Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #62

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Hello, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala filmbay when mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Holly you it was ever seldom does it even Catherine kathira from Nevada my brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah beautiful day here in Groton, Connecticut and I thought let me record this outside. So, you can also share in the beautiful view that is there behind my back

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we are in the lesson of the life

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of society

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and what we can learn from his very rich

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We as I mentioned you we

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have been studying this in two parts, one is musala Salomon frown and the second one which we are on now is Musashi salamander and his people that people have been Israel

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This is very important and this

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one is ryla very important to us and the life of Musa Salam is very important to us because these are the people who immediately preceded us as the higher Roma and as the people chosen by Allah subhanaw taala to do the work of doubt or Islam, and therefore what they did and what they did not do and what we can learn from it.

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In order to make our own work, successful and inshallah accepted by law

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This is a very important thing that we can we can and should learn.

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We in the last lesson, we saw what the one Israel did after Allah subhanaw taala had relieved them from the suffering

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in Egypt and

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gave them the Holy Land they two things they did one was that immediately after they came out of there they asked Masai Salaam to make an idol for them. This is give us an idol.

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So we can worship and this is people who have seen the glory and power and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala in miracles and masala Salam

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I don't say performed because it's not the W is not a magician was performing tricks. The Miracle or the

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the marches that have the ability Salam is really the signs all as we handle data that Allah subhanaw taala sends to the people in order to want them in order to guide them.

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So after seeing the miracle still, they saw some people worshipping idols, and they thought this is a good thing. And imagine, imagine how we can be deceived by shaitan. And the reason I'm saying this is not because we want to criticize bunnies rise, because that's history that's gone. The reason I'm saying this for us to remind ourselves that we are those people who have seen the miracles of our Mummy, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now you might say how do I say we have seen

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the biggest miracle of us so seldom is the Quran, Allah Kareem. The revelation of the caliber of Allah subhanho wa Taala the speech of Allah subhanaw taala which what miracle Do you want which is bigger than that? And we are reading it every day we see it every day.

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We should reflect on it, we should think about it. So it is something that is it's not something that is relegated to the past. And of course when we did when we read about the miracles of rasa Rasul Allah in the Quran, as well as in the sunlight in the in the in the Sierra and Hades, then we know about those miracles as well. So Angela, we are people who are witness to the greatness and glory of Allah subhanaw taala. In addition to all of this, we see the miracles of Allah subhanaw taala every single day, every single day, when we look at the earth around us, when we look at the environment around us,

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we are noticing and seeing the miracles emerge is that the climate of the world of Allah subhanaw taala every single day.

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Yet, we have people among us, may Allah protect us from ourselves and from the shaytan

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who look to idols who look to idols,

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actual idols or figuratively speaking idols for their needs, and they worship them in the sense of obeying them in the sense of performing sacrifices to them. Instead of sacrificing only In the name of Allah subhanaw taala

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They do various things. I it's not my

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purpose here to list all the houses and all the

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corruption that has crept into what we know as Islam.

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Suffice to say that

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all the trials and tribulation and difficulties that we, as a people are facing today can be laid at the feet of our refusal to focus on and refusal to stay with authority though Allah subhanho wa Taala and instead of that, our tendency and our readiness to stray from the straight path of steadfastness rather mister came straight, straight path of tawheed into areas of

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doubtfulness or areas of openshift.

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And the the story of musala serviceberries rail has come for that reason. The second thing that the bunnies did was when they were at the gates of the Holy Land, at the gates of Jerusalem. They refuse to

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enter Allah rhondella ordered them is Allah says enter

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they refuse was

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told them to enter they refused, you shall be known.

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And collab the two assistants of masala Sarah who are with them

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you shall be known then became was also given the board after a certain masala Salaam

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they advise them to say look Allah is ordering you to enter meaning that if you enter then you will be given victory Allah does not tell you to do something so that you will fail. So here's the this is evidence but you have to show some effort but they refused and they not only did they refuse they adore mozzarella we are willing to sit here you and your rob you and your Rob go and fight. I imagine how

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that is, of

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of Musa Salaam and

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of the newbie and disrespectful towards Allah subhanho wa Taala they said filehub underbara muka naka de la in hoonah kar Aidan, and they said go you go, this is almost a Hugo.

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And we will never enter it. This order that as long as we are here, you go and do it. And you and your loved one fight mad and how?

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How disrespectful. That is. The reason, as I said the reason for saying all this is

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not to criticize bunnies, right? But

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it is to

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draw attention to the fact that May Allah forgive us. This is also our state as Muslims today. How many of us today are have gotten into this habit of complaining? We complain about this. And we complain about that. And we complain about how the Muslims have no influence, and how we have no power and no authority even though as a people, we have a lot of wealth, we have an enormous amount of wealth. As a group, as a people, we probably have more than

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more than anybody, definitely more than most people. Yet that wealth of ours is, is really a bank account of somebody else. We seem to have no, we seem to get no benefit from this wealth. And we blame others for this. We blame others for this. But if you really seriously think about let's say, instead of blaming others,

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this wealth of mine,

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if I look at

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my use of this wealth, what do I do with this wealth, which can give me leadership which which can give me power and authority which can give me you know, the ability to do something worthwhile, where does the use of my wealth

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and then see what we do with

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via large exceptions apart and those exceptions are miniscule.

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We as Muslims use our wealth

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for self and self aggrandizement, and for

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luxury, and just enjoying life. That's all. We do not use our wealth for anything constructive, anything Long, long term. That is a that is a tragedy. Right? We buy fancy cars

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Do you buy? We build fancy houses?

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We have five we take fancy holidays. And we take pleasure in saying this is how much I spend on my holiday. Yeah.

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But how much of our wealth for example is invested in

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top quality schools? How much of our wealth is invested in drug quality? research institutes, research organizations, how much how much of our wealth is invested in

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alleviating of suffering of people? That how much I'm not I'm not saying we are not charitable we we give charity and of course, charity is part of our Deen is part of the credo of Islam. But

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deliberate conscious charity How much do we do that? How much do we do?

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If you take the top 10 charitable organizations in the world

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go and see how many Muslim Muslims are represented in that

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what cutting edge research are we doing?

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Somebody who I remember they talked about one of my very good friends at Africa is run by Patel of Middleburg who gave this wonderful example. He talked about the Motor Show

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in I think it was in Zurich or something in Switzerland

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compared to the Motor Show in Dubai, and he said the thing that was the

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thing that was the most

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you know the unique thing about the Motor Show the the object of all attention in Europe was a

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which was the latest design latest piece of engineering which the conversion of fuel to power ratio was very, very high. And therefore it gave that car in an amazing amount of power. Because of the kind of carburetor and he said in Dubai in the Motor Show the point of attention, the most attractive thing which everyone was going to see was gold plated Williams.

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Now it shows us which one has more value in one place. It is just the bling that gold plated Williams

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and the other place it is cutting edge engineering.

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That is the that is the point I'm saying that if we we just complain and we mourn and regrown

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like the bunnies Riley Sanders said no let Allah do all all my work for me.

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Well, bad news, Allah does not do your work for you.

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Allah didn't do it for the bunnies, right? He's not gonna do it for you.

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We want things to happen. We have to make the effort

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and then we make God Allah subhanaw taala to help us with the effort and of course Allah will help because this is also the promise of Allah subhanaw taala that he will help but Allah did not say I will help you no matter what you do or don't do.

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So this is the lesson that we are the lessons that we learned from the story of money is right.

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Very interesting. How the Sahaba learned his lesson so beautifully.

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Because in the before the Battle of brother, when a solo seldom made Mashallah with these people about whether they should go and fight in mother or they should turn around go back home. The Sahaba overwhelmingly everybody actually you know,

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said route was was awesome. We will go with you. They didn't say you go and fight. They do the extended map that been asked what what villano he said we will not say like the one he saw you and your go and fight. We will say you and your rub go and fight and we will fight alongside you.

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Now it was very very important to very is very It is very important to learn these lessons from our Salah Sally.

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Based on what Allah subhanaw taala told us about the whole adultery

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It was a grim time for Musashi Salah. Think about that how what a big heart was it Salah must have had, how much patience he would have he would have had that here are his people who say Salaam is dedicated his life for them. Musa Salah risked his life for them, a loss of 100 that has sent him for the benefit of these people. And after seeing all the mercy of Allah, all the blessings that Allah

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data sent.

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This is the

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including, when Allah gave them the Holy Land, they refused to take

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the turn back, they refuse to take, they refuse to take the gifts that Allah subhanaw taala gave them. So it was that it was

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it must have been a very grim and difficult time for him very hard time for him very heartbreaking time for him, to see that his people were so passive and rebellious. And they refuse to accept the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala. And

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right when they are at the gates of the, of the Promised Land of the, of the Holy Land, so he raised his hands and he made and he asked Allah Subhana Allah to separate him from his people, people those those people who had betrayed him when he had rescued them from Egypt, and who brought them to the promised land, these people betrayed Allah Subhana Allah so Allah Subhana Allah then made them wander in the desert for 40 years, literally going around in circles in Santa now and let's run a data therefore these people are not going to do my job then I'm going to replace them and when I replace them I'm going to replace replace them by somebody better and therefore Allah subhanaw taala

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allowed an entire generation to be wiped out

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not by a calamity or something but just they died on 40 years which means one generation completely was finished and a new generation came into being and in that new generation lots of other than give them

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give them the the the Holy Land though which he had promised them and the tragedy is that Musa is Salaam himself passed away without entering Jerusalem, thanks to the way of his people.

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Now therefore, they lost their way a lot of them made them lose their way and they wandered in the desert for 40 years. Allah delasalle Karla be in Nila Maluku Illa enough see you okay masala Hassan Mahindra is Carla. He said oh by Rob Carnaby.

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In the law Maluku enough see you follow kobina obey nelco mill First up, all of in Maha Maha Ramadan Allah him arbaeen Asana then Yeti hoon. I feel all the

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other co mil facet versity Allah subhanaw taala said, Musa Sarah, he said Musa Salam said, Oh my Rob I have power only over myself and my brothers who separate us from the people who are foster home who are rebellious, and disobedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala saying, I don't want to be lumped with these people I've done my best because if Allah subhanaw taala decides to punish then I don't want to be punished so Massara said I'm saying y'all I did my best you are seeing what these people are doing. So please do not include me with these people for whatever you have listed in our last round that I said therefore Allah then said therefore this holy land is forbidden for them for 40

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years and in destruction they will wander through the land and he said to me Sorry sir I'm so do not be sort of all over the people who are past your home

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is comforting Messiah Salam. And Allah saying don't don't worry about this. It's okay you have done your job. And Allah Subhana Allah will take care of his people. Now I lost that I wanted to meet with Sally Salaam. So he appointed a period of 30 days during which Mousavi Salaam was supposed to fast and purify himself then Allah has added another 10 days to that

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to make it 40 days

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and muscle is what I'm told his brother

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He made his

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replacement he made him his

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while he went

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to the mountain

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for his ethika of 40 days

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and moosari salaam told him to ensure that that the people do not stray from the path and and warned him not to follow them in their ways because musasa knows his people he said no they will. They will guide themselves and they will guide you also so be careful don't listen to them. You are the leader you assert yourself make sure that they do not disobey a lost battle. Now then I lost that I spoke to was it so many times was it that I was called kalevala. No one was walked up and then after that when I lost rank that I spoke to so many times this is so these are the so many examples in the Quran which are so human when you will

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read about it you think about this and say that these are the name of Salaam they were people that were you

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beings and so like human beings they had you know their own desires and in this case the desire is Mashallah was very pure for them for the MBR Alhamdulillah. So Musa Musa said I'm speaking to Allah subhanho wa Taala the natural desire is that I'm speaking to him now I want to see him so who's that is that I'm sorry Allah please show me. Let me see you allow me to see you.

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Show yourself to me, while Amada masala Makati. navicula ma hora boo Carnaby areni under a lake garland balani wala Kenyans Oh lol Jubilee for in this takanawa for any staccato Makana who vasavada Ronnie balama Nigel boo lil Jubilee Giada hodaka Ohara musasa for llama Africa for Allah Subhana Gato Bhutto Lake, well, I was meaning, I am Moser in knee inist of a toga Allah nozze B risala. t.

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v resell it will be delivered will be kalami for Jose ma De Luca la comida shaqiri Allah Subhana data set and men Moosa at a salon game at the time and place, appointed by us and his rubs spoke to him. He said, Oh my rub, show me yourself that I may look upon you, Allah, smart, Allah said, you cannot see me look upon that mountain. And if it still stands in its place, then you can see me. So when his rubber appeared to the mountain, he made it collapse to dust, and musala salam fell down unconscious. Then when he recovered his senses, he said, Glory be to You.

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Glory beat you, I turned you in repentance. And I am the first of the believers, Allah that I said, almost, I have chosen you above men, about my people, by my messages, and by my speaking to you. So hold that which I have given you and be grateful.

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Now think about this, how beautiful and wonderful and wondrous it is, the massage salon wants to see a loss perfectly natural, this is what you would expect. And Allah

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put 131 pray on this mountain

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in a way which is in keeping with the majesty and grace however that was and the mountain could not withstand the glory of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the mountain just collapsed into dust. Obviously Musa Salam on what how it must have been maybe it was a enormous, you know, like an atomic explosion or something along those best

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You know, I mean, in, in normal circumstances, musallam would probably have got vaporized or something he would have died. But of course, I learned that I didn't want to kill him a loan and wanted him to show a loved one who wanted to show him

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the understanding human understanding of what does it mean to see a loved one is to want something the other one is to actually you know, experience it. So Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam. When he regained consciousness, he immediately repented even asking to see Allah subhanaw taala This is a huge lesson for us in other you might say well what is wrong with asking to see Allah subhanaw taala I mean, I love Allah I want to say

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inshallah, you and I will see Allah Subhana Allah when he wishes in a way he wishes in keeping with his glory and majesty in our lungs that when we when we see him on the Day of Judgment, when we are presented to him before presented before him on the Day of Judgment, and inshallah We ask Allah to show him show Himself to us, in general, for those who Allah and gather us was also nice and solemn there for this purpose inshallah, on the day of judgment, people will see a lot of man

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on his throne. I wish I hadn't said this to the people. They asked him this era sola, how will we see him? How will we see our rub, when there will be millions and zillions of people? And in that huge crowd, you know, I mean, I may be a short person or something, how will I see? Let me say, Listen, I'm said Don't you see the more you want to see the sun, you will see your arm like that.

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Right? Now in this world, the world of those we had the world of,

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of submitted similitudes have examples, because we can't prove that there's no way of actually seeing and showing so we said this is like this or like that. But of course, data level data loss data is over and above and bigger and more glorious than any example that can be given

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of him. So let me Sarah said I was trying to explain the fact that we will see him in Sharla and we will see him like everybody sees when you can have a zillion people they will all see the mall and each one

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We'll see the moon or the sun in its perfection without it being hidden in any way.

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inshallah We ask Allah to show us that so here is the

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lesson from this also is that

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stay within your means, do what Allah has already ruled and inshallah Allah will show more when he when it is the right time and place to do that. And of course, the lesson from musala salams own action which is immediately to make is the current hour. Now in this case Moses didn't commit a sin or something not that he made a it's not a sin, it's nothing negative.

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But even with asking, you know when you are when when you are of that daraja of the Navy, then every little thing counts. So even asking a loss or even asking to see a loss of anodyne

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mousseline apologizing even for that is a lie that was a mistake I should not have asked and please forgive me and I am the and and the first of the those who submit to you about the award winner muslimeen means what means I am the first of those Muslim is one of the most well as well that is that I'm the first of the meaning I'm the first of those who submit to you.

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Unless Ramadan. So it's very important for us to understand these things and to take lessons from them. inshallah. Now,

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so my Bible sisters, if you quickly recap and look in our lives, what are the lessons that we learned, one is no ship

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with a very small try to second thing is to have courage, and to take charge of our lives, and to do what we need to do, fulfill our end of the bargain. If you want success, success will not come by just sitting there, it is not going to be dropped, dropped into your lap. It also won't come by just worshipping Allah subhanho data and just praying, we also have to make effort in the right direction, if we want success, so that is the second lesson. And then the lesson that we are content and we give ourselves content with what Ananda Allah Allah has blessed us with. And we can make dua for more but we don't yearn for more, beyond whatever limitation that Allah has kept us with, that

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in this limit that is highest, there is Baraka in the limit itself. You also have the lesson of Salah Solomon is so hot is 40 days or any guff that he did on the mountain, in order to get close to Allah Subhana Allah and almost 100 I spoke to him many times. Now, whether Allah will speak to you directly or not, I don't know. As far as we know, Allah will not. But the point i'm saying is that as far as we are concerned,

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I want to emphasize for myself, and remind you the importance of the importance of exerting ourselves in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala specific to that

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it's not just doing you know anything and saying Oh, but you see all of this is worship knows, I mean that may be worship, but the actual worship of Allah, now I feel de la hora, fasting, giving other heart, all of these, you know making over 100 and so on all of these things, the actual worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala these are very important in trying to get close to Allah subhanaw taala. the worship of Allah subhanaw taala focuses us on Allah Allah Allah Allah who focuses us on the importance of obeying Allah subhanaw taala with worship with obedience, so when we are focusing when we are bringing our field and reading Quran and so on, we are focusing on the worship of Allah

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subhanaw taala and that is what opens our eyes to our position as the A that the slaves of Allah

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and therefore, obedience becomes easy. And then remember, everything that is this world is a world of cause and effect if you are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala then Allah subhanaw taala opens the doors of his word of this dunya on, on you and me. In the ohana, Allah will reward us inshallah, without any doubt, there's absolutely no doubt that Allah will reward us inshallah, in the outcome but in the dunya also Allah subhanho wa Taala will open the doors of hire and Baraka, the of goodness,

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of plenty, the doors of authority, the doors of power, all of this Allah subhanho wa Taala will give

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And this is perfectly natural to understand because if Allah subhanaw taala Allah says Allah subhanaw taala centers in this world is in the human beings as what as his qualify as the hollyford Khalifa to LA filled up to Allah subhanaw taala sent us here to represent Him

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and to order his his obedience for Mr. Will Morrow for the Herald Mancha. So obviously nobody can do Mr will maruf nl Moncure unless that person himself or herself is on the right path, you cannot be telling people to do the right thing while you do the wrong thing that I can't tell you to pray if I'm not praying. That is why it's very important for us to focus on our own o'clock, our own self, our own task, purification of our own knifes our activities are speech, purification of our actions, our behavior,

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all of this must come and it must come before we can expect to have success in this life. And of course if we do this, then insha Allah success will definitely come because this is the promise of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala his promises are always true. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help. Amara, Solomon fusina Willem de tocqueville and our,

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our city, we make we make is the foreign Toba We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for goodness in this dunya aka urbinati nafi dunya ha Senato orfila

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sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi manera

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