Mohammed Hijab – Atheists That Believe Prophet Muhammad Flew to Heaven On a Winged Horse.

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The representatives from Muslim Central discuss the theory of an infinite number of universes and the possibility of an infinite man named Mohammed, who claims to be a prophet. Elizabeth believes there may have been a man named Mohammed who flew with the car, and suggests they need to verify. The conversation then shifts to mathematics and whether or not there is a possibility on the "rock" model. The "red-light of the Wright brothers" is real, and religious people should recognize their existence. The "red-light of the postcolideo argument" has been a "red-light of the Wright brothers" for a long time.
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I can tell you something right now. Yeah. This is something that people say all the time. Oh, look, Muslims believe that you know, the flying horse and you know for Okay, well done. I can tell you now unequivocally that it's not just Muslims are not unique in this belief you know who believe who believes this as well?

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Let me tell you, atheists believe in the flying horse.

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Wait a minute, what did you say? Let me

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let me tell you why they believe in that. Oh, wait, wait, hold on. Hold on. I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why.

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Do you accept that some atheists believe in the multiverse theory?

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It's actually a very popular. It's actually a very popular theory in atheist circles. Yes. Yes, I can tell you that it is from from, from my analysis of the sociological

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6 million people? No, I don't think it was 6 billion atheists just in general. Anyways, from what I've seen, the multiverse especially in academic circles is becoming more and more popular, especially among atheists. Okay. An atheist who believes in multiverse. Most of the atheists, academics who believe in a multiverse theory, believe in an infinite amount of universes. Correct.

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Thank you, you're saying it's possible. That's it? Thank you, you know, why? Do you know what that means? You know, what that entails? what that entails when you say that there are an infinite amount of universes is that all potential possibilities have been exit have been actualized? Or will be actualized. Now,

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listen to what I'm saying very carefully, right? If you listen carefully, if you believe, if you believe, an infinite amount of universes than what you actually believe, is that all potential possibilities? either have or will be actualized. That's what you believe in? I don't know. You said it's possible, though. Yes.

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Yes. So okay, hold on.

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Because this might sound

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let me say this one more time, because I know it's a bit much to swallow. My point is this. atheists who believe in a multiverse of an infinite amount of universes believe that there was a man called Muhammad who flew with Brock, you know why? You know why? Because they believe in an infinite amount of possibilities that he will or will be the holder, or will be actualized. Now, you know what that means?

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Okay, so, my question to you is, is there a possibility on this model that there was a man called Mohammed who, yes or no?

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Yes or no? Yes, sir.

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It's a genuine question. It's a possibility, isn't it? You couldn't negate as a possibility?

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Okay, let's say yes. According to you. According to you. It's possible on this model, that there was a man called Mohamed, who claimed to be a prophet who flew to the heavens with this thing called rock. So man, you're on the same page? I don't think there's anything different, but

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you know what we're gonna find out? We're gonna find out, brother. We'll see. We'll see. The thing is atheists believe, and this is the new atheist thinking. This is why people come back.

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Atheists, atheists believe that this is the thing is the problem. Atheists believe that witches and this is what something that's come out of this debate. This atheists come to believe that actually, if something is not verifiable through empiricism, then it must be false, which is the argument from ignorance. why I'm saying it's a fallacy. What I'm saying is that we've already established metaphysical precepts, like formal logic, like mathematics, like language, like the scientific method itself, like axioms, and theorems in mathematics. All of those things have been designated or abstract things. And therefore for for Plato, were designated in the land of forms.

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There's a mode of the whole world of forms. It's not something you can verify, but you would never, you would never deny the existence of mathematics.

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Just because something is metaphysical from a philosophical perspective, something you cannot see or have not witnessed. It doesn't mean it has not happened. They will tell you something. Yeah. Why are you so why are you so fascinated with the fact that there's a man called Mohammed that took took on this road

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No, but it's not just us. It's the narrative. Trust me. It's in the narrative Believe me. Why are you so fascinated by the fact that could be a man who wrote this special vehicle for the guy who actually, who actually moved from one part of, of the world to another part? We've got those things now, the cool planes, trains automobiles, we have Well, let me tell you something. Hold on. It's not a horse. It's called alpha rock. It's especially it's a it's something which God created. Yeah. And God we believe is the old powerful, which literally is a transportation vehicle. Yeah. Which allows for that kind of trespassing or movement from different places. Now, listen to me carefully. If I

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were living 100, forget about 1000 years ago, 150 years ago. Do you know when planes were invented? Tell me when planes were invented.

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I'll tell you about 1895. Yeah, the Wright brothers 18 1903. The Wright isn't the Wright brothers. Yeah. Some say that there were planes that came before. the Wright brothers. They credited with the invention of planes. We're talking about 100 years ago, 200 years ago, same country, you say to someone who's used to seeing a horse and carriage.

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You say to them, Listen, there's gonna come a time when you say, wait a minute, what are you saying? I'll tell you, I'll tell you again, it's gonna come a time when people on mass are going to be flying in the air and going to be drinking, you know, and go to the toilet in the air.

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If you say to those people, that that's gonna happen. Can they fathom that? Have they experienced that? Have they seen that? Have they heard that? Have they smelt that? Have they felt that? No, they haven't? No, they haven't. But the fact that they have no experience those things doesn't negate that that is a reality, which could happen and has happened and is happening. Can you see

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why anything can happen? Okay, so that's what you said. You said the flying horse. You said?

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Oh, no, no, no, no, no, I just I just mean, the fact is, you sit here as a negating term as it's as if that proves you see

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the collapse, because actually, this is unscientific.

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A while ago, listen to me, Listen, listen to me carefully. This argument that's put across now by i would i would say a self congratulating narcissistic.

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No, no, no, no, I'm not saying I'm not saying that. I'm saying a self congratulating, narcissistic, postcolonial, atheistic, materialistic, naturalistic,

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archetype whole new world A new atheist, like Richard Dawkins, and his likes and people of his ilk. They come with this argument as if it's some kind of Trump argument. As if it's some kind of I look, you

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know, it's humorous, because you have a funny thing to think just because something is not real. But that's real. That's the thing. But just because something is not just because something you cannot envisage it, you have not experienced it. It doesn't mean it's not true. You see how it works? That's close the argument over

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anything can be true.

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Right? What we're saying is, if you want to know are you if you want to be if you want to live, if you want to be in the mind of a religious person, understand how people or religious people rationalize their belief. It's not the it's not. It's not philosophically ingenuous to try and throw these strawman arguments, red herrings, or otherwise.

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As a principle, religious people throw this out all the time. They say, these people think that therefore this isn't true, but this

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I'm sure they do.

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Fair enough, okay. But you see where we're coming from. So not really what I'm saying to you this look simple. Listen to me carefully, and he was saying, God is one. He created the universe. Yeah. He created human beings in the universe. He created us with a purpose. That purpose is to recognize his existence.

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