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AI: Summary © The importance of finding a deal to spoil oneself or someone else's loved ones is emphasized, along with the four essential things that make a man happes: marriage, a good partner, a good husband, and a good vehicle. Leading to a better life requires spending one's money in a way that makes one feel accepted, earning money in order to achieve one's goals, and earning money for health and safety. It is also important to avoid becoming a liability and receive small donations to help people save themselves. The speaker also mentions a sponsor program for people to give back to others and offers a deal for a small profit that can be replaced with charity. Finally, the importance of helping others is emphasized, including small donations to help people in their families.
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No, deals are not so good. You will look down mashallah, if people aren't into those kinds of things, but if there's a deal, please let us know. Well, hamdulillah all of us, we want to enjoy this dunya we all would love to get a good deal, we all would like to get something to spoil ourselves or our loved ones or holiday gadget, something that a new toy that we can enjoy, or hamdulillah Is it permissible Islamically. So today we're going to talk about the permissibility or impermissibility, of enjoying the dunya. And then what is the best to have though, the good, the bad, the ugly, or the good, the bad, the best of blackFriday enjoying the finer things in life, and

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Alhamdulillah our Sharia, our Islam, Islam is a beautiful religion. And it's all about moderation and balance. Allah put you in the dunya. And he wants you to enjoy the dunya within limits, what is permissible. And so the visa Salam and the Hadith, which we mentioned before, he says then a visa salaam says there are four things that will make a man happy four things which are essential, you need these four things to be happy. Now immediately, you said if the visa says that he's gonna say the hajat customs fasting, no, this is the four things you need to be happy is a good wife, Alhamdulillah. That's the most important. So if you're going to buy something, buy something on your

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wife first, Black Friday, that's going to make her happy, and is going to make you happy. Okay, so the first thing that and will lie, he will lie again, I say hamdullah is any mom, you get to see the ins and outs of people's lives. The thing that makes you the happiest with the most miserable is your marriage. A good marriage is priceless. And a bad marriage. No matter how many holidays you have, will always stay it will make you miserable. So alhamdulillah for righteous wives, husbands and wives. So the reason this is what makes your life happy is to have a good partner, a good wife, a good husband, and to have a big house makes you happy. And to have good friends and neighbors. And

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to have a good vehicle a sound means of transportation to have a nice car is good. And Hamdulillah He didn't say this is bad. These are all good things. And then the opposite. He says a bad wife, a bad neighbor, a small house, a junk car, these things are going to make your life miserable. So alhamdulillah make your life happy. If Allah has given you the blessings, then go and spend in a way which makes it happy. In another Hadith, look at this beautiful Hadith. The nice awesome says, Eat and drink, but also given charity, and wear nice clothes by yourself, good clothes, but do not wait with pride and extravagance. Because Allah loves to see the blessings has given you upon the

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servant. If Allah has given you blessings of money, show Allah that you use it, use it. But don't be arrogant, we extravagant so hamdullah no problem in spoiling yourself. At the same time there are limits the bad side of spending the bad side of the dunya than me so Selim says there are people from my ummah, who all they care about is eating different things. All they care about is spending on eating, and drinking, and clothing, and having and having a variety of enjoyment, and to be boastful and competing with one another. They do it just to show someone else I've better than you, I have more than you. And he says these are the worst people of my mind. The only concern is to

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compete with one another to live the Instagram life. So this is the limitations. Spin the blessings of Allah has given you enjoy it. If you have a lot, you may spend a lot you can buy a Ferrari, you can, you know, go on the most expensive holidays, so long as it's not extravagant. Extravagant means in your relation to you. You're not going into debt, you're not using haram money and you're not using it in a manner to belittle and to make yourself feel superior, then you can enjoy yourself Alhamdulillah and then he also said give charity little bit. Whenever you are hungry last there are some people and mashallah we see the blessings in the in the life. Whenever they get a PD the check

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comes in that makes you I give a 500 debit order for an orphan for a month sheet. And that is sort of my insurance that Allah puts Baraka in that money. Whatever you have

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Allah doesn't zakah is the compulsory charity it's only two and a half percent for every 100 Rand, you give to Rand 50 To Allah subhana to Allah for yourself for every 100 Rand that's compulsory Zakah anything extra is a sadaqa. But Allah subhanaw taala loves. And so, this is what is is required. That is that is what is permissible you can spend for eternity extravagant. But there is obviously better ways of using your money today Inshallah, no matter what deal you found, no matter what deal you have, no matter what investment return, you get Wallahi today, I'm gonna give you the best deal that you can possibly get, no one is going to give you a better deal than this. How can I

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use my money in the best possible way. And as we said, so many times money is just a tool, a tool that can make your life easy. No problem is that a tool that can enter you into Jannah, or a tool that Subhan Allah can make you lose Jana, then obeso says money is good.

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Money is good. The wealth of the nation's wealth money is sweet and it's green, and it's attempting its lush, and we ever earned it in a halal way and spins it in the right way, then what an excellent benefit it is what an excellent commodity is. If you earn it toggle and spinning Hello. Simple, can be can be a lot. So long as you earn it in the Halawa you earned your billions in a halal way. And you spend your billions in a halal way that hamdulillah No, probably you'll get reward for earning it and reward for spending it and how excellent it is. And but whoever obtains it in a wrongful way. And we'll ever acquire some stronger resources. whoever earns money in a haram way, and you spend

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it, you will be like the person that eats and eats and doesn't get satisfied meaning your money will not bring you satisfaction. We only buy things to be happy. We only spend money because we want to get enjoyment out of it. But then Allah has deprived that transaction of any utility. You bought this thing. And after driving it for one two times, you don't want to do it anymore, weighing that close that you've spent so much on. It's lazy in the cupboard, no benefit to you anymore because there's no Baraka in that, where someone else earned a little bit and bought something not very expensive. But they found so much joy and Baraka in that in another beautiful Hadith.

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And Subhan Allah if Allah has blessed you with money I was sitting in

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you know, now at the end of the year, many of the organizations that I'm on are doing like the review of the year and the planning for the next year. And we all put on our like on the board. Does anybody know a billionaire that can just donate to this organization, trying to trying to make ends meet, trying to cut corners, if we just you had one person that you know money wasn't an issue and just you look at EFT you a few million each month Hamdulillah you can change the world. And Allah as I said, so many times if you are a person with wealth, and Allah has opened the doors of wealth for you,

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he sees the resources, how excellent money is in the hands of a good person, when Allah combines a pious person with money can change the world is given you the ability to change the world. And so Allah says to all of us, whether you're rich, whether you're poor, whether you earn a lot, whether you earn a little, Allah says to all of us, oh, sons of Adam, spin in charity so that I may give you more.

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You want the best deal, you want that extra bonus, you want the 13th paycheck, give a little bit in three Sabir Allah then Allah will unlock a door of charity that you could not imagine. Allah will give you that bonus that you didn't expect. But you first have to trust in Allah I will give you Allah this five Rand and see how Allah multiplies your Baraka. When you spend in charity, don't think I'm giving it to this man, you're giving it yourself because the resources for you the believer, your shade on the day of piano will be your charity in a day where there'll be no shade. In the day we you will sell your mother for a drop of water. It is your charity that will be your

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shade. So by your shade now, five ran now to run now, off your end is your shade on the Deaf piano in Kiama. It's priceless. Today, Black Friday, it is basically almost for free. give charity without delay than absences, because charity prevents calamity. Charity will stop you from interning in ICU. Charity will stop you or your children Allah protect from being in an accident or from a calamity or disaster. How much would you pay to save yourself or your loved ones from a calamity? When that day comes, it's too late. Now it costs hundreds of 1000s Millions you can't even replace what is taken. But today that calamity can be averted with one rands hon Allah. This is the deal Allah is giving us

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every single day. Then avviso says treat your sick, basically prepaid keep your health going with charity. The money you give ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala might return it not in the form of money, but he might return it in the form of health. Extend your life Subhan Allah give you an extra few years on the dunya How much would you pay for that? Ask anyone who is struck

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Dealing with any sickness. How much would you pay to get your health and your strength in the US back us? Yeah Allah I'll speak I'll sell my house I'll sell my children here today Alhamdulillah if you're healthy, and you then pay this two three grand yeah Allah with the NIA put Baraka in my health, grant me a good life, protect me from diseases Insha Allah, Allah will give you that. I mean, I mean last you find all those who are ill, it is a purification for them. I mean, even more so than me some says protect yourself, save yourselves from Jan, even by a date with a piece of a date.

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Subhanallah who ever has given a piece of a date to someone who uses finally will say even me that is too little in charity.

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That piece of a date that piece of another slice of bread, a stinky boy

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can save us from Jana. How much would be paid on the day of karma to be saved from Jana? Everything as we know in the Quran, they would spend every cent in the dunya every cent and every ounce of gold you would spend to avert yourself from jahannam. Today to avert yourself from Jahannam is a piece of a date

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not even one Rand

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charity extinguishes the sun's like water extinguishes the fire Oh, Hadith? How much would you pay? Think of the Subhan Allah as you have the deals in your mind, you want to get out of the masjid to click on and find that special? First thing about how much since we've done? How would we be happy if Allah subhanaw taala said today I opened the doors you get your sins wiped out? Yeah Allah, how much do you want to some charity, how much charity Allah, whatever is easy for you. Whether it is 10, grand, five grand, one grand, give charity, and your sins get wiped away.

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The deals Allah is giving Subhanallah you can match that right can match the deals that Allah subhanaw taala is giving. So wipe away your sins, through charity. And when you give charity Subhanallah

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when you give for something good, as I said, it's for you, it benefits you it benefits the person that gets it. But it doesn't stop there. Allah doesn't take charity, he invests your charity.

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It's not a payment and expense. It's an investment. Because as we know, when the Hadith in Sahih, Bukhari and Muslim, then everything says, Whoever gives charity equal to a date, meaning no matter how little it is, whoever puts one Rand in the box, whoever smiles at someone, Allah takes it, he appreciates it. And if it's good, it's halal. Obviously, it's haram, you don't, Allah is not going to accept it. But if it's good, then Allah will take it in his right hand. And then he will planted like a is like a tree. And he like a seed, you're planted, and he will look after it. Until it becomes like a mountain, it grows into a mountain. So on the day of Kiama, that one round you

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planted here is a mountain in the Day of Qiyamah. We don't like gives it back. This is the charity you gave. I'm giving it back to you now it's mountains on the day when we need it so much on the day when our scales will be weighed. When you find what is all this good deeds, yeah, Allah, how do I have so much sadaqa on my account, once you gave a few hands, but I invested it for you. And now this is your dividends, this is your return

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on get a better investor and Allah subhanaw taala.

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And as again, what is beautiful is Hadith. You don't have to build Massachusetts to get mountains of good deeds on the deftly Yama. You don't have to build orphanages give one date, give one date, to get mountains of good deeds in the Africa. No deal can compete with that Panama no deal on Earth can compare with that. And on all of us after you've given an Allah has returned, and Allah has put baraka and he's averted calamity and removed your sins, he then says to you, charity will not reduce your risk, your risk will only get more, because when you are generous,

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then the one who is most generous must outdo you, when you give, now Allah will show that he is even more giving than you, when you share Allah subhanaw taala now promises you cannot get less you can't lose in this transaction. So then you will increase you in your risk in your Baraka in some way or some other you will add to your skill Your goodness in the dunya. So these are the deals on the on the opportunities that Allah subhanaw taala presents to us not only today, every single day, every single moment, every single moment you can avert a calamity, you can avert a catastrophe. You can save yourself from Jannah just by making a small, small contribution. It was never the intention

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you'd knew and SubhanAllah. If you look at different religions, Islam is one of those religions that does not burden its people with excessive charity.

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Not more than two and opposite. In other religions, you'll find 10% 15% 20% Give all your money away. No enjoy

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97 and a half percent of your money, enjoy it, have fun with it, whatever you want so long as halal. But the mandatory two and a half percent you must give to save yourself from Jannah. And if you give one Rand more one cent more than the two and a half percent, then Allah gives you those mountains of rewards in return. So as you think about your opportunity, one of us have a wish list as far as we only human and inside. We all want nice things in this dunya. And that's fine, that's normal. But you think about how much joy that thing can give you versus how much it can if you were to avoid, take some of it, maybe don't get the best PlayStation. I mean, are both controllers, one controller?

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Maybe not five games, four games, you know, something like that. And you take that little bit extra, and I'm going to use it in another way. What can you do with your money that's ramela

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I was again pricing these things. It's eight grand a night to give someone shelter. eight grand a night to give someone shelter to sleep.

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Remember that lady, that prostitute she went to Jana, for giving a dog some water. Imagine you spent eight grand someone on the street, you go sleep in a shelter eater and you won't feel it, it won't change you're caught that you haven't taken off, that man's life might have changed. And in the sight of Allah, it might be the thing that interviewed Jana ether and so for a week, 4050 bucks 150 Rand, some of these organizations, they buy essential medical treatment, penicillin, some can save someone's life. 150 grand, you can save someone's life with 150 grand in essential medical treatment, for 250 grand, you can feed someone the entire month food. Now we know when we go to a

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2050 Then you go with your wife, your kids, let's wait 250 You're going to spend way more than that, you can feed someone for the entire month. With that

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500 ran this has been like this for so many years now. 500 and you can take care of an orphan, that orphans clothing that orphans shelter that orphans food that orphans education so 500

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Yes, you might feel a little discomfort. Maybe there's one extra outing in the month you can do maybe one extra luxury you can buy, but compared to that person's life that you changed, and then compare the life Allah is going to give you for that 500 So when you make that transaction, think of the trade off. Yes, I can buy the extra game. I can buy the extra gadget, or I can give this 500 into an orphan. One and a half 1000 there and part of IDP and organizer, IDP the Imams, they run villages, communities, marriages, teaching everything that the Imam does one and a half 1000 And you can basically have your Imam working for you basically he's giving Dawa on your behalf he brings

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five six people into Islam that's for you. He does the work you the private the silent investor, one and a half 1000 Maybe you said one and it was a lot of money. But maybe me and my friends we will give 300 grand

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Imam doing Dawa for US investment, the 100 and you will feel so much but you got a man doing the work for you. You sit back and get the reward Alhamdulillah and then of course for those who want more, I see these Hana like 5000 Rand you can run a masjid home Masjid five day five times a day salah, Juma 5000 Rand maybe again, not one person has been difficult for one person but a family. We will all come together and we're going to sponsor a masjid 10,000 Rand you can build a well, and that well could be it could be utilized for a lifetime for a village. Again, that lady went to Jana, for giving a dog water. You giving a village water? Children, sick people, old people. What do you

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think Allah gives him the return?

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This is a size so 80,000 And it sounds a big number. It's a big number. But for people like in Yemen who are dying or people dying of thirst, you can feed a title you can give water to the entire village community for a year 80,000 Rand

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Can you imagine it's one law what Allah gives in return for stuff like that. And then Allah and we end up with this ayah Allah says, Well, I'm Feeco believers and spinned me ma Rosa canal. What I have given you spend of what I have linked to you, I'm going to take it back in any case, mean cobbly And yet yet hydroquin will melt before that moment when molecule milk comes to you and it comes to you. And then you will say you will remember this week but I will remember is with the fire Kulu for your cooler and you will say Rob Biloela Herten Isla arginine Corrib for a sadhaka welcome Mina Salam, O Allah, give me just a moment. One second I can log on to my banking app, so I can

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spend so I can spend welcome Minnesota and I can be a good person. When molecule mode comes one of the first regrets is you will look at your bank account and see the

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money that you didn't use.

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So it's gonna go to whatever. Only I made that EFT. If only I made that EFT that could have been the difference. So before that moment comes Allah says, spend now before the time comes. And in sha Allah may Allah bless us in our money, or Allah grant us to be people that she and increase in goodness and Allah grant us the best of the dunya and the best of the era. I mean, when hamdulillah just a few announcements,

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you would see the signs of the marriage conferences up. So as I said, the best blessing is the blessing of a pious wife, if you're married is a good place to find you know, to increase the love and the habit in your marriage. Bring your wife with us next week Sunday some of the best speakers in the world is coming down for you have a great grandma's coming down and sharing this. The price is 250 but because it's Black Friday and Bronto we have a discount 190 inshAllah 190 Alhamdulillah whatever, we'd like a ticket. I've only got a few limited tickets, so special tickets that was given to me, whatever wants to 190 inshallah Bismillah speak to me after Jamar, but there is a special

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part of the conference called Soul seekers. And this is for singles who are looking to meet singles want to mingle, right for those who are looking to meet.

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Singles is not not if you're married, unfortunately, again, not yet for for married people. So for those who are single, whether you're married, whether you're divorced, whether you're whatever it might be, it is despite of I think there's 1000 people who signed up. So an opportunity to meet people in a halal permissible manner. So seekers, it's a little bit a little bit more because he's a bit more admin. So that is also available in sha Allah. So Allah bless us and grant us success in our marriages and our wealth. I mean, some of us say no, Mohammed Ali or sorry, I'm sorry, Pamela Lemina sinuata

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