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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history of Islam, including accusations of lies and false accusations, the loss of everything, and the importance of being truthful and avoiding labels to avoid confusion and privacy. The speakers emphasize the need to be truthful and considerate of others' actions, as well as sharing the truth to avoid privacy loss. They also mention the use of lying in a way that is offensive and suggest paying attention to what people say.
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Do some pineapple and dine ohana stuff little whenever we learn Himanshu rhodium patina woman si si Marina de la huhtala. Fellow mobile Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah, Allah

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Mohammedan Abdu rasuluh that for all sequel in St. Rita por la Karla Maha Giada Yeah, yo Latina la Pato coffee, order some ocean Illa and some cinnamon. Waqar lasala yeah yohanna Sephora de como la de

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da de de Vaca Carmen has Oda for the Semin humare jarron Cassie, Ronnie, what's up Oh la la de la una de Waal in La La, La La como FIBA some.

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After the conquest of Mecca after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had taken over Mecca, and the people had become Muslim.

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Cesar or police have realized the power of the Muslims and he decided that he would have to bring an end to these Muslims until he prepared a large army by Dentyne and some Arab tribes from the north. And they prepared an army to extinguish the profits of a lot he was sentenced, and his companions and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when news came of this great army that was preparing to attack them, the prophets of Allah Hadith and I'm going to get some of the companions fear started to come into the Muslim Park. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam decided that they must go and fight these people in trouble. And so because normally the prophets of Allah Honea said him,

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whenever he would go out for an army go out in a battle, he would tell the people that we're going in this direction, and then during the battle, they would change directions, and so that no one would know exactly where they are going. But because of the severity of this battle, and because it was so long, and because they were leaving, in the summertime, and in the summertime, they eat can can kill people, the profits of a lot is that I'm told all of them, where they were, where they were going, so that they could pair could prepare the proper provision. And so the private Pilates and I'm told them that we're going to boot Jason was strong. And so one of those people that all the

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companions, all the people that didn't have an excuse, such as sickness, or people that were hypocrites, all of them accepted from the province that a lot of them and they prepared for this battle, and inshallah, tada, we want to spend some moments with one of those people that missed the battle, and that's top

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of your lungs on on home. tab, even Malik slowly along who in fact, narrates the entire story. And so he has Makati. And so his Muslim, Calvin and Malik says that on that day, when people went out that by Allah that I've never had more wealth than that the day that the people went out for to book and he said, By law, I've never had more wealth and more strength. I've never been in a better position to go out for the battle that on that day. But and you will see that the evil of procrastination, he kept saying that when the Prophet said a lot, I said, I'm in the companions would prepare for the battle, he would say, I'll go and prepare, but today would come to an end, and

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he hadn't prepared anything. And then the next day would come in, he said, I'll go and prepare and the day would pass and he hadn't prepared anything until the people had gone out. And he said, I'll catch up with them. And they left in the days past and he said, I'll catch up, I'll catch up. Until finally news came that the profits but a lot of a sudden was on his way back, and it's a battle had happened. And then he had come back and savages and Malik are the alarm, he would go out and the hypocrites the people that do want to join the province but a lot is going on and told the companion lesson futile because they said Why are you going out in this battle is still hot outside? And Allah

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subhanaw taala refuted them saying cornado Johanna, I said to her say that the hell.

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The heat of Hellfire is more severe than the heat of the summer. And so cabin medic would go out. And he would see all the other people that hadn't gone out to the battle. And he says he would become very distressed, because he would only see hypocrites, which which everyone knew that they were hypocrites. And he realized that he was in the last

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one the province that a lot SNM came back and he would come during the day. And the first thing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would come to is the masjid. And so we learned here also the sin of Rasulullah sallallahu. He said I don't want to prison returns from a journey should start with a message and go through the message and pray to God. The prophets have allotted them once the message and he prayed his ibaka and then all the people started coming all those people that hadn't gone

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For the battle, they came to the prophets of Allah Honea center. And they started explaining and giving excuses, and in fact lies for the reason why they didn't go out for the battle. And they were known hypocrites. The prophet SAW a lot instead of one after the other, they would come to him. And they would give an excuse saying, I was doing this, I was doing that, and I wasn't able to promise them a lot. So I would ask forgiveness for them, and let them go.

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And still kept it in Malik, while the Allahu, in fact he says that he was very eloquent in speech. And he told the prophets on the line instead of when he came to him that day, he had prepared lies that he was going to say, excuses so that he could call the prophets anger. But he said, as soon as I saw the father said, olana, salaam, I cancelled all those lies that I was going to say. And he said, that today, nothing will save me been telling the truth. And so he went to the province of Milan, and I sent him and he said, Well, LA, he, he said, I've been given eloquent speech. And if I sat in front of anybody else, I could have lied to them. And I could have gotten away from their

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anger. But he also flew to LA, he says, I may, please use today, and you may not be angry with me today. But perhaps tomorrow, because if I lie to you, allow me make you angry at me. And he said, but if I tell you the truth today, that perhaps tomorrow hoping for the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, perhaps tomorrow, Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased to see.

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And so he says, when the foot when he came to the prophet SAW the lawn, his son of the Prophet said a lot, his son smiled at him. And he said to them, and most of them, the smile of someone who's angry, and he said, Maha lettuce and cabbage and Malik, but the lohani said this to him. And when he said this, the Prophet sallallahu, SNM replied, and

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he said, As for this person, he's told the truth, and right there, the prophet said a lot instead of knew that everybody that had come to him has lied to him. But he says, As for this person, he's told the truth, then he told him to go back until Allah subhanaw taala decides your affair. And so cabin medic,

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cabin medic, when he left the message. Some people from Benny Celine, they came to him, and they started telling him Why did you say that to him? You could have said this. Or you could have said that? Didn't you see that the Father felt alone and center was asking forgiveness for them and forgiving them and letting them go. They said you put yourself in this position. And he said, because they kept insisting on him, rather than Nanak. He said, I wish that I could have gone back and lied to the Prophet for the longest time. I wish that I could have contradicted myself and went back and made up an excuse. But then cabinet and manage the line. We asked them, is there anyone

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else in my situation? And they said, Yeah, and there was two companions that had done the same thing that taught him and Malik Fabiola Horne who had done

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and they were

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they had done the same thing that kept him in medical, I'll be alone, we're done. And so Calvin and medic, when he found out that these two people had Vin from the people of veggies, he kept firm with the truth that he had been.

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And so the province that Elias and and after that commanded all the people not to speak to Calvin and Malik and his two companions, and not to deal with them, and for everyone to boycott them. And so for the other companions, they were would remain at home and tab them and medics while the alarm would go to the messages. And then he would say that man he had been of the lessee. He would say that the earth that I knew so well, it wasn't like that anymore. And the Times had changed the way people were treating him. He says that he would go to the masjid and nobody would say that. They come to him. And he would try going to the Father Philip lohani or center and say Assalamu alaykum

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and he would look and try to see if the promise of a lot is moved in appliances. But he couldn't tell. And he would say that to it enter the message, and he would look at the profit salon and sell them and the profits the milania salon wouldn't look at him. And then when he would avert his gaze, the profits of the lot is that I would turn to him and look and when he would look back the province that a lot incentive would turn away.

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During the battle in the battle to boost the profits of the lot is that him he in fact inquired about Calvin Manik I wanted the companions had said that nothing less crowded and Niantic except that he was so happy with his clothes and happy with his wealth and so why

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Fabiola Han, he replied back and he said bits enough quotes. He said what an evil thing what you said and he turned to the promise of a lot a sentence. And he said he out of sort of La Malema La Ilaha. He said we only know good about cats. And so in fact, in the shutter have this Have you seen Um, no, we Rahim, Allah says that we learned from this from the example of the companions, that when a Muslim brother, when someone backs like on a Muslim brother in front of you, it's not enough to remain silent, but that you should hit back and tell the person that this is wrong. And this is not what a Muslim should say. As the companion love Ilan, who said, Mr. Musk was and he replied back to

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Job even Malik Mohan, who

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God is in medical the alarm, like we said, we'll go through the message and try to find out is the province that a lot of cinema would reply to him and he kept entering into the sadness. And unless uttanasana describes the sadness that they were in, he says the tunnel Darla has either fatale him will be no human until when the earth closed down and constricted upon them. And notice that you'll see people they may have the biggest castles in the world, but no matter how expensive their property is, because they turned away from Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala constricts the livelihood. Woman out Oban decrease in Allahumma HSM Bunka Allah subhanaw taala sets and returns the

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back for me, the inner home ISIS and Blanca they say the bunker and one of its literal sense, it's like having a sinus or having a stuffy nose. Because when a person turns his back, it's as if he's constricting and stuffing himself. And he can't enjoy the, the worldly materials that he has. And so here because of them not going to the battle, a lot of ton of data describes a situation that they were in either bar fatale, and we'll have the winner of that even though they have the stance of Earth in front of them, it constricted before their very eyes. But someone may have the earth constricted in front of them, they may be poor, and they may be living in a hut. But they have an

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expensive heart. And they believe in Allah and His Messenger, and it expands out so that they are contented with what they have, and that they are living as if they're ingen that contend with what Allah subhanaw taala has given them a loss of hundreds, Allah says woba fatale him and put their hands and their souls and the hearts constructed from inside. And so in both senses in the earth, and everything that was around them constricted, and even in the heart, they were constricted. And so cabinet in the attic or the line, he was going around in the sadness, and you went to the garden have a quota for the alarm and who was a cousin, and one of the most beloved people to cap isn't

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managed. And so he got up on the fence. And he said, I said Amati comes to Abu Qatada. And number portada didn't reply. And he kept asking him again, I said, I want a cholesterol molecule, and avocado the alarm wouldn't reply to him.

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And then he said, he said, Oh, my cousin, don't see no having to know that I love a lot in his messenger. She says, Don't you know and having to learn? And Haven't you seen from my example that I do? Indeed, love alone is messenger. And fathered and Malik are the Alon who remain silent. And then he said, Allahu Allah, that Allah knows best if you really love Allah and His messenger. And God, even Malik when he heard this, he went off the fence and he started crying

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on the 14th day, and in fact, it lasted for 50 days, the prophet SAW the law, send them commanded that they separate from their wives. And so Todd isn't magic. And now notice, in fact, before this, the king of the king was turned when from the Romans, they had sent a letter to Tabitha Manik was in the marketplace. And then he saw a man come a traveler, and everybody was pointing a cab. And so that person came to cab with a letter from kings den, and now the king is the king calling him and he says, I'm back. He says,

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He says supersede the news has reached us that your companion sort of loss of alladia Center has turned away from you. And he said fellas, pappelina neurotic, he said, Come to us Allah Subhana Allah didn't make this earth as a constricted in a discomfort for you come to us, and we will give you comfort and we will give you honor. And one cabin medical I'll be alone and read this letter. He said by of law, this is another test from Allah subhanaw taala. And then he made a study

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Fill a pit of fire. And then you took that letter and he threw it in the fire. Now rather than that it could all be Allahu on the 14th day, the prophet said a lot is send them has sent out the message that those three people should separate from their wives and toddlers and Monica, they'll be alone immediately. He said, shall I divorce my wife? Or should I just separate from her? And they said, No, the prophets of the life sentences separate from her.

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And so one of his other companions, he was old an age and so his wife came to the prophets of Allah Hania send them. And she asked the Messenger of Allah lohani was set up, that her husband was old, and that she asked permission if she could remain with him and serve him because he was too poor, to have his own maid or to have his own servants. And the father in law it was sent him granted her permission, he said, salon is send us but do not allow him to come near you. And then she said, by a law, he hasn't stopped crying since the day this began. And by a law he has no desire for anything, which is what you're speaking of. And so that shows you that these people are yearning for the mercy

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of a loss of power of thought, and yearning for the Toba of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Until the 15th day came and in fact, Tabitha Malik, as well as told him to go to the Messenger of Allah ceylonese and and ask that your wife serve you like he granted permission for the other companions. And he said, viola, I am younger than that man, and more capable and I'm afraid of what the province of the law is. And I may say, if I asked such a thing, he said, Well, I'm not going to ask for that, that his wife remained with him. And so on the 50 is a day job and Radek, babalon was praying budget on one of the roof. And as he completed his big prayer,

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of brighter came running, and he was calling out upset, yes, opted in money. He said, glad tidings Oh God even for Verily Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven you. Amongst the panels Allah has forgiven you.

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And tab even Malik slowly along he immediately it says it to a loss of Hannah lazada for the Toba of a loss of power. And very often remember, Shetler Samia hospital hola Allah, he would say that in the time of HUD, when people would commit mistakes and hide, he says the easiest thing for a person is if you tell him that you have to ask for forgiveness from Allah, but there's no material penalty, they would say, oh, only ask for forgiveness, okay, that's no problem. But you will see the way the companions asked for forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. And how the urine incentive time hoping for the reward and the mercy and the forgiveness of a loss of Hanukkah, when South even Malik will

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be alone, you heard that a lot forgiven him. He did said that to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then immediately when he completed his desde, he took off his clothes, and he gave it further to that man who would come

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and as he walked in, and this is all from his happiness.

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When he walked into Medina, the people would come to him and they will congratulate him for the for the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala upon tab, and indeed, it's something that a person should be congratulated for. And nothing from the material world is equal to a loss of panel data, forgiving you. And when he entered the messages from the mohabbatein only one person called Robbie Alomar, and he stood up and shook the hand of Todd, even medic, and he said by Allah, I'll never forget that he that Paul Harvey alone would have done that he has stood up and he had hugged me and gave me the glad tidings. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told him

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he said the lohani are selling them. Should we hire Yeoman?

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Yeoman por la sala ecomondo and wanted us to, he said, Have the glad tidings of the best day of your life since the day your mother gave birth to you. And so Tabitha and Malik, Fabiola Han who he smiled and he said he ought to sue the law and sit forgiveness from you, or is it from a loss of hahnel $1. And he said, rather, it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And then, even manakala be aligned when they were poor by the alarm home. He said that from my Toba is that I will give all my wealth as opposed to a loss of Hannah wattana everything I have, because of my happiness that a less forgiving me. I'm going to give everything to a lot everything for the sake of a loss of Hannah was Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no rather keep some of it with you. And then he said, job for the Aloha and when in fact it is.

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points that we want to make here that he said, definitely told us he said from my Toba and the fact that a lot for giving me that from this day forward, I will never tell a lie. I will never say a lie from the from this day forward. And in fact, in the end of the narration, Taliban medics on the line explained that a loss of Hano data has saved him because of the truth that he had told in the beginning. And the loss of Hello data has never tested somebody with the truth and telling the truth more than he says his job, even knowledge about the alarm.

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And he said, those people that have lied to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed verses about them, they still doesn't want us to clean and other students.

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Allah subhanaw taala says they actually fall in love from even collapsing la him. These are the avant home for audio blind home in a homebridge Allah subhana wa tada says that Verily, they are impure, they are filthy, those people that have lied to the Prophet sallallahu to send them in the home read the woman Allahu Gehenna that they are filthy. And that the end is Hellfire is the McHenry Amato as their award and a compensation for what they used to do. They actually fall in Allah.

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Allah Subhana tada says in this in these verses, that they keep swearing to you and telling you that to leave us alone Allah, Allah says leave them alone for there in fewer and that they are going to help by and that Allah subhanaw taala hates them, and so taboo than that, except this was the people that had lied to the prophets of Allah Han he was setting them. As for those people, I told the truth charges and Malik and his two companions Allah subhana wa tada revealed

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the terrible Lahontan nivi what levena

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Wolong sorry, well, mahadji Rena will answer that Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven the Prophet and the unsought and the Maha God until the next verse one Allah subhanaw taala continues, while a Solar City Living in a fully full and Allah has forgiven those three who didn't make it to the battle, who didn't make it to the Battle of evil. And so Allah subhanaw taala revealed in the Quran that he is forgiven, have given Malik Fabiola horn who and then Allah subhanaw taala. Command tab and everyone else. Yeah, you have Latina I'm gonna suffer loss or food or Masada. Oh, you who believe fear of LA and be with those who are truthful. Apolo Kohli has ever suffered a lot and he will have what he

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said he didn't assume you know what I must say NASA. So sudo anahola photo

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Alhamdulillah you often have Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena, da da da, da

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da brothers and sisters in this joy of Cobb, even Malik. And it's a story from the Sierra that we should all frequently go over because you will see in every paragraph there is a lessons and lessons for the Muslims to learn from the way tab in medical the alarm. And from the things that he fell into, that we, as followers of these companions are followers of the person that they were following the sort of loss of allottee that we should abstain from these things.

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lying, lying is a major sin. And in fact, it's one of it's one of the biggest major sins that a person can do, because of all the things that it leads to. And in certain cases scholar has said that that line when it deals with the process of aligning with Dennis, it may actually lead to Cooper, if a person lies on the profits that Alon is making has held on and held on to him. No, we got him the whole law says and she tells us

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the proof from the Quran and Sunnah are clear and apparent that light is one of the ugliest things that a person can do.

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And he says deficient is a deterrent from lying, that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, the Mona Lisa, that's a sign of a hypocrite is three things either had data cover, if he speaks, if he comes in, he goes and speaks, he will lie. And so the fact that this is a sign of a monastic should be sufficient as a deterrent. For a believer a moment someone who believes in Allah and His Messenger, that if they speak, and they're thinking that they're going to lie, remember that this is a sign of their hypocrisy in the deen

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and another Hadith of the love in the throat, while the Alon who were forced to deposit the loan

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Want to send them said

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in the past yesterday

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that these things, say the truthfulness leads to piety? If you want to know about a good Muslim and how to become a good Muslim, the prophets of Alon as Adam said, being truthful, will lead you to be a good Muslim will lead you to piety. What in a Villa de la Jana, and the piety leads to paradise, and we all want to go to Paradise. And the Prophet put a lot a sentence is showing the road to that paradise, and that is through truthfulness. While it is

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that the person or the man or the woman will continue to tell the truth, and continue to

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keep trying to avoid lying and keep trying to bring out the truth in all cases, has said in the law is the DMCA, until he is written with a loss of pantelis. Allah is someone who always tells the truth. And this is the end that we all want, that Allah subhanaw taala will say that such and such, this person is a truth teller, and from the people that we know, was a walk or the Alon who these, because he always told the truth, again, and again and again until the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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that you are the truth, one, the one who has substitutes, the one who always knows truth, his whole existence is surrounded around the truth.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, What in his COVID, he said, in verily lying yesterday in it for you, it takes a person to disobedience and transgression of Allah subhanaw taala or in fujimura, yesterday,

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and that transgression and that disobedience will lead the person to Hellfire, where there is an overflow, yes.

00:26:56--> 00:27:11

And a person and a man or a woman will continue to try and lie and keep trying to lie, and trying to avoid situations by lying has said yesterday in the law he can until he will be written or she will be written as a liar to a loss of tunnels.

00:27:14--> 00:27:26

And so in conclusion, I wanted to give you some points, again, so we can all benefit from these points on how a person can move forward, trying to seek out the truth and trying to be truthful in all walks of life.

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Firstly, whenever a person is about to lie, and this lying doesn't just happen with words, the lying can happen with an action that a person says, if someone says did you do so and so and you make a sign like this, you with your actions, you are aligned, a person can write a letter can can pretend to be someone else, maybe on the computer, or maybe in letters that he's writing, pretend to be someone else. That's a lie. And a person will speak to other people and he will lie. And there are many forms that a person lies the pop. One of those person is going to do this, you should remember she should remember the severity of the lying. And as you know, your family law already said that

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this is a sign of a monastic. This is a sign of a person's hypocrisy in Islam.

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Secondly, we should strengthen our image in the final day, we should strengthen because when a person lies, he has a weakness of him that he doesn't or she doesn't really believe in the day of judgment for on that day, if they had told the truth, that their truth would save them on the on that day of loss upon Osada says

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Florida St. Leger, for whom Allah subhanaw taala says, This is the day when those people, the truth tellers, when the truth will benefit them. This is the day on the Day of Judgment, when all the truth and all the all the good things that these to say it will benefit them on this day of judgment.

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When the halifa he sound Ivanov's and manic, there was a verse in the Quran speaking about the,

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the accusation against Russia, and it was a known hypocrite who had started that accusation. And so he's done it and optimatics was of the opinion that audio on the line who was the one who started the accusation? And so he would bring scholars to his court and he would tell them and then they let Ito on the table. He said Who is this person who started this the accusations and the person was that scholar would say Abdullah is always he would say that it's the this hypocrite Abdullah and obey and then the king would say belajar of your life, he said, rather society and then the person that scholar would would succumb to the, to the halifa and he would say al Khalifa, to Amira,

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momineen Allah movie my afford that ameerul momineen are the Khalifa knows better what he is saying? Until he brought em Azuma de la

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This is the power of the scholar. He brought him in. And he asked him, he said men and Lady so alegebra, who he said, Who is this one who started these accusations? And he said, Abdullah, obey. And then the halifa said, has a karate. He said, You lied, it was it. And the fact that female majority would be accused of lying, he became enraged. And he said,

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he said, I lie, he said, and

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he said, I would lie, you fatherless man. And that would be similar. And you know, in the English language, the swear, he said, I like that. How dare you call me a liar. He says, low nada. And this should be written in a world that everybody shouldn't should know. And this is the way our scholars scholars work. Low nada, Mona, the Minister, Ma, n, l, Sadie bahala, Luna, he said, if a person calls out from the heavens, and calls out to everybody, that lying is hilarious, I would never lie. He said, even if it was high, that I would never lie in my life. And now nothing that he knows how long he said, if it was hollow, I would never lie in my life. And they know the severity of lying.

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And so brothers and sisters should pay attention to what the members are saying. And the scholars when the father for the law is said, he saw a woman calling her son,

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and telling him that I have something in my hand, and he's the province of Alliance. And I'm asked if you have something in my hand, are you going to give him something? She said, Yes, I was going to give him a date. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if you were not given anything, it would have been written as a lie. It would have been written as a lie. And so even to that smallest point with your own children, even to pretend with them and to joke with them, so things are written as lies, and the person very often he's telling jokes. And then he say, I'm just joking. I'm not lying. I'm just joking. No, you are lying. And not nothing makes lying. Nothing makes like, if

00:32:01--> 00:32:25

you're joking, that doesn't make it harder. The Prophet put a line in the sand and said, to him, played on level, it's a word to him, the person that likes to make people laugh. This person, in fact, he's right in the midst of the Hadees. And right in the midst of the prohibition, that he makes a joke to make people laugh. And so the brothers and sisters, we have to abstain from that, and no line should take place.

00:32:27--> 00:33:08

And one of the worst lies a person can do is against the profit for the law to center and very often you'll see we have eat and and fabricated heads against the profits of the line instead of and it's one person said, I'm not lying against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam lying for him. And Subhanallah anybody who writes wrong against the particle, so the Prophet doesn't need us to complete the gene for him. Allah Subhana Allah says, and the oma as amended to LA from Dina come this day, I've completed your religion of the Prophet for the lifetime doesn't need you and me to make up Heidi for him. He completed the dean salon he was sending to the province of a lot he was

00:33:08--> 00:33:47

sent in, said, mencegah, barley and Masami then tell us about what my father whom in the prophets of Allah Hania sent him said, whoever lives on purpose, he knows he's lying. He's making up these Heidi's against the profits that Ilana sent him. Let him enter Jen, let him enter Hellfire and choose anywhere he wishes to be in the political alliance and I'm saying to that person, you're going to Hellfire and just pick where you want to be in Hellfire for lying against the profits of the line instead. And there's no distinction between line for line games there's no such thing that any lie against the profit but a lot is that is a line.

00:33:51--> 00:34:25

Certainly we should remember the blessing end of telling the truth, Allah subhanaw taala loves that person who tells the truth, Allah Subhana tada writes that person as a producer, and that then the highest level of Jenna, man, maybe you know of the gap with the Prophet, and those who used to tell the truth and accepted the truth. And all around their life, he was just surrounded with truth. And the person who tells the truth, Allah Subhana, Allah will bless them in their livelihood, and it will lead them to Jen, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, as you will see

00:34:27--> 00:34:43

that the two people are making a transaction have the option of concluding or canceling the transaction so long as they don't separate and then the profits that align with them said, but in further for what they enter for.

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

That if they vote on both sides, if they tell the truth, and they show each other and they don't hide little mistakes in the product or so on if they go are clear to one another and truthful to one another of love will bless them in their sale.

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

So a person shouldn't think that I'm going to sell this, I'm going to hide these, these problems in the product, no sure that there is a problem in the product. And you will see that a lot of hunters that will bless you in that sale and never should have first try hiding things. Like they'll say, if they're selling a new car, they'll put a new paint job to cover the defects from the inside trying to sell the car. But no the person should point out when you selling that this is a car these are the good things and these are the bad thing. And when that truthfulness, Allah tonneaus Allah will bless them in the sale.

00:35:35--> 00:35:52

We should make you have for barely this truthfulness to some Allah subhanaw taala and all good is from Allah subhanaw taala. So you should ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless you and to grant you this, this blessing and this mercy of always telling the truth as the incentive very happy read.

00:35:54--> 00:36:12

Alone, Masahiro Covina Nita oma clean my heart from hypocrisy, while Amelie Nina Rhea and my action from showing off to other people, what he said even as tethered and purify my tongue from lying.

00:36:14--> 00:36:50

And in conclusion, we should always be with those people who tell the truth and distancing ourselves from those people who decide to spend their lives in lies and backbiting. We just want to distance ourselves from them and be with those people who are telling the truth be with those people like Charles even Malik about the Iran who and the people who follow the example of tab will be aligned to the final day a lot of Chanukah commended him and he commanded us and he commanded all the believers. So the final day a lot of ton of data revealed Yeah.

00:36:53--> 00:36:55

Man was stuff a lot.

00:36:58--> 00:37:18

Man was so awful how awful no now for the CE O you who believe all you people who claim to be believers. It's tough Allah, Fear Allah for Kuma for the pain and be with those who are truth tellers. V with the truthful one.

00:37:19--> 00:37:33

In the lahoma w for lunarlon Avi Yeah, yo leadin follow Allah USA, Lima, Lima Sema, along with Allah Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed, Mr. Foley tada Ibrahim, Ibrahim,

00:37:34--> 00:37:35

Mohammed Mohammed

00:37:37--> 00:37:39

Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim in

00:37:41--> 00:38:05

Allah homophily hyena omega tuna pasta he didn't know about ebina fasolino Sabina was a Karina and Santa Allah whom and I hate the home in Islam home until a fee to home in facilis. The whole island in a la masahito kulu been Amina Nisa, Allahumma tahara Ana Maria Allahu Matata alsina Minh and

00:38:06--> 00:38:08

in the La Jolla moreover largely will

00:38:09--> 00:38:13

either corba or enhan in fascia it will move to

00:38:14--> 00:38:18

La La Quinta de Cabo for the photo La La Vmf Coco was Kuru

00:38:19--> 00:38:23

come, what are they for? Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah as of now