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bow nappy Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge marine.

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I'm about.

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So first of all, we apologize that we missed a couple of weeks out of our schedule. That wasn't anything to do with myself. And it wasn't anything to do with January.

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But as you know, the way the permission system works is that we have to receive permissions for classes before we conduct them. And the permissions were delayed in getting renewed from the Islamic affairs department. So it took us a couple of weeks until we could start the class again. So inshallah sometimes these things happen Kadar, Allah, Masha, fine, and Alhamdulillah, we've now got all of the relevant paperwork, and we can start to finish our long title. But that does mean that we're a little bit behind.

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Now, I had an idea of a solution to this problem in Sharla.

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And I don't know what the brothers and sisters think of it. But my suggestion was that because we're so far behind where we supposed to be, perhaps we can release two videos a week.

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This one

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and we'll release one more in Charlotte Tyler during the week, they'll all go on the same YouTube channel. And they'll be posted out to the same WhatsApp and telegram groups that people are on right now.

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If you want to know where the videos the existing videos are, they're on forward slash Mohammed Tim

00:02:01--> 00:02:09 forward slash Mohammed Tim m UHAW, M. A d tm.

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what I thought we could do is in order to help us to catch up we can ensure a load to either release a video midweek let people watch it in their own time. And then when we come to the class the next Saturday, we can just ask if anyone had questions or anything they didn't understand inshallah and we can progress like that because I think that that will be better because already I'm later than the other teachers because I started like a week after them or two weeks after them and also we missed two weeks because of the permission problems so the issue is a little bit we have to catch up a little bit

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so I'm gonna think about the idea and let you guys know in sha Allah Allah but we seriously considering releasing a video midweek with the tipsy or have a few more pages and then again on the Saturday just continuing on like that inshallah until we reach we catch up inshallah

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so we've reached the more with a team

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who will be a big fella and could also be Robin nice openness

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and these two sources are known as the more our with attain

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and why they're known as the more or with attain and you know, that Arabic ending in means to write

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it sometimes Annie or Amy means to like their harmony or their harmony to their homes.

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They known as the Mara with attain because there's two of them, but what's wrong with them?

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more data comes from the beginning of the surah Uzu.

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When you say cool,

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Zoo, bureau big fella, cool. zoo, bureau openness, this word,

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which we're going to come to which means that I seek refuge or I seek protection,

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this word that means I seek refuge or protection.

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It makes the surah into a more or with something that is used for protection.

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So perhaps we could say that the best translation of the MA with attain are the two sources that were revealed for protection

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or the two sources for seeking protection.

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The two sources for seeking protection. Individually they are known as

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surratt, alfalah, and saltiness.

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They all

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So sometimes called them what are we that now the what are we that is just a plural it doesn't mention two, it could be 2345 but generally the one with that it also means sort of Fela consolata NASS, but some of the narrations odd, cool who Allah who I had as well, even though kohala had doesn't start with our zoo,

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but there are some as car in which it comes together like after Salah where you read

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kohala who I had pulled out with a big fella and pull out your business. So sometimes when they all come together like that,

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how do we know whether we whether kohala is included or not?

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Generally speaking, we look at the sooner and we see what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam used to do. If it said he read them, what are we that did he read?

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Just alfalah and anass or did he used to read all three? inshallah Allah as you look at each individual action each individual time, you will find a Sunnah from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for them.

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So let's, first of all, ask ourselves a question.

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Does Sora to follow up and solidness have a cause for revelation?

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There is a cause for revelation which is mentioned Eben kefir mentioned it and he mentioned that there is a weakness in it.

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Some of the other scholars of Tafseer mentioned it.

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And they mentioned that it was revealed or that these two were revealed when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was afflicted with magic.

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The fact that the prophet SAW Selim was afflicted with magic is undoubted.

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And it's reported in the Sahih Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. The question is, were these two sutras revealed for that reason? Or were they just used at that time we know they were used, we know that's what the prophet SAW Selim, what was read upon him.

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it's not entirely clear whether they were revealed for that reason. complicating matters is that the majority of the scholars of Tafseer said that these two sources are makia. They were revealed in Makkah, but the Sahara that was done to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was done in Medina.

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However, there is no reason why a surah can't be revealed more than once for different reasons. And this is something that is well known in the science of solar tipsy as the science of the underlying rules and regulations of Tafseer is that sometimes an ayah will be revealed for more than one reason.

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The Ayah was revealed for so and so and so so and so and so.

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So there is no harm in taking note that it's possible that the surah was revealed.

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Or these two sources were revealed when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was afflicted by magic, stronger than that is they will used when the Prophet sizer was afflicted by magic.

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Perhaps the

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the clearest narration in this regard is the narration of Albay hoppy in a della intellia inuwa.

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In which I'll be happy in the rates that these two were revealed. Because of the magic that was done to the profit slice, in which there were 11 knots.

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There were 11 knots in the magic that was done to the profit slice and because it was done to kill him, so there were 11 knots, and then each Ayah broke one of the knots. This is narrated by lb hockey, and others, the Heidi this week,

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but it's something that you can, you can take it into account. And there is no doubt whatsoever that these two soldiers are from the most powerful of the surahs for Rukia Sharia for Rukia. And for breaking magic, and gin possession and the evil eye and so on. You only have to read the topic of the surah to see that is the case.

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So we've already taken sort of two Fatiha and sort of silly philos which are both part of Rokia Sharia part of the regular response.

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that we do in order to protect and in order to seek a cure from things that afflict people, but particularly these last two, because they were revealed, or it is said that they were revealed for that specific reason.

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another principle we learn in Tafseer, is that the reason something is revealed is not the only aspect to the surah. So the Oh, it's not the case that the only benefit of sort of fell out and saltiness is only when you are afflicted by magic that they will remove the magic.

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That might be the reason it was revealed. And as we said, The Hadeeth is weak. That might be the reason it was revealed. But the wording and the benefits are much broader, broader and much wider than just dealing with magic and afflictions from the world of the unseen.

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So perhaps we can take it word by word, coal we've already spoken about. And we've said that coal is a command to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to his oma after him.

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And we've said that it's a part of the surah Cole Uzu What does it mean are,

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we said it means to to make ltj ltg. I asked a lot to give me refuge.

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Some of the scholars said StG

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I asked Allah to give me safety.

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Others among them said, are tassimo

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I asked Allah to keep me safe, while I ask Allah to keep me protected. All of these are very similar in meaning and they just different ways of expressing the same thing. You're asking Allah for refuge, for a place of safety, to be protected, and to be safe.

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And this asking Allah for protection and safety and refuge is called is that

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and it is one of the most important Eva that in Islam.

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One of the Rebbe perang gave a lot of attention to one of the acts of worship, which the Quran gave a heavy importance to is asking Allah for refuge, it's a kind of,

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but it's a special kind of

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that all Allah I'm asking you to give me refuge to keep me safe and protected.

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And here is where we also see first of all, could also be Robin Fela, who am I asking refuge from?

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From the Lord of alfalah.

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Now here, we ask ourselves the question

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Rob bull fella, why not? Rabbul aalameen we heard

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alfetta. Most of the scholars of Tafseer. There are lots of opinions about it. But most of the scholars of TFC they said alfalah is a super

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it is the daybreak or the time when the day and the night become clear from one another.

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So some of them said it's more specific than a sub

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A so bad the morning time. Generally Saba Salatu soup is federal, the Federal time. But they said that fell out is when the day becomes really clear. When it becomes clear that the day has come.

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Sort of them said I fell off as a super it's the same as soba isn't fragile.

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But some of them said it's more than that. It's when the day becomes clear. The Daybreak

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when the dawn becomes clear,

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there is another meaning to alfalah that we need here.

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There's two other meanings. One is the meaning of Philippine meaning color.

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One photo that Allah created something so that's one of the possible that's something in there as well. That the Lord of the fellows some of them said it's the same as saying when you see it later on. We shall Rhema Allah because the word fella has a relationship with holiday. It's not just that it rhymes it has a relationship in meaning.

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Because follow up is a type of creating. It can be a type of creating or break

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Something into being.

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So some of them said, it's for this reason,

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because you're asking a lot to keep you safe from the evil of what he created. So you call him as the Lord, who created undistinguished things,

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the Lord who made things different from one another.

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The other meaning of alfalah. Here is to distinguish,

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to distinguish.

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And we have an IRA that in Solihull and that Allah azzawajal said fire liquid is bad.

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Allah is the one who created or made different, Al is bad. The soup honey the morning or the dawn.

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So, one thing is that the word Philip reminds you that Allah is the Creator. That's one thing.

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But it has a meaning more specific than that. And that is that Allah is the one who shows you the difference between things

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between good and evil.

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And another meaning here is that alpha luck meaning the dawn, you imagine when you're in the night and you can't see anything

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and you feel lost and confused and you're not sure where you should go or what you should do. And then the dawn comes and the sun shines brightly and you can certainly see. This is also a reason why you call upon Allah Rob wolf Allah

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because Allah azza wa jal brings you the light

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who takes you out of lumati in a note from the darkness into the light.

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And so you call upon him Rob bull Farah hear the Lord of the daybreak because the guidance of Allah azza wa jal comes to you like the daybreak in the middle of the night. And when the daybreak comes from the darkness of the night, you can see and you're guided. So all of these meanings are reasons why Allah azza wa jal here says cool animals will be Robin Fela.

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Because Allah is the Creator,

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because Allah azza wa jal is the one who distinguishes things good from evil right from wrong

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and makes clear to you what is good for you and what is bad for you.

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He makes clear to you

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and also is that it reminds you like that of the light of Allah azza wa jal which guides you in the darkness

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who will be Rob bill Salah

00:18:03--> 00:18:08

me Sham Rima holla from the evil which he

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this is a comprehensive statement

00:18:21--> 00:18:24

it covers every kind of evil

00:18:25--> 00:18:31

such there is no evil that is possible to be outside of this

00:18:33--> 00:18:37

because every single thing in this world was created by a large lF euro

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and that's why a lot so it just says zaarly como la la

00:18:46--> 00:18:58

la Ilaha in Holly coalition, that is Allah your Lord, there is no god worthy of worship but him the creator of everything.

00:18:59--> 00:19:26

So when you see a cool Ruby Rob bill fed up, Misha Rima holla, you cover every kind of evil, there is nothing that can escape that. Because there is nothing that exists in this world. No person, no Genie, no shape on no evil that can afflict you except that Allah azza wa jal created

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but here we have a problem.

00:19:31--> 00:19:33

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

00:19:37--> 00:19:43

in a DA and it's authentic, that he said what Chevrolet said la

00:19:44--> 00:19:47

evil is not attributed to you.

00:19:49--> 00:19:59

Evil is not attributed to you or Allah. We don't say about you, that you are the creator of evil

00:20:01--> 00:20:03

So how do we reconcile between these two things?

00:20:05--> 00:20:15

How do we reconcile that we don't say that Allah is the Creator of evil. But Allah said when we Sheree mishary mahalo from the evil that he created.

00:20:17--> 00:20:20

Broadly speaking here the issue is etiquette with Allah.

00:20:21--> 00:20:24

And speaking about a line the right way.

00:20:25--> 00:20:38

When you say about Allah, the creator of everything, it's clear that that includes good and evil. And there is only one God there are not a God of good and a God of bad any there is only one God, Allah azza wa jal created everything.

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But when you say about Allah, the creator of evil, it appears that you are not saying that Allah created good and that you're being rude and not a pro speaking about Allah in an inappropriate way. And for that reason, we the Prophet sighs said was shed release at a lake. We don't attribute evil to you. That's one reason

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is that it's bad etiquette. It's so much Allah subhanaw taala it's bad etiquette with Allah, that you say Holly kosha the creator of evil

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because it it doesn't give Allah His right. When you see hardly kukuli Shay, the creator of everything, you gave a lies, right? But when you said creator of evil, it didn't you didn't give a lies, right? And you didn't give a balance.

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The other reason is,

00:21:32--> 00:21:43

so we said One reason is that it's bad etiquette with a large project. The other reason is, a law does not create evil for evil sake.

00:21:45--> 00:21:52

Allah didn't create evil for a joke as a pivotal Anima holla panakam Albus? And

00:21:53--> 00:21:57

do you think we created you just for a joke just for a game.

00:21:59--> 00:22:08

You will not create it for a joke or a game. Everything that Allah created was for a wisdom hick, metal and bad luck, Banila

00:22:09--> 00:22:10

infinite wisdom.

00:22:12--> 00:22:24

Everything that Allah created, was created for an infinite perfect wisdom that is with him. So when you say the creator of evil, it's like you took that wisdom away.

00:22:25--> 00:22:31

It's like you indicated that Allah just created evil just for the sake of it. Or if we're going to have good, let's have evil.

00:22:33--> 00:22:40

Every single evil thing that exists exists because of the wisdom that is with Allah subhanaw taala.

00:22:41--> 00:22:52

Then who is the sub of that evil? Who is the cause of that evil? Eliza magette is the creator of everything, but who is the one who is causing it and who is the one bringing it about

00:22:57--> 00:23:18

to feel better he will by Pema ketubot, at NUS, by your own hands. So that evil is not coming. Because Allah azza wa jal is not merciful. It's coming because of you and me and everyone else what we are doing we bringing that evil about upon ourselves,

00:23:19--> 00:23:40

a license creator of everything, but we bring in that evil upon ourselves. So there's three reasons why we don't say, creator of evil like that without giving a balance. We say that Allah is the Creator of everything. But there is no doubt that when we say Allah is the Creator of everything, that includes good and includes evil.

00:23:43--> 00:23:52

Allah azza wa jal is the creator of everything. But we want to have good etiquette with Allah, we want to speak about a light in the best way. We don't want to

00:23:54--> 00:24:03

minimize or discount our own role in the evil that happens because it comes from our own hands and because of our own sins.

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00:24:10--> 00:24:25

we want to recognize the wisdom that exists in the creation of Allah azza wa jal in everything that Allah commands and everything that Allah creates, but otherwise Nothing escapes our lives creation.

00:24:28--> 00:24:49

And Miss answer, be in the light, Allah will help you a lot. Because when you speak to people in other religions, or atheists, and so on, they're very confused about this. They either end up saying there are two gods or God of good and a God of darkness. Or they make a police the creator of evil.

00:24:51--> 00:24:57

And they raise a belief to be a harlot, a creator, when there is no creator except Allah subhanaw taala

00:25:00--> 00:25:03

Then they say, Allah doesn't want good for banner ad.

00:25:05--> 00:25:07

And they attribute evil to a lot.

00:25:08--> 00:25:11

So as a Muslim, we have the best answer.

00:25:13--> 00:25:16

First of all allies, the creator of everything.

00:25:17--> 00:25:20

And Nothing escapes Allah's creation and command.

00:25:22--> 00:25:37

Allah only creates evil for a purpose and a wisdom that he Subhana Allah knows. And the cause of that evil comes from ourselves and our actions. And when you see this, all of the problem goes away.

00:25:40--> 00:25:43

All of the problem goes away and people say, Okay, now I understand.

00:25:46--> 00:25:47

And then when you see evil,

00:25:48--> 00:25:49

who do you turn to?

00:25:51--> 00:25:54

You turn to the one who created everything.

00:25:56--> 00:26:17

And you ask him to keep you safe from the evil that he created. When you mentioned that Allah created it here. What does it tell you? If Allah created a lock and destroy it, if Allah created it a lock and keep you safe from it, if Allah created it, and it's nothing in the sight of Allah, because it's

00:26:19--> 00:26:20

in front of a Holic

00:26:23--> 00:26:32

and look how sad and how, how just horrible it is that people seek refuge in other people

00:26:34--> 00:27:06

who can original meaning in Seattle zoo in Abidjan? immunol Jin pasado hombre haka. There were men from the they were there were men among mankind, that sought refuge. They didn't see our villa. They didn't see a big fella. They said our to be saying he did it. We seek refuge with the jinn in the world. What happened to them? All of the evil of those jinn came upon them like a crema, Rahim Allah tala said

00:27:07--> 00:27:18

and they got madness and they got afflicted and they got possessed because they asked the jinn to keep them safe. Whereas if they asked the Lord of the jinn to keep them safe

00:27:20--> 00:27:22

when you ask Allah azzawajal

00:27:24--> 00:27:25

nothing will harm you.

00:27:27--> 00:27:52

So when you say mean, Sheree mahalo. It gives you confidence. And it reminds you that any evil that comes to you is mahalo. It's created in front of the holodeck, the creator, who if he wishes to destroy it will destroy it. And if he wishes to keep you safe from it, then who better to keep you safe than the one who created it?

00:27:54--> 00:28:15

And this theme is repeated in the Quran. Allah azza wa jal said in Surah, two, it's sort of Allium run in Amazon ecommerce shaytaan. We have with Alia, Fela Taha foom waha funi enquanto. Meaning, this is only the shape on who makes you scared of his allies.

00:28:17--> 00:28:27

Don't be scared of them. But be scared of me, is scared of a lot. If you make your fear of Allah of the harlot, you will not be scared of the McClure

00:28:28--> 00:28:45

of the creation. But if you become fearful of the Mark, Luke, every little thing will scare you. You will be scared of the dark and you'll be scared of everything that moves in every noise in the night and everything you'll become twitchy like that. Because when you're scared of a Hulu, every month look scares you.

00:28:46--> 00:28:59

And when you're scared of the holodeck, there is no muckleneuk that scares you. That doesn't mean you don't have natural fears. You know all of us have some things we don't like. But generally speaking, if you are scared of alcoholic

00:29:01--> 00:29:03

of Rob bull fella,

00:29:04--> 00:29:06

you will not be scared of the mahalo cart.

00:29:07--> 00:29:13

You will not be scared of the darkness of the night. Because you know who created the darkness of the night.

00:29:16--> 00:29:17

Cool. Ooh Brr bill Farah

00:29:19--> 00:29:21

Misha Rima Hola. And we said

00:29:23--> 00:29:41

that mean Shalimar Hala covers everything which will come after. So now the question is if it covers everything that will come after? What are the specific things mentioned afterwards? Because now a lot so Joel has mentioned the general

00:29:42--> 00:29:56

now he's going to mention of course, the specific things. So these specific things must be mentioned for a reason. Because we said that the Quran doesn't have any wasted words.

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

Everything is there for a reason.

00:30:02--> 00:30:16

The scholars differed over this reason. I'm going to give you a couple, two or maybe three, two or three reasons why Allah azza wa jal mentioned the following things. Some of the scholars said he mentioned them, because they are

00:30:17--> 00:30:19

huffy, they're hidden.

00:30:21--> 00:30:23

And they're hard to perceive.

00:30:25--> 00:30:33

Because Allah mentioned the, the evil that comes with the darkness. And as I mentioned, the evil of magic, and the evil of jealousy.

00:30:34--> 00:30:45

And all of those evils can be tied together with a common theme, which is alhaja, that they are hidden and difficult to perceive.

00:30:47--> 00:31:07

Sad is not like, you know, bright orange color sparks that come out of somebody's wand, you know, that's just in the movies, say head doesn't really work like that. It's something huffy, it's hidden. Suddenly, somebody came sick, why did they become sick? What's happened, we don't know, the doctor can't find anything. It's something hidden.

00:31:09--> 00:31:14

Likewise, the evils that come in the darkness of the night, from the shell team,

00:31:15--> 00:31:23

and so on, our evils that are hidden, you can't see them, they don't come in front of you that you can just see, okay, there's the evil I have to keep away.

00:31:25--> 00:31:30

And likewise, the evil of jealousy isn't an evil that is easy to see. It's an evil that is hidden.

00:31:33--> 00:31:35

And it comes from the soul of a person.

00:31:36--> 00:31:43

So some of the scholars they said, Lee hoffa, because of they are they are all hidden. That's why Allah mentioned them.

00:31:46--> 00:31:47

And we can also say

00:31:49--> 00:31:51

that it's because of their importance.

00:31:53--> 00:31:58

Because they are all extremely important evils.

00:31:59--> 00:32:03

It's as though they are from the roots of evil.

00:32:04--> 00:32:12

And in fact, if you put sort of to follow up, and certain us together, you would gather together the root of every evil,

00:32:13--> 00:32:14

every kind of evil.

00:32:18--> 00:32:20

Because every kind of evil

00:32:22--> 00:32:23

Misha Rima holla,

00:32:24--> 00:32:33

from the evil of the darkness, from the evil of the magician's, from the evil of jealousy, from the evil of the jinn who whisper and the men,

00:32:34--> 00:32:36

you gather every kind of evil.

00:32:38--> 00:32:46

So it said that they are the most important or the, you know that they are like the heads of the or the main points,

00:32:47--> 00:32:53

or from the most important and the most significant times of evil that a person can be touch with.

00:32:56--> 00:32:57

And also,

00:32:59--> 00:33:12

you can also mention, and maybe this is related to the first one, maybe it's not a third category, maybe it's part of the first one is that they are things that there is no worldly way to protect yourself from them.

00:33:17--> 00:33:20

We're dealing with the evils of the high

00:33:22--> 00:33:23

generally speaking,

00:33:24--> 00:33:38

maybe not exclusively, but generally speaking, we're dealing with the evils of the jinn and the Sheltie in and magic and jealousy and the evil eye and the jinn who whisper in your ears and your hearts.

00:33:40--> 00:33:43

These are things there is no worldly protection,

00:33:44--> 00:34:03

there is no medicine, there is no doctor, there is no forcefield there is no device, you can plug into the wall, that will protect you from these things, you can only be protected from them when you turn to Allah. That's the reality of every evil, even the evils you think you can protect yourself against.

00:34:04--> 00:34:25

The reality of them is you can only protect yourself when you turn to Allah. But these we all we all know straight away when we hear them that this is an evil I have no protection against it without allies origin. So perhaps that is a part of the reason because they are hidden they are concealed. So those linked in together.

00:34:28--> 00:34:31

When we should rehearse, you can either World Cup.

00:34:33--> 00:34:36

This refers to the evil

00:34:38--> 00:34:41

of the darkness when it spreads.

00:34:45--> 00:34:46

There are three times

00:34:48--> 00:34:55

that I can find an evidence and either in the scholars of Tafseer or either in the sooner that this could refer to

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

the most common one

00:35:01--> 00:35:08

Is that the scholars mentioned the evil of the dark night, the darkness of the night.

00:35:10--> 00:35:12

Little mid to late the darkness of the night.

00:35:14--> 00:35:19

And there is no doubt the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in an authentic Hadeeth

00:35:22--> 00:35:28

the wording escapes me from memory but he told us that if you knew what I knew you would not travel alone at night.

00:35:29--> 00:35:31

The darkness of the night it has

00:35:33--> 00:35:39

any the darkness of the night It has sure there are evils Min allergenicity oneness from the jinn and from men.

00:35:42--> 00:35:51

But also, let's not forget there is an authentic hadith more than one about the evils that come out after sunset.

00:35:53--> 00:35:59

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Nellie Shay Pani in Tisha Ron wahat.

00:36:00--> 00:36:11

The shape on spreads out at mohareb in the aftermath rip the shape and spreads out and snatches afflicts people and snatches people.

00:36:15--> 00:36:16

So here,

00:36:17--> 00:36:19

we learn that at sunset,

00:36:20--> 00:36:21

there is a

00:36:23--> 00:36:30

particular evil that spreads and that is the evil of the sharpener that spread out at sunset.

00:36:31--> 00:36:43

So this also has a link to the IRS. And perhaps this is part of the hikma of reading cooler or the bureau bill fella from Colorado bureau of finance and Paula had three times after salata, Mahara

00:36:47--> 00:37:02

also, and this one is a lovely for it's a bit of a, you won't find this one in many places, but will lie a brother told it to me and since he told it to me from one of the machines, and since he told it to me will lie, I believe it's it's true.

00:37:04--> 00:37:13

And that is the evil of the night in which there is no moon ie the night of the month in which there is no moon

00:37:16--> 00:37:17

the night of the month

00:37:18--> 00:37:20

in which there is no moon.

00:37:22--> 00:37:25

And this is a time that is very beloved to the magicians.

00:37:26--> 00:37:49

And this is what some of the some of the most shy who do they perform Rokia and so on. They mentioned this as a tip seal that from the evils or Michelle Rivas you can either what pop is the evil of the night, the moonless night, the night in the month in which the moon doesn't show but the AI is more general than that all of the darknesses

00:37:56--> 00:37:58

and that evil is not only the jinn in the shell team

00:37:59--> 00:38:26

is also an evil of any from from mankind. People are more vulnerable. At night we know that the end of the day. It is a something that we ask a lot comprehensive protection from all of the evils that come in the darkness, be it from the jinn beard from the men beard from the shell team that spread at Monterey or from anything else at any other time.

00:38:29--> 00:38:33

Women shower enough 30 filler or cut

00:38:36--> 00:38:40

enough is to blow without spitting

00:38:41--> 00:38:42

is to blow

00:38:43--> 00:38:46

to blow without spitting.

00:38:49--> 00:38:54

And enough first thought are the women who blow

00:38:56--> 00:39:00

and they blow fill on two knots.

00:39:03--> 00:39:05

This is one of the types of magic

00:39:07--> 00:39:13

and it's not the only type of magic and it's not only done by women, but because it is one of the most famous

00:39:15--> 00:39:17

and because it is like a

00:39:23--> 00:39:44

it draws your attention to all of the types of magic because society fit is one of the most common things that magicians do is to blow on the knots. So what they do is in the string, they tie the string and then they they blow on the on the knot and they mentioned the names of the shell team over the knot to perform magic upon people.

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

Again, here it mentions the women. But in the in the story of the magic that was done to the profit size and limit was done by lobby developer who was a man

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

We don't have any evidence that there was a woman involved in it. So also, this is something that it's not specific, but

00:40:08--> 00:40:20

it's something that was no, no, the women blowing on the knots was known as one of the methods of magic. And even until today, you rarely find magic that doesn't have knots in it.

00:40:21--> 00:40:46

But it's not the only kind of magic and it's not only done by, by women, or men shoveling 30 feet of rope, but so it spreads to all kinds of magic. All evils that are related to that are related to magic. And magic, as we know is something which is separate from coffee, it is a cause which is hidden from the eyes,

00:40:47--> 00:40:53

in which the magician makes a contract or an agreement with the jinn and the shape on

00:40:55--> 00:41:08

in order to worship or facilitate the worship of other than Allah, and to sacrifice to other than Allah, and to disobey and disbelieve in Allah in return for the jinn to do certain actions for them.

00:41:11--> 00:41:19

And this, one of the most common ways this was done is by the tying of knots and blowing the names of the Shelton over the knots.

00:41:24--> 00:41:33

Woman shadowy has hidden, either asset, from the evil of the jealous person or the envious person

00:41:46--> 00:41:50

and from the evil of the envious person, when they are envious.

00:41:53--> 00:41:59

Here we have to ask ourselves because all of us have heard of aligning the evil eye.

00:42:02--> 00:42:13

But why did Allah as origin not mentioned the evil eye? Why mentioned the hazard? What what's the difference between the because there is a difference between the two.

00:42:14--> 00:42:17

The word for the one who gives the evil eyes are in.

00:42:20--> 00:42:21

So why not woman Sherry,

00:42:22--> 00:42:23


00:42:26--> 00:42:31

and either on if this person from the evil of the evil of the evil eye.

00:42:33--> 00:42:40

There are two reasons for this. First of all, that jealousy may be from the evil eye, and it may not relate to the evil eye.

00:42:42--> 00:42:50

So this ayah includes both. It includes jealousy that came from the evil eye.

00:42:52--> 00:42:55

And it includes jealousy that didn't come from the evil eye.

00:42:57--> 00:42:59

In reality, the evil eye

00:43:01--> 00:43:02

is like

00:43:04--> 00:43:05

a person

00:43:06--> 00:43:22

or is a person who when they are jealous or amazed with someone, instead of the normal jealousy that that happens, which usually hurts the jealous person and doesn't hurt the one that's being jealous that that person is jealous of

00:43:24--> 00:43:29

physical and real things happen to the person they are jealous of.

00:43:30--> 00:43:34

For example, they might be jealous of a person's hair.

00:43:35--> 00:43:48

Normally, if a normal person is jealous of someone's hair, nothing happens. But it causes ill feeling between people and it causes evil for the person who is jealous. It causes you know, it causes problems for everybody.

00:43:50--> 00:44:15

But when the person who has evil is jealous, maybe the person's hair will fall out, maybe they will collapse. Maybe they'll go into a coma and not wake up again. And this is something physical, something real happens like an arrow that came from the soul of the person who had that jealousy or that amazement, and it struck the person who they were jealous all were amazed, amazed with.

00:44:17--> 00:44:19

And of course if the person is protecting themselves,

00:44:21--> 00:44:26

including with the Sora then this jealousy will not will not hurt them in a long time.

00:44:29--> 00:44:31

But jealousy is more than that.

00:44:33--> 00:44:34

It's more than just the evil.

00:44:35--> 00:44:44

Jealousy breaks up families. Jealousy causes people not to speak to each other. Jealousy causes people to reject other

00:44:46--> 00:44:50

and this is one of the great benefits of believing in a loss cutter.

00:44:53--> 00:44:59

And when we studied allapattah roll paba one of the great benefits that will lie I wrote from the sheer

00:45:00--> 00:45:20

In believing in Qatar, one of the many benefits is that it protects you from jealousy. Because once you realize that Allah has given you what is right for you, and Allah has given this other person what is right for them, then you don't feel any desire to have what someone else has.

00:45:21--> 00:45:29

Except in a positive way, like the prophets, I send them said, there is no hazard law has said

00:45:31--> 00:45:37

in life is nothing except in two things. One is the person who has wealth and gives it in South Africa.

00:45:39--> 00:45:42

And one is the person who has knowledge.

00:45:45--> 00:45:50

One is the person who has Hekmat has wisdom and judges with it, and he has knowledge and judges with it.

00:45:53--> 00:45:56

So if this is the case, that doesn't mean that you have

00:45:58--> 00:46:14

jealousy of them, you want them to lose what they have, because that's the bit that's the basis of jealousy. The essence of jealousy is you want the other person to lose that blessing and for you to have it instead. But it means that you hope

00:46:15--> 00:46:20

to have similar to what they have, so that you can do similar to what they do.

00:46:22--> 00:46:35

And even that hoping and wishing is not allowed, except in two things. wealth that is given in charity, not wealth alone. So you're not allowed to be jealous of someone who is wealthy, full stop.

00:46:37--> 00:46:43

But you can wish to be someone who is wealthy and gives charity spends it in charity.

00:46:45--> 00:46:47

And it's also not allowed

00:46:49--> 00:46:53

for you to just be jealous of or to you for you to wish for having knowledge.

00:46:54--> 00:47:09

But to have knowledge that is acted upon, and that you judge with it, and roll with it and act upon it and use it for the benefit that people this is the knowledge that you can wish for. But when you wish for it, you don't wish for the other person to lose it.

00:47:10--> 00:47:14

You only say I wish that I had that.

00:47:16--> 00:47:19

And that's the only two things that you're allowed to say that I wish I had that.

00:47:22--> 00:47:25

Let alone jealousy where you wish for someone to lose what they have.

00:47:27--> 00:47:30

Jealousy only comes from the heart of a person who is sick

00:47:32--> 00:47:37

heart of a person who is unwell. Because jealousy is a sickness of the heart.

00:47:39--> 00:47:52

And as we said it afflicts people in a more broader scope than just the evil eye. We said that it breaks up families, it causes people to split from each other, it causes people to hate each other.

00:47:53--> 00:48:04

And it breaks up brotherhood, and sisterhood in Islam because so and so is jealous of so and so and so and so is jealous of so and so. And they try to undermine each other and make problems for each other.

00:48:06--> 00:48:17

That is excluding it, when you bring iron into it, it becomes even worse. So this ayah covers all of that, that evil, whether it is the evil of the hassad,

00:48:18--> 00:48:24

who doesn't give it but still breaks up families and friendships and destroys brotherhood.

00:48:26--> 00:48:26


00:48:29--> 00:48:32

this, and contradicts proper belief in other

00:48:34--> 00:48:38

all the evil of the one who gives the evil eye. All of it is covered.

00:48:41--> 00:48:45

And there's no doubt that even when you look at magic, which was mentioned in the previous ayah

00:48:47--> 00:48:50

that the cause of much magic is jealousy.

00:48:52--> 00:49:12

Some family member is jealous of another one. So they go to the magician and they asked them make it so their marriage breaks apart. They only did this because of jealousy and hatred. And so again, these two are connected to one another as well. So if you see the way that I saw general and so comprehensive, that it covers everything.

00:49:14--> 00:49:23

Cooler was a bit of bigness. Again, now we have again, I seek refuge protection, safety

00:49:24--> 00:49:27

from the Lord of mankind.

00:49:29--> 00:49:31

The Lord of all of the men

00:49:32--> 00:49:35

and allies are abroad. And I mean, as we said,

00:49:36--> 00:49:40

The Lord of all of the worlds the world of the men, the world of the angels, the world of the jinn,

00:49:41--> 00:49:50

the world of the animals, the world of the scene in the world of the unseen. Allah azza wa jal is the rub of all of them Rabbul aalameen

00:49:53--> 00:49:57

who will be on Venus Malik in this

00:49:59--> 00:49:59


00:50:00--> 00:50:05

I mentioned that Al Malik is one of the names of allies. So just because it's mentioned at the end of sorbitol hashtag, right.

00:50:08--> 00:50:26

hula hula de la ilaha illa, who al Malik Kudu Salaam to the end of the aisle. So al Malik is one of the names of allies origin. And we've already explained American soldier 230 when we said Maliki army Dean and Maliki army Dean, that Malik refers to the sovereign.

00:50:28--> 00:50:36

You could see the king. But the I think the word sovereign is more appropriate for allies origins but for the kids, so they understand like the word King,

00:50:38--> 00:50:40

mannequin nurse, the Sovereign of mankind.

00:50:43--> 00:50:50

Isla hiddenness, and the ILA is Elmer Abood, the one who is worshipped.

00:50:51--> 00:51:02

And Allah azzawajal is the only one that is worshipped in truth, and everything that is worshipped besides Allah is worshipped in falsehood.

00:51:06--> 00:51:15

Some of mankind recognize that Allah is that ILA. And some of them reject it, but ultimately, non can escape it.

00:51:17--> 00:51:25

Well, who led this summer Isla, who was in the ILA, he is the one that is worshipped in the heavens and worshipped on the earth.

00:51:27--> 00:51:32

And worshiping Allah is what will bring you safety and protection.

00:51:34--> 00:51:41

If you think about these three, each one of them gives you a sense of safety and protection within the soul

00:51:42--> 00:51:49

robinus the lord of mankind, how can anyone from mankind hurt me or haunt me?

00:51:50--> 00:51:58

When I have the protection of the lord of mankind, the savior of mankind,

00:51:59--> 00:52:12

the color of mankind, the creator of mankind, the ILA, the object of worship, the God of mankind. How can anything harm you when you sought refuge with

00:52:13--> 00:52:23

the Lord of mankind? Melih keenness that ultimately, Allah azza wa jal owns them. They are nothing except slaves.

00:52:25--> 00:52:41

The angels, the jinn, the men are nothing but slaves of a lie surgeon either they are a laws believing slaves, like the angels and the believers among the men and the jinn. Or they are disbelieving slaves like the disbelievers among the jinn and the men.

00:52:43--> 00:52:45

But ultimately, every one of them

00:52:47--> 00:52:48

is an ABS

00:52:51--> 00:52:54

every one of them will come to allies origin

00:52:56--> 00:53:00

will come to our rock man yo Mel piano Abba as a slave

00:53:02--> 00:53:27

allies, owns them and everything they have, they only have it because Allah azza wa jal gave it to them. Now you imagine being overpowered by a person, a tyrant, someone who uses that power and strength to subdue you, and to overcome you. But how can they overcome you when even their power and strength was given to them by Allah subhanaw taala.

00:53:29--> 00:53:46

And Allah azzawajal is the ILA The only one deserving of worship, the only one deserving of you to seek refuge from him. And this is like an introduction to the DA as well. You're asking a lot and you're also mentioning some of his names and attributes to get you nearer to him.

00:53:48--> 00:53:51

Meaning Sheree was worse in Honduras

00:53:54--> 00:53:58

from the evil of the whisperer

00:53:59--> 00:54:06

Elvis was here from Elvis was on West USA. The whispering

00:54:09--> 00:54:12

and 100 is the one who withdraws

00:54:14--> 00:54:21

so you can't it's not tangible and you can't get hold of the shape on and grab him like that.

00:54:22--> 00:54:32

He's just it's a whisper and then it's gone. It's very subtle. Because you don't usually in normal situations

00:54:33--> 00:54:48

you don't hear the whispering of the shaper and that's why a lot so just said a lady us we Sophie so door in us in the chests. So door is the plural of solder the chest in the chests of men.

00:54:51--> 00:54:55

And he didn't say vi than in us in the ears of men.

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

Because the West was out of the shape Han is very subtle.

00:55:01--> 00:55:06

It's not the one that you hear it in your ears, loud and clear. Do this

00:55:09--> 00:55:16

is something like it just comes into your heart, like the shape I'm came in and he just put it in your heart.

00:55:18--> 00:55:30

And that's why the prophets I send them said, in a shape on a ledger, if you have any Adam major or the shape on flows through the children of Adam in the way that the blood flows,

00:55:31--> 00:55:34

fi sudo arenas inside your chest.

00:55:36--> 00:55:46

And that tells you the subtlety of that whispering and how you can't it's not tangible. You can't get hold of his kindness, he came and he went,

00:55:47--> 00:56:07

you can't grab ahold of it and say, Stop saying these things to me. You can only seek refuge with Allah, the Lord of mankind, the Sovereign of mankind, the one who is worshipped in truth among mankind to protect you from those whisperings that are part of your test in your trial

00:56:10--> 00:56:28

and lead us we Sophie's will do in US mean Elgin t oneness, and here a lot so jelly alludes to the fact that there are shale teen among the men and among the gin and allied so which I mentioned this in sort of an

00:56:29--> 00:56:31

alliance or just said

00:56:35--> 00:56:35

What can

00:56:37--> 00:56:48

I do one shout out in an inci. Well, when you go home in a bow, then Zoho fell holy Whoa, whoa, shout out Oh, boo, comma.

00:56:50--> 00:56:51

Allah said,

00:56:53--> 00:57:15

In this way we made for every prophet enemies, shake out theme from the jinn and the men who reveal to each other they whisper to each other. So here, the thing is not that the men are inside your chest whispering, but the shale team from the men and the jinn they help each other.

00:57:18--> 00:57:27

And Omar mentioned this also, we're in a shell, Tina Liu, who Isla Alia in New Jersey record, the shape on

00:57:29--> 00:57:41

whispers to his friends among men, so that those men come and argue with you. And they debate with you, and the shaytaan whispers so they are whispering to each other.

00:57:42--> 00:57:55

So it's not just that you're dealing with the shape of the jinn, who is like the blood that flows through your body and whispers right into your heart. But you're also dealing with the men that are a part of that process.

00:57:56--> 00:58:15

And that support it. And those people who are shouting not because they are jinn. But they are shouting because they have crossed every boundary and they are far away from Allah and the truth because some of the scholars said the meaning of the word shape on is the one who is far away and buried.

00:58:17--> 00:58:18

The one who is far away

00:58:20--> 00:58:25

any far away from the truth far away from worshipping Allah far away from Islam

00:58:26--> 00:58:32

and who has crossed the boundary and gone over the limits in evil.

00:58:34--> 00:59:05

And those exist among the jinn where they are the that is the any The most common and in the shell team when we see the word shape on without any explanation the word shape it means the jinn who are disbelievers who are shouting the followers of a police effort at tahuna who was a realtor who Alia i mean do anyone whom like Kumar I do with solid body ministry better? Do you take him and his offspring as allies instead of me when they are enemies to you? What a terrible exchange it is for the wrongdoers.

00:59:08--> 00:59:28

But when allies so gel explains wider than that the word shape Han can also be used for the men who exceed all bounds or the human beings that exceed all bounds. And Allah tells us that they cooperate with the jinn and the shell team. And at the head of those people are the magicians.

00:59:29--> 00:59:38

They are the head of the people that cooperate with the shale team. But they're not the only ones. But they are at

00:59:39--> 00:59:50

the head of all of the men that cooperate with the gin they are number 30 for the women who blow in the knots and the men who blow in the knots.

00:59:51--> 00:59:53

So that's also linked.

00:59:54--> 00:59:59

But in reality it covers everything, every evil person from mankind.

01:00:00--> 01:00:07

Every man or woman who tries to deviate you from the truth in the way the shape one does.

01:00:08--> 01:00:17

And sometimes they might not be Sheltie. But they try to deviate you or take you away from the truth, the way that

01:00:19--> 01:00:28

the shaitaan does, so they resemble the shale team from the jinn, Allah was was in harness, the one who whispers and then

01:00:29--> 01:00:31

goes and disappears.

01:00:33--> 01:01:19

And you have people like that, like, call them friends, acquaintances, people who they come and they just whisper in your ear to take you away from the path of Allah azza wa jal, knowingly or unknowingly. And so you seek refuge with Allah Jalla fiorella. From all of that, in reality, wherever I've explained is only a part of the dimension because in reality, this whole our covers every evil. So whichever kind of evil comes to you from the jinn, or whichever kind of evil comes to you from the men, whether it is an evil of the paranormal, whether it's an evil of worse, worse, whether it's an evil of any nature at all, you have asked a lot of protection from it.

01:01:21--> 01:01:37

You've singled out the darkness, which brings the spreading of the shell team, the darkness which is used by the magicians in the darkness, which is used by the evil men who use that darkness to conceal the evil and to strike people in that time.

01:01:38--> 01:01:58

You asked Allah to protect you from magic and the people who perform it, you've asked a lot to protect you from jealousy and the evil eye. You've asked the lies or just to protect you from the whispering of the shade time and from the men who cooperate with the shale team. And the women who cooperate with the shale team in misguiding mankind

01:02:00--> 01:02:02

that covers every kind of evil.

01:02:03--> 01:02:05

And so what we have to conclude with

01:02:07--> 01:02:16

is we have to conclude by saying that we need to be constantly connected to these three sources that we have learned over the last two lessons.

01:02:18--> 01:02:20

We need to have them always on our tongue

01:02:22--> 01:02:35

at the times which are distinguished within the sooner so from the times, which are mentioned is the Add car of a Saba will mess up after Salatu fetcher and have to sell out. So the answer

01:02:36--> 01:02:37

that you say

01:02:38--> 01:02:40

three times, each one.

01:02:42--> 01:02:54

Also the car Oh no. The car before you go to sleep, where you blow in your hands. And you read those three, and you wipe them over each over your body.

01:02:56--> 01:03:02

And from the times is after every prayer that you recite it one time, after every prep.

01:03:04--> 01:03:08

And obviously fetcher and either samagra becomes three

01:03:11--> 01:03:23

and likewise that you use them in our rokeya Sharia that you use them if a person is unwell, even if it's medical, called a cough headache

01:03:24--> 01:03:35

that you blow over them with sudo su 30 and sort of teleclass and sort of fell up and saltiness as the prophet SAW I sell them and his companions Robbie Allah I'm used to do.

01:03:40--> 01:03:47

And there are probably other examples as well. When you think about all of the examples in the sun nowhere these three go together but if you think about how they go together,

01:03:49--> 01:03:55

how sort of selfless reminds you who Allah is it's the description of Allah subhanaw taala

01:03:57--> 01:04:08

and then sort of develop uncertainness in which you ask Allah whose description you have read in Surah teleclass to protect you from all of these evils

01:04:10--> 01:04:16

and there's also a link between surah teleclass and sorbitol Kathy rune which we'll cover when we get to sort of the capital inshallah

01:04:19--> 01:04:25

that's what a lot is the legitimate easy for me to mention. And I know the time is getting on

01:04:27--> 01:04:40

I think shallow to Allah, like I said, I'm gonna suggest I can't say for you for definite but I'm going to suggest to the the guys who are running the program, that if it's possible that we can release a video midweek

01:04:41--> 01:04:58

where we just record the video and release it on the same channels and everything. Maybe that way we can we can cover a little bit more content so that you don't end up with an exam asking you about certain volken here's Mohammed Tim still telling you about sorts of fella and sort of the nasty

01:05:00--> 01:05:13

But a shallow tile I hope it's been of benefit. And allies. So generals best wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was a huge marine. There's one small, very small point I wanted to mention

01:05:15--> 01:05:17

from sort of money from sort of Allium run,

01:05:19--> 01:05:21

in which the mother of Emraan

01:05:22--> 01:05:26

either Mother of Mario, the wife of a moron and the mother of Maria, she said

01:05:29--> 01:05:36

what in the world he do Ha. Baker was the realtor min ash shaytani r rajim.

01:05:38--> 01:05:39

This word

01:05:41--> 01:05:45

is the form of ooh that you see when you see it for someone else.

01:05:47--> 01:05:53

So for example, for me about myself, I say, rubella.

01:05:54--> 01:06:00

But if I want to see for someone else I say, who are Iizuka biller?

01:06:01--> 01:06:49

I asked a lot to give refuge to you as just an extra point of benefit that sometimes you want to say for your children, that I asked a lot to give you refuge. So you can't see to your child aku villa. Because that means for me, but you see or Iizuka Billa I seek a loss refuge I seek refuge with Allah for you from min ash shaytani r rajim. As the mother of Miriam she said and they said that's why Maria when she was born, she did not cry because the shavon did not poke her because her mother said we're in the beaker where the reata hermina shaped by the regime. And Eliza gentleman's best was salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad Radha

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