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Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Atiba to the routine what are the Illa Allah Allah the mean? Or should the Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu Allah Sharika What do you know what are you doing? What should you under the billionaire Mohammed Abdullah horizontal Mustafa Amin Allahumma Salli was sending my radical Abdi Kota sadaqa Muhammad Anwar either early he was be engineering and my bad Welcome to another episode of Out of seal page by page and inshallah to Allah today we are upon or on the first page of surah Allah Imran which is page number 50 of the Quran surah Imran is the third chapter of the Quran. And it is the second

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longest chapter of the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Surah Al Imran is the surah that is mentioned in a number of a hadith in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And it's a surah, which a number of times is mentioned alongside the Surah, which precedes it, the Surah, which we just finished the seer of Surah Baqarah. So one of those Hadith that we mentioned before, and I'll repeat it again, for the purposes of today's lesson is the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that these two sources meaning Al Baqarah and Alia Imran will come on the Day of Judgment, like it like to flocks of birds or like to clouds that will give shade to its people on

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the Day of Judgment. That is because these two sources are extremely important the lessons that they bring, as we will see, and as we've seen already from so little Bacara the lessons that they bring the principles that they give to the Muslim, the benefits that we can derive from these two surah is amazing. They are essentially the brute the blueprint of a Muslim. So typical, as we said, speaks a lot about the internal belief system of the believer, the way that a person should be in terms of their submission to Allah subhanaw taala that obedience to Allah azza wa jal, that acceptance of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had that should manifest itself within our internal self and

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amongst ourselves in terms of the Muslim community, our families, the members of our neighborhoods, and so on. So what other Imran is about the outer, or the outward manifestation of that submission, the way that then works with wider society. That is why the Surah, as we will see is the surah, in which Allah subhanaw taala mentions the Battle of God, for example, and a number of the incidents and also concerning the stories and incidents that took place between the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the people of the previous scriptures. So Surah Al Imran is an extremely important Surah Surah that we should recite that we should memorize that we should study that we should sit

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back and contemplate its verses and reflect over the meanings of these words of Allah subhanho wa taala. So we begin as Allah azza wa jal does in Surah Imran How will the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah

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Nee, Allah hula in LA one room, Allah subhanaw taala begins the surah also with these three letters or the flam meme. And then Allah azza wa jal says in verse number two Allah there is no God besides Him, the EverLiving the Ever Watchful

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Allah subhanaw taala as he does in AYATUL kursi Allah subhanaw taala that begins this Surah Surah Imran with the statement, which is the opening part of AYATUL kursi and that is that Allah azza wa jal says that He is Allah none has the right to be worshipped except him. And then Allah subhanaw taala mentions these two names of his and these two names we discussed before, when we were going through the zero item kursi in the previous Surah Surah Baqarah. And that is that these two names are some of the scholars mentioned are the names that every other name of Allah subhanaw taala goes back to the first of these names is that Allah azza wa jal is the height, the Ever Living and in

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order for us to accept that someone is worthy of all worship, worthy of our submission, worthy of our our worship and our gratitude and everything else, that being has to be Ever Living, has to be ever living. Because if it if he is not ever living, then that shows that there is an inherent weakness within that God Oh, within that being so someone that dies, someone that becomes sick, someone that becomes infirm due to old age, those are signs of weaknesses that are inherent of the creation, not of the Creator Subhana wa Tada. And so when Allah azza wa jal says that he is ill He is Ever Living, meaning therefore if He is Ever Living, then every other attribute of perfection of

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strength of completeness comes from

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On the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is ever living that he will never die. And then the second of those memes is the name of Allah azza wa jal, but you will hear my translation is translated as ever watchful, but I think a better translation is the one who is self sufficient and sustains everything else. Allah Yom is the one who needs nothing. He is self sufficient. Does it need help? Does it need assistance? Does it need food, doesn't need drink, doesn't need company doesn't need anything Subhana wa Tada. But at the same time, he is the one who suffices everything else everything else is in need of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala is in need of no one or anything. And so

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therefore Allah azza wa jal is a yom, and so will the Yom is the one who controls everything in the heavens and earth, the one who sustains everything in the heavens and the earth, the one that suffices everything, the heavens and the earth, and at the same time he himself subhanaw taala is in no need of anything else. Jeffie Allah.

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So Allah azza wa jal begins the surah In this way, because if we're going to manifest our religion, openly in terms of the societies that we live in, the communities that we reside in the jobs that we have, the places of education that we attend all of the different ways that we interact with larger society, then you must have a level of confidence, a level of Eman, a level of pride, in your religion, in your belief in your messengers of Allah, why are you sending me the book that you have the divine revelation, the Quran, you must have a level of confidence and pride within it, in order to be able to go and manifest that openly. Someone who's too embarrassed, someone who's too shy,

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someone who thinks that it's something which which belittles them, and their status in society won't be able to go and openly manifest their beliefs and be proud of them. And so if you know that Allah azza wa jal is the one that is ever living, the one that is self sacrificing and suffices everything else in this universe, then What possible reason do you have not to go forth and be proud of the religion that Allah subhanaw taala gave to you not to go forth and be humble and thankful of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala chose this way of life for you.

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Allah subhanaw taala then continues in verse three, and he says, The Zela article kita by Bill happy Musa deepen Lima by de

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rato Ji step by step he sent down the scripture to you, meaning the Prophet sallallahu How do you send them with the truth, confirming what went before he sent down the Torah and the Gospel as well. So Allah subhanaw taala says that everything that you find within the book the Quran, is something which Allah azza wa jal had already sent down in terms of the general message that Allah azza wa jal sent to each and every single prophets and messengers, Allah subhanaw taala revealed that also in the previous scriptures of the Torah and the Gospel, Allah subhanaw taala sent down the Quran as a as a testimony as a witness as something which shows to us the path that leads us to Allah subhanaw

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taala what is going to give us an one to success in this life and salvation in the next. And so the believer takes the Quran as their blueprint and again Allah azza wa jal as he does at the beginning of Surah Baqarah whereas we said total Bukhara begins by mentioning the Quran, the radical Kitab array Buffy. This is the book in which there is no doubt we'll then be tapping, a guidance for the piety, the pious, here, Allah subhanaw taala begins Surah didn't run in much the same way, necessarily article Kitab, Musa lima beans God, Allah azza wa jal has caused the Quran to be revealed to you step by step and he has sent it down confirming what came before. And so Allah

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subhanaw taala is therefore telling us that the way that we should live our lives, our if you like our manifesto, or our curriculum or our life, the blueprint that we have for our life, it is found in the revelation of the Quran, the book of Allah subhanaw taala. No Quran contains all of the guidance, all of the Mercy, all of the light that you need, in order to find success in this life and in the next. And so Allah subhanaw taala therefore tells us as if he's saying to subhanaw taala that everything that you need in order to live a life, a life that is fruitful, successful, a life that is beneficial, a life in which you benefit yourself and those around you, you will find that

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message in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal in verse number four, he continues, and he says, mean cabello who the LIN nurse general former con in levy Naka, follow me, Tina Hilah, whom either Bucha did wala was he zooms on the bomb? Allah subhanaw taala in the previous rescue said that is in turn also the gospel in the Torah. He says the sent them down earlier as a guide for people and he also sent down the furqan the forearm is something which makes a distinction

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It is something which distinguishes between right and wrong between truth and between falsehood. Allah azza wa jal says in the livina kefford will be Atilla but those who deny Allah's revelations will suffer severe torment, for indeed Allah subhanaw taala is almighty and capable of retribution.

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Allah subhanho data tells us therefore the discount on every revelation that Allah azza wa jal sent to the people before the Quran, but because it was later as we know, manipulated, change distorted, those revelations are no longer in their pristine original, original form that Allah azza wa jal sent them down as with the exception of the Quran, because Allah azza wa jal has preserved it into Yama, Yama for all of these revelations, they contain guidance. Makapuu who the leanness Allah subhanaw taala sent down one of the scriptures as a guidance for their people, that the people would read them, they would analyze them, they would study them, they would they would continue, they will

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reflect over them and contemplate them, and through them they would find guidance to Allah subhanaw taala will answer them for Khan from the names of the book of Allah azza wa jal, the Quran is that it is for con Allah subhanaw taala we have a surah that is named after Al Furqan suited for Khan in which Allah azza wa jal begins by saying Tabata levy nurses and for Kannada Abdi blessing is the one who revealed the foregone to His servant meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the for God, as we said, is something which distinguishes between right and wrong between truth and falsehood. And that distinguishing factor is something which you find in the book of ALLAH SubhanA

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data because it tells us the path towards Jannah. And it also makes clear for us the path towards the fire. And that is why the name or the title that was given to the famous illustrious companion, or I'm going to build upon or the Allah one comes from the same root word, he was known as alpha rock, the one who distinguished between right and wrong, and alpha rock and unfor Khan have the same root word in the Arabic language, and so the meaning is essentially the same. And so that is someone who distinguishes between right and wrong or in terms of the name of the Quran and Furqan. The distinguish between the distinction between right and wrong. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Lavina

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Kofoed will be Atilla but those who deny Allah's words, Allah's revelations, Allah's verses, for them, they will be a severe torment. Allah azza wa jal has given to us guidance, Allah subhanaw taala has made clear the path and the way and people still reject and they turn away that is something then for that Allah azza wa jal will punish them for wala who has easily learned to calm and Allah is almighty or powerful, capable of retribution. And that is from the perfection of Allah azza wa jal, and it's for might an ability subhanaw taala that he can take retribution if and when he's so pleased. subhanho wa Taala and so often in the Quran that we know Allah azza wa jal mentions

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to us names of mercy, names of forgiveness, names of kindness and gentleness that belongs to Allah azza wa jal, but here we have an example how Allah subhanaw taala is saying that at the same time, Allah azza wa jal is also one that is almighty or powerful old strong, able to have retribution if and when he so pleases Subhana wa taala. In verse number five Allah azza wa jal then says in hola hola Farah de chez Phil Obi Wan if you say

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nothing on earth or heaven is hidden from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada from Allah azza wa jal has complete self sufficiency and his ability subhanaw taala to self sacrifice everything else in existence is what Allah Azza dimensioned say in verse number five, and that is the Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge of everything within his dominion, there is nothing that is hidden from Allah azza wa jal, not even the tiniest of tiniest insects or creatures that are found in the depths of the oceans that are so small, that you will need a microscope in order to be able to see them and how they function and how they live and how they survive. That is something which is known to Allah subhanaw taala and

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only known in terms of Allah is aware of its existence, but no one in the most intimate of detail. Allah subhanaw taala knows everything about the tiniest of creations, the tiniest of thing is not hidden from Allah subhanaw taala those things that we are still discovering, through science and technology, those things that we are still discovering in our natural world, with the advances of science and technology that now we can see things that before we weren't able to see or able to witness Allah subhanaw taala already had knowledge of them, and intimate knowledge, not just that we're aware of their existence, and we don't really know how they function or how they survive. But

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now we're learning bits here and bits there. Allah subhanaw taala has intimate knowledge of everything in the heavens and earth. So why therefore wouldn't you worship the one who has the greatest and most complete of all knowledge? In verse number six Allah subhanaw taala

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rather than continues and says, We want to levy you so we're welcome filler Jaime que

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la isla, who will as he is on Hakeem, it is he who shapes you all in the womb as he pleases. There is none worthy of worship except Him, the almighty dollar wise. So from Allah subhanaw taala has completely removed the umiya. His complete self sufficiency is that he suffices everything else. And Allah azza wa jal here gives us an example. He is the one who shaped you, who fashioned you in the womb of your mothers as he pleases. Isn't that amazing? That the child in the womb of the mother or the animal that is in the womb of its parent of its mother, the way that Allah azza wa jal fashions it the way that Allah subhanaw taala sustains it, the way that the child that fits within the womb,

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Allah subhanaw taala causes it to be able to survive, to be able to find nourishment, to be able to excrete, to be able to do all of the functions that allow it to develop until the time is ready for it to come out into this world through the process of having been given birth. That is something which Allah azza wa jal does look at the way that Allah azza wa jal has shaped us and fashion this lesson Allah subhanaw taala hasn't Allah azza wa jal created us in the best of forms, as he mentioned elsewhere in the Quran, that we're able to use and command this space, the earth that we live upon in such a way that we can go and create and build and invent and do so many things that we

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need in order to sustain ourselves and to progress within this dunya Allah azza wa jal gave us fingers and toes gave us the ability to stand and walk gave us the ability to think and to listen and to respond. All of these are from the way that Allah azza wa jal fashioned us in terms of His creation, Allah subhanaw taala does as he pleases Allah subhanaw taala fashion in the mountains and Allah azza wa jal fashion the the animals and Allah azza wa jal fashion the seas and the oceans and the sun and the moon and everything else within universe and that is a sign from the science of Allah subhanaw taala and a sign that Allah azza wa jal therefore alone is worthy of worship La ilaha

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illa hula Aziz al Hakim, none has the right to be worshipped except him. No Almighty, Lord wise.

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In verse number seven, Allah subhanaw taala then continues and says, Who wouldn't love the Zilla article? Kitab I mean, who is to tune Makita we will be had Melina ficolo Be him saying you're going to be your own amateur by having Uber, TiVo and fitna, AB Tila and fitness viewability really well Maryana moto Wheeler who in Lulla what was the whole definitely me,

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Nabi Kalam in the Rabina Ommaya Kuru INLA Al Bab, Allah subhanaw taala says in verse number seven, it is He Who has sent down the scripture to you meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Some of its verses are definitely meaning. These are the cornerstone of the Scripture and others are ambiguous. Allah subhanaw taala is essentially telling us here that the Quran is made up of two kinds of verses in terms of how clear they are. There are verses of the Quran that are extremely clear that they are and they are the majority of the Quran and the Cornerstone is Allah azza wa jal tells us of the book of Allah azza wa jal, who will kita they are the foundation of the Quran. And

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those are the verses that all of us know or not familiar with. So for example, that Allah azza wa jal is unknown, worthy of worship, for example, that they will be a resurrection that they will be a Jana and NRI, a paradise and a hellfire, for example, the command to pray and to give us a cat and to foster Ramadan, and to perform hajj, the command to be good to your parents, and to the neighbors to be merciful to the poor, and the orphans and the weak and the needy, and so on. These are the majority of the Quran, and they are clear verses, and they are known and they are understood and they are unambiguous. But then there are verses that are slightly more ambiguous and what we mean by

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the word ambiguous is not that they are unknown in terms of the meaning or that we can understand them or that they don't the foreign language, or that these are verses that somehow contradict the verses that are clear, or that there is some problems that we can't wait to reconcile between. No, that is what the orientalist the people who attack Islam, that is what they would take the meaning that they will take from this verse. But what it actually means is that there are certain verses that are ambiguous in terms of their full reality. The full extent of the reality of the meaning of those verses is something which Allah azza wa jal is kept to himself alone. Subhana wa Tada. So for

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example, when Allah azza wa jal speaks about certain aspects of the unseen, about the hereafter, about the powders and the hellfire, or for example, some of the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, though we understand the meaning, but in terms of their full reality, and the how and how they work, that is something which only Allah

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So genomes, that is knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has kept to himself. That is what is meant by the word Mata shabby. And the way that it then works is that you take those verses that you're not so clear off or you don't understand the full extent of their reality. And you take them back to the verses that are clear, because those verses that are clear, will give you the principles. So for example, if you have one of the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah azza wa jal says, for example, in the Quran that he has a face that he has hands, what is the reality of those hands? What do they look like? How do they work? How do they function? What do they resemble? That

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is all knowledge that Allah azza wa jal has alone? No one knows from his creation, Allah azza wa jal didn't give us that knowledge, nor did the prophets of Allah What are you sending him? So what do we do? What is the clear verse of the Quran tell us to do. It tells us to believe in this attribute of Allah azza wa jal and to accept it for the meaning that it gives that Allah has hands for example, or that Allah azza wa jal has a face, but to the Neve, the intricate knowledge of its reality, and in Tao and its function to Allah subhanaw taala. That is the meaning of this verse and that is why Allah azza wa jal says, continuing in this verse, family living a few Hello begins. As for those

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whose hearts are perverse, they are the ones who eagerly pursued ambiguities in their attempt to make trouble and to pin down a specific meaning of their own. And only Allah azza wa jal knows his true meaning the people whose Eman is weak, or who have diseases in their heart, or who want to pump a certain ideology or a philosophy that they want to support that goes against the pristine and authentic teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah. They are the ones who follow these ambiguous verses. They're the ones who will take a verse And they will say, Oh, no, that applies to for example, as being able to go and to kill people or masters go and blow yourself up in the middle of

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a city or a train or airplane. That's what this verse says. They'll take in ambiguous meaning and they'll run with it. And they won't think to stop and to study and to learn and to take you back to the people of knowledge and to take you back to the clear verses and the principles that they bring know. They will go with those as Allah azza wa jal says in their attempt to make trouble and to pin down a specific meaning of their own. They want it to mean what they their ideology or their philosophy supports, or their desires want for example, and so that is what Allah azza wa jal warns us against. What do the people of knowledge do? The people upon the Quran and the Sunnah, the people

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who understand that the knowledge of the Book of Allah azza wa jal is something that is taken with his principles from its people of knowledge from the books of Tafseer understood in the way that it shouldn't be understood correctly. Well, Mallya Wheeler who in Lulla, they acknowledge that the reality of these things is not only to Allah azza wa jal, that doesn't mean that you don't know the meaning of the word or the Recon or understand the verse or that those verses can bring us closer to Allah azza wa jal, we're speaking about the exact reality. For example, the paradise paradise Allah azza wa jal describes to us many of its blessings. But Can any of us understand its true reality?

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in January is something which no mind can imagine. No, I have seen no ear has heard. And so therefore it's true reality cannot be envisioned imagined by the human mind, but the concepts we can understand, we can understand that there is a gender, that there is reward, that there is peace, that there is happiness, that there is joy, that there are policies that there are gardens that there are rivers, those are concepts that all of us can understand. But it's the palace of gender is something that you can truly understand it's reality. No, because no palace in the world is even anything like or similar to the policies of gender. So

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what do we say is true reality is not only by Allah azza wa jal, but we believe in the meaning of the vest of Allah azza wa jal has given its apparent meaning, and that is why Allah azza wa jal and says what Rossi who nephila him, but the people who are firmly grounded in knowledge, what do they say? And be here we believe in all that Allah azza wa jal has revealed coulomb in the Robina eras or from our Lord, because there are from the Muslim groups and sects, those who will start to deny certain meanings of the verses of Allah azza wa jal will distort certain meanings of the verses of the Quran, or reject certain verses of the meaning of the of the Quran, because it doesn't it's not

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something which they can accept, because it doesn't fit in then with their ideology or their philosophy. The people of knowledge, the people of the Quran and the Sunnah, they believe in it all. And they say As for this reality, these issues of the unseen they are for Allah azza wa jal alone to know only Allah subhanaw taala knows best how that works. But we believe in all of it and we accept it or all of it is from our Lord. Why am I a vicar in rural Bab and only those with real perception will take heed? Allah subhanaw taala dimensions to us. In the final two verses on this page do hours that are made by the people of Eman in verse number eight Allah azza wa jal says about Benalla to

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haeberlin I mean Doom karma in Denver herb, I will load to not let our hearts deviate after you have guided us want to Mercy from you, you are indeed the ever giving the Bestower Allah subhanaw taala mentions then this beautiful day after we mentioned the verse, and how some people are misguided. Have some people follow them big us how people don't go back to True Knowledge. And therefore as a result of that they follow the path of misguidance Allah has commanded us to make this dua, Oh Allah, do not let our hearts deviate after you gave us guidance, meaning you showed us the path to Islam. He showed us the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he showed us the beauty of

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the Quran. Now once this has been given to us, oh Allah don't let us go and make mistakes in terms of the way that the people of the previous nations did. When the scriptures came to them. And instead of using them and understanding them in the way that they should, they start to choose their own logic, their own principles, their own whims and desires. And because as a result of that, it led them to misguidance they had scripture, they had revelation, but they were still misguided. So the same can happen to the Muslims when it comes to the Quran, if they're not careful, and so Allah azza wa jal commanded us to make this dua Don't Let our hearts be misguided after guidance came to

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us wanting mercy from yourself because guidance is from the greatest of Allah subhanaw taala has mercy Indeed you are the one who bestows Rob bene in a jam your own nursing yo Mila Rai Buffy, in Hola, hola. Murad, Allah subhanaw taala then tells us in this verse, verse number nine, I will Lord you will gather all of the people on the day of which there is no doubt indeed Allah azza wa jal never breaks His promise. And this is from the desires of the people of knowledge so that people have knowledge when it comes to the Quran. They say We believe in all of it. All of it is from our Lord. And then these are the eyes that we make. Oh Allah Don't Let our hearts be misguided after

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guidance came to us, oh, Allah azza wa jal, indeed you will be the one who will gather us all and resurrect us. So we acknowledge that Allah would hold us to account for our understanding of the Quran, for our practice of the Quran, for the way that we use the Quran in our lives and in our existence. This is something which a person therefore has to be mindful of, that Allah azza wa jal will hold us to account and then will reward us or punish us. accordingly. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that he continuously and always gives us guidance and keep steadfast upon this religion. And Inshallah, with that we come to the end of today's episode BarakAllahu freecom was suddenly going to

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be the Muhammad didn't want to he was happy as mine was cinematic, but Allah He was.

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Miss Smith.

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