Muhammad West – God’s Greatest Miracle, Part 3

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The Bible is the word of creation and people should not believe it is possible. The spiritual manifest and future predictions are discussed, including the book 300 and the success of the Ottoman Empire. Theics and Muslims discuss the upcoming year and the success of the calendar, including the new Islamic year and the Mecca calendar. The conflict between the Americas and the Eastern Kingdoms is also discussed, with the success of Islam being a guarantee. The crisis of consolidation and forgiveness are also discussed, along with upcoming events and predictions of care of the century.
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We live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he also remain my beloved brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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And Hamdulillah. Be datamine. Always we will begin with a praise and thanks to Allah Anna shadow Allah, Allah and Allah will testify that he is not worthy of worship besides Allah, and we send our love and our greetings salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to spice and pure family, his companions and others are following sunnah until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we continue part three of our series, the greatest miracle of Allah subhanho wa taala, where we look at convincing ourselves to be sure that this book is really the book revealed by the creator of the universe. I was having a

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conversation with someone in the week around interfaith, and you know, while we live in a world, a diverse world, and we're friends with everybody, and we are kind and, you know, inclusive of everybody, certain certain questions, have a yes or no answer can't all be all the right you can't all be the same. So for example, you either believe the Quran is literally the word of the creator of the universal is not.

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You can't say I believe it, and I don't believe it. It can't, you have to make a stand on that. And if you believe that this book is from the creator of the universe, the All Knowing the all wise, that will change the way you live your life, obviously. And if you don't believe it, then it's a book of revelation from the Creator, well, then obviously, you would have a different perspective. And so

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this conversation is not to give Dawa to outside. It's to us, many of us Alhamdulillah were born into Islam. We were told that this is the greatest miracle. We're told the Quran is the word of Allah subhanaw taala. But do we really believe that? And are we really sure on that? And can we stand by it and that's what we've been discussing. In the first part of the series, we spoke about the Quran, from a linguistic perspective, the greatest book, undoubtedly, the most profound book in the Arabic language, one of the greatest, most influential books of all time, that changed the Arabic language. And it's ascribed to a man that could not read or write. We then spoke last week

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about the scientific miracles of the Quran in a time where people could not, you know, they did not, they will be they they believe the Earth was flat. So many miracles we spoke about whether it is space, whether it's the embryo, whether it is the rivers, or the seas, or so many areas that the Quran mentions, and it is scientifically sound, how is it possible? Today we'll talk about certain predictions or prophecies that the Quran mentioned. And it could not have been known by the enemies of Islam could have been could not have been known by anybody. And it proved to be correct, it proved to be true. And as we said, each time we go through these

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miracles with the signs, you must ask yourself, if this is not from Allah, if it's not from the Creator, how is it possible and where does it come from? Can you propose an alternative explanation? And if you can't, as Allah says, then you need to accept that this is from Allah subhanaw taala. So today, we'll talk about the miracles and inshallah we'll also talk if time allows how we can prove equivalent, you know, undoubtably, this is not a book from that episode Salam.

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So Allah says in the Quran, in Surah, hedger in an atlas and Nicaragua in Allah will have.

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Allah says that it is us we Allah subhanaw taala who revealed the Quran, and Allah says I promise to always be protected. Now, if you look at all the religious scriptures, in every single religion, you look at the scriptures, whether it is the Jewish faith, the Christian faith, the Hindu faith, they'll tell you, what we have today is not the original manuscript that many 1000s of years have gone and people have changed things have like LASIK. Last Miss translated. We don't have exactly the same and that is why you have versions versions of the Bible versions of the Vita

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Throughout the world, different versions. So it is, it is an accepted reality, that literature and tradition changes with time. Allah says at the beginning of the revelation early agent is one of the early surahs. Allah says, this book will not be changed, I'm going to reveal it. And it will never ever change. The Sahaba could not have seen the outcome of this.

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Have you ever made them? Imagine an author who just want to think about you write an essay, and you say, I'm gonna write this essay. And this essay 1000 years later, 1400 years later, it's not going to disappear, it will stay the same forever. It's a prediction. Right? The author is making a prediction. We are testament to that prediction. And whether you go to China, whether you go to America, you could earn is exactly the same. Allah says that we will protect it, it will not be corrupted, and it will stand until for eternity. There's a prediction. Another prediction that Allah says in the Quran, what Acharya said no Quran evictory Feldman decade, Allah says, we've made this

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Quran easy to be memorized to be remembered. This book will be very, very easy to memorize. And we know for a fact it is the only book on Earth, that you have 1000s if not millions of people. In fact, every Muslim has memorized some portion of it, and the vast majority of the Ummah can't speak Arabic. Now, you must ask yourself, is there any book on earth like that? Can you think of any other book where billions of people have memorized portions of it in a language they can't understand? And it is throughout the world, this is read and recited and memorized. Children as young as 675 years old memorizing it, old people in the 80s, memorizing it cover to cover word for word.

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No religion on earth has this no other book No matter how amazing it is, has this. So wait, how does it How does it come about? And the fact that Allah says it will be easy this was even before the Quran was completed. So imagine, again, the author, and I want you to think of books today, imagine an author said, I'm gonna write this book, this book will be preserved for all eternity. And when I'm done with his book, it will be so easy to memorize that anyone who picks it up and wants to memorize it can can memorize it, even in a language you don't understand. Then he proceeds to write this book.

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And 1400 500 years later, it's proven to be true.

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And this man, this author, never wrote anything in his life before, never ate anything was like before. Is this possible? Is this realistic?

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Something more specific to a prophecy, an event which occurred at the time we're going to be at the time there'll be Salam there were two great empires, the Roman Empire, the Christian Romans and the Persians. You can remember that movie 300 The bad guys, they're the Persians. And

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at the time, the Persians were actually stronger than the Christians and the Romans, the Persians were more advanced, they were the most advanced civilization at time. And they had defeated the Romans a very, very severe defeat. Allah says in the Quran, that's why there's a surah, the 30th Surah of the Quran is called swear room Surah of the Romans, and Surah begins with Liberty room, the Romans have been defeated, they have been completely defeated, a severe defeat was given at the hands of the Persians, to the point where it appeared, the Romans were about to be conquered completely. At that time, everyone believed the time the Romans was finished, the Persians beat

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them. Allah says Holy by the room, the Romans have been defeated Vietnam, in a close land or in allowing lying land. But then Allah says, But after this, well who mean by the Halaby him, so you hopefully won't, but soon after this humiliation defeat, they're going to be victorious. Within nine years Forbidden City mean, within nine years, they're going to be victorious. So Allah gives a very, very clear prediction. Again, imagine a war, you know, any war that occurred. So let's say Russia and the Ukraine are fighting, fighting now. And the Russians, gives the Ukrainian such a massive blow that it appears that the war is finished. There's no way Ukraine is coming back. And then

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someone says, in spite of this massive defeat, within nine years, Ukraine will come back and they will beat the Russians, hypothetically. Allah says that within nine years, the Romans are going to come back and they're going to defeat the Persians again. And then a second prediction.

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Allah says, The Lion I'm roaming bloomingburg, Allah says everything met, every decree belongs to Allah, Allah decides who wins or loses, and then I'll make a secret prediction. While you might even enter that same day, the same day that omens beat the Persians on that day, yet for a whole movement, all the believers are gonna have a celebration. What is Allah talking about two predictions.

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we fast forward. Nine years after the defeat of the Romans, the Emperor of Rome Iraklis is able to

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re you know, revive his kingdom, after almost as you said, from a point of almost complete destruction, and is able to severely inflict

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A defeat on the Persians and recapture his land. And that defeat of the of the of the Persians coincides with the Muslims winning the battle of whether it happens on the same day. Allah says on the day that the Romans defeat the Persians, the Muslims will celebrate their own victory.

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So now Bacara, the Alon, when this revelation came down, he and this was before gambling was made haram, he had a bit with a non believer, the non believers is you really believe that almost can come back from this. You really think the Romans can come back and say no prophecies of Allah said so it's going to happen. So he said, Okay, we make a bit when it is going to happen and say, No bucket, the IRA doesn't say, Allah says within nine years, so is there a bucket is it in seven years time?

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Now in seven years came, nothing happened. So say no bucket last a bit. But then, a few years later, of course, the prediction came through, and then I'd be so sad to say no bucket, why'd you make it nine years that Allah had mentioned in the Quran. But this is one of those very, very clear predictions. Allah subhanaw taala is being very specific, the Romans are going to win. And on that day, the Muslims are going to have a celebration, the Muslims were celebrating by them before they even knew the victory of the Romans, you know, against the Persians. How is this possible? How is this possible? This is another very explicit thing. Another historical event. The enemies of Islam,

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as we know, was atomic Hegira. And as we turn the new Islamic calendar site, as we all know, the Islamic calendar is based on the hijab. So you should know that it's a new Islamic year, 1445 1445 years ago, the Muslims of Makkah left and they went to Medina, and they established the state of Medina. And for the first time in our history, we had an ummah, a nation that was unique. The whole world was against us, with tiny little city in Medina. And the city was like a little flower, is it gonna survive or not? Sahaba could not imagine that 1445 years later, in the tip of Africa, people will still be talking about them about what they did within China within Australia and America, they

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could not have believed that they Hijra that this, this devotion would survive. And so

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once the when the Muslims made Hegira to Medina, they weren't allowed to come back to Makkah. And so then abbyson Salam had a dream that we're going to make Amara and so Halloween to make Qumran when they got to Makkah they were stopped and they couldn't they Qumran and they were sent back to Medina.

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So the Muslims are very, very sad. We can't go formula. And then Allah revealed if even the Sahaba felt, but you had a dream here Rasulullah you seem to be going to enter Mecca. You were showing a vision that you were going to make O'Meara now we are stopped and we're going back to Medina. So Allah Nakata sada Allah Who rasool Allah says, Allah has confirmed the dream or the vision of the messengers through what the Prophet SAW is through. Letter, the Holan al Masjid Al haram, you're going to intimacy haram in sha Allah, Amin in Harlequin are also calm. Or mocha Serena LA to her phone, Allah says you will most certainly come back to Makkah, you're gonna make it you're gonna

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make humara you're going to perform your Omura without any abuse or any harm. And this is a decree from Allah and Allah Subhan continues, and then soon

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Mindu nilotica, fatten kaliba. And soon after this Omura you're going to have an imminent victory. And so we know the next year the Muslims came, they performed Amara, and a year after that they conquered Mecca. So from a very, very low, humiliating defeat, where even the Sahaba were demoralized, even Satan Ahmed said, How can this be possible? You jasola The dream we're going to make Hora and yet we have to go back to Medina without Amara. Allah says don't worry, I have decreed you're going to make kumara and not only that, you're going to conquer maca, even Subhan Allah. And so the Muslims painted Mecca the next year, and the following year they conquered Mecca.

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SubhanAllah. Not in the Quran. But from the Hadith.

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We remind ourselves of certain other predictions are going to be chosen. For example, in the Battle of Battle of the Trench, the Muslims are being invaded. Medina is about to be invaded. It's so bad that the Muslims can't fight back. They realize it's impossible for us to fight back. This army is too big. So what are we going to do? We dig a trench we just dig a ditch so they can't come in. We can only defend we can't even fight back. And they busy dealing with strange in the dust in the sandy moving rocks and rubble. And while they're digging, then abuses Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. So you understand what's happening. He said, I've seen we're going to conquer Yemen, Allahu Akbar,

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we're going to conquer Persia. Allahu Akbar, we're going to defeat the Romans. The monastics are looking at the Muslims and saying, You guys are digging a hole to protect yourself from the people of Makkah to invade Medina. And you took even a conquer Russia or America you're going to conquer purge your own. You can't even as they say, you can't even go out to the desert to urinate to the toilet because you're so scared and you took your to conquer the superpowers of the world. Within 15 years of this, the Muslims had conquered all these lands

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No historian. No. No person at the time on the face of the earth could have predicted this.

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And it is as Allah subhanaw taala had promised.

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We go many, many 1000 years before that even Allah tells W Brahim. And this is something which you see, NaVi Brahim didn't even see this medical alert system. Ibrahim built the Kaaba in the middle of nowhere. There wasn't a single person living in Mecca. We know when Nabil Ibrahim lift the beast manually. There wasn't anyone living it's middle of nowhere. Allah says build the Kaaba. Well, I've been financeable Hajj and then make other people must come here for HUD standard amount to make it and people come to Hutch. Obviously he was gonna Yeah, how is it possible he's gonna come here for hydrolysis. Don't worry. You have to carry Jack. People will come Allah Coulee Dam him on every type

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of transportation land a see. Also you don't want to you build the Kaaba, you call them on and it's very specific, equally dominant of every mode of transportation you can think about they're gonna come you're a teen I mean Cooley for genomic they will come from every distant land, the villages that you can imagine, people are going to come here for Hajj.

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So Allah

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we saw that two three weeks ago, millions and millions of people every land on Earth, every country, every city, someone coming to perform, perform Hajj, you must ask yourself, How is this possible? How is this possible?

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Specifically, as Allah mentioned, it comes through another beautiful it's kind of an interesting idea. We know that one of the earliest sources to be revealed is surah Allah Bucha Dobby Have you worked up? Right so Abu Lahab is down craft Genovesa Salam, and he was the most vocal opponent of the NABI Salam, and his hatred for Islam was known. In fact, he's the only of all the Koufax one of all the enemies of Islam. Allah mentions his name, Abu Journalisten mentioned by name Abu Lahab is mentioned by name. And we know that event with an IV Salam gave his first goodbye in public he called the people to Islam first goodbye in public and Abu Lahab derails though goodbye. He says

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don't listen to my nephew. So I want you to imagine the scene than if he saw me standing in the middle of Canal walk food court. And he stands on the table says oh people come I have a message for you and the people so what's going on what's happening? And as it's about to split explain to them I see some calamity befalling you will have sent on the table and says, don't listen to my nephew. He's crazy. He's sick. He's mentally not right. It's nonsense he's talking about and the entire football is derailed. Then Allah reveals kabocha Billahi whatever made the hands of a Buddha have been ruined and made be ruined again. Murder of Nan Humala Womack has up his wealth will not avail

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him know anything he gains he's completely destroyed now so yes learner on the tele hub, and he will enter Johanna in the fire. So Abu Lahab God revealed Allah since revelation Abdullah Have you never going to become a Muslim? And you're gonna go to Johanna.

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Now consider Abdullah became a Muslim, even by show if Abu Lahab embraced Islam he would say your Quran is wrong. The Quran says I will never embrace Islam but I'm going to become a I'm gonna make La ilaha illa so now the Quran is contradictory. A Buddha have a 10 years to think about this. He could have it never crossed his mind to even outwardly as I'm gonna just as a show to ruin Islam, he could have Abu Lahab Allah had given him the opportunity you can destroy Islam. Just say La Ilaha illa Allah you will destroy the Quran. He never did that.

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analysis you Ebola will never ever embrace Islam and his wife him and his wife because both of them were together, the two of them, they will never embrace them. 10 years later, eventually I will have dies. And it never happened. That's an amazing, amazing thing. I mean, again, imagine you're right, you say my biggest nemesis, he will never ever say the words La Ilaha illa Allah and if he says it that I'm wrong, and he doesn't do it.

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This is something which even in the Sunnah nobody could predict.

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So Allah says, we're in control theory, manners. And Allah says if you are in doubt, this is you're not sure about this, to be sure that immediately whether we are committed to Allah in consolidating, so if this was man made Allah saying, if this was fabricated, if this was a creation of people, then wait, then bring another one. You've had 1404 150 years, one and a half, 1000 years to produce something like it. So we is the alternative. Show me another book that can do it. If this is manmade, there's some you know, we have computers AI, mashallah we've got all the technology in the world. Now produce something like it, produce a book that five year olds can memorize in a language

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they don't understand. Produce a book that can tell you about science. 1000 years later, produce a book that will give you prophecies and predictions. Also, I'm waiting and then Allah says, For into value, what the value if you can't do it, and you will never do it, there's another prediction almost nobody will ever be able to replicate it. Then be fearful of Jannah if this book is from Allah, then this adjustment allows us to generalize through Jahannam is through everything in the Quran is

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To prepare for it to Subhan Allah, this is a challenge Allah has given to all those who deny the Quran. Yes they can burn the Quran they can insult to Quran asked Allah asked him a very simple thing, if this is manmade could do something like it, bring me something like it, not a Quran also a surah. Bring one surah like it the whole Quran, one chapter like it. There were many false prophets. We know there was Messiah, many, many false prophets, none of them none of the writings in literature, the teaching survived. Even the religions of today, the established religions of today. They own scriptures have been fabricated, changed adapted versions, with clergy who are scholars

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with all kinds of backing. This is a man in the middle of the desert, no learning or reading before a person with no resources, no army, he writes, a book is given to this book is going to change the world it's not going to change predictions and Subhanallah as Allah had said, we are witness to it.

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Insha Allah next week, we'll talk about certain ayat that perfectly that unequivocally leaves no doubt that this book could not have come from

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this book the alternative so if someone asks you Do you believe that this book is from the creator of the universe is no so what else So Muhammad? So okay, fine. If the visa Salam did write it, why is his name not mentioned in the Quran so much? Why is not be Musa mentioned 130 times? Why is that Jesus mother not mentioned one, but now he says mother has mentioned 34 times. Why does the Quran threaten the Nabil Salam criticized in the salon where he made small mistakes? Why does the Quran say he's gonna be some certain things which I share, for example, there are certain ayat the certain is in the Quran, I should say is that if then abbyson wrote this Quran, he would have hidden this

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verse he would not have expose it, because Allah criticizes even though the visa will be certain issues that he had to be mentioned. And it was not, he's not the star of the Quran. So we'll talk about these ayat. And therefore, as Allah says, if this is not from any person who wrote it is not from the musandam. It's not from the Sahaba, who wrote it we didn't come from

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Allah uses the word IEA. It's an evidence which means you also need to think about it, you need to ponder so many times the ayat Allah says, they call me at the Quran for people that ponder and reflect people that have read this book, and understand and ask the question, well, what is the alternative? And if this insha, Allah, you're convinced that this is the book from the Lord of the universe, the one who gives the risk, the one who gives the life, the one who gives death, the one in whose hand is everything, and this is from him. And he tells you do these 567 things and you will have a good life, a prosperous life in the dunya and akhira.

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Then that's your answer to everything that you need. Remember, as I said, the Quran is not a book of literature for the sake of literature. It's not a book of science is not a book of prophecies. It's a book of guidance. But these things are ironed out so that when you get to the ayat of guidance, how to live your life, you feel contented this is what I'm supposed to do. But if as Allah the predictions of the Romans the predictions of care of the Quran are changing. If this is true, then obviously the predictions of Qiyamah is true as well. The Jahannam is true the Jana is true. What's gonna happen in the cover is true. All these things are true as well. I can't see it. But it should

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remind the new ascertain that this is the truth I end of Subhanallah we know that say no bucket of the alarm, he's me is called acidic. Acidic doesn't mean the truthful one. Acidic means the one that has the highest level of iman Siddiq means your faith is true. That's the highest level of Eman a person can reach. Just show to the Sahaba undercover The Gambia The Gambia have a higher level, but under that's why in the IEA we say Mina Nabin was CDKN wa Shuhada asada. Oh Allah let us be of the Gambia because be amongst them under the FTM. And let us be amongst the Siddiq Siddiq is the highest level. How did he get this title? We know at least Ronda Mirage when Abuja had when they meet Abu

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Bakr and they said, You know what your friend Mohammed says that he went from Makkah to Palestine in one night and he came back, but he turned journey in one night.

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Do you really believe us? So baccarat Ian said, if he said it, it must be true. So how can you believe it logically it doesn't make sense. So back and said I believe in something more bigger than that even I believe the Lord of the universe speaks to him. The creator of the sun, the moon that everything speaks to him gives him a revelation. So for Him for allah to pick him up from Makkah, dropping in Medina and picking up taking back that's easy. That's a that's a big deal. And that is the point that we do the series, that if you believe this book is from Allah subhanaw taala then every life is everything in our life should be easy. When Allah says you give sadaqa Don't worry,

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your life's problems are going to be sorted out. But if you put dependents in Allah, you don't have to worry what your boss does. What happens in the world you will be safe you will be secure. That gives you the commitment in the akin in the Quran, in Islam in your Eman and so inshallah we ask Allah Subhana Allah granted the Quran to be the knower of our hearts to make a take away our sadness, our sorrow grant us to live according to this book.

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And to die upon it. And if it is erected upon it. I mean, I mean to the likelihood. Just a few quick announcements. As I said, we welcome the new Islamic year 1445, may Allah bless us in it. Also the day of Ashura, the 10th of Muharram is next week Saturday. So if for some of them are shorter than me, so says it's a year of forgiveness. So what better way to begin the year by fasting on Saturday, and then all your sins are forgiven each other for last year? So whoever can foster they have Assura and the day before or the day after? And then of course, we will also have Amhara march on Sunday, next week, Sunday, the 30th. This is of course, one of our traditions. He has been for many, many

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decades. I don't know how long maybe more than 100 years, we, the kids walk through the bootcamp just a reminder of our Islamic heritage. And so if you'd like to participate, you can let us know inshallah Sakura, Hi, my son, Allah say no Mohammed, voila, Islam was sending Alameen Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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