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The speakers discuss the importance of happiness in the Day of Jana, which is the Day of Justice. They touch on the concept of happiness and the importance of finding one's path to success. They also discuss the history of Islam and its impact on women, including the advice of Allah's quote, treating women kindly and not following anyone's WhatsApp messages. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting women from death and loss of friend and the need for women to be strong and confident in their roles in society.

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For those of you who want to sign on to stuff go to when there was a vanilla human terrarium putting on and say Dr. Marina may be Hello tala fella mobile Allah on a little fella has a Chateau La ilaha illallah wa hola Sheree Cara. Shadow ana Muhammadan Aveda who or sudo god forsaken? Wanna see visa for LA ga amaron Allah Subhana hovi delicacy kitabi will carry him for call us Allah. Allah Deena la Pato kasi wala samosa. Illa one Tomasi moon rock Allah tala yeah Johan NASA sakurako como la de Hola, como esta? wahida wahala common has Oda wadda Semin humare jarron casier on one is a What's up? Oh, la la de Alona V will affirm la can ra como Kiba.

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In the armies of the Crusades and

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campaign that the kuffar the Christians did against the Muslims, they attack to Damascus, they attacked a sham. And in one of those cities in one of those townships, the amount of that mustard in the middle of that village heard of the army of the Crusaders coming to attack their land. And so the Imam of akuamma Hashemi Rahim, Allah has Allah, He raised, he got up on the member, and he started encouraging the people, encouraging them to fight for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to defend their land against the Christian.

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And as he encouraged the people in the people were crying and after that, what's the next day they were going to move out for Jihad? buku then Allah Hema holla when he walks in the streets after that in the alleyways, a woman stopped him in the street. And she said, I said, I'm on a call. And now it was a dark alley, and it was secluded and other Kodama didn't know the situation. So he didn't reply. And the woman continued to say again, Assalamu alaykum yada, yada mahak, and

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he said, he saw, she said, a Somali, righteous people don't act like this.

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And he stood there, and he replied to them, and he listened, and she stood, she stepped forward. And she placed in his hands, too long braids of hair. And she said, I heard you giving the lecture in the messages. And I heard you encouraging the people to go for jihad. And so the only thing I have is my long braided hair. And so I cut it, so that you can use it as a rain for a horse. So that you can use it as a rain for her for a horse, perhaps that Allah subhanaw taala will write me as one of those men who went out for Jihad for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And so I will put down that those long braids, and he moved on.

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The next day, I will put them as the army prepared to go out a young boy and move through the ranks until he stood at the heels of abacha dhammas horse. And he said,

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I asked you by Allah to allow me to join the army. And this is a young boy, and the other men in the army, the other fighters, they started laughing at the boy. And they said that the horses will run you over. But then he turned to look for them. And I will Kodama looked in his eyes. And he said, I asked you, by Allah to let me join the army. And I will put down and looked at him and his desire. And he said, on one condition, that if you are killed in the battle, that you will intercede for me in front of a lust tunnel, meaning that those people that you will be taking with you to agenda, you promised that I'm going to be one of them. And the voice said is the promise. And so I will put them

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up, put him on his own horse, and they move and they went to the battlefield. And as the fighting intensified, he heard the boy ask him again from behind him as you were sitting. He said, Oh, Abracadabra, I asked you by Allah to give me three arrows. And he said, you'll just lose the arrows. And they only had a limited amount of arrows. And he said, I asked you by a lot to give me those arrows. And so I will call them and gave him the arrows.

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And the boy took his name and he said Bismillah and with that arrow, he killed a Roman, he took the second arrow, and he said Bismillah and he killed the second Roman. And with the third arrow, he said Bismillah and he killed the third Roman, he had killed three people with three arrows. And as he was doing this arrow came and hit the boy knocking him off the horse onto the ground. And as he felt his death of a puddle rahima hula jumped to the boys side as he was in his last breath. And he says Latin celosia Don't forget the promise you made me. And the boy took a pouch out of his jacket. And he says, Give this to my mother. And then I will put down Rahim Allah said Who is your mother?

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And he said the woman that gave you those braids yesterday. The woman that had given you those

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Long hair, the bread that was my mother.

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And now think about this muslimah How did you reach the level when today women will chop their hair off like that to imitate Kaffir icon. And this woman cut her hair for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And today when women would cry and kill themselves before they let their children even go to an Islamic school, or to study somewhere else, she pushed her son and taught her sons to go for Jihad for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And she sacrificed all that what made her reach this level where she would do these things.

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Indeed, she spent her life in obedience of Allah subhana wa Tada. And this isn't something that just happened at once. But it's something that is brought up and raised. And it's a complete upbringing to bring someone to this level where they sacrifice when the time comes, that they stepped forward. As you'll see the people in Medina, when the Prophet put a lot incentive review brought down or gave them the revelation, that hammer is hot on that alcohol is cut off, they took the alcohol, they dumped it in the street, and that they said that we've finished and we'll never drink it again, what makes the person person reached this level.

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Very often.

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The lectures are addressed to the men, and especially in today when a lot of the Senate's forgotten that we can consistently see these whispers in these lectures being given to the men, but we forget the sun and the heavy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he used to address the women's specifically. And you'll see in their Acela, the province of Milan is and I'm after addressing the men, he would go to the women's section with Bill as well the alohar angle, and he would speak specifically to the women and the province of the law. They sent him with all those men and they were real men. In his halaqaat a woman say we want a time specifically for ourselves. And so the

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province of Milan is send them once a week, we'll give them a holocaust specifically for the women. And you will see in hajj women coming up to the suta lesson a lot in a sentence and asking him questions that Khatami a woman when she asked him Can I do Hajj for my father, and you will see people asking the women asking the prophets of Allah how it was set up in the streets, and you will see them coming to his house. Sitting with his wife is asking the Prophet for the law it was set of questions about menstruation and other things in the province that a lot is sometimes house and a lot of tunnels are revealed an entire sutra with the name and that sort of thing is that the sutra

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of the women. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed a complete sutra, in the name of Surah Maryam and alas uttanasana revealed a complete sutra by the name of students and the woman who flees and Allah subhanaw taala says but semi Allo ko Leticia Jazeera, Allah subhanaw taala here is the woman the word of the woman is pleading to you. And unless the panelists are saying this, and there are many, many verses in the Quran

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So today, we address the sisters inshallah Allah, and we say, dear sister, and dear mother and their daughter,

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everyone's looking for happiness. And I'm sure that you're not excluded.

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But there's two types of happiness there is happiness, and fun in the dunya. And there's happiness and fun in the hereafter.

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And now, if someone wants only happiness, in the dunya, and only happiness and fun in the junius, then he will not be having happiness, and you will not be having fun in the hereafter. And everywhere you go in the society and many, many societies around the world, you will see a swarm of people, and a swarm of media and a swarm of culture, teaching you that happiness is the happiness of the dunya. But listen to the words of lawsuit of less than a line he was sending him when he said, cell olalia sent him that on the Day of Judgment, the person who had the most fun in the most happiness in the dunya will be brought. And Allah subhanaw taala will determine Jana was this human

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Hellfire justice? And then Allah Thomas and we'll ask him, Have you ever seen any happiness in your life, and you'll say, I've never seen any happier because of that moment in hellfire.

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And the real happiness is the happiness of the Day of Judgment, when everybody's face will be black, that your face will be white in happiness, and that you will be entering zelina and in fact, that happiness is very much related to the happiness of the dunya for lots of tunnel azada says Minami Allah for him in Zakat in our own world who are not mean banana free and who hire

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whoever does good whether they're a man or a woman.

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Well who are men and that they are a believer in what they're doing and they have a man but an A and hire somebody that will we will raise for them.

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Good Life, a happy life in this dunya while nscn home, Angela home, the attorney Makana Yamato and that we will reward them with the best of what they just meaning that they will not only get Jenna in the Hereafter, but alone will raise for them happiness in this is doing and you will look at the people who have been in this Western idea have reached the pinnacle or the top of happiness. You'll see people like Elvis Presley, and you'll see people, some women, for example, such as Marilyn Monroe, and we know what happened to them when they reach that top of money, and they reach that top of fame. And people think that that's the top of happiness, you will see them one by one killing

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themselves, one by one killing themselves, and you will listen to them as they tell you that there is no happiness.

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And in fact, Allah subhanaw taala told us before they testified on their own tongue, that happiness doesn't come in Nice to these things. Happiness comes in obedience to Allah Soprano's, Allah and His messenger.

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Use history has to understand and we all have to understand that we may enter Hellfire and that if we're not given any contract with the less amount of data that we are promised in general,

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that we there is a chance that we may enter Hellfire By Allah, we are not better than false in Flavio lozada hunter and the process on a lot even senate when he stood on Mount stuffer. He said yeah, false he must have been some Mohammed. He said, Oh Fatima, son of Mohammed so that everybody would hear and this is his own daughter. And Allah knows that she's the Princess of all women. She says the law it was selling them Deline Melina, she's only on cumin Alicia, he said, ask whatever you want from my wealth, but I will avail you nothing to a less panelist. Meaning that I don't think you can come on the Day of Judgment, and you did no good deeds, and then say to a loss of time,

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Rosada, my father is so and so what are some other woman would say my father was the man and my father used to teach in the assignment school and my father and my mother did this. No, it's you who will come with your and that all those relationships will mean nothing to Allah subhanaw taala because it's your own deeds that you'll be coming back with.

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And in fact, in those cases, where the Prophet sallallahu to send them would come to the women and address them, he would say, or women

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or women give much charity that he couldn't.

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He said, give a lot of charity, and he's warning them because I've seen hellfire. And I saw that the majority of the inhabitants of Hellfire are women.

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And this is in the Acela and the father said a lot in a sentence. Someone will say how come the women are going to help fire? No, it's a warning, because many women don't take heed. And many men don't take these, but the profits but Alon, he was centered in his love. He's trying to take people out of that, and trying to warn them saying this is going to be the result. So don't be in this results.

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He said that the women are going to be the majority of the people of hellfire. And so you need to pay attention to the end you need to find your path to pleasing Allah subhanaw taala and following the messenger some of lohani or send them

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and indeed in this in this culture that we're living in people when they love someone, they get a poster of that person and they put it up on their Wall. And if you go to the Muslim children in their home, and you go to their their their bedroom, you will see whom they love plastered on their wall, you will see Kaffir sports athletes on that wall, you will see Kaffir actresses on that wall, you will see Khafre models on that wall. And these are the people that are young children are loving, but they forget those models of piety, the model that we should have in all our hearts, put the posters up in our hearts of many, many, many Muslim women that need to be your role model. And

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I'm going to give you an example of some of those women that are indeed not only an example for every single Muslim woman, but an example for every single Muslim man.

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Rahim Allah Hassan, she grew up she believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala in the home of our own and our own said and out of Docomo Allah, He said that I your Lord most high and she believed in La ilaha illa Allah she was right there on his bed and the audience around when spin around heard of her Islam, he started beating her and he started punishing her because of her amen only because she believed in Allah subhanaw taala and you will see the fox, they know nothing about the Muslim women, but the only thing that angers them is this a woman's ycG and that she believes in Allah and that's the same way so when he heard that she had taken a god other than him. She started beating here. It

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started feeding her and torturing her

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So as you pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala have given you a database,

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or build a house for me, near you, beside you in Zen. One is genium and surround harmony and save me from surrounds and his actions when a G mineral calm is biting me, and save me from the oppressive people, and as of the heart of the lozada, and who narrates that when, as the alayhis salam said that there are lots of times I'll open the heavens up for her so that she could see her place in general.

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And she started smiling during this torture, and the people who were torturing, they were shocked. They said, How can we punish her and she's smiling, and then, in his anger for hours, commanded that a boulder be brought to crush her to her death, but Allah subhanho wa Taala took her life back to him subhanho wa Taala and gave her that home in Zen and made her an example in the Quran for every single Muslim man and woman so the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana wa tada revealed a lot of the law hoonah Salah Lila Dina

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divinity divini is

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on and Genie.

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Genie Mina wholeness morning.

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And when we talk about she had and we talked about shahadat martyrs, you look in the history books and you will see who was the first martyr the first Shaheed in Islam, and you will see a Muslim woman take that position sumiya are the Allahu taala. And once the mayor of the Align had became Muslim, and her husband, yes, it became Muslim, and her son Ahmad became Muslim, they were slaves.

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And Abu jandal when he heard about this, they became one of the most tortured Muslims in Mecca. And they were tortured so much that the Prophet son alone He was sentenced, and in that beginning stage of Islam and they didn't have the power to fight back, if he would go by and see them being tortured. And he would say to them,

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he would say from what I hear in the comments, he would say, Be patient or family of the essence.

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For your day, you have an appointment with paradise. You have an appointment with a gentleman that today is going to come when you're going to enter dinner.

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And so a Buddha would torture them.

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And one day as he was torturing me, or the lohana

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he was trying to make her turn her back on them and she wouldn't turn her back and hid his anger. He took a spear and he speared her through her midsection and she became the first one of her family to go to Jenna and she became the first Muslim woman to become a Shaheed for the sake of a loss of harmless artists.

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Dear sister, the examples come more and more in the Quran is Allah Subhana. Allah God describes the people of the pits of public of dude, when you may have heard the story of the boy and the king and the boy, he has sacrifices in his life, for the Islam of an entire community of an entire oma because of his one life. The King at that time, became very angry that the people had become Muslim, and he kindled a huge fire, and that every single person that said that they were Muslim, anybody that says La ilaha illAllah, they will resist the urge to be thrown into the fire, a fire of the dunya. And so as the Muslims were being burned alive, a woman came with her young suckling babies,

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a young baby. And as she looked at that huge fire and she looked at her death, she looked at her son in her hands, and she knew she looked at his innocence and his weakness, and she had hesitation of whether she should move forward and c'est la ilaha illAllah or whether she should turn her back and the baby said to her, he said Malika, what's wrong with your mother? But he told her to step forward, the internet yada. He said move forward and go forward, but you're on the truth. And she stepped forward and she was burned alive with her babies.

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Allah subhana wa tada says, These people wanna know.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, The only reason that they were angry at them, and the only reason that they treated them badly was that they believe in Allah, Exalted in Power, Worthy of all praise, that that's the only reason they did this to the people was because they believed in Allah Illallah and like we said before, that the only reason that they get in

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added a woman, because she's covering her hair. And it's the only reason they get mad at the believers is because they believe in La ilaha illAllah, even though they teach us and they tell us they believe in freedom of speech and freedom of thought and freedom to choose your own religion, they tell us that this is what they believe in, but they will only accept you if you believe in what they believe. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us and we don't need any other proof except the words of Allah subhanaw taala when he says oil and turbine kelia, who

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has satisfied the army lesson, this will never be pleased with you, the Christians and the Jews until you follow the religion.

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And the assistance these are maybe examples from the past and from the Quran. But we have examples of women and many, many women from our time today. One of the examples as a shift said, of a young son of this woman, as he tells the story of his elderly mother, his mother, and this is in a Muslim land when she became old. And she realized that many gatherings of women were just gatherings of vain talk and backbiting and all the things that anger Allah subhanho wa Taala she excluded herself from these gatherings and began praying in our house and took a prayer place in our house to worship Allah subhanaw taala during the day, and family laid praying at night

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to a loss of Hannah was on

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when she was in her sajida. And she was praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala. She calls for a son and this is their Sunday reading. She calls her son and she said to her son that she's become paralyzed. She was paralyzed in says that in an old age. And so later The next day, the son took her his mother's to the hospital and took her to the doctor. And they started rehabilitating her and started in a cycle. But there was very little hope for her because of her old age. And she realized that there was little hope for her. So she commanded her son to take her back home,

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back to her home, back to her prayer room, and back to that stage door where she she was taken from the first time. And so then nights you would pray to Allah subhanaw taala instead that because he was paralyzed until one day and her son says that she called him and when he came into the room, she said so derocker la la de la la or where do I put you in the trust of Allah, timeless, Allah puts you in the trust of Allah subhanho wa Taala who, when something is infested to him, it's never lost. And she passed away.

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And her son says that her muscles when she was in such depth, they had frozen incense. And so because of that, when the people came to wash the her body, they had to wash her body when she was in Santa. And when they prayed the geneticists a lot, they put her in front of them and she was in Santa. And when,

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when they moved, took her to be buried. She was carried to her burial instead. And when she was buried in the ground, they moved the grave so that she was buried in herself and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Men madala inboard exilic whoever dies on something you will be resurrected on that thing and in shortlist will be resurrected instead of death to a lesser.

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Apolo Polly has our stuff from lolly will

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doodle in a hula photo,

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Santa Marta Milena de vida, Koba.

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There are many, many other stories of powerful wives and powerful mothers and powerful sisters that prayed to Allah subhanaw taala and had completed their taqwa of Allah subhana wa Tada. And even today, whenever you see a halaqa going on, you will see that the sisters are more in number than the men. And I'll tell you as the American Open University, you go through the class of people who are studying Islam, and you will see the sweeping majority of the students are women. And you go to a teacher conference of Islamic Muslim teachers, and you go to one of the lectures, and you will see that the whole section is women, and there'll be a few minutes to the side. And it's very sad that

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the men, the Muslim men do not have that same motivation, and the same desire to learn as many of the Muslim sisters have. And if there's ever a beautiful sign in this is that insha Allah, maybe our men now aren't, don't have this motivation. But those women that are learning Islam, and those women that are coming to the Holocaust, and those women who are learning about what Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger wants to say are going to be the mothers of the next generation. And they are going to be raising another generation unlike perhaps some generations that have come before but that is

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starts with the women, raising these children, bringing them to Islamic schools, and so on. You will see in the history that this is how Islam came up with mothers like this, in the aftermath of the Aloha, and hula, hula is that a man?

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when he was very young, his father passed away. And he was an orphan boy in an orphanage. And so his mother raised him. And this boy in an afternoon, when he was in grade two, grade three, his mother was the one who would wake up long before fetcher. And in those days, they didn't have heat and water, they had to heat the water themselves, and so that he can make it in time. Early to budget, she used to wake up more earlier than him to warm the water for him, so that he could make for them. And then she would wrap them in blankets, and wear her. And she would walk in the dark alleys. And you may not have seen a city where there are no lights, because we now have street lights, but

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you've never seen where you're walking in pitch darkness. Through those old cities, she would walk in those cold winter nights with her son asked me to take him to the masjid so long before long before people had arrived in the masjid, so that he could have a proper place in his Islamic Studies class, so that he could learn his art and Heidi very early and be at the front of the class, when after fudge of the class began. And then she would wait for him in the message and outside of the message through halfway through the day, when he would study and study and learn and learn until he had completed his classes. And then she would take him by the hand and take them home safely. And

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when a man after man became 16 years old, she prepared food and she prepared money and she gave it to him and she says leave, go and travel for the sake of law and go and learn this Deen. And so he left about that. And he went to Mecca and Medina and he met scholars like UNICEF and others. And he learned the gene and she raised her son to be any man one of the fourth greatest imams of its Amen. optimist Rahim Allah, may Allah have mercy be upon the mother of human is used to teach people and we know this story, because even a human used to teach his students about his mother and how she raised him.

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After all this, the sister needs to ask about those people and those people that are calling to help fire. When they're calling. They say that they want to liberate the woman. And now we asked them the question, what do they want to liberate a woman from? Do they want to liberate the woman from Allah and His messenger? Do they want to liberate the woman from the Quran and the Sunnah? Do they want to liberate the woman from Jenna smls? What do they want to liberate her from gender whose expense is the heavens and the earth? What are they calling you to?

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Pee and when they when these people call you when someone calls you that they want to liberate you and they want to guide you and they want to protect you and they want to give you love? Can that person give you happiness? By Allah, that person does not own happiness and happiness belongs to Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger and happiness is in following what they call the people to

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when that person says that they are going to protect you and they are going to give you love. Can they protect you from death when it comes? Can those people who calls in for the liberation women, can they protect you from the gatekeepers of Hellfire? Can they protect you from a loss of Hannah Masada? When Allah brings these people on the day of judgment and says, Bring your protectors, bring those people who are going to defend you from me now and everybody will be turning their back. And if someone takes such a person as their friend, and they want to be with them on the day of judgment and be in their camp in Hellfire, don't think that they'll be your friend on that day. Allah subhana

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wa tada says,

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they love a woman.

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nidal dinardo

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stuffing, Allah subhanaw taala.

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In this dunya that was not for the sake of Allah, that was made for any other reason other than the sake of Allah and His messenger on the Day of Judgment, they will be the bitterest enemies, and they will be the biggest enemies one of another. And that's the only friendship that will remain is their friendship, of righteousness, of friendship for Allah and His messenger of friendship for esna. That's the only thing that will continue. And you will see when a Muslim dies, and if we love him for the sake of a loss, that that friendship doesn't end when he dies, that he continues, where the div doesn't, and it continues until you enter Jenna. But those friendships that are based on other

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than Islam, that he will end up in those two parties becoming enemies.

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And in fact, you will see the myths bringing up these lies but then there are times when they speak the truth of what they really mean. And you will see one tap, one tap or one

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is saying exactly what they mean, when they're calling these people to liberate. She says, and this is what they think of women is that it's not who you are. It's what you wear. It's not who you are. It's what you wear and what you look like. That's what really matters to them. It doesn't matter what's inside it, what's your dress on, on the outside, to the casters, that's what matters. And we know that when they call to liberate the women, why aren't they liberating the senior women? Why aren't they liberating the indigenous people? Why aren't they liberating women who are in the prison? No, they're liberating a selected audience. A selected audience of young and skinny and

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beautiful women between the ages of 13 and 28 beauty in Thurston These are the people that they're trying to liberate. They're not trying to liberate anybody else. And when they call it, the liberation, what's the first thing they always tell a woman? Take off your Asia? That's the first call to take off your head. Yes. What does that have to do with liberation? you telling me to leave the commandment of Allah tunnel of God for your commandments, and they're telling the woman don't follow any anybody follow me? And you say, No, I'm going to follow and I'm gonna follow His Messenger and I'm not going to follow and when that person brings what's in the Quran and Sunnah or

00:31:18--> 00:31:42

someone brings us in the front and center that is what is to be followed, and not the hearsay of people. Whenever you hear something you say, as a vulva, or Viola Han was said, when you heard of the mirage of the process of aligning incentives, and the people said, Do you believe that Mohammed wants to from Mecca to muscle ups in one night, Abu Bakar on the line who says in Carla has,

00:31:43--> 00:31:56

he said, if the Prophet said it, then he told the truth. If he actually said it, he told the truth. And so when we hear the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu, he said, if it's an authentic hadith, the Prophet told the truth, there's no second word.

00:31:57--> 00:32:02

Well, who Assad must be home he said, I was from LA, he was an alcoholic.

00:32:04--> 00:32:47

When the prophets of Allah Han and send them and now we just have been through the days of highs 1400 years ago when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam stood on the mountain of Arosa and he called the people and he gave them a farewell speech amongst that which he said was, is so soothing, he said, he said, treat the women kindly. At the same time, and you'll see historians say that in Europe, the clergy of that time, were discussing an issue when the Prophet was in Ottawa, telling the women telling the oma to treat the women kindly. They were debating the clergymen, of whether a woman was a human or an animal. That's what they were debating, at that time, when Islam came to show the

00:32:47--> 00:33:10

woman the life and guidance of Islam, and to liberate the woman, according to Allah subhanho wa Taala his words, and according to the center of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and it's those ancestors of those people who used to debate whether a woman was an animal or a human being, it's those ancestors that are now calling the woman to liberate them, liberate them from one.

00:33:13--> 00:33:27

There's much more that can be said and much, much more that can be said. But inshallah, I'm going to conclude with the advice of the full loss of the law, he was sending him, as he advised the women when he said, the law it was either

00:33:29--> 00:33:47

if the woman praise her five for law for Solomon, Shahada, and her month of Ramadan, what fauja and protects herself from committees in what are called Viola and obey and listen to her husband's a letter.

00:33:51--> 00:34:30

It will be sent to her from any door you wish and surgeon, meaning that that woman who prays for Salah like Allah subhanaw taala commanded her and in desperate fact, like Allah, soprano, God commanded her and protect herself by covering the way Allah subhanaw taala folder to cover and the way the Sunnah laid out for her, protecting herself from mixing with men acting modestly, to protect yourself from Xena. And this you listen to her husband's that on the day of jasmine, she will be brought and all the doors of denim will be open for her. And it will be said from any door again, you may

00:34:33--> 00:34:34

unless personalizada says

00:34:36--> 00:34:37


00:34:43--> 00:34:43


00:34:47--> 00:34:59

A loss of tunnel Arcata says, Oh you who believe you claim to be motivated, believing men and believing women? Is that evil reply to a lot in his messenger reply.

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

On his messenger Eva da from Lima Yoshi from when they call you to that which will give you life.

00:35:07--> 00:35:19

And so this is the call of Allah and His Messenger when I'm asking sisters and brothers that Allah calls us that we say seminar upon, we hear and we obey

00:35:21--> 00:35:26

in the lahoma lunarlon yeah you will follow Allah you will

00:35:28--> 00:35:33

love Allah Muhammad, Muhammad, Allah tala, Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim.

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A lot of you know, I mean, he didn't even really know if the bat now was at Kadena own Center, a Muslim woman I hate Dominus

00:35:52--> 00:35:53

woman tortfeasor

00:35:54--> 00:35:57

amen in the lineup mobilizing,

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demons political,

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political, philosophy animal