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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Care to welcome to tonight's webinar is Mohammed. Salah tala, we'll start off.

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I wanted to mention a story, actually a Hadith, which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once with in our model the Allahu taala on and he said to him, a very famous Hadith in his It was his advice to other love nonmotile his young man at that time, he said to him, grabbing his shoulders couldn't fit Jr. and naka de Avi disobeys. He said being in this life, as if you are a stranger, or a traveler. Consider Kenya Kanika de Barbuda city. So what does that mean to be a stranger or a traveler? They've been our model the allowance, Allah, I hope you can explain this to his students. What does it mean to be a stranger, a traveler, he says, either a

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positive, what is that, um Sita for that consultative club. He said, If you find yourself in the morning, then don't look forward or don't expect the night to come. And if you find yourself in the night, don't expect the morning to come. Don't wait for it. Meaning that take advantage of this moment that you have an infinite amount of the law on who would continue to need say, to take advantage of your health, before you fall sick and take advantage of your life before you die. ie seize the moment, I want to say deserving Law Center for all of you for attending this. The reason that I chose this topic, this topic of time, is because it's so painful to hear whenever there's you

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know, some good happening or some nice event taking place, or whatever it is, you'll see that the number one excuse what I call the granddaddy of all excuses is that people automatically say, I just don't have enough time. I just don't have enough time. But that statement is so painful to hear. Because when somebody says that, it basically means you know, this is the analogy that I give for somebody who makes an excuse like that, I just don't have time. The analogy to me is somebody who's standing at a train station, who's waiting for a train to come. And this train is going to take them to some exotic beautiful destination, they're going to see things that their eyes have never seen

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before, they're going to hear things that their ears have never, they're going to experience life. But when someone says I just don't have time, to me, that person, the doors of this train have opened and the person is being beckoned to come and take this journey of life and the person instead holds back and that person procrastinates and delays and says I just don't have time and so life isn't going to wait for the train doors closed and it moves forward and every day This train is moving forward and the person is still less they're at the train station with the same life with the same habits with the same routines and nothing's changed in their life because they haven't seen

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that moment they haven't gone on and so the first excuse has to be in order to live your life in order to move forward in order to be a leader like the Prophet said a lot I sent him said could look on law and every one of you is a shepherd in order to be a shepherd in order to be a leader you've got to master your time right you can be leading amazing our projects you can be leaving a legacy if you're running after you know the small stuff and you can handle inshallah Tata will take We'll take care of it tonight, isn't it? A wise man once said that strange is He who has the material world walking away from him and the hereafter walking towards him? How can he busy himself with what is

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leaving him and turn his back to that which is coming towards him? In other words we busy ourselves with you know, you can imagine the person who's sitting at a computer, tap it Tap Tap it Tap checking this and checking that stuff that makes no difference whether they check it or not. Or they see it gets a busy themselves with this dunya even though death is knocking at their door. In other words, death is just you know, a day or two away from this person. They've busied themselves with the past, yet they've turned their back on what the future is holding. And this is a moment to see those good deeds that reward from Allah subhana wa tada so that Allah Spano Tata will be pleased

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with us. I'm often asked, you know how much how are you able to

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Manage so many projects at the same time? How do you find time is the big question that I get at. And in my life I have, you know, in addition to my family, the health, the travels that I do at Melbourne Institute discover you and all of those things. Actually, when somebody says Mohammed, you're so you, you're so busy, I'm actually not busy at all. I'm not I'm actually quite bored. Sometimes I get even sad, because I'm thinking to myself, you know, what am I going to do today, because even though they're all of those things almost on my plate, I found a way to take care of it, I found a way to deal with it. So what I call pancake, I take all that stuff, and I paint

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pancake it. So it takes very little time. Now, you've been wondering how can you take so many things and pancake it so it takes very little time? And Sharla thought I'm going to give you some glimpses of some of those techniques that I personally use in my own life, inshallah, tada, I found it to be beneficial, and I wish to share it with you inshallah, Tada. This also corn. With this webinar coincides with the launching of a seminar that I did. It was originally called Live Your Dreams.

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But it is the time traveler seminar series, we recorded it in video, and it's available for you inshallah, Tada. And we've released that for those who wish to own it. One of the main things that you're going to learn from the time traveler series, for those who wish to take it to the next level,

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is that you'll learn step by step not only how to manage your time, but first you're going to it's a three step process. Firstly, you've got to dump what's already in your mind, because you can't manage junk, right? You've got to clear out your mind, flush it out. That's number one. Secondly, you've got to, you know, in addition to deleting all that all this distraction, and so on, you've got to manage what you already have. Because I've seen so many people, once they start thinking about big goals and big dreams, their current time problems, come rushing back to them, they feel, you know, depressed, and they're like, well, how can I achieve these big goals and big dreams, when

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I'm, you know, I can't even you know, for example, get to work on time, or I can't even do this or that they get crushed by those time things. So the first thing is you got to clean it out. Secondly, you've got to find a way to manage your own life now. And then thirdly, you've got to paint a vision for what you want life to be, right, you've got to paint that vision so that you can be in charge of what's taking place day by day inshallah, Donna. All right, so we're here right in the beginning of this,

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of this lecture tonight, and I wanted to give you 10 quick tips, right. 10 quick tips. I don't know if you're gonna be with me towards the end of this or not, but I want us to get maximum benefit right from the very beginning, inshallah. Tada. All right, are you ready? Number one, number one tip, you want to aim higher, every single day, aim higher than what you're currently doing. So in other words, if you it's like lifting a weight, if you if you keep lifting the same weight, you will never get stronger. You never going to achieve anything. You have to systematically increase the weight in order to build muscle. So as you every day that you go into it, when you wake up in the

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morning, even ask yourself this morning. Did you make an intention this morning to achieve something great? And my guess is No, you did not right? Because that's just the way we wake up. We kind of like, let life just passes by its habit. what I'm telling you is that every day you pray fudger you make your intention that you know what if yesterday, I aim for this, and today, I'm going to aim for, you know just a little bit more. But each day you keep aiming Higher, higher and pushing yourself further and further. So you've got aim higher, that's number one. Number two, is you've got to get things off of your mind immediately. When you when something comes to your mind. It might be

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like a check that you have to pay. It might be something you need to pick up something email that you need to send. As soon as something hits your mind. You need to get it off of your mind immediately. One of the things that I do is I keep a notepad, my journal right beside me right beside my computer when I'm working so that as soon as a thought comes to my mind, I already got the thought I don't need to think of it 25 times I already understood. So I write it down as soon as my mind starts thinking but what if I forget? I'm like, no, it's right there on the right side. And whenever I need to organize it later, it's right there. So you want to get things small stuff off of

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your mind so that you can use your mind which is prime real estate for the bigger thing. When I say prime real estate. I was once walking by Niagara Falls and as

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Niagara Falls, I wondered, you know that the, the piece of land that's right beside Niagara Falls? What would you build on it? Would you build a hotel? Or would you build an ice cream shop? Or would you build you know, it's such an important piece of land because of its proximity to Niagara Falls, I thought to myself, my brain, my brain, and your brain is more valuable than that lens. So what are you planting on your brain? What are you building? What type of real estate is in your brain? Right? That's what I mean by prime real estate. What what are you building in your brain? Are you just, you know, like, Twitter messages that you follow every day? Are you just like just reading this

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newspapers and stuff like that, or even reading junk? This is prime real estate, you've got to ingest into your brain, the best of information. So things like phone numbers, do you need to build phone numbers in your brain? No, you don't just write it down. Do you need to like appointments that you need to be you don't have to put it in your brain, for your brain, your creativity should be there, your vision should be there, your focus on Allah subhanaw taala, making dua and doing victa. That's what should be planted on your brain and shoulda thought. So that's number two, getting things off your mind. Immediately. Number three, you want to write things down on places where

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you'll come across it. Once again, what that means is, you want to write it down in a place where you come across it once again, without you having to manually remember it. So let me give you this example, if I have an idea, or sorry, let's suppose there's a phone number that I need to recall, at some point, somebody that I need to phone? Where should I put that phone number that are that person that I need to phone? Should I put it in a vault in a bank that I only check like once a year? Or should I put it in an a beautiful example of this is let's suppose you're going to work in the morning, or you're going to school in the morning, and you have to take a certain book with you to

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school, or a certain book with you to work. Where is the best place once you remember this, you want to take it off your mind? What should you do? This is my suggestion you some of you might already be doing this, you just need to apply this to other aspects of your life, take the book and put it by the crack opening of the door. In other words, you can open the door in the morning, unless you look if you know that you come across this book once once more time, one more time, you open up the door and you're like, Oh, this is the book that I need to take. So that being the case, you can let your mind forget about the book that it needs to take the next day and you can focus on important things.

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So number three is writing things down in places where you'll come across it once again, number four, to prefetcher at domestic precision msgid. The reason that I mentioned this is that this is a province that a lot is cinnamon, which he said a long abetik Lee Amati phoebo Korea or love bless my oma in the mornings. And so it's something when you experience it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. When a person wakes up for fetcher. And starts the day from there. There's so much Baraka, there's so much blessing, there's so many things that you can do inshallah Tada. And actually, when it comes to the hours, I'm going to talk about it later. But you'll get probably half

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of your life back just by staying awake after fetching all the data. But we'll come to that later. Number five, you want to oxygenate your blood, you need to get oxygen into your blood. In other words, you need to start going for a walk breathing. And that happens. By the way, if you just go for federic This will take place. But that might be a little exercise in the morning, get your body and legs moving. Once you start getting oxygen into your body, you start becoming more alert, as opposed to the people that kind of think that energy comes from coffee, which it doesn't, that's just kind of like shocking your body with like sugars and poisons. But if you did take this oxygen

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break where you just said,

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You know what, I'm just gonna go out and breathe. And so that's how you find more balance in your time, and your focus. Number six, pre choose your next break and when it will be and write it down. What I mean by that is let's suppose you started working at work or you're studying something and so on, let's suppose you're reading a book or studying for exam, take like an hour or two. And then write down so let's suppose the time is, you know, 421. Suppose the time is 421. And then you say to yourself, you know what, I'm going to study for an hour then in your little journal right beside you, you write down 521 is when my break is so you let your mind forget you get to absorb every time

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you want to become distracted by something else. You just say you know what, I'm not allowed to be distracted until 521. That's my distraction time. And so

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Because you have a written down, you look at the clock and you just, you know, religiously, you just follow that I'm not gonna get distracted till this time comes. And then when 521 comes along, then you give yourself you know, 1015 minute break, where you just totally, you know, have fun, take your 10 minute break, enjoy yourself, and then come back and then do the same thing again, another hour where you're working on something. So pre choose when your next next break will be in, write it down.

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Number seven, you need to delete distractions in your life, I'm saying delete it, I'm not saying stay away from it, I'm saying delete it, don't even come near it. In other words, if you have a TV, I know this is kind of intense. But I would actually recommend that you don't have a TV in your house. If you have internet access in your home, and I know this is even pushing into maybe even you know, keep your internet access for at work, or find places where there is no access to the internet. Sometimes you might have a game on your phone, that's taking up a lot of time, you know, in a moment of, you know, seriousness, just take that game and delete it. Not even on your phone

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anymore, or whatever it is distracting, you could be a person as well, if you need to take them off of your messenger or whatever it is, and by the way, but all those chat programs I would add, don't even come near it. If it's important enough talk about it, then just pick up the phone and speak what you need to speak to the person. Okay, so delete the distractions with everything that I just mentioned, I know TV has benefits, I know internet as benefits and all this stuff, and so on and so forth. But if you use it as in specific places, and don't have access to it outside of those places, inshallah Tada, it will become your slave rather than it becoming your master. Isn't that. Alright?

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So deleting distractions. Number eight, never multitask, never multitask. Instead, you want to focus on what's at hand. So instead of multitasking where a chat program is open, and you're doing some work, and you're listening to something and you try to do three or four things at the exact same time, it doesn't work like that, what you need to do, like I said, if you have an hour where you're focused on your work, and then if you want to chat with someone, then do that in your 10 minute break after your one hour chat, everything focused so that there's no multitasking. Sometimes if someone comes to me and says, you know, Mohammed, can I speak to you, and there's something that I'm

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currently busy with, I'll tell them, I need to just hold on for a second. Just give me you know, three minutes or four minutes. Let me just finish this so I can give you my full attention. Right and they understand you just be truthful, finish what you need to do, turn away from the computer turn away from the distraction and just look them in the eye and say yes, what would you like, and sometimes even maybe the person you're speaking with, might be you know, they're wasting time or they're just chit chatting, I might even start off and saying you know what the time is 424 right now, I can give you 10 minutes, you know, this conversation is going to end at 434. So they know

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exactly they have to make their point, right from you know, within that time limit, inshallah Tada, getting very clear and very specific and very focused, you'll be able to get a lot done. So number eight, never multitask. Number nine, you want to start on the right foot, okay. So when you enter the masjid, for example, start with the right foot or enter your house. Or, you know, the prophets that Allison used to go to the masjid when he first arrived back from a journey, things like that you see in a snap that we're taught to start with in the name of love, Bismillah, and so on. I'm telling you, when you start your day, start with the important thing so that your day can go right.

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So in other words, if you go to work in the morning, or you go to school in the morning, and you start off by checking your email and checking, you know, the messages, the social messages from your friends, and so on, then chances are that foot's that you've started your day with will continue throughout your entire day. You'll just be chatting with people in thought. But what if, before you contacted anybody before you checked any emails or anything like that, you started off with the most important tasks that you need to get done for the day. So maybe you know there's an application need to fill out and send out maybe there's something important, right, something that you need to get

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that needs to get done. Start your day with those things. And what you'll find is if you start with that, you'll get fulfillment. And then before you know then you'll go you know, maybe one hour or two hours later to chat with your friends and you realize that your friends are so boring. And then you'll want to go and achieve some more things. Because you've started on the right foot. You're going to keep creating that momentum. That's something that I do when I'm in the zone. Day after day. I'll start the day off with

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What do I want to achieve and start the day with that? start today with that, so that's number nine, starting on the right foot number 10 is getting a mentor, or in this case, let's say a life coach. The reason that I bring that up is because when we're little kids, our parents are the ones who are holding us accountable when we start, you know, goofing off and wasting time and so on, you know, your parents will say, shut that book and go back to study their shut their computer game, go back to studies and, you know, did you pray your salon, you know, you had your parents there. Now, as you get older, and your parents are kind of like they're not, they're telling you what to do. And you

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kind of like have to take responsibility of that one of the best things to do is get a mentor or a life coach or some, somebody that basically is there to make sure you got your tasks done. I have a life coach, it's what I recommend. And so a week will pass by, I have some tasks that I need to get done. Life Coach is gonna call an hour, I'm gonna call the life coach on a specific day, and I'm gonna be held accountable for these things. You know, if you don't have a life coach, where's that accountability coming from? And when you do have that accountability, Mashallah tomato Cola, you can get so many things accomplished in a very short time, Allah subhana wa Tada. So that's number 10.

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That is getting a mentor, mentor, a lot of ton of data tells us in the Quran 1000 hours of running the ship on a regime, what allows

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he was so

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funny he

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was so I'll fold in and how clean was cell phone bill.

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I want you to imagine as you know, in this Atlas conocida says what off by the time in an incentive

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to human being is that loss or is in law, I want you to imagine like a person who sells ice in some villages around the world 900. I know, there's refrigerators and trucks that have refrigerators in it, but only that's a recent development. And the olden days, if someone made ice and they wanted to sell it, they would have to take the ice from the storage go out into the village. And they only have a certain number of hours before the ice melts. Imagine if you can hold out your hands right now almost like you're making da Hold out your hand. And imagine that there's this big cube of ice in your head. And I know it's kind of like prickly and it's cold. And you may be you know, put

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leaning it from one hand to the other. That ice that's in your hand is representative of your life. Okay, you need to take advantage of it. But if you did nothing, by the way, that a lot of times it has set up our lives, that you are a loser automatically or at loss because the ice is gonna melt one way or the other. in your life, your life is gonna pass by whether you want it to or not, just like this ice is melting. Now you can take advantage of it take advantage of the ice, I don't know use it for a nice drink or something like that, while you have it, use it to earn the pleasure of a less data while you have it. Because in a few hours, that ice is gonna melt and you will be dead.

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Your life will be over

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as a province that a lot is said that that he was like a traveler. He's a traveler traveling for a portion of the day. And then he took some shade under a tree for a little while and then moved on. Similarly in our lives. What we're doing here in this life is not a destination. We're just passing by, just like people before us have passed by and people after us that will will come along and will be gone after that. Other people walk this earth. In a hadith narrated by Timothy, an authentic hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said lenzuola koderma as the neonatal pm as Allah Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the two feet of the servants will not cease from

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standing before a law on the Day of Judgment until he is asked about four things. So what the prophet said a lot is what I'm saying is that nobody is going to leave the questioning. Nobody's going to stand in front of a lot ton of data, and the questioning will not end until these four questions come up. You ask what are those four questions? Number one?

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I'm promo D, FEMA na, and number two, one ch. D FEMA oblah. And number three, one enemy Meza Amina day. Number four, one living in a inaccessible who will FEMA and Sokka

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The province of a lot is that I'm said that these are the four questions that a person will be asked about number, the first one being that the person will be asked about their life and how they spent it. What did you do in your life? That's the question. How did you spend your life? The second question that every servant will be asked is your youth? How did you exhausted? What did you do in your youth? How was it spent? Because even for our young brothers and sisters, we're talking about time, we're talking about leaving a legacy and thoughts. And a person might be saying to themselves, hey, I'm still young. You know what I can do all that serious stuff, quote, unquote, serious stuff,

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when I get older, get a less ton of thought is going to ask us, what did we exhaust our youth with? You know, some people may have spent their youth worshipping Allah, Spano, dada, and others would have just been playing around. And we're not even talking about the Haram stuff comes of that as a different league. But just distraction. person playing video games and watching TV and all that stuff. A lot of times God is gonna ask about that time. So next time, we're just lounging around wasting God, I want you to look at the clock, just like I look at the clock. And imagine if there's a question above the clock that says,

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What have you achieved with me today? in these moments that are ticking, what have you done, and you will be asked by Allah Spano Tata. And so we want to spend this time so that we have an excuse, a word that was once reading, like a biography of the ship, was very active on the internet, very, very active. And this person who the ship was answering a question about, you know, how people spend their time and distractions, you know, playing cards and, and you know, things like that. And I know, this isn't so much nationalist about a fella, he made a statement in which he said that, you know, every night, you should come back to your bed, so exhausted that as soon as your head hits the

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pillow, you're fast asleep. And you should become like that, spending your time with the dollar to a lot of analysts on calling to Allah zwei, doing beneficial things for your union. So that every night you go to bed, you should not be sitting awake in your bed, because you haven't tired yourself out. Like spend your time Don't let it go wasted like that. I'm not sure that's about a cola to share has achieved a lot. And similarly, there's so much more we could be doing in our time. And it just starts with a good intention. inshallah Tada, the last of those two things were that a person will be asked about their knowledge and what they did with it, and their wealth, how they earned it

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and how they spent it. Let me ask you this. Are you serious about your time? And how it's spent? Does it really really concern you? So someone comes along, wants to waste your time and says, hey, let's waste time, ie, let's chat authentic over something. Does that concern you? Does that bother you? And then secondly, is that let's suppose it does concern me. And you do wish to change things around you. You're asking me what are some beneficial steps that I can take to start off on this journey? Because the journey of 1000 miles begins with one first step I will tell you right now that those first steps are number one, that you need to make a good intention, a good intention to master

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your time. And Nia, because everything starts with the NEA, you have to first make intention to a lot of data, that all lies made the intention to mastermind time, so that there's more time for your a bad there's more time to memorize pond, there's more time for my family, there's more time for myself, there's more time for my studies, so that I can they can be Baraka, in my time, they can be this blessing, why Hannah cheese so much in my day, so that it starts with an idea, an intention. And then secondly, the second step that I'd recommend you take these are the first two steps is that you should make got to a less personalizada make dog. Because with the DA Ls panizza, everything

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becomes easy after that, stop trying to make it

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your efforts. And instead place your trust in the lowest amount of data when you make that draw, unless pannacotta opens avenues for you. So you can start to take your time seriously because indeed, you're nothing more than your hours and minutes. That is who you are.

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And now where do you go if you seriously want to make a shift in your life. I know a lot of times when it comes to taking care of ourselves and developing ourselves. We kind of just take a quick tip here and a quick tip there. But if you're serious about your life, there are certain aspects of every person's life that they have to master. They can just be good at it. They have to master it and there's no

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doubt that you cannot be a world leader, if you don't know how to master your time, right? It just can't happen. That's like the top of the list is that you need to learn how to master your time. A lot of data tells us in the quote on what la said in

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Yahoo, so far you are Allah subhanaw taala says, and the human being will have nothing more than that which they have aimed for or that which they have traveled for.

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And for every journey that you've taken, you will find what you journeyed for. So unless upon God is telling us that if you haven't made the intention, you're not making the NEA for something for a cent for excellence in your life, you're not going to arrive at excellence. This is what I tell people that if you want an outstanding life, it will not happen by accident. He will not if you've ever told someone that there's only one God, and they're like, prove it to me, there's only one God, you will say, look at the perfection on Earth. Look at profession on Earth, that shows that there's an intelligence behind it. Because perfection never comes from accident. That's what you tell

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someone in order to explain to them that there's only one God. Now I'm telling you that apply that to your life, and say to yourself, that your life cannot become excellent. Without intelligence, you can expect to wake up and accidentally stumble upon an amazing outstanding like, it doesn't happen like that. Now, sure, we go to university and we study chemistry, and we study physics, we study engineering, we study accounting, we study all of that stuff. But where do we study how to manage our lives? And so so many mothers will be asking, How do I manage my time with my kids, they've never studied how to manage their time, someone also say I keep procrastinating, you think, how do I

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manage my time they've never studied it. Nobody's taught it to them. Have you ever taken out the time to master this. And I'm not talking about just listening to a lecture, but actually sitting out and planning it out and detailing it out and having a system. And if the system works or doesn't work, you keep adjusting until you get the system that works for you. And sha Allah Tada, I found some interesting statistics about how long people spend on different things in their life. And I'd like to share it with you because it you know, if this was like a day in our, you know, if our life was like, summed up into one anyways, the average person in their life is going to spend 27 years

00:32:43--> 00:33:28

sleeping, that's 30 years, almost 30 years of your life and the average life is spent sleeping. So the person is just dreaming for like half their life. Number two, is that going to work about 10 and a half years will be spent at work going to work. And that's why one of the number one things you know, in the time traveler series. And you might have seen the video, I said that if you're going to spend 10.5 years at work, what is the point of having a job where you don't even love what you're doing, you're going to be spending a decade of your life there. So it might as well be something that you love so much. And you have you know, so much enjoyment, fulfilling your life's destiny in

00:33:28--> 00:33:49

your work. So that's critical to getting a job that you love, because you're going to be spending a decade of your life at your job inshallah Tada, number, the next thing is, most people spend 10 years of their life watching TV. I don't think anybody comes to the end of their life and says, Man, I wish I'd watched more TV in my life.

00:33:51--> 00:34:33

You know, you can watch it, you don't watch it, it brings no benefits. Right? In fact, when people are really tired, they can still watch TV, but they can't read a book a very, you know, detailed, knowledgeable book. Why? Because TV doesn't stimulate the brain at all. It doesn't. That's why you can be so tired, and you can still watch TV. So altogether between sleeping, working and watching TV, we're at 47.5 years, then you got internet and I think Internet's even going to increase in the future. Six years of your life was spent on will be spent on the internet. Some of the other things you'll spend about four years eating, you'll spend about four years standing in line, as they say in

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

the UK, standing in the queue, or lining up for the queue. And altogether that comes out to like 63.5 years, then you spend three years driving. And for the men, they'll spend three years in the bathroom. For women. It's only like six months is a cool quote. You can check it out on my Facebook page and solidar women tend to spend less time in the bathroom for some reason. And then you've got household chores.

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

Looking talking on the phone, daydreaming, here are some tips. If I can give you just if you understand what I'm telling you right now, I'll give you 30 years of your life back right here right now. All right, here's 10 years for you.

00:35:15--> 00:35:57

Make your job, your life mission, make your job, your life's mission. In other words, don't try to work somewhere that you hate. And then say, you know, in my spare time, I'll live my life, I'm telling you go to your work and make that your you know, your life's mission. If that's the case, that gives you 10 years, right then in there. Secondly, is if you take out TV, if you choose to make that your lifestyle choice, where you're like, I don't have a TV, that'll give you 10 years of your life right there, you've got 20 years, two decades, and I'll give you another one that you won't find in the non Muslim books and so on. But if you wake up for federal, and you make it your habit

00:35:57--> 00:36:25

to start your day, after federal every day, it will give you another 10 years of your life 8.3 years, and that'll be shaved away from all the sleeping years. Right? That happens, that's 30 years altogether, stay after set up after you wait for like four hours, all together in a span of a lifetime, you've got boom, another 10 years right there, Allah subhanaw taala says well off in San lfu hosts.

00:36:27--> 00:36:27

All right.

00:36:29--> 00:37:08

The top five tips for managing your time number one is that you must clean your brain out before you start anything. Okay, you must clean your brain out, you can try to change your life, when you already got junk in your brain. You might have heard me say this before, but it's so fundamental, that it has to be repeated again. And again, you've got to get the junk off of your brain put it down on paper. Number two, you have to focus on what's most important to you, and delete the fluff in your life, you have to focus on what's most important. Okay, that means that there might be some good things in your life. And you've got to say, you know what, I don't even I'm not even focused on

00:37:08--> 00:37:48

these good things. Because I want the best. I want the outstanding stuff. And you got to focus on that you got to let go of the small stuff. Number three, that big dreams require delegation, okay, if you have a big dream, and you want to achieve the amazing thing, it's not going to happen by yourself, unless a ton of data didn't make us that, you know, we could achieve everything all by ourselves. And if that was the case, you'd have all these, you know, world leaders just living on their own islands and stuff like that. Allah has automated us with strength, and with weaknesses, and the ecosystem of life is that if big things are going to happen, then it needs to be done in

00:37:48--> 00:38:27

teamwork. And so you have to master the art of delegation, master the art of dealing with other human beings. Number four, is that you can't get anywhere in life. If you don't know where you're going first. You can't get anywhere in life until you know where you're going first. So before you start going somewhere, you need to figure out well where is it exactly that I want to go? What am I trying to achieve? What am I trying to do? And number five, is that excellence or sn is never the result of accident, it's never going to you're never going to accidentally stumble upon mastering your time and thought you have to have a plan to do it. So you make your Nia your intention right

00:38:27--> 00:38:36

now it's master time and you never forget that a love aid is only a draw away. I'm going to take some question answer right now. Shall Allah

00:38:37--> 00:38:43

give me a kind of like a mental break as some of you guys want to check out the time traveler series

00:38:45--> 00:38:47

welcome to do that. Alright

00:38:53--> 00:38:54

one moment

00:39:09--> 00:39:49

Okay, so since from San Diego saying when should you go to bed if you stay awake after federic One of the cool things about this is that if you wake up after fed you're going to have a super long day. You have a super long day and about the extra time let's suppose nine o'clock 10 o'clock you'll start to feel tired you'll get into that zone where you kind of like feel exhausted and you want to like go to sleep and it's going to be inshallah Dada full refreshing speed especially when you tell yourself that you know what, I'm going to be awake after Federer and anything that I need to do. I'm going to have so much time after that. So I would Don't worry about going to bed. instead focus on

00:39:49--> 00:40:00

getting a procedure and then your body will naturally shut down toward the evening when it needs to go to sleep inshallah God right now you might be saying yourself, I should force myself to go to bed and the

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

problem with that is that because we sleep in so long, right? So I'm just telling you don't worry about when you go to bed focus instead on when to or waking up professional making it a habit.

00:40:15--> 00:40:27

Question another switch from the UK asking, what should one do with messages when that entails keeping ties and fulfilling rights of your fellow Muslim? Hello, Hannah, what should you do with your messages?

00:40:29--> 00:41:05

Okay, I think you've taken messages to a whole different level, where you're talking about keeping ties and fulfilling rights of your fellow Muslims. And you might be talking, you know, just personally, you know, somebody messages you and another person messages you and third person, if I have a circle of friends, I'll let them know how I work and encourage them to do the same. Like you imagine these great scholars of Islam if they had a friend who was wasting their time. Do you think they're just going to sit quietly and and let this person waste their time like that? I don't think so. They become a good friend, as well. So ceylonese and instead Hammad misc, a person who spreads

00:41:08--> 00:41:37

you know, spreads perfume. So for example, someone comes to me at a conference and asked me to super long question, I'll say to them, you know, I need you to give me a question in 10 words or less, if they can do it, I would say brother, let me give you some advice. You taking too long to talk, you need to talk less, let that be the advice that you get even if this is the first time I've met the person I'll still give them that enough fear that they're talking too much. And that's some of the best mercy I've been given them to see how what do you guys think but I thought

00:41:41--> 00:41:44

all right. That's what you need to do, inshallah.

00:41:53--> 00:42:06

Okay, sisters asking a question, can you explain what sisters should do to increase the buttock in their life during the time of Federer should going to the masjid be an option. Now, I don't know where you're living, obviously, San Diego, but

00:42:08--> 00:42:44

sometimes going to the message might not be feasible for everybody might be far away, might be dangerous, where they're living, and so on, and so forth. If you're praying at home for the sisters, or if someone's in a situation like that, I would recommend that you follow up soldier with some chronic or citation, maybe you know, a half an hour chronic or citation, maybe some exercise, you have a treadmill, or you can walk around in a safe area to oxygenate your blood. Like I said, if you do that and eat like a nice healthy breakfast, then inshallah Tada, you'll get that, that feeling of I can go back to sleep. And even if you tried, you wouldn't be able to install the car.

00:42:56--> 00:43:33

Okay, there was about four or five questions about a light about the life coach, one of them from Baltimore was saying, Where can you find a life coach? and other was asking what do I mean by life coach or mentor? mentor? What kind of person? Do you mean share for somebody else, someone else is saying, Okay, I'm 3537 years old. And I don't have any relatives near to me who can be my mentor. So those are different questions related to mentor, a mentor, here's the number thing, discover you have mentors. I'm not saying that you have to sign up with one of our mentors or our our life coaches. But typically, what I would tell you to seek out in a mentor number one is that they need

00:43:33--> 00:44:14

to have the skills to move you forward. In other words, if it's just like a friend of yours, and you tell each other that, hey, you know what, I'll hold you accountable, you hold me accountable. And then two weeks later, nobody holds anybody accountable. It's not a commitment. It's not like a serious relationship. Sure, your friends, but you don't care if you don't do your activity. So my recommendation is a mentor, the mentor, the life coach should be somebody that you have some haber. haber means like, you have some serious relationship, where you hold the person in high esteem, a person that if you were to come to them, and say, You know what, I didn't complete my tasks, they

00:44:14--> 00:44:49

would hold you accountable. And you would be embarrassed to say that, right? You want to have a relationship with someone like that, and you can find them online. The nice thing about the Discover you life coaches is that they're Muslim, same gender hamdulillah and they're trained and I've personally trained them and I have my own discovery life coach that I pay myself, I pay them to coach me, and I do these coaching sessions, like maybe three times a month in order to get the things I I need done. It's not that they're telling me what to do, but they're holding me accountable and moving me forward. inshallah, tada, that's what I'd recommend for you.

00:44:51--> 00:44:55

Alright, let's get back to the content. Let's get back to the content.

00:44:57--> 00:45:00

The question this is kind of like I had this question written

00:45:00--> 00:45:09

done before, but somebody asked about it. And this is the question of why do we procrastinate? What's the answer to that? Why is it that we procrastinate?

00:45:11--> 00:45:50

So, here are some reasons why things get procrastinated, why things get procrastinated. Number one is it may be that you don't have any exciting goals. So if a person is procrastinating something, it's usually something dull and boring. And there's like, obviously procrastinating. So people procrastinate, for example, clipping their nails, because it's not really that exciting and stuff like that. But as soon as there's a big wedding going on, or they're going to meet, meet a potential spouse or something, they'll clip their nails, because there's some importance attached to it. Okay. Now, some of the bigger projects, you might have a project that you actually don't really care

00:45:50--> 00:46:26

about, you keep telling people Oh, I have this, you know, t shirt project that has dour slogans on it or something like that, that I want to launch. And you've been saying this for the last like 25 years, and you never did it. It's probably because you don't really care about it. So if I'm coaching somebody, first thing I would do if they're procrastinating, I would tell them, You know what, you probably don't even care about the goal. And they'll say to me, you know what, you're right. I don't say that's fine. Nobody said you have to do it. Just be honest with yourself, okay, and get some goals that you do care about stuff that makes you want to jump out, jump out of your

00:46:26--> 00:47:06

bed. I said this actually on the blog, I said, if your life is so boring, then this waking up to after surgery doesn't work, because you won't wake up after Frederick, because your life is so boring, and you have no goals in your life. I'd rather go to sleep than live the boring life like that. Right? Correct. So what you need to do is you need to get things going on in your life, so that you can wake up in the morning, exciting and refresh and want to get back into the game and soliton Alright, so get some goals that are exciting. Secondly, why we procrastinate is we don't actually know what we want. So when a person because like, let's suppose in university, why does

00:47:06--> 00:47:43

someone take so many years to complete? a four year degree takes them seven years? Why? Because they don't actually know what they want with life? Why does someone continue to do a second degree in a third degree? Usually, it's because they don't know what they want with life. So they're like, hmm, I'm I'm in university. So let me just continue, because I don't know what I want to do with my life. All right. Number three, why we procrastinate. We don't know what we're actually dealing with what the real problem is. So in other words, if a person is procrastinating starting a diet, or they break a diet or something like that, the issue isn't that you need to know what type of diet foods

00:47:43--> 00:48:21

are good for you and not. And whoever does, you know, it's like, Hey, I know what foods are best for you. And they try giving you advice. The reason that it gets procrastinated or delayed or it doesn't work is because that's not what the real issue is. The real issue is that chocolate ice cream gives you love. That's what the real issue is. And if you take chocolate ice cream out of your life, then you have no love boohoo. Wow. Right. As they say, you know, Ben and Jerry's, you guys know Ben and Jerry's like Haagen dazs, and stuff like that. I don't like ice cream, by the way. But Ben and Jerry's, they say, you know, when people break up, or they get a divorce in something, it's nothing

00:48:21--> 00:48:31

that a bucket of Ben and Jerry's ice cream can fix. Right? Because they know why people eat their ice cream, why they pay extra money for it, because

00:48:32--> 00:48:52

it gives them love. That's what they're actually dealing with. They don't love themselves, and they don't have the source of love. Other than this food, that's what the real issue is, right? So when you know what you're dealing with, then you can better take care of it. So you don't have to keep procrastinating and not getting at your destination. Number four, why we procrastinate or why we don't get our goals is that

00:48:53--> 00:49:31

we might not know how to get there. So a person might know that this is the dowel project that they want to start, they know what they're dealing with maybe, you know they have problems delegating, or maybe that whatever it is, they know what their problem is, but they still don't have a system on how to do it. They haven't been mentor, they haven't had the right teachers who told them what the proper system is. Alright, so those are some of the reasons woody How do you deal with it with all four of those number one, you get some exciting goals. Number two, you need to get very specific on what it is that you want. Number three, you need to know what you're really dealing with rice so

00:49:31--> 00:49:59

that you can you can deal with what you're dealing with. Ask them to teach for that. That might be for like another event or something and show the data techniques on figuring out what's really wrong with you, and and how to get there. One of the nice things about the Time Traveller series is that it's not a bunch of slogan slogan is very specific techniques on how to specifically get to a destination. But that's not going to help you unless you do the activities and you implement it in your lessons.

00:50:00--> 00:50:00


00:50:01--> 00:50:03

another question that comes up is,

00:50:04--> 00:50:52

don't we need some downtime, downtime? Meaning that, you know, I've been talking about, Oh, you know what, throw the TV out, and blah, blah, blah, yeah, that sounds all nice, but nobody's gonna go like 110% like a car. If you did that to a car, where it's always driving at the highest velocity, it'll burn out, the gas will run out, and you'll crash, right? So assume as human beings, we know the natural cycle is work, and then sleep. That's the way a lot of data made us. So even if you're going 110%, I'm actually telling you that when it comes time to break and have fun and distract yourself, I would say go 110% have maximum downtime. Fun, right? Not just some cheap, check your email fun,

00:50:53--> 00:51:18

right? I'm talking about like real fun, what is real fun, real fun is like finding, you know, a beach and going to do on the beach or something like that. And go swimming, something like incredibly fun, and healthy, and active, and so on, and so forth. And where your mind just completely cannot think of you know, the stuff on your plate. An example of this is

00:51:20--> 00:51:36

like throwing a ball around. If you're, you know, on a computer or something, you're working really hard. And then you stand up with a friend and throw a ball to them, your mind can think of your problems in your stress. That's the type of thing of fun, I'm talking about where your mind shuts off.

00:51:37--> 00:52:14

When I was studying in Medina University, this brother came from, you know, he was a new student, and he said to me, what should I bring? I told him bring lots of copies of the Reader's Digest. And then he saw that he said to me, no, are you serious? I said, Yeah, I'm serious. I said, there's gonna be so much studying going on, that your brain even at break times won't be able to shut off. So what you need to do is bring some creative reading, so that you can bring your brain can shut off inshallah tada during that time, and you know, it will refresh you and so you can focus back on your studies. Okay.

00:52:16--> 00:52:57

In conclusion, inshallah, tada, I wanted to maybe give you a few words about the Time Traveller series for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, to encourage you. Number one, is that the time traveler series, if you're looking to take advantage of it, take this to the next level, everything that I'm talking about in the time traveler series is something that I do for myself, there's nothing in there, I'm telling you, nothing that I've not implemented in my own life. Number two, is that you've got to apply this with assignments and activities. And you'll find out with time traveling, it's all about you can change your life academically, you've got to get down, take a pen, and dump your

00:52:57--> 00:53:29

brains out and put it into a proper system. inshallah, tada, the Live Your Dreams are this time traveller series is recorded, and it's yours to own meaning that you can keep going back to it again. And again. And again. Oftentimes, people ask me, how often should I you know, dump my brains and put it down on paper and go through these activities? Unlike, you know, what is it every week, it's even worth it. Especially when you're beginning you got to get that junk off your mind, and you got to put things back into control inshallah. Tada.

00:53:30--> 00:54:07

So some of the things that you're going to be doing in the Time Traveller series, if you want to take it to the next level, number one, is you're going to learn how to brain dump with a very specific task that will get everything off your mind, things that you didn't even know were on your mind, it'll take it off. Number two, is that I'll give you a system on what to do with the things in your life, the things that you need to delete, but not the things that you need to delete? How do you put things into order? How do you file them quickly and efficiently, so that you have a system to deal with stuff as it comes at you and you're not overwhelmed? When you've taken care of that you

00:54:07--> 00:54:47

need to paint the vision. So So let's do some visualization exercises, which a person will like stand up while they're doing the activities with me stand up, envision their future, and and see things that they never seen before. And they're actually have something to aim for. You'll also define your time in this program. So instead of just being a rocking horse, just going back and forth doing stuff you want to see what type of things are you doing? Is it just a distraction? Or is it fulfilment? Or are you fooling yourself with what you're doing? Because some people do that they do some activities, where they're just fooling themselves that they're doing something important,

00:54:47--> 00:55:00

but it's not even important. And the last thing that you learn from this and actually and much, much more is that you will aim higher, nothing's going to change by you staying in your comfort zone. This is the first of you know

00:55:00--> 00:55:08

My mentoring for you inshallah tada taken care of the number one excuse that people have the granddaddy of all excuses, which is

00:55:09--> 00:55:49

I don't have enough time you're gonna have to change your life by doing something different planting a new seed and aiming higher inshallah tada becoming slightly uncomfortable. So if you're doing something right now towards managing and mastering your time that feels a little uncomfortable than take it from me, you're on the right track. So number one, make the near make dua to Allah subhanaw taala I hope and pray to Allah ton of data that this little nudge hopefully it was a powerful much has moved you to want to take something like this seriously. And take action on it isn't in luck. And the rest is your decision. It's between you and Allah Spano tala, I wish the best for you and

00:55:49--> 00:56:01

your family in dystonia and the Assalam Allah subhanaw taala except the best of your intentions. I'll settle down and then I'm going to learn Delilah means what? salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa