Muhammad Alshareef – Living a Life Of Hope #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their mission to change people's lives through a foundation called "parting Hope" that will ultimately lead to a peace of mind. They believe that this is the foundation that will ultimately lead to a relationship with Allah Subhan, the author of the book "parting Hope."
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How do you make dua from that place of certainty and hope? How do you start living your life from that place of hope that my seed will be parted? My Fire will be put out you to get out of the prison of your own mind and that's what our mission is here. I believe in a Sheikh Mohammed Al Sharif, my love mercy on him believed and this is why this is his legacy. This is why the handler who's so passionate about black because this, this is the foundation that can change your life. This is the foundation that changes your relationship with Allah Subhan Allah, Allah does miracles

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