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Abdullah Hakeem
AI: Summary © The upcoming month of centers of worship in the United States is a significant month for Islam, emphasizing the importance of fasting, preparing for events, and learning one's strengths and weaknesses. The importance of knowing one's strengths and weaknesses to gain maximum success is emphasized, along with the need for extra training and physical and mental preparation. The importance of giving charity during disaster and giving more giving is also emphasized, along with the need for regular Sunless Prayer and giving more giving. The message of the Bible is to give the greatest amount of money possible, and everyone should be aware of the upcoming disaster.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he

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lagoon, way of filler comes on obaku One minute I learned how Rasool sakoda first of all was on Alima will call Allah Who terracotta Allah Yeah, are you Hello Rena Amano quotevalet como psyllium can I put the ballerina Mulan Kobe comme la la quinta Takuan rubbish rally psaltery wire silly Emery wash Lola rocket data Melissa and EF Kahu Kohli a Madonna.

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All praise is due to Allah subhanahu wa taala. We praise Him. We seek His help and we ask for his forgiveness. We send salutations upon the Beloved Prophet Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family and his friends. We should all thank Allah to Allah for once again allowing us all to be gathered here today to listen to the hotbar to perform the salah to Juma together. I ask Allah subhanahu wa to Allah to bless each and every one of us. And I asked Allah subhanahu wa Tada to gather us like we are gathered he but in general for a dose I mean

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as you all know,

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a great blessed month is just around the corner.

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And that is the month of Ramadan.

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The month of Allah subhanahu wa taala the month that Allah Tala chose to be the greatest, and we know this is the month in which the Muslims they first the entire month. It is definitely an obligation to every single Muslim a pillar of Islam, fasting the month of Ramadan. We know from a very famous Hadith, where Gibreel Allah is Salam. He asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a few questions. One of the questions he asked the Prophet was a spirit Nyan in Islam. Tell me about Islam. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied the five pillars of Islam and one of them being a cm inshallah Ramadan to fast the month of Ramadan. So we know it is definitely a pillar

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for those of you who are mucking around a little bit, while the huzzah is happening, please do not do so you lose the reward of the hotel. You need to pay attention attentively please thank you.

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So as we know, fasting the month of Ramadan is a pillar

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for a Muslim who does not fast and doesn't believe in fasting is not considered a Muslim. We also know from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When Ramadan was appearing, or it was starting. He would say to the people oh people, the month of Allah Jonnie Ramadan has come with its blessings, mercy and forgiveness. It is a month which is the best of all months in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's days are the best of days. It's nights are the best of nights, and it's ours are the best of ours. It is a month in which you are invited to be the guests of Allah and you are regarded as worthy of His mercy. In this month, your good deeds are multiplied, Your sins are forgiven, and

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your supplications are accepted. So take advantage of this opportunity by performing more acts of worship. And may Allah subhanahu wa taala blessed us in this month of Ramadan and enable us to fast and pray with sincerity and devotion. This is the message the prophet would pass to his people just before Ramadan would begin. He also says mentioned in another Hadith the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam he said when Ramadan begins, the gates of paradise are opened. The gates of hellfire are closed and

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devils are chained. And in every night of Ramadan, Allah has people who he redeems from the fire. Allah subhanahu wa taala saves people from the fire during the month of Ramadan. So it's a special month, it's coming right around the corner. So because of its speciality, because of its devotion for the Muslims in there, because of the forgiveness of Allah to Allah, the high rewards that Allah Tala gives us, we need to prepare for this month, very important, very important to prepare for such an event such a time that is coming up. And it is so great that it was narrated by God, how you will not obey the law. Listen to this hadith. He said that two men came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam who had accepted Islam at the same time. Some of them believe they were brothers, they accepted Islam at the same time. And one of them later on in life, one of them died as a martyr. So he went to jihad he passed away as a martyr.

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And the other one died a year later, an ordinary death. So he said that I saw in a dream that we were standing at the gates of paradise. So Todd has said in the dream, I'm standing there with those two brothers. And he said, someone came from inside of paradise came to the gates, and called the brother who died a year later, an ordinary death to go inside the gates of paradise first. And then later on, he came out again, and asked the other brother to enter Jannah at that time,

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and then he told, tell her that your time is not up yet you go back. So he said, I spoke to the companions, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam found out about this story. He said, Why are you so surprised? That the brother who died a year later into paradise first, why are you so surprised? Isn't it true that the brother who died a year later experienced another year of Ramadan? Didn't he experience another year of Ramadan, that shows how much a Muslim can gain in the month of Ramadan? So it's a huge, it's a huge deal for us. So we need to prepare for this month, let me give you a scenario for us to better understand.

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Imagine, you were if you were playing for a club, let's say soccer, and you made it to the grand final, right? It's a big thing, it's a big deal. And let's say that if you win, you're gonna get money, you're gonna get a lot of money, right? And maybe you go into the next level, go higher, maybe to the A leagues, or whatever it is. Right? You're going to that level. So you're in the final.

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Now, what do you think the coach is going to do? The coach is going to make sure that you do extra training, right? For that week or two weeks before the grand final, you will definitely do extra training. Right, that coach will call you in, make sure all right, we have to pass perfectly well, we have to make sure that we do through balls perfectly well, making sure that we are able to trick our opponents making sure we passing well we are defending well, we are attacking well, and also techniques of shooting and the coach will make sure that he will take extra and help out the goalie to stop the balls from coming, right. extra training that is happening because of the grand final

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grand final will only finish in 45 minutes, or maybe even an hour, whatever it is, but the training is so much more longer, right just so that you can be ready for that grand final. And in the grand final you are aware of what the coach told you aware of what you need to do. And also while you are training you are you are analyzing the opponent. What are their strengths, what are their weaknesses, how we can go past and how can we win against them? That's what we do for sport. We analyze we train we do a lot for that grand final because he means something to you. You're going to hold the top of the cup of victory, you're going to get a massive amount of money because of it.

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Right so you train you train you train. What about the month of Ramadan? We need to train for that month because it's a month where we worship Allah to Allah a lot. If we do not train for that month, we're gonna burn out and I'm sure all of you have seen when Ramadan begins. We're at a high we're at a very high right we are fasting you know we're happy we go to the mosque for a share photo we even for fragile, right we go into the mosque, but what happens

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Three, four or five days later, you see the numbers slowly dropping, dropping, dropping, dropping, and then it becomes normal like any other pray. That's what happens because people burn out they did not train before the month of Ramadan. So as Muslims, we need to make sure that we prepare ourselves well. So how can we prepare? How can we plan always remember the quote, whoever fails to plan actually plans to fail. So a Muslim always plans ahead, how can I achieve the most in the month of Ramadan? Sahabas Sahabas they will always mentally aware when Ramadan was about to begin, it says that six months prior to Ramadan, they would start thinking about Ramadan, they will start making

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dua Allah whomever living out Ramadan, oh Allah let us enter the next Ramadan they will start preparing mentally preparing physically preparing, talking about Ramadan, they will start increasing their deeds. So inshallah in the next hauteville We are going to focus on some of the steps that we can do to prepare for Ramadan Akoto polyhedra will start for Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah confer stone Pharaoh in Navajo who will have a full reign

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in Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman, Kathira and Mbak.

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As we said, as Muslims, we need to prepare for Ramadan well, so inshallah I'm going to give us six points that we can focus on before Ramadan begins. Right now we are in the 11th day of Shaban 10 to 11 The day of Shaban, so we have just over half the month left until Ramadan begins. In essence, if you look at it, we should have started preparing a long time ago. But since we still have let's say three weeks to go before Ramadan, we can still put in a bit more effort insha Allah to prepare for this great month. Number one,

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let's begin to fast some of the days of Chava because Ramadan, what are we doing fasting, the entire month 29 or 30 days we are fasting. So to get ourselves prepared physically, mentally, let's start fasting a few days before Ramadan begins. Very important.

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Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu. She reports that I've never seen the Prophet SAW Salem fast, almost an entire month, except for the month of Shaba. And of course, Ramadan, he would fast the entire month. But Siobhan was the other month and he would fast almost the entire month, he would fast the entire month except for a few days. So you see how the Prophet would prepare himself for the month of Ramadan, the Sahaba would do the same in the month of Shaba and they would increase in there fasting. So my advice to myself first and foremost, to all of you, if you can, at least one day, if you have never been fasting before, write at least one day fast the month of Shabbat if you are if

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you are used to fasting a few days here and there, then increase that number in the month of Shabbat that gets you well prepared number to increase or slightly increase in your Sunnah prayers slightly increase in your Sunnah prayers, because in Ramadan there is a special prayer that we perform at night which is known as the Torah we and we know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said man karma Ramadan and Eman and what the seven who fear Allah Houma taka dharma means whoever stands at night in the month of Ramadan meaning the pm will lay that away. Right with with hoping for rewards in sincerity to Allah subhanahu wa taala then all of your past sins are forgiven. So that gets tough

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standing up for long time at night gets tough. So let's prepare ourselves physically our feet. Let's prepare our feet. Let's prepare our body let's prepare our mind and start increasing in your Sunnah prayers for those students and teachers and including my Sofia if we miss out on Sunnah prayers Now let's begin to pray a regular sunnah. Let's start there. Let's begin our regular sunnah to before Fajr for before her to after the her to after mother and to after Aisha let's get that going. And if you already doing that, let's start performing some of our Sunnah prayers at night. The 100 Praise if we can insha Allah that will make your turn away easy inshallah Huhtala number three, slightly

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increase in the RE citation of the Quran and why I use the word slightly is because in Ramadan, you want to go to your maximum capacity in sha Allah. So right now if you are not reading Quran much

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Then let's increase that. Let's start reading half a page a day. If you're not reading Quran at all pretty much, half a page a day, let's start. If you're already doing that, let's start increasing it by a page a day. If you're already doing that, let's say you have a person who reads a juice a day, then maybe increase it to two jewels every day. Increase it, so that when Ramadan comes for me, citation will be easy. Why? Because Ramadan is the month of the Quran, shahada Madonna lady own Zilla fee Hill Quran hooter Lynas, Baba unites.

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The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed, right so it's the month of the Quran, we need to increase that insha Allah number four, slightly increase in the frequency of giving charity,

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slightly increase in the frequency of giving charity.

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Now we know the month of Ramadan is also a month of charity. And can you imagine Subhanallah if you think about it, almost every year before Ramadan begins, there is a disaster in the Muslim world have you noticed that? before Ramadan begins almost every year, there is a disaster in the Muslim world, the earthquake, the the floods that happened in Pakistan, before that the wars that has happened, right, the natural disasters that happens, all of these things happen you'll notice before Ramadan, and I always say Allah is creating an opportunity for all of us to dig deep and give because it's such an amazing act of worship. So before Ramadan begins, and Alhamdulillah we had an

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amazing collection, we collected more than $13,000 to give for the earthquake appeal. Let's inshallah continue giving frequency more giving more or more frequently insha Allah so that when Ramadan comes you give even more, it's easy for you to give, you're not going to think about it much. Because in Ramadan, your deeds increase even more.

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Number five,

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stay away from sins as much as you can from now. Because we know in the month of Ramadan, the more sins you commit, than what happens, the more likely you're fasting might not be accepted. So we need to be very, very careful. And for those students, and teachers, anybody any Muslims who back by gossip, slander, even swearing becomes so normal to swear these days, isn't it? Unfortunately, even swearing, all of these things that we are doing that as sinful start to decrease that to extent where we don't do those things at all. Because in the month of Ramadan, you need to be even more aware of these things. So practice from now insha Allah and number six, make dua to Allah for

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Ramadan and for Allah to accept your Ramadan make dua from now just like the Sahaba is Allahumma Bolivianos Ramadan start thinking about Ramadan ask Allah Allah Allah give us the next Ramadan make this Ramadan the best Ramadan your Allah make me forgive all my sins yeah Allah make me be one of the best Muslims make me change to become a better Muslim. Make all of these DUA and you will see if your Cincy Allah to Allah will accept your DUA. So the six things inshallah I'll repeat it one more time. For some of the days of Shaban slightly increasing your Sunnah prayers, increase in the RE citation of the Quran. slowly increasing the frequency of giving charity, stay away from sins as

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much as you can, and start to make dua to Allah to Allah. For Ramadan. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to bless us with the next Ramadan. I mean, we ask Allah to Allah to make this the best Ramadan, we ask Allah to help us prepare well for Ramadan. I also want to take this opportunity and make dua to Allah to Allah to help those brothers and sisters who are affected by the earthquake say I mean, and also for those who are suffering all around the world say I mean, I also want to take this opportunity, as we know and I've mentioned this before, Mr. AeroFarms sister, is quite ill in hospital. So there is a special dua that we are requesting May Allah subhanahu wa taala ease her

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pain, may Allah subhanahu wa taala give her complete Chifa say I mean, we ask Allah to Allah for all of those who are sick to give them complete Shiva I mean, a bad Allah in Allah Allah wa Mala ricotta who you saloon Allah nebbia you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a slimmer Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad came out so later Allah Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim alberic Allah Muhammad wa early Muhammad Gamma DR. Allah Ibrahim wa ala l Ibrahima Filomena in Hamidah Majid Reba Allah in Allah hiya movie loudly with a certain what Eater is in Cordoba? Why and her annual Sasha one one curry well Buffy your eyes oh como la la quinta de karoun for the Caroni of Coco wash

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Karolyi wala foon standing up make your rose please

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