Sheikh McCarthy LIVE with the Uyghurs – Winter Distribution

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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A woman is sharing her gratitude for her brother and sisters, sharing that their faith and assumptions keep them covered. She is sharing the food packages and trying to help her parents get aid, including blankets, scarves, and hats, as they face challenges. She encourages others to help and donate to her mother while sharing a link to help her parents.

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I'm on a quest to love my dear brothers and sisters. We're here with one whom a charity. Here in Turkey we've arrived and we live on the ground, spreading out and passing out your charity your sadaqa to our Uighur Muslim brothers and sisters. You can see the sisters who are behind us they're covered. Many of them are covered not just because of religious beliefs where they're covered because they're scared. We know the horrific situation what's happening to them there and they fear for themselves and they fear for their families back home and Hamdulillah we have with us the food packs, these food packs can feed an entire family for an entire month. Three food packs for this 90

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pounds can feed three families and come check out the food pack what we have inside of him. They love all of the basic necessities for the families. You have the macaroni, you have the beans and the rice and the oils, all of this stuff and hamdullah we have it here for just 90 pounds, you can feed three families for the entire month. We also have with us in these in these cold times the winter packs. And for the winter pack. You can check it out here to him that we have we have to go inside. We have the blankets for this 100 pounds, five blankets and five jackets. And as well we have with us

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the scarves and the hats and the gloves for the kids. That's a family of five for just 100 pounds a month. My dear brothers and sisters help us get this aid to our brothers and sisters as soon as possible. We need you to carry on this operation here on the ground and hamdulillah our mother even though they're suffering, even though they're going through difficulty we're letting them know that we're one OMA we're here for your brothers and sisters who are here for them and supporting them and help them get through this difficulty. May Allah bless you and bless your sadaqa share the link with everyone and help us donate today. barnacle offic