A Ramadan of change #09 – This is how he won the race

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The transcript describes the complexity of the spiritual teachings of Islam, including the concept of the Holy Spirit and the importance of fasting, eating, and drinking. The speakers also discuss the meaning behind certain actions and the importance of measure success against sinful habits. The transcript uses historical context and references to historical events, such as the birth of Islam in the Arab world and the birth of Islam in the US.

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Oh Rama

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merci merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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No human being,

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after the Prophet Mohammed Salah Holly who said, after the prophets and messengers, generally speaking, will ever be greater than Abu Becker. The Companion of the messenger SallAllahu said he occupies a category of his own Arranque of his own, that will never be surpassed by any human beings till the end of time. But here's the question of why ever crossed your mind? What was it that made him different from everyone else?

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Consider the fact that Abu Bakr was not as poor as say Abu Hurayrah was or Abu Dhabi was, yet Abu Bakr was still greater than them both. Furthermore, he was not the tortured in the path of Islam, like kebab, or twice or Billund or Sanaya, or Yasser. Yet I will back it was still greater than all of them. He was not wounded either in the battles with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam like Tala was or Aveda was or Khalid was, yet he is still greater than them all.

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He wasn't even martyred in the path of Islam, like Muhammad was or Osman or only your Hamza or Musab, yet in the eyes of Allah he is greater than them all. So what is the secret

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that raised a buck up to a level which surpassed every scholar and worshiper and warrior obvious time and in the times to come?

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The mystery is solved by one of our predecessors backer Abdullah Al Madani who said giving us the answer.

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He said Massa con. I will back in because that you solve it well, so yeah, I mean wala can be seen in Walker of in Colombia. He said it wasn't abundant prayer, and abundant fasting, which raised Abubaker. over all others.

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Note he says it was because of something that had settled inside of his heart.

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This is what raised him to the number one position it was something inside. See, we are all aware of that Eman faith is made up of several components right number one speech with the tongue number two actions with the limbs number three certainty within the house.

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Now the overwhelming majority of us have focused almost entirely on the outward manifestations of Eman the actions of the of the limbs, without putting any real emphasis on the essence of these actions, the actions of the heart, the soul the spirit of these actions. And this brings about very frail religiosity that is constantly prone to failing. Allow me to explain See, every act of worship has an outward appearance and it has a lobe meaning and essence. For example, the outward appearance of Salah prayer is what standing and bowing and prostrating but what isn't the lobe the essence it is something called who shuwa inhumanity to Allah as the essence of it. Similarly, Hajj was the

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outward appearance of it, circumambulation around the Kaaba, standing at Mount out of the throwing of the pebbles so on. But what is the what is the loop the essence of Hajj it's hardly shy at NASA glorification of Allah and the symbols of Allah. The outward appearance of dua, is the raising of the hands and calling upon Allah for something you want to need. But what is the essence of it? It's that sense of if the sense of humility and desperation for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So similarly, fasting has an outward appearance, abstaining from food and drink and other Nullifiers are fasting. But what is the essence of fasting? This was answered by Allah in the Quran explicitly when he said

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La Nina canta taco and so that you may attain Taqwa cautiousness of Allah. Allahu Akbar, awkward, that is the essence of fasting

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a third of a man has almost passed. So So measure your success so far, according to this area that you just heard. Speaking about the essence of Ramadan so that you may be cautious of Allah measure your success against it is my heart still latched on to certain sinful habits till now? Is my heart not letting go of shady conversations behind closed doors?

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Is my heart still not getting better at resisting laziness? Is my heart finally losing interest in impermissible sources of money? Is my heart now allowing the hijab its proper place in my life? Most importantly is my heart

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intending to keep up this good standard of worship after Ramadan this is taqwa Allah Allah taco and assess your success. So far this Ramadan by taking a very deep look inside within what am I looking like inside because after all Taqwa cautiousness of Allah resides here, and Dukkha is what stands between a person and sins and Dukkha was aboubaker Hallmark and Dukkha is the purpose of your fast. Oh Rama

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merci merci.

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Welcome Rama

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