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The historical context and actions of the prophets are discussed, including their actions recounting their actions. The legal system in the Middle East uses shia and idols to protect against evil behavior, while some individuals are reluctant to do certain actions. The shia legalization and use of shia in the holy Bible are also discussed, with a brief advertisement for the upcoming book.

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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Praise be to Allah alone we praise Him and we seek His help. So ever Allah guides is truly guided when and other Allah leaves us a non can show him guidance. Brothers and sisters Welcome to another episode in the series of history of Hajj. In the previous episode we discussed how the prophets before Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and also before Prophet Abraham PSP upon him used to perform Hajj. We have also learned that according to the Atholl, the indications and Hadith that all the prophets have performed Hajj. And we have also learned that by the end of time when Jesus the son of Mary Peace Be Upon Him will

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descend he will also assume the intention of performing hajj and umrah from a specific McCard and he will do had an opera

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without delay learn that many of the traditions of Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam, which he was taught by Angel Gabriel PSB upon him when he and his son Ishmael invoked Allah upon completing the construction of the Kaaba scene, or a banner or arena man as he can seca to ballerina in NACA. That was more walking, which means both of them Ibrahim and Ismail invoked Allah saying, Our Lord, show us our monastic plural of nasaka the rites of Hajj, the rituals, so a lot of medicine Gibreel Ali Salam, who accompanied Prophet Ibrahim PSV upon him and he showed him beginning with the Shah of Safa and Marwah. Then he taught him to Mina. Then he took him to Arafat, he took him to animals

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deliver, and in all of that, he said out of said out of out of which means, I acknowledged that I came to know what and this is one of the reasons why, you know, some of the historians on the scholars said that Oliver was called out of fat or RFI because Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam said, I got to know it acknowledged all of that.

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Then the remain that for a while the tribe of Judah home, who relocated and stayed in Mecca after Zamzam water was God was gushed forth. So they came and they relocated there and they grew up and ismail Ali Salam got married from them, so they continuously performed hajj on the same traditions of Prophet Ibrahim, and it's my peace be upon them until things changed, and the Arab, some of whom maintained mono for years and very few of them. And many have changed to Judaism to Christianity too far worshipping to idols according to Henri Bulow, who was the first to introduce idol worshipping in Mecca and brought them around the cab and so on. But generally speaking,

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assuming the intention of Iran performance of several rounds, and going between a Safa and Marwa going to mean and Arafat and was deliver all of that was basically not also the ashore of Hajj, the months of Haji the timing, it is very interesting that

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even though the prophets all have performed Hajj, but there are people did not because he had different Sharia. In surah Allah either Allah Almighty stated Licola

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comb shed rotten woman had

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for every nation, they had their own Sharia, their own constitution. So but it was not, you know, mandated upon them to perform Hajj to the ancient house or to the cabin.

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But the prophets all dead, as we discussed earlier, with regards to what the Arab did and altered, you know, generations after generations, because there have been 1000s of years since the time of Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam. And when he was taught the monastic and the time of, you know, batha or Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So for innocence al haram, they also had their own Malachy appointed places because they were idol worshipers and pagans they use not to just go to Mecca to perform Umrah or Hajj anytime. Rather the use assumed haram the intention of performing other Umrah or Hajj from the temples in which they maintained their idols. For example, a thought if which is 60

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miles away from Mecca, they had their big idol which is known as a lab. It was in house where if anyone wanted to perform Hajj or Umrah they would go to a lab and intend to go for

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Andhra or heard from in front of Allah that either

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there was a loser in Arafat another idol big idol. People who are coming from yesterday they wouldn't come to Makkah before going to the house in which they maintained an idol big statues called Manor so they would assume the Haram from the intention of going for Umrah or Hajj from the symbol of mynap

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and that's why they also associated partners to Allah in the Tobia which is the greatest declaration of monotheism in hajj, Hajj is all about the clear and monotheism through a delille L L L L L L is to make the Toby a higher level Hajj, so they use SSH port of Salah in worship, in the Tobia and in any other slogan or chanting any means of remembrance of Allah they would associate their idols with Allah Almighty. Also Gibreel Ali salaam, that Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam, OSI between a sufferer and amaro and we all know as we studied before, this is also to commemorate the remembrance of the servitude of hairpiece he upon her when she kept jogging back and forth between the two hills of

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Safa and Marwah in front of the house, when there was no light there. And until she finished the sevens trip, did she heard the sound when she ran to her baby Ismail Gibreel Ali Salam hit the ground with his wings so the water of zamzam gushed forth. So all the believers follow their traditions and Ibrahim and Ismail themselves did so. And in order to perform Hajj Gibreel Ali Salam showed them that you got to go sit in rounds between a sofa and Amaro. Well, the pagans have changed that. And instead of declaring monotheism and remembering why do we do so and the compliance of her gRPC upon her and how much you put trust in Allah in instead, they appointed a big idol on our sofa

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and another one

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is if a net ala on a Marwan so he sat on a sofa and 11 Amaro, and it was like just juggling between the two idols. And each time each round they come to us suffer, they touch SF, and the seeing the baraka, they go to Isla in order to seek another blessing back and forth and so on. In addition to many idols, some are very big and huge in front of the camera, and some are small stones, even without any image with our heads, but it's a stone that they use to slaughter their animals and sacrifice that heavy on top of it or near by and this is what Allah Almighty have forbidden

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after the conquest of Makkah, and when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam performed hajj on hajat over there, when he cleaned up the Kaaba from the idols as you all know that before that he sent Abubaker so the lead in the Hajj caravan, and he sent Arlene toilet to join him to declare that after this year, no more Shrek is allowed here. And no Aurora Yan no naked person can perform tawaf around the cab, and the heavy change all the evil traditions, which they have invented in order to perform the work of psi or HUD and so on. So some of the companions, particularly on SAR, were reluctant to do psi, because they know that the Americans used to do psi and the us not to why

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because he would seek the blessings of the two idols is half an Allah. So Allah Almighty revealed the ire of Surah Al Baqarah. No, there is no blame upon you, which the scholars understood from that the Prophet and the companions that it is one of the pillars of Hajj to resume maintaining doing OSI between Safa and Marwah and there is no blame upon you because there are no items anymore. In a software world model what I mean shall eat

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for a man had gel beta tomorrow fella Holly I ae polworth lb Hema. So both are suffer and amaro and doing sorry between is amongst the Hutterites the overall rights. The Aurora consists of pillars a haram by walk around the Kaaba seven times, counterclockwise and OSI between a Safa and Marwa. So they started doing sorry, because there was no idols anymore. It is also interesting to know that

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haram was very strange. They also recognize Haram as a sacred condition. But instead of complying with the rights of Ibrahim Al Islam, Satan made it seem fair to them to change all of that. So for example, they have forbidden themselves from eating better. And certain kinds of food. While they are in a state of haram, turning the milk into yogurt, or cheese, wearing certain kind of clothes, they wouldn't enter their houses from the front door, because they would, you know, have roofs they would make a hole from the back or from the backyard. And also some of them considered in turn any door resected while in a state of Iraq,

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obviously, none of that Allah Almighty had prescribed but it was all whispers of Satan will come to

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the next nozzle, which is going to Mina then to out of her, then tomb was Delhi fair and so on. The Metcons will not go to alpha, because he consider themselves sacred people, they should not leave the sanctuary of Mecca, and the state in most Delaware in a state and that's why they used to have to a father and the word a father accordingly, because of their practice, which was before Islam means ijazah or permission. So the chieftain of hajj are the person who's in charge for the people. In Arafa. No one would leave from Arafat to the next station, which is most deliver before He permits them to leave that is called a father. A lot Almighty said afterward some field dome in high

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school I felt unless you the napkins and every Muslim should go to Arafah and depart without the permission of anyone other than the permission of Allah from wherever people actually depart. So he avoided and canceled what the American pagans used to do before is that, and the other a father was the father from was Delica which was for everybody. The napkins are non napkins and that's why they also call it Gemma before Islam because it gathers everyone the napkins who would not leave most deliver to our offer and people from outside Mecca. So basically Islam maintain the traditions of Ibrahim Ali Salam and the Hydra rituals and void and canceled whatever the Mecca and pagans and

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others have invented, maintained even throwing the stones

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because it was something that Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam did. As you realize Salam showed in the monastic when they came to Mina, Satan appeared to him in order to whisper to him and confusing with regards to the rituals of Hajj. So Gibreel Ali Salam ordered him to throw him with peoples and say Allahu Akbar, so he did every time he would appear to him. That's why brothers and sisters, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam assayed, a shaytaan Adagio moon or millet, AB, Ibrahim Tebbe. In fact, you are casting the stones at Satan. And you are following by that the traditions of Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam and following the monastic which Allah Almighty have taught to Prophet Ibrahim and

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Ismay have come to the end of today's episode of history of Hajj and until next one, I love you all in the care of Allah. wa Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh