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“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed upon those before you in order that you may attain taqwaa [in general, it means ‘God consciousness,’ ‘God awareness,’ ‘fear of God,’ and so on].” [Soorah al-Baqarah (2):183]

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah vida adding he will stop being a woman Why that?

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Allah subhana wa tada poses in the Quran about Ramadan

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and alarm Eliza begins the verses that we hear and we recite every Ramadan and everybody's familiar with well where Eliza does says, yeah you had an idea Am I know is one of the companions well the Alo Donna Henri said when Eliza did says yeah you have levina ammonoids Oh you believe

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me that you should pay attention Hey believer

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pay attention for him higher on mute Model B because what's going to happen next what a lot is gonna say next is either going to be some fair some goodness that you are going to be encouraging commanded to do, or it's going to be something bad shutter on you. Or it's going to be something that that Allah is going to forbid you from not going towards it but pay attention. Yeah, you have been

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quoted on a Muslim Sam kanak with

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Eliza just says yeah you and Edina M and o katiba. It's already written and it's already far it's been decreed and determine that you will fast could evaluate camassia that you could evaluate from ocm cannot put the violin the venum in public just like Allah made it compulsory and obligated or informed upon the people that came before you that Allah contest upon the perhaps you would achieve cuppa or so that you will achieve taqwa one of this one of these brothers, he converted to Islam. And he was at a gathering there was many different principles. Some schools they gathered together, and it was in Ramadan time. So they're offering hors d'oeuvres. And the brother declined eating from

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the food. And then someone from one of the the schools, the religious schools all mentioned which religion. But he came up to him and he said, I know why you didn't eat that food. He said it's because it's Ramadan, and you're fasting, aren't you? And the brother said, Yes, I am. And in fact, this brother converted from this man's religion before. And then he said, This man, these are religious men. He said, in his words, quote, unquote, Subhana Allah.

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He said, religion, fasting is such a noble thing to do. It's too bad. Our religion has changed it over the years. Because if you look in these different religions, that they have something similar to fasting, something similar. They'll eat drink juice, and you know, but won't drink, you know, Pepsi or something like that, well, they're fasting, or they're eat this and not eat that they have some remnants of it, but it changes over the years. And Subhanallah when you see people criticizing Islam today, this is what it's a criticism. But I said that what a beautiful criticism. They say that this lamb that is practiced today is the same Islam as it was practiced 1400 years ago.

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And they're actually thinking this is a bad thing.

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And I said, Han Allah, in their own words, those are criticizing. This is exactly what we want, that we practice the Islam that the prophets have a lot incident showed us and guided us to 1400 years ago said Allahu Allah, He will send them

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in these verses of, of Ramadan.

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And speaking about Shahada Ramadan, the month in which the Quran was revealed, there's a verse that comes in between the verse that many are familiar with shadow Ramadan, Allah groomzilla feel for and then afterwards about two verses later, there's another verse that speaks again about having to fast up to the certain time and so on and so forth. Right in the middle of these verses, Allah subhanaw taala says, what he said,

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Connie? Well, last kind of data says, and if my servant asks about me, then let him know that I am here. Luigi Buddha, what the

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last kind of data says, I will answer

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the draw of the person if he makes draw, if he or she makes less on data is going to answer it and the less amount of data when when the people that asked me

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The Prophet said a lot about Eliza gel Eliza, I'm near Fuji Buddha with the dowry is that when a person makes to Allah Subhana Allah answers that dog.

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He that diamond, if he makes dog, if he or she makes a dog, then Allah answer the door. Now you've made the right people make God for the goodness of this life in the hereafter not only for the dunya but from the dunya and the athleta making God in this job Allah subhanaw taala is going to answer it no matter what either you make do offer something you say Oh Allah blessed me with

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this Ramadan blessing me with the Cadillac Escalades. I love it so much, it's my heart's joy give me from the goodness in this life in the hereafter. and protecting from alpha you know, you made

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less money with this car you're either going to have to you know, you make the dot you're either going to get the car, this is number one. So your next drama when people see you, Hey, where'd you get this car from? You're like Ramadan.

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Ramadan, here it is nice, nice person outside, or Allah subhanaw taala is gonna give you something better than his. So instead of a Cadillac Escalade, you get what?

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A BMW X five or something like that. Right? So it's like, No, I didn't get the S I got the BMW instead. Or Allah subhanaw taala protects you from some harm, maybe a larger The nose is not good for you to get this this type of car, maybe there's some Allah subhanaw taala protect you from something. So maybe some big calamity was about to happen, some great harm was about to take place. And the last kind of data didn't give you this but he gave you that instead. So maybe Allah subhanaw taala blessed you with something else. Now let's imagine that someone let's say a woman, she may draw all love bless me with children. And her whole life. She never lost hope in that draw. She

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never gave up. She always made God to Allah subhanaw taala Allah bless me with the children. She's either gonna get the child, or lots of hanadarko bless her with something else, or protected for some calamity. But let's just say she had a very difficult life. And then she went to the hereafter she was never blessed in this dunya with a child. What is waiting for her in the hereafter. Amina, who was patient all this time what's waiting for in the Hereafter is a province that a lot of cinemas said that the person will come on the Day of Resurrection to see all this reward. And this they can't imagine Yeah, don't be I didn't do these actions. How can I have this much reward?

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And the response to that person that the this reward that you see, these are the dogs that weren't answered in the dunya that Allah Subhana tada saved them for you for the afternoon. And here they are, when the person on the other sees this, they'll wish that none of their daughter answered in the dunya none of their drowns in the dunya so that he would have the reward in the hereafter. What does it cost you to make dog? What does it cost you?

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How, what does it cost you? Nothing. Okay, it costs nothing, right? Zero. Here's another question, how much does it cost you to make a good intention?

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How difficult and how costly is it to make a good intention? I have the good intention to you know, do sets and sets to get set up. I have the good intention to build them as soon as I have the good intention to and you make the intention. How does it cost anything? No. What is this award of making a good intention? What's the reward?

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You know, you know the know.

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What's the reward of making good intention? This is this is not a one on one.

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If you make a good intention, what reward you get?

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Yes, someone would like to answer the question.

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You get one Hasina.

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One has enough.

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So what else? Yes.

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Okay, great. That's exactly the right answer. Rather, if someone was decided to give you a high five muscle that was awesome. Okay, pay attention, pay attention, Islam one on one. If you make an intention to do good, you get the reward as if you did it. That is the reward of Allah subhanaw taala. It's written in your in your list of good deeds, that if you make the good intention, Allah subhanaw taala writes that you did it. And what happens if you actually do it?

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You get 10 times the reward.

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So when you pray

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Salah, you get 10 times the rule because you've actually you know, you have made the intention and then you do this 10 times the reward everything that you do every good deed, you made the intention, you do it, make the good deed and do it, you're getting 10 times the reward. Now I'm asking you this, what's stopping you from accumulating all this good deeds, what's stopping, only that the person hasn't made this, their intention to get a job like this, they usually don't sit back and make good intentions too much. And so all this reward is as simple as you connecting with your heart and making the intentions and I remember I gave this lecture last year, this is Ramadan was starting

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in California, Los Angeles. And I said, Hey, man, you missed it. It was full. It was the first day of Ramadan. And I said, Imagine that everybody in the master right now, you made the biggest intention. You'd say, Oh, well, I want to I want to establish 1000 massages in North America, someone else says, I want to donate $1 billion to someone else says that I want to you know, guide all these people back to Alaska, if everybody made good intention at that high level. And only 10% of the people in the message actually did what they intended to do, what would happen to the community? I would say what if 1% if everybody's making those type of intentions, and they

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consistently are always focused on let's make good intention. Let's make good intention is my contention. The problem is that as soon as you start making good intention, someone comes to you and says, that'll never work. Don't even bother. your intentions have to be sincere, so only makes more unrealistic intent, realistic and vengeance they could never possibly have or something like that. And everything gets deflated. And there's not this attitude of moving forward. Now, if you look at the Sahaba, or the alohar. And more interestingly, I could tell you the story of the Battle of bedeutet. And what happened in better and the great victory that Allah subhanaw taala gave to the

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believers and all the you know, the chiefs of Mecca that were killed in bed and Allah Subhana Allah gave victory to his prophets of Allah hard to send them and then they come back to Medina and what is it?

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because the Battle of better took place in Ramadan. And a lot of people they forget that this was the case that these are the targets. This is what the believers were doing their Shahada cm was coming. And they're standing in the front lines protecting the deen as the province that ally said him said on in that in that battle said Oh Allah if this army is destroyed today that you won't be worshipped on on Earth. That's it this is these are the Muslims and the lesson pentatonic granted victory to them. This is how they spent their Ramallah this is what they were doing with it. The title of tonight is towards an unforgettable Ramadan. It's very interesting title. I was just like,

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let's do a lecture on how to prepare for Ramadan. It's kind of like a little shallow, right? So Shabak man said know how to have an unforgettable Ramadan. Sounds nice. And interestingly, because he told me in the lecture topic was changed, I actually changed the material based on the higher standard that was placed for the lecture, the material was actually changed. So here's what I want you to tell you right from the beginning. What is your goal for Ramadan? What do you want to achieve? How do you get an unforgettable Ramadan?

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A lot of people The answer is,

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I don't know. I never thought about it.

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This is the typical answer. What's your goal for Ramadan? inshallah, you know, I'm planning to sit down and write it out one day, maybe like the 27th night of Ramadan, I'll start doing it. Right. If you don't have it in mind, just imagine this is so illogical to get into a vehicle and not have a destination to go to the airport. And they say, Where are you traveling today, sir? And you're like, you know, I really haven't thought about it. I'm waiting for the 27th night of Ramadan to start thinking about where I actually want to journey.

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And by that time I move on over. And interestingly, this is one of those interestingly, there are two times in Ramadan when the message is packed.

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The beginning of Ramadan, and the end of Ramadan. These are the two times in which the message is full. Maybe not the exact day when the moon sighting everybody's like calling was it Ramadan tomorrow, that's, you know, that's packed. Yes. But the message is full on the first day of cutaway. People are testing you know, they're like, hey, it's Ramadan. They made some goal. They're coming for title. And then by there busy, things are a little tired. They thought it was a little bit too big last night and things so on and so forth. Then they come at the end of Ramadan and they're back again. It's a

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27 lighter and humble, I'm not saying anything like anybody's coming towards Good, that's great. But people who are listening to this lecture you want more for you want to raise your standards so that if you imagine that Ramadan was a marathon, who is it? Is it possible? You know, in a marathon, there are many people at the beginning of the marathon. And there are many people at the end of the marathon, who are those people, people who are there

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they are the spectators. They are the spectators stay with me, spectators, they just watching the action. They're the people who gather at the front to see everybody begin and they gather at the end to see what other people have done. The people in the middle are very few and those are the participants. Those are the people that all throughout the month they were early to them so they were reading Quran and everybody else was eating you know dessert and drinking tea and all of these things. They were saying you know, what is Ramadan time Ramadan is Sharon.

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Sharon upon which is the month of feeding, feeding the needy feeding the homeless feed feeding people giving sadaqa we just misunderstood it someone like flip the letters a little bit. And they said Ramadan is Shahada bomb.

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Ramadan is the month of food, that bomb and bomb if I'm used to feed people for our means to eat. So people, you know this, this little urbik mix up and it became a food festival. They say it's Ramadan, so we must eat better. And I just if you just speak to the sisters, there's this heightened pressure to increase the quality of food in Ramadan time you agree? You're probably the ones who are asking for this, hey, we were fasting, the quality standard of our meals has to go up a notch. What is this? Where's this? Where's this? Where's that? And then the person actually starts eating more in Ramadan, then outside of them a month is that the essence of Ramadan, going to dinner parties and

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listen that so on and so forth. Realize that the prophets of the Lord I sent him from asuna was there to Catherine Ramadan. What breaks Jackie calf going to dinner parties. I'm not saying that you can't go to dinner parties. But just so you understand that Ramadan is a month of a rather, it's a month of a burger. And in fact, in the month that the Prophet said a lot he sent them the last Ramadan that he was alive in some allamani was sent immediately or to get For how many days 20 he didn't have to get through the 20 days. And so the Prophet said a lot is said and you're looking at the whole month or more but he started at the calf 10 days into it.

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And so the month is focused on this type of very bad that a lot of people they come

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before him abundant excuses.

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And if you've ever heard me talking, you know I'm all about that excuses are just big ly. any excuse that you have to not do good deeds is just a lie. The person is tricking themselves, they actually can do the good deed, but there's just something some story that they're telling themselves. So let's say I have a list of these things. You tell a person it's encouraged to pray in the message every day. They'll say I can't do that again go to the message every day. But then Ramadan time comes how many times they come to the message. They come to the mission every day.

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A person might say all throughout the year. Let's get up. Let's pray for him. Pray Let's pray. You know the night prayer the person says I can't get up. I'm so tired. I have school tomorrow. I have work. I can't do that the Ramadan time comes what do they do? They pray every single night. They prepare and then the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Not only are they praying colloquia, they go home, they come back and there's family they go home because it's fetcher. There's like all this time they just keep going and coming and going and come and going and coming. Even though outside of Ramadan, maybe the whole year ago passed and they weren't able to get up a single night. A person might say

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that if I wake up 4pm Allah I'll get tired I won't be able to do it during the regular but Ramadan time comes and they dedicate and reallocate their time so that worshiping Allah is a priority and they're able to pull it off. A person might say during the year let's fast Mondays that's fast Thursdays oh no I have exams I can't do this Ramadan time comes they fast the whole month

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especially here in Canada I'm sure around the world. I can't live without my costume. I have to have two more steps of Starbucks after this after that. I can start the morning without it. Ramadan time comes no coffee, no addictions, none of this stuff. And for people who are addicted with

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or tested with cigarettes in Ramadan time does. I can stop smoking. Ramadan time comes and you know that smoking in Oman while you're fasting breaks or if smoking is when it goes into the body. If you didn't know this, you think it's just air but it's not just air. You're in

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Inhaling liquid like I don't know what kind of liquid is tar or whatever it is the liquid enters into your throat you inhale it it goes down is liquid it breaks your spot and breaks your fast and it's hot on and it's a major sin to break to break your fast like that and smoking would do that in Ramadan time the person does this in Ramadan person says I can't control my anger. Ramadan time comes in Nissan Nissan I'm fasting person says I don't have too much time to read the Quran maybe the whole year they read very little Ramadan time comes they finished the entire Quran. I can't wake up for fudger Ramadan time comes they wake up in the third portion of the night so they can eat

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supper and there's a great meal waiting for them inshallah, Tada.

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All of these things, Allah subhanaw taala says that Sam was made fun of upon you, La La Quinta tahune so that you will increase in your taqwa it's amazing cm and you see in

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in hajj time, Allah subhanaw taala takes things that are normally highlighted for you and makes them forbidden. So if you look in fasting eating is Hannah. But alas, Veronica says for this portion of the day, just so you understand allez Nam upon his blessing. Don't touch the food that I may have. But in this period of time, it's hot. And so the body is being trained to avoid the halal because Allah commanded it. So what about after Ramadan?

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Then they understand that they avoid the harm if you look in hardstyle in hightstown a person is not supposed to you know like pull their hair cut their hair, a woman in hive will be very concerned to not to make sure no hairs fall out. And she's doing this in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala does it make sense that outside of Hajj she uncovers her hair and doesn't work.

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And so all of these things the body is being trained whether you understand it or not, your soul is being trained to worship Allah azza wa jal now I let them touch upon so that you would increase in your cuppa. So this question, how can you make it unforgettable Ramadan? So I asked myself this question out of the different ribbons in 100 led many of us we fast many, many aroma bonds of our lives. And many of those aroma bonds we have forgotten. They have come they pass the written with the last panel data and alone never forgets. And it's written there even if we've forgotten they're still written. But what makes it unforgettable to us. What makes it unforgettable? What is what is

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the answer? Try to remember a llama bond like a Roma bond that was unforgettable What was it about that on my mind?

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Who would like to share something about Ramadan? They just can't forget it was an amazing

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what happened in that?

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Because why?

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Because you're very young you only remember the last time everything's blank.

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Okay, someone else?

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What is it about the unforgettable Ramadan? This is a chance to understand what you did in a time that made it unforgettable so that you can redo it this Ramadan inshallah tada and I'm sure I have something but I'm sure you might have something else who would like to tell me

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and forget about Ramadan? Yes.

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What about okay total? Yeah, this is this is what I'm what about the total we have make made that Ramadan unforgettable?

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Is that multiple trauma bonds or just one normal bond? Or is there one specifically?

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Okay, so the one specific one that you're thinking of, that's the unforgettable one because the many you just remember that it was like this, but the unforgettable one was, well, what happened in the unforgettable one?

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Okay, so the brother said And like I said, it'll be different for different people. A lot of if there is an unforgettable Ramadan, chances are I don't know if it's you, but chances are, it had something to do with cutaway. It had something to do with your focus in total width, and how much you dedicated to total when that's my guess. Right? And it might be different for some people, you know, maybe they did different things. But my guess is if you focus strongly on utopia, and you really worked out I would assume that some of you might say that, you know, there's an unforgettable Ramadan in which such and such an Imam came from such and such a country and he led the tidal wave

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and it was so beautiful and we you know, but what if you come another Ramadan and that is not there. Does that mean you're gonna forget that Ramadan? You're not going to work hard? No, you have to work around it. My guess is this that the Ramadan there was unforgettable was Ramadan in which you focused

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On extracting the maximum benefit fit from the total wheel, that's my guess you agree with this that you focus on maximum benefit on total. So, let me tell you this in conclusion inshallah tada I will tell you,

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I will take you backstage

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behind where the man is standing, what is life and what is Ramadan like for the man who has to leave the tearaway and has to complete the Quran and Ramadan. Okay, I've noticed this because a lot of people who don't lead the brand Ramadan time, they are like goofing off in Ramadan. They're just playing games and just using excuses and then such valuable time passes. So let's start from Frederick II man who is leading the title it has to do what after Frederick?

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Okay, it has to do Carter, that's if he's when I'm talking about like, later on, he's gonna be leading federal, we're late at night. Okay, he has to prepare a lecture maybe after fudger a five minute like reminder. So that means that he has to go and read it. I don't do that. But

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the man has to read Quran after fedrick. That's number one. Step number one is reviewing for our for later on at night. What happens in the masjid is that fedrick time goes on and sound like them. And people are like, Oh, it's time to go to sleep, sleeping time The day has begun time to sleep. The man is asleep. The man has, you know he has one or more yes to review pasta, the man is sitting there reviewing on most of the people if not everyone has left the messages.

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And the amount is still sitting there reviewing put on. So then we go through the day, the amount is doing what what's the intention of is now or gathering the strength? What's the intention to have strength to lead the total week later on at night. Other people might be running around doing things and come total with time they're knocked out, they're tired. The man knows that a ton of time, there is no room to be tired. Can you just got fall asleep in the middle of your solo? Right? Yeah, like leading the prayer and then like, it doesn't happen, you have to be in prime condition. So the man has to all throughout the day, keep in mind that later on at night, he has to be in full

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concentration and full strength to leave the prayer. And if you're not leading the prayer, he started getting a glimpse of how the day spent there. Then in the afternoon the man is doing what again, is doing what is reviewing put on again reviewing Can you listen to me I'm reviewing make sure my plan is you know, up to par make sure that you know i've you know taken out the mistakes and so on and corrected them. And so the afternoon again, other people might be in the shopping center of the mall and wasting their day in and again is back and spending time with the put on. And then there's different ways some humans might do more reading and some might do less based on you know,

00:27:56--> 00:27:57

their experience and so on.

00:27:58--> 00:28:02

Then if sorry, time comes? Where is the EMA?

00:28:03--> 00:28:09

Is he had dinner parties running around town and so on. Is he you guys are like, Yeah, I know.

00:28:12--> 00:28:44

So the majority, the majority, the man can't go to dinner parties that are in distant places. Because if he goes to those places, there's no time to get into the front line to get back to the message and time for Fotolia. Everybody else says oh, you can't make me feel bad. We have to go because we were invited. It's 45 minutes out of town. But that's okay. Because we were invited even though there's no more time to wait for us and you know it, you go in 45 minutes out of town for a dinner party. And you know, you're not gonna make it back for tidal wave.

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But the man can make it there, he's already has that in mind that the tidal wave is has priority. So the man if there is a dinner party is kept to a minimum. And like I said, Ramadan, the focus is on feeding people not eating, the focus is on feeding, learning sadaqa you know, having in the masjid inviting people, needy people and so on and so forth and feeding them. So the man is there in the message, usually like 10 minutes before the solarstone so no one's getting nervous. The man's there early, there is a few people who are in the message at that time.

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And they're usually the seniors of the community. Just a couple of them. This is what I've noticed. There's a group of senior people in every community that act like the Imam throughout Ramadan, even though they haven't memorized the Quran. They are always in the front line. They never missed out. And they're they're always there. They have that same attitude, but there's such few people like that.

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The man starts leading the prayer. What happened if dar the Nam can eat a large meal why what will happen if he eats a large meal in total, we will

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happen, he will die. Yes, he will die, the all the all the oil and so on will come up into his neck and he'll vomit. You can pray and read verses and breathe in and out in and out after eating a heavy meal, it's not possible, I'm telling you, the man will die if he does that. And that's why the men do not doing it out of willpower. They're like, I will die if I eat more than this. What does everybody else do with the stars? Oh, too bad Oh, we're just gonna do a gym on here in the in the house, we can't make it because the tea still coming. And you know, inshallah we'll catch up, you know, in the, you know, the fourth rakata we're here something like that. And they don't make it

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they pray at the back and so on and so forth. And so the amount like I said, will die so the man has to eat very little in order to survive the tidal wave. Same thing with you, you want to survive the tidal wave, you've got to eat very little then after tidal wave what has to happen either the person's reviewing for the next day or they take a little break, right you know, spend time family so on and so forth, and then go to sleep. And then the next day begins. There's a cycle that goes in Ramadan time, it's like the person gets in the mode with the Quran and whether you've memorized the Quran or not I wish the same for you. I wish that Ramadan time can come a month of discipline a

00:31:19--> 00:31:58

month of a better to Allah subhanaw taala so that you can come out of Ramadan time and have tengiz memorized Why not? Why can't you do tengiz memorized in Ramadan thought these stories that people remember on the whole Quran in Ramadan, everyday memorizing one just everyday doing that. And if you look at the Imams and how they review, they have to re memorize so many things and they're you know how much vertical Allah subhanaw taala places in it. You have to make an intention from now to benefit from an AMA runtime otherwise you the example of the person who comes to the airport and when they say What's your goal for this what I'm about where you flying to and you say I never

00:31:58--> 00:32:05

really thought about it I never really determined that and so you'll go nowhere and Ramadan time will come and you'll probably forget it

00:32:06--> 00:32:29

unless you make intention from now to take full advantage of Ramadan I gave you a glimpse of what life is like in Ramadan time for the man and I hope inshallah tada you'll extract from that lessons in sha Allah Allah so that you too can make your Ramadan schedule that is crime that has priority over anything else in sha Allah tala ro Ramadan.

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