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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The importance of avoiding things that occur after the birth of oneself is emphasized, as it is a new blessing given to one by Allah. Consistent with this vein, older individuals are valued and respected. It is also emphasized that learning to be a good Muslim is crucial to achieving better outcomes, as older individuals do not have the full respect for their parents.
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Allah the Almighty says in the Quran and Allah.

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Allah is the one who created you, in the state of weakness, then he gave you strength after weakness, then after strength, they view weakness and gray hair, he creates what He wills,

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servants of Allah. This beautiful idea Allah azza wa jal summarizes our lives on Earth,

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this life that we at times seem to consider and think that it is endless. However, it is not. And this is the inevitable fact you are born, you live and you will die. No one escapes this fate, not even our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam yet Allah gives us signs after signs so that we would be aware of what awaits us. If you look at this magnificent sign of Allah azza wa jal, you would find that life is in stages, we are born week.

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vulnerable, fried, giant, ignorant, unable to do anything, but look at us now. Allah says in the Quran, and Allah has brought you out of your mother wombs, knowing nothing.

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Every one of us was born in such a phase and state and it is Allah azza wa jal, who gave us what we are having at the moment, the young becomes or grows old, the weak becomes strong, the ignorant starts to learn. And all of this is from Allah azza wa jal, however, this stage of puberty, this stage of youth is prolonged, until we are deceived by it. So we think that it is going to last forever, and we live life to the fullest, we enjoy life to the max, we take everything that we can lay our hands on, whether it is halal or haram. So we drink from the cup of this union, until we are intoxicated. Once we are addicted to this dunya. Once we have it running in our bloodstream, then

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the Warner's of a law start coming in and the first Warner to us is reaching the age of 14. Allah says in the Quran, till when he attains full strength and reaches 40 years. This means that you will reach your max you will reach your climax in health in physical and mental abilities when you reach 14 and if you reach the peak, there is nowhere else for you to go except downwards. Now, this is the first Warner but who pays attention to it, then we find that a number of Warner's keep on coming to us from Allah warning us. Be aware of what is happening to you. Be aware of where you are going to, we find that we are getting fatigued. We're becoming tired. We forget things. We're not as strong

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and as good as we used to be. Not only that, we find that graininess is invading our hair and our heads, like zecharia said, As Allah mentioned in the Quran, my Lord, indeed my bones have grown weak and feeble and gray hair has spread on my head.

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So these are a number of Warner's from 40 until you reach the age of 60. Yet another Warner comes to you which is attaining the age of 60. The Prophet says Allah salatu salam, the average age of my followers of my own map is between 60 and 70. And seldom you will find people who would pass that on. So if you reach the age of 60, what should I do you keep on doing what you've been doing for the past 60 years in New Jersey. May Allah have mercy on his soul says once you reach the age of 60, then

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You must start to pack your bags, because you've reached your destination or you're almost there. And every single day that the sun rises over you, this is a new gift. This is a new blessing from Allah azza wa jal, this is borrowed time, it is for you to utilize it, and Allah azza wa jal will hold you accountable to it and the more you become weak, the more you become weaker, the more you should strive, increasing a lot and offering as many good deeds as you can, because you never know when it will be over service of Allah, if you reach the age of 60 onwards, you can feel

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a lot of things fighting inside of you. And shape on utilizes this shape on plays well on this, because when you reach this age, you feel depressed, you are a bit cynical, you are not as positive as you used to be. And that is why shavon tries his level best to get you at that moment. Why? Because after you die, he has no power over you. But while you're still living while you're still breathing, He is waiting for the right moment for you to flip. And once you do, this is what he wants. A true believer is not like that. A true believer is a real Vantage, the older he gets, the better he is. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave you the glad tidings and he told us

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that the best among you are those who live long and do good deeds. And the worst among you are those who live long and do bad deeds. May Allah azza wa jal protect us all. So everyone among us, who has reached the age he's in, he should be grateful to Allah azza wa jal that he made him reach that age, whether young or old, and the older you become, you should monitor your behavior, the way you treat others, the way you deal with others. So if you are improving, and doing good deeds, know that Allah azza wa jal loves you and do not think of getting old, as a burden, or as a trial from Allah because Allah doesn't love you. On the contrary, the more you live, the more good deeds you do, the more

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Allah loves you. Any sooner even magic.

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Ignore obey the law. You all know him, may Allah be pleased with him, one of the 10 heaven bound Companion of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, one of the most beloved companions to the Prophet, alayhi salatu salam, he says that I saw in a vision I slept, and I saw in a dream. And before he saw that dream, and he told us about that dream, he is telling us that two men from a region of East came and diverted to Islam. They accepted Islam. So they were brothers. One of them was much better than his brother in worship. So he prays a lot of nights and he fasts a lot of days and he does a lot of good things gives him charity. And this particular person is the one who does good deeds. He

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went to battle and was martyred in the sight of Allah Xhosa. So he's a Shaheed. So what more do you want? He's a companion. He does a lot of good deeds, and he died as a shahidi. One year later, his brother died normally naturally.

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So he said, I went to bed one night, and I saw in a dream that I and these two men were outside of Paradise, waiting for the gates to open. So the gates of Paradise were open. And they summoned, they called the one who died a year after his brother, the one who did not do a lot of good deeds, the one who was not martyred

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and it was closed. And after a while, the doors were open again. And the other person the martyr was admitted.

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Well, he says I wanted to go in and the angels told me it's not your time yet, and I woke up. So I spoke about my dream to everyone around me and people.

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We're shocked and astonished.

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How is it? A person who dies as a martyr and he did so many good deeds, he was much, much more enthusiastic than his brother yet his brother is admitted to paradise before him, there's something wrong. And this DRI, the the Prophet Allah is so awesome. And he heard what the people were talking about. So he called him and he said, What are you wondering about? This is oh prophet of Allah. He dies a year after this martyred and he didn't do as many good deeds as he did, yet. He's admitted to paradise first. So the Prophet says, Alison, how long did he live after him? They said when you said, Did he fast Ramadan? They said, Yes. How many days he fasts? How many prayers did he offered?

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How many prostrations? Did he give more than the man who was martyred a year ago by Allah, what's between them is like what's between the heavens and the earth? One year

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of living, does the difference between a normal person and a monitor, which indicates that you should value

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every single minute that you live and consider it as a gift or a blessing and a favor from Allah, I say what you hear and I seek Allah's forgiveness. So ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive me and you as well.

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A lot of us. When we grow older,

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we become cynical, we become depressed, we become easily agitated, and we become too sensitive, and we become grumpy to those who are around us. And unfortunately,

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this is a trial from Allah azza wa jal to both ends, to the recipients and to the elders. However, Islam, as usual, is the religion of Allah azza wa jal, and you have to be proud of that Islam excels as usual in all fields of life. It does not address a particular field of life, it addresses life itself. And Islam excels in asking us as Muslims, and teaching us as believers how to deal with such a segment of our society. Unlike the disbelieving west or east, who treat them and consider them, as insects that should be stepped on, the elders have no reason to live. They've consumed all of their choices. So why are we treating them this? Well, why are we doing this in that for them, they should

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leave. They brought us up, it's their duty. Now, they should not ask anything of us, we should not do anything for them. This is not how we do in Islam. Islam honors, Islam values, this age, where this elder has reached. And the more he lives, the more honor we give to him not necessarily being a parent, or not necessarily being someone we know Islam orders us to respect and honor the elders, whether they are locals, or expatriates. And we have a big problem with this. And this is not definitely the time nor the language to address this issue. But we bring our children up in a way that makes them behave as they do. Islam tells you this is not the way you as a Muslim, it's your

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duty to respect any elder, even if he's a Catholic.

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And if he's a Muslim, it becomes a must whether he speaks your language or not, whether he's from your ethnicity or not, whether he is from you whether you live or not. The Prophet says

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he is not from us, who does not honor and respect the elder. He's not from us. He's not from among us. He's not a proper Muslim. So this is what Islam tells you. It is a sign in Islam, that you respect and honor the elder. It's a sign of how you were brought up. Why do you say to the janitor who

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cleans your office as a general manager, what do you call him uncle, because this is how you were brought up. You had good family, you had good Muslims, as parents good practicing Muslims. But when you do the opposite, this shows the lack of a man in your heart. And it shows the lack of discipline and bringing you up, we hear a lot of bitter complaints from the elders, we see how people misbehave in our countries, in our localities, with the elders. And this shows you that there is something wrong, there is an error in our upbringing, it's good for you to pray in the first row. It is unacceptable for you to treat an elder in a bad way, by Allah azza wa jal, it's even worse, when

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this elder is a father, or a brother or an uncle.

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And there are cases you know, of, of how people feed the elders in their family. And

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it is not a proper Muslim who does this. And you should doubt your Eman if you have this in you, but this has a two way streaming. So as youngsters, we have to respect the elders. But what about the elders themselves, the elders themselves must

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have mercy on the youngsters. And they should also not burden those who are around them. So being grumpy, being depressed, being agitated all the time is not a positive thing. This means that you as an elder lack the full trust, dependence and reliance on a lasagna, you don't have to work.

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And that is why in ideal societies in our homes, you find the elders being a beacon of wisdom and experience. The youngsters go to seek knowledge and to seek guidance. And the elders give that willingly and happily. And this is where you have the bond between the Muslims in the Muslim societies and families. The older you get, always remember that Allah loves you. And that's why he's prolonging your age. So try your level best to offer as much as you can have good deeds. I give you the glad tidings to those who are old and become old in Islam. I give you that glad tidings of Allah's forgiveness, and of Allah's pleasure, because you have worshiped all these years, seeking

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His forgiveness and seeking His pleasure. And you have to remember that deals are judged by their conclusion by their endings. So it is a shame living 60 years 70 years, and then you do sins and you die doing them. So what's Past is past, try your level best to do well, to worship Allah to be 24 seven, giving charity worshiping Allah making Vicar offering pray on time being kind to your spouse's your sons and grant children being kind to your neighbors being a true practicing Muslim. So when death comes, it would come while you are in the perfect state for deceiving death.

Prepare For Death Irrespective Of Your Age

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