Habib Bobat – Why saying Alamdulillh matters

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a person who is facing challenges in life and is not appreciative of what they have. They argue that humans are ungrateful and that they should focus on what they have. The transcript suggests that humans are focused on what they have and that they may pull back on others who have challenges.
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We're calling illumine arriba dia shakoora. Allah says, very few of my servants are truly thankful in life. The Quran says humans, by and large, are ungrateful people. It's like a father that buys an expensive item for the child to play.

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Instead of being painful, this child when he is playing with other children, and he comes across other toys, he throws his own toys away, and he loses value for his own toys. And he says, no, no, no, I insist I want that toy and not this toy. And the father, the parent is trying to reason or the child to say, I've spent so much of money. Your toy is much more expensive than that toy. But that child does not want to listen. He insist I want this very same toy.

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And that's how humans are. By and large, we are focused on what we don't have in life. And we focused on what other people have, and we are envious of what they have. And as a result, we lose appreciation for what we already have in our life. So a person who's walking is envious of a person who has a car. And a person who has a car is envious of a person who owns a luxury car. And the cycle just continues. But seldom do we pull back and say Alhamdulillah Allah has at least blessed me with legs. They have people who cannot even walk

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