Little Known Drama About the Mimbar

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Here's a unique question you probably never asked, Is the masjid supposed to be designed more like an audience hall? Or more like a government palace? There's a little historical drama to that question. For today's video, let's learn about one of the only pieces of furniture in the masjid. That's right. I'm talking about the member. In a crowded audience, the person speaking cannot be seen and their voice doesn't carry the prophets time some Allah Azza wa sallam, he introduced a two step member with a flat top third staff member comes from a root word meaning height or to elevate the oldest member in the world still preserved till today is in the great Masjid of Cairo, one in

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Cairo On Tunisia. It's over 1100 years old. So Masjid audience hall or government palace. During the OH MY GOD period, the Khalifa are the representatives use the member to make important public announcements and of course for Friday hookah. By the early Ambassade period, we're talking like the year 750. Members were built and became standard across all Friday football messages in almost some communities. In an era long before radio, TV or social media members were used to disseminate public announcements. And because of that, members quickly developed into a symbol of political and religious legitimacy for Muslim authorities. The prohibition of wine, for example, was announced

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from the member in Medina. Accordingly, government spent considerable money on building them well, hence the government palace feeling that you might experience in some big historical masajid when I was a kid, I visited some of these massive historical members in Egypt. They're huge, intimidating, even a little scary. And now you know, there is centuries long history to that. If there's one major lesson we learned from the member, use the tools around you to make yourself seen and heard when you have something to say and establish your authority doesn't have to leave my door for you to see you succeed at the highest level.