Yasir Qadhi – The Fitna of ‘Celebrity Scholars’

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a culture where celebrities like Omar and Omar Khebody are the ones who follow and obey. The culture is centered around practicing the rule of thumb for everyone to do, which is to follow the Koran and not to do anything crazy. The transcript also describes a problem where people do not realize that their actions can cause harm to others, and the consequences of doing so can be severe.
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One, he and this is Roman. He was walking, and he saw Kobe and who is obey. Obey is the art of the Quran. Obey the prophets have sort of said, Whoever wants to read the Koran fresh as it was revealed, let him learn the Quran from obey.

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Obey, obey was walking in the soup, and he had an entourage of students around him for lovely.

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He had a group, like the celebrities of our times. This was the first time celebrity chef begins a

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role model the loved one took a stick.

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said What did I do?

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I mean, what did I do? And Omar said, Listen to this.

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Obey. This is a fitna, we're talking about fitna. This is a fitna for the one who follows and the one who is followed

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your ego and their dependence on you stop portraying this coat of a personality

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Subhan Allah, this is obey. What then do you think of miniscule people like me or anybody else? I will do. And by the way, I'm a big critic of this culture of, of celebrity chef dumb. I'm a big critic of it, even as I know are the beloved that I'm one of the causes of every other build up. I don't like it. I hate it. And Allah is my witness. I hate it.

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It's a fitna for the person. If it would be a sweetener for obey to be surrounded by 10 people. Do you not think it is a fitna? For some of us to have millions of followers on Facebook? Do you not think it is a fitna for some of us to be surrounded by 10s of 1000s we are human beings. It's a fitna for the tar bear and a fitna for the war as well. Both Why is it a fitna for the one following well yeah okay what if you make a mistake away? Yeah, obey this guy has put you higher and higher and higher and higher.

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He has linked you with the Koran link you with Islam linked you with the Prophet says

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he should not have done that he made a mistake. You shouldn't have done that. But he did. And he kept on making you higher and higher and higher and higher. Now, your fall and you will fall because you're human. You're slipped and you will slip because we all slip your mistake. What could we do other mahatva will be taken as the mistake of Islam

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It was a problem for you and him to kept on being higher jacked up higher higher higher. You took it and they did it. That's why Omar from the nipped it in the bud, stop it. Don't link religion with one person.

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Religion is above one person, any person any person.

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shareholder Sabina Tamia said, If Imam Al Bukhari had never come, the religion of Islam was to be preserved.

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If it had never come, it would not have armed Islam.

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Then who do you think of yourself called your food on an island? Well, ah here we are doing admit to Islam. Islam doesn't need us.

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Islam does not need us Islam is above individuals. But it is a problem when a person of weak Eman links a person with Islam. So when the person falls in their mind, Islam falls The problem was in their mind, not in the person. They shouldn't have linked the person to Islam.

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This is a fitna fit enough, whatever. And

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so at times of fitna, we turn to a law not to human beings, at times of fitna, we increase our aim, and we follow real good ama and Rama really doesn't mean the most followers on Facebook are the most popular on YouTube will lie that is not the case.

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The real and more they have made a law protect us it is the one who fears the lowest panel with data. That's the real

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that's the real outcome, not the one whom you think is this and that that would have been done.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi addresses the elephant in the room – the issue of celebrity scholars.

These scholars are an embodiment of Fitnah and we should vehemently discourage it.

The story of Umar ibn al khattab RA and Ubayy Ibn Ka’b RA is brought to the fore by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi and we realise what points should we keep in mind to keep this menace at bay.

We are advised to not link religion with one person. This is a big Fitnah. Islam is in no need for us. At time of fitnah, we should turn to Allah and follow the real Ulama instead of looking for the famed ones who may or may not have complete knowledge of all the things related to Islam.

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