wear hijab, I've got a good heart. I don't have to pray and after fast My heart is good. Allah knows me know, because if your heart was truly pure, it will show on the limbs. Because true Eman is proven on the limbs and not only on the lips.

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And you know, for example, a person who, like we said it's not about the body either. You know, you can have a bodybuilder to America like and bench 200 kilos. You tell him that his son has just passed away who dropped to his knees. His strong legs couldn't hold him.

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It's your Eman. It's your strength of Eman and taqwa. You know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He's in his 50s. And he's praying almost the entire night pm will leave.

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You have bodybuilders today, who can bench us with 200 kilos. But at the time, they can't lift a one kilogram blanket off their body. It's too hard.

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Do you 100 kilos in the gym? one kilogram blanket if I just don't count lifted? Who's stronger?

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The one who can lift that blanket at a time online? That's the strong person. So let's remember those things in Charlottetown. Okay, let's start. Let's continue with introduction to Quranic sciences. Where did we leave off last sisters?

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I believe we discuss the linguistic definition of why is that right?

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And the Islamic good. We're going to continue with the Islamic definition today.

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So as I said from each lesson in sha Allah tala, here on in, we're going to write the objectives of each lesson on the top left hand side of the board.

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By the way, these tests are good because it shows you where you need to improve and where you are excelling. It's good. So some sisters did really well in sila. Some sisters did really well, how do you so perhaps maybe in the future, you find that your strength is Hadeeth, maybe you find your strength is poor. And maybe shortly you can become a teacher in that field. And we need shanghart we need alamat we need female teachers. You know, we would prefer to have a sister here, teacher, we want that. But unfortunately, we can't find as many as we'd like. And when we do find they're busy in doing other things. So we want as many female teachers there's nothing wrong with that I shadowed

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Yolanda. She was the female scholar of this oma and she is she ranks number four in the most prolific narrators of ahaadeeth over 2200 ahaadeeth. And if it wasn't for our issue, this many things we would not have known. For example, what to do in terms of you know, intimate relations between husband and wife. There's many a hadith

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came from her. And to Vatican law, she had a lot of understanding and she was extremely intelligent. And she was a mature woman, not a naive, young little girl, as the West make it out to be, how can the Prophet Mohammed marry Ayesha when she was young? But no, if we to look into her life, we'll see that she was actually extremely mature and intelligent. In Islam. Marriage is not based on age, it's based on maturity. That's what it's based on. If a young girl is mature, she now can decide if she wants to get married. Of course with her, Well, he will his permission, she can get married. So that's what it's based on. On hamdulillah

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who wouldn't marry their young daughter off to the Prophet Mohammed? My daughter at the moment is six. And to Bella Kalani, if I had the opportunity, of course, or marry her off to the Prophet Mohammed who wouldn't so and by the way, with all the accusations that Qureshi had against us, Allah, they never called him a pedophile. Never. Why

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it was normal was accepted as based on the norm back then. So they never said that they never said that. And we know that the fight of course, we're looking for any excuse to harm the reputation of Rasul Allah. And that was a norm back then. And by the way, even in western countries today, they can't even agree to the legal age of marriage. They can't it differs from state to state. Now you could get married in one state in America, and you go on your honeymoon in the next day, you could get locked up.

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So they can't even agree hamdulillah Sharia, we have a consensus. So let's quickly revise last lesson, where we discussed the linguistic definition of why when we say why

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a lot of people believe it's only the Quran revelation, but it's not limited and restricted to that. Why linguistically, we said has three meanings. Number one, we said lm to inform

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how they can remember quickly,

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and it's hidden. Firstly, linguistically, we're talking about linguistic definition of why.

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So any type of information that is given quickly and in a hidden fashion, that type of way, and we gave many examples, I believe we mentioned five last week, we said number one animal instinct, Allah tala said, Well, I'll have a book and then Allah inspired the B It's a type of way doesn't mean the bees are profits. We said why he's not restricted to Revelation. And it definitely Amina G. Bailey Buta that they actually make holmesian and habitations in mountains. That's the linguistic definition of why another example was inspiration and motherly intuition like the example of the mother of masa. What's another example?

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Correct when the devil's inspire, and they cast what's worse into the hearts and minds of mankind?

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Allah tala says we're in a shell Tina liahona illa Olia him, Shelton. laon say that what you hone from why they inspire their allies. And that's led us with Sophie, so during us when you get those requests, that's a form of why.

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Another example?

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Yes, intuition good. It's like a hunch. It's called the lamb in Arabic, you know, sister called the lamb. That's what her name means. It's a type of it's a form of why it's like an inspiration from Alabama. And we gave another example.

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And that's number five. That's where we left off. We said a linguistic example and an Islamic definition of why he is the process of Revelation.

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That is the Islamic definition of why.

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Yes, good. Correct.

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So the Islamic definition of why

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we said there's two things you need to remember. Number one, it's the process of Revelation.

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the revelation itself, good. shala.

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So the revelation itself is called White. So the code is called White, but the process in which Allah reveals the inspiration, that's also why, and that's all in your notes, I believe, page 16.

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The Islamic definition of white now is the sooner why.

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Yes, good. So that revelation itself called an

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and sooner Why do people believe only the Quran is a revelation? What the Prophet said, Now you don't have to take it no rubbish. Allah Allah said about orsola Why am I on the panel? Haha. He does not speak from desire in Hawaii. Illa Why don't you have everything he says it's a revelation in spite on team. Everything he says about the release.

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Everything is white, therefore, is the Quran and the Sunnah on the same level of authority. Yes, absolutely. A lot of people say no, the Quran is higher wrong, talking about authority, authority.

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That's right. For example, He cursed particular people like the men who imitate women and women who imitate men. That's a hadith so that you take it as the same level of authority as though Allah said, authority but we're not talking about sacredness sacred there's no doubt the Quran as we said, it's it's got particular shot, I rulings, like you can't recite it when you're in a state of Geneva. But you can recite the ahaadeeth so we're not talking about holiness and sacredness, we're just talking about authority. If Rasulullah said it, it's as if Allah said

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exactly good. That's right and it's common sense the Quran tells you what a masala but doesn't tell you go into the court like this and say so panel will be allowed in three times and you go up into semi law and then you go down into the such that on seven body parts, as the Hadith says. So the Sunnah, is not given in detail in the Quran. Allah tala says give us a car. But it doesn't give you every single detail about what you have to pay the cow and what you don't have to pay the con. So all the details come in the sooner. So you find the Quran at times gives details, but generally it's more general general rules and rulings. So that's the Islamic definition of why press is a

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revelation and the revelation itself.

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So we're up to the method of way to the prophets on page 16.

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So there's many methods in which the prophets and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam would receive why there's directly and indirectly

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give an example of each

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directly would be what

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dreams that the Prophet Mohammed would see your dream and the dreams of the prophets are true dreams. They are revelation. So that's an example of direct. Why also, direct conversations behind a hijab. hijab literally means veil. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on the night of El Islamic Mirage, when he went up to the heavens, he communicated with Allah directly. That was he was receiving way directly and there's only a veil between him and Allah has a budget. So dreams

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and conversation between him and a lot.

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Yes, directly so Musashi Salam spoke to Allah directly. And Mohammed Allah subhanaw taala directly. They're both calima la Colima la means Allah spoke to him directly. So that's an honor given to more salicylic and Mohammed Salah Salim

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an example of indirect why would be, by the way of

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gibreel Ali Salaam, the angel indirectly via the angel debris, and that is of many types. Now. Question.

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Did Miriam Ali Salaam receive the angel? She did. And the angel gave her the glad tidings of eisah that micro profit.

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But we just said by the angel.

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Correct. She's not a prophet. We say she's not a prophet. prophets are only men. Why? Although Abel has been one of the great scholars of the past, he said that many Amalia Selim is an obeah, a female prophet because she received the angels. We don't adopt this opinion. Because Allah tala said women are selling them in public illa regionalen No, he like him. We have not sent before you except men return to whom we reveal. So the way of prophethood only comes to the men. So what she received, although it was a communication of the angel, there was a type of kurama

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Yes, we say Allah has Salam as well that's right. And even though we say Allah His Salaam for jabril Ali Salam doesn't necessarily mean they're a profit. Because we say that for God then that came in handy. So we say Dublin alehissalaam.

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That is sort of Joseph i a 109.

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Or my other son named Larry geralyn. No, hey, Elaine, Sir Joseph,

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a 109.

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So that shows that the prophethood is only with the men with women.

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Because men and women have different roles. So we're not saying that in the sight of Allah that women are beneath men, no. Men and women have different roles. That is it. And you know, for example, in a soccer team, you have the goalkeeper and you have the striker. Now if you switch the roles, what's going to happen?

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You lose for sure you fail. Likewise, in our community, men have a role. Women have a role. If we switch the roles men do what women do, try and have babies, and women try to do what men do, then we're going to fail. Women and men heroes, you can do that in Hollywood only where the men have babies by changing the creation of Allah. So as we can see, it's not a means of saying that they are subservient to men. No, but rather, everyone has a role to play. Everyone has a role to play. Thus, Prophethood is amongst the men. The fact that the angels came to marry him doesn't mean she's a prophet.

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What we'll do, we'll stop there.

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Therefore, we can have 10 minutes for q&a, inshallah, Tada.

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As we said, it's 15 minutes because of the 40 minute teaching time and 10 minute q&a. And of course, you've already had your break, I hope. Okay. hamdulillah.

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And, by the way, the word Nabhi, Nabhi.

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In Arabic,

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whatever when I come from

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They said never good answer. Santi. It came from never.

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What's never Yeah, good, not just news. Great news. What's the difference between number and hover?

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hover? hover is news. It's not great. For example, if I said today, we're closing at 3pm. That's just news. That's how about, but never would be awesome. Huge, colossal news. For example, say the Muslims were victorious overseas. Well, hamdulillah. That's great news. So when the prophet SAW Selim came with the wife from a large great news about Jenna paradise, the Hereafter, it's great news. So never is great news. awesome news. I made the sat alone.

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And he never allowed him. So that's where the word nubby came from, from Nevada, originally, it's actually gonna be it's gonna be the original word. So if you were to hear a shake, who knows karate wash, these are different forms of reciting the Quran. It's called karate wash. And if he gets to the area, well, what Allah says, Yeah, maybe he would say, Yeah, maybe.

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Yeah, yeah, maybe. So if you have a hero chef who is reciting karate watch, and he gets to that if you hit a beat. And so you shouldn't say I made a mistake. He doesn't even have to recite some, some brothers. Do you know they're preying upon Allah? Even though he

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doesn't even know? No, Danny, that's how some brothers are. They're so ignorant. You know that they think the chef's making mistake. No, it's a different recital that's allowed. That's where the word and that being came from. So that's what it means. Yes.

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You need to know the linguistic definition in terms of those three things. Another new next quiz is next term.

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Yeah, it is. No, those three things and perhaps you know, the Islamic definition, but you don't need to know every single example of the linguistic examples from why not just know, linguistically what is why those three things it's to give information quickly, and hidden. So we'll stop then inshallah. We'll take any questions.