Tom Facchine – The Continuity of Allah’s Guidance

Tom Facchine
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if somebody

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was staring number one or

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whatever would be the insurer reinforcing I want you to do

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my best to get that

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out. Well maybe we'll put a

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washer on

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Washington Street

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was a woman

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who was

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yeah it was I mean I have a couple of law books about the US was

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so sweet. Oh

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yeah you had a nice couple of

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wonderful naps you

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are forever going to Arizona. Yeah. I mean

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can you get off money so

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what are the laws the interest

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in Alaba categorical people

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yeah they also have a Waterloo, Poland

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data you'll stick around for a while

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while making

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a public talk

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why some heavy heavy war happened and some a lot easier some that was some of the holding off the data

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after a loss kind of was either defense or principal of revelation Broadspire messengers and repels any doubt that my son Ben Sokolov

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is one of those messengers, a lot of hires a profitable Hamlet's mission, so the bagua ad was so long to those who came before him.

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What I meant to say now who said he was, no matter who

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I was here,

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we certainly gave Moses the book and appointed his brother Eric, as the seller.

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The story of his of previous prophets may pop a large and important part of the format.

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One reason these stories are so important is that they show the continuity of Allah's guidance to mankind.

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Indeed, one of the last names of heavy the guy

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offers or indicates that a wall continuously offers guidance to human beings as an essential inseparable parts of who Allah is, and what the Lord knows

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the facts that Allah is

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the most merciful, and were you the most loving,

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the one who does good, all this tells us that Allah subhanahu wa,

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would never leave his cherished creation, groping in the dark, without showing them the right way, without communicating to them, the guidance they need to succeed and the great tests of life on Earth and obtain salvation.

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Know the swipe mankind's opposition. Sometimes HoloLens, two allows messengers, he has sent them nonetheless, in waves, one after another time after time, so that anyone who is sincere will take heed and be guided and to prove that those who aren't sincere, have no excuses for their denial of the truth.

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Not only is the presence of messengers a continuous picture of human history, the message communicated by those messengers itself is also continuous.

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On our services are now tsunami, competent, when we have pursued in Luffy.

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We never sent before you a single messenger accepts that we reveal to him that there is no true God except me. So where should it be?

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This is the main message Allah has sought to communicate to the various nations throughout history, that there is no true power. But Allah and all other dogs besides Him are false guys, not divine and not deserving worship.

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This truth liberates humanity from worshiping the creation, which which could not benefit them, and brings them into the freedom of worship May Allah the Almighty, creator and sustainer of everything that exists.

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It makes sense that this core message should be the same across time and place.

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Along with not revealed so one group of people that they should worship just one guy, and then reveal to another group of people that they should worship a trinity of God's. Allah will not reveal to one group of people information about the soul residing in the brave soul, the resurrection and the Reckoning and then revealed to another group of people that the soul

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In fact, transfers from one another one meeting to the next, in a cycle of reincarnation,

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these contradictory messages cannot all be true at the same time. And so they cannot all be genuine messages from Allah, some of them must be true, some of them must be false.

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A lot is telling us here, which of these messages is true. The message that agrees with our intellect, with our instincts, with our observation of the creative universe, and the revelation that we are certain is authentically and accurately narrated from the prophets.

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As for the other messages, that it is only possible that they are a product of human invention, and interference, whether by deliberate manipulation, or by mistake,

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no other message other than the unique Oneness of Allah

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can prove itself to be accurately handed down from an authentic messenger of Allah.

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Next, Allah's sense of who

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you are to me and helped me.

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But that might allow me to do

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we had ordered them, maybe Moses and go to the people who would deny our science, then we annihilated the deniers entirely.

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This verse, and those like it, show us follows, for knowledge of everything, including who is going to take heed, and who was going to deny the science and his messengers.

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Despite his foreknowledge, Allah still sends us messengers and signs, in order to demonstrate facts and prove what he already knows. This is the meaning of a loss statements, one of shadow along with the data, watching what happened to be able to do it, the sample, a study would cut it off.

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If Allah will,

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he could have made you all one on one and one nation, what he wanted to test you. He wants it to test you in regards to what he gave you of guidance. So he's to do

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a lot of score dollars some of these things, does not mean that it's not our choice. It is, in fact, our choice, which is why we are held accountable for it.

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This first shows us why some people and some nations deserves to be destroyed.

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They were in denial, meaning that they knew the truth of the messenger and the truth of the message. But they refused to live according to that knowledge. Within the story of Moses, this is demonstrated in the place since the Pharaoh and his people, every time they will be sent to another play, they would cry out. So

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as a lot of so so we played with that with floods and with locusts and lice, frogs and blood, all this weird signs, but they persisted in their arrogance. And we're all wicked people. When tormented, they tweeted all about us, pray to the Lord on our behalf by virtue of the covenant that he made with you. If you help remove this format from us, we will certainly believe in you and let the children of Israel grow with you. But as soon as we remove the four months from now, until May maxillary, inevitable grapes, they broke their paths.

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Here notice how they recognize their inability to do anything. Justice, they recognize a loss perfect ability to do everything. They recognize his divinity and his rights to be worshipped exclusively and yet they stubbornly resisted. They resisted repentance, and they resisted a life of faith.

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If they had been given the opportunity to

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if they had not been reassured,

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they would have kept kept denying Allah and His guidance forever.

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Then Allah says some of the components were Coleman who kept the whistle. And one of them was complaining CI

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for the body.

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And when the people have no rejected the messengers, We drowned with them,

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making them an example, for all humanity. And we have prepared our painful punishment for the wrongdoers. Just like Pharaoh and his followers, the people of Noah knew full well that Noah was sent to them as a prophet in truth, but they persisted in southern denial, and so hello have destroyed them with an unprecedented flow. So I will make up everyone except for the people of faith.

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I'll send to you that in this way he made for them an example, to all of humanity, the spectacular ways in which the law humbles the arrogance, civilizations, the plagues sent to Pharaoh, the flood is essential to know as people these arms done and because Allah is cruel, or Allah is short tempered. Now, even in the severity of the destruction of wrath upon these nations, there is wisdom, and there is care for the rest of mankind. But Allah doesn't want the lesson of these nations to become lost on us. He doesn't want us to forget or underestimate the severity of their actions, destroying them, in this way, turn to these nations the two legends to be remembered forever. So

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future nations would not make the same mistakes. Then Allah says why that was number one, our shadow Ross virus alone our main deal.

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And we destroyed it, and Cameroon, and the people of the parents, as well as many nations in between.

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Along our references, three separate civilizations that each rejected a lot of science. And so we're eventually destroyed on the feminine, and the people of the pits as strong as they are well known, and they rejected the prophet who is ready to go with it. They are also well known they rejected the Prophet saw that

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they that people have a politics however, there is a difference of opinion as to who they truly are a five of us in the forehand, some scholar said that this was merely one of the villages of several others said that it referred to a village in Africa by John that was sent a prophet's a blubbering prefers the opinion that these were the same people mentioned and sort of the rouge, the people of the trench, dude. Regardless of their true identity, the overall message is we're all has continuously sent messengers, they have almost always met denial and rejection from their people. And the law has accordingly destroyed those people, as an example to future nations.

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We also see a reference in this verse, The something that Allah says more explicitly is sort of to be said, that he has sent many, many prophets. And as we only know some of them, Allah says their thoughts and the sad while also calling us now that I am no no problem at all. So that was also surprising.

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There are messengers whose stories we have sold to you already, and others we have not.

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A lot of chose to tell us about certain messengers have nots have ever seen before. And for reasons that only he knows, perhaps because of their proximity to the immediate audience of the forehead in Arabia, perhaps because of the significance and timelessness of their stories.

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While Islam is not simply a very short, or even an old world religion, it is global, it is universal.

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We have every reason to believe that from the Americans to China, Allah has continuously sent messengers to mankind, even if we are only aware of some of those messengers.

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A lot of

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what we'll talk about manager have to do

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For each we set forth memories, lessons and examples, and we ultimately destroyed each

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year on demonstrates his goodwill toward mankind. His constant attempts to reach out and to teach us along wants to take heed. He wants us to be guided. Allah is not as aggressive, nor is His wrath, arbitrary.

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But human opposites knows no bounds. Despite being convinced, despite knowing the truth, mankind turns away to see gratitude like this deserve anything but a lot of stress and boredom when we have our stuff in your life in a wonderful way, sadly missing anybody that was available in the world before.

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Happy Hour sending worship at work?

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Why should

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you watch that would actually tell me when you're checking, once you enter the BNF was saved and then we'll have an article who also has their email reply. Some have already

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started anyway, or simply want to see what to do.

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Next, a lot of time on a sentence, what I'm gonna show high level company agenda to tell a member of so

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that you can

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they have certainly passed by the city of solid, which have been showered with a dreadful rating of stones. Have they not seen its ruins but they found expects to be resurrected.

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Next, Allah mentions the city of solid, so whom the profits loss was set. Their crime was corrupting the God given capacity for attraction. But I didn't know think excessively in that capacity until it became a goal in itself, instead of an incentive that all gifted us to marry and establish strong, righteous families. Law punishes them severely for this riding upon them, so comes from hellfire.

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Allah mentioned how the Cornish would have been aware of Saddam's ruins from their travels and asks rhetorically, why then how would they take the key? Don't say realize that they are now in the same position as the people of Sodom. They have been tested with the province. And if they ignore and rejects the message, they too will share southern states

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about 60 Hunger underlying reason why they cannot restrict why even being sent prophets and various miracles won't change their ways. Because they've denied the resurrection. They don't expect to be held accountable. And so they are lost in sin and heedlessness. And the law says, Well, you know, oh, he

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was a Halloween event for law enforcement.

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When they see your profit, they only make fun of you and knock you they say is this song set the messenger

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opponents of the truth,

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denier and the sub reality if you corner them, if you overpower their excuses with reason, and proof, all they have left are personal attacks. All they have left this mockery. Mockery is a trace of the opposite. Of course, it can't build anything it can only destroy even when it is deserved. Like the idea that anything could be worshipped besides Allah. Allah tells us to refrain from such mockery, because of the enmity and humiliation that it causes. Then also us in Canada, they completely don't

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know about the was sort of a feeling among

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men on Sunday.

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He would have almost tricked us away from our gods. This is what the Quraysh would say, Have we lost we're so devoted to them,

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a lot of response to them, but soon people know. They will know when they face the punishments, who is truly hard to strike the right way.

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The law says oh, wait a minute

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Have you seen no profit of a woman who has taken their own desires? How

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will you then be a keeper over them?

00:25:20 --> 00:25:29

Here a lot of gifts to the heart of the matter. All the communities mentioned before Pharaoh let people know.

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Some of the details of their stories like the difference. Their excuses in the face of undeniable truth might be different. But the common thread the true core of their denial of the prophets that were sent to them, the nature of their sin was preferring their own way, over a lawless way.

00:25:56 --> 00:26:10

They refused to set this route where they sold their urges, and their impulses as sacred, and rejected anything that asked them to obtain or discipline no searches.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:27

Today, people are given every excuse and justification to embellish their urges and impulses at the expense of discipline and commitment.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:35

What is called in our society, being your authentic self speaking your truth,

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not needing permission to be you. These slogans might have some truth in them.

00:26:45 --> 00:27:01

But it is most often a way to avoid accountable accountability avoiding discipline or living according to principles and instead surrendering one fun entertaining yourself to whatever it is that it wants.

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A lot it's not created to hearts in the Justice manner. Either we are disciplining and taping our wants to put them in the service of our dean or us we are manipulating our team and putting this in the surface of our ones

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the way of the believer the way of the people of faith is to prefer a last way to our web that is at the heart of submission let's

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focus on a Sunday Assembly for either we tend

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to call it normal however in the movies on Lunarlon yeah a

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sophomore I mean he was suddenly able to speak

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a lot more slowly either happened or can converse on later on anymore he was one

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is like I can't even believe what that because

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one on early

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internet companies or homeowners receiving one Why did the ship go on shaky whatever they're not gonna do? What sort of a movie or whatever I will

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often come home

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when people

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watch shame or

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what label letter basically arguing on behalf of one entity that

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wants to get interested

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Oh yes, I

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carry one. Yeah.

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Let's go all day of course, online.

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