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The importance of remembering death and being a good Muslim is emphasized in a discussion on the " handyman" of a dams project. The speaker emphasizes the importance of setting rules and using one's experiences to improve the project. The speaker also encourages the " handyman" to use their experience to improve the project and avoid becoming the "most of the people."

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while I leave you Asahi woman wala

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Allahumma alumna Maya and final and final Bhima alum center in Nicosia Mian Mooji would do along with me I will be coming and Mila amfa Albania Sha one I've seen Latisha What do you smell? Robin Allah is a bad headache Anna jameelah don't cut off my neck until Wahhab. Rubbish. rattly solder you were yesterday on the Tamil rissani you have a vocoded I mean

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what why I said to her, you've paid your your way to Jenna.

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There's a hadith for Swati sotto Sena in the meaning of which whomsoever a father and a mother, by the way, not only for the mother, whomsoever have three daughters, and especially for daughters, it's this Hadith, his four daughters was three daughters, and he or she will raise them up to be a good Muslim, the halogen antigen.

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So if I want more daughters, because I want to get to Jenna, that's not the capital.

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That's not boosting that I wanted for Allah. I want more money to you. Because I want to for example, whenever I finally been a small town and I come here and I see this beautiful school, you're up to give me more money. So I go to this small town, and I build something like this school. That's not the castle.

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That is not the fire hall that's not boosting. That's not Yanni rah as we call it, rat race. That's for the sake of Allah and May Allah give you more but with Allah here explaining in Surah Anya in certain Hadith that we are busy or running after it, so we will compete.

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When we compete in something we are too busy from other things. What does he think I'll have Kamata cattle What is this competition is making us busy from what

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connected with the with the sewer? You all know the surah I don't have to repeat you all know what anybody don't know what the tecarta are the very surprised so what is Allah says, I'll How come you are too busy, busy from what?

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remembering number one is the graveyard because he said hot desert to me macabre. But else, he gives you the answer at the end of the surah then you will see it.

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The day of piano because at the end of the surah he said, Let's

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then you will see it with your own eyes, the eye of your thing. But before that, I'll have como Takata You were so busy. Who among us woman?

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Men, I'm sure is the thing, but we are talking to each other that remembers death every day.

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Every day

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you are looking at me as

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What is she talking about? Or actually, why do I want to remember death? Why as we say in the Arabic link, any clinical talk, what is this Kaaba? Why do you want us to be depressed?

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Right? We don't want to we don't want to hear. I don't want to hear somebody's sick. Some people is like I don't want to get somebody sick. I don't want to hear they died. I don't want to hear it. What are we running from? And how come

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most of us are busy with dunya and we are heedless from getting ready to meet him. That's what he's telling us. Because young will tm as the day I'm gonna meet more. I and you are so busy in running after and how do we justify it?

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What's the famous word? A famous line? I laugh when I hear it?

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It's even more.

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It's even more especially for those who work with no No, no, we say a laminated work is a bad. Don't we all say this.

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Hammer is a bad and why do you tell me?

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Sure. Emily's a bad. Absolutely. But what's the conditions for the amyl I'm amazed work, whether it is at home or whether it's outside, whether it's a job, or whether I am a housewife and I'm raising my children. Everything is honored and absolutely cyberduck but what's the condition for this to be a bad

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number one is the intention.

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Why did you get married?

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Why do you want your daughter to get married? Why do you want to have children? Why do you want to be a physician? Why do you want to be a lawyer? Why do you want to be successful?

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Number one is the intention number two, how I am doing it? Is it really bad?

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Am I pleasing Allah as I am doing it? Or I am disobeying Allah as I am doing it, what kind of a budget if I am disobeying Allah in it, as a physician for Gita, as a physician, if I am a physician, and I am missing my Salah, and I am disobeying Allah right and left what kind of a badasses I am making it an excuse to justify it to myself to get what it will give me to be a physician. And I feel good because it's a bad majority of us. These days, majority of us are busy from preparing for the dual ophira by the dunya. So what should we do? What's the gist from the first slide? aloha como esta casa. That's what they teaches you. Number one, make this Junior. That's just how they teach

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you make the junior a bridge to the higher

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when you cross a bridge, remember, I am at this part of town, I am engineer and I am crossing it. And the other end is here. So lets me make my dunya bridge to the hero. Meaning what? When I cross a bridge, do I forget I am on the bridge?

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No, right? I know I am in the bridge. Right? But if I am crossing to the aka, do I stay in the bridge? Or I have to move to you. If I am crossing from one area to the other? Do I focus on the bridge? Or I focus where I am going?

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I need the bridge or I don't need the bridge?

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Absolutely. I cannot get to that dunya remember this? There is no hero without dunya? Where will I worship Allah? Where will I get more Hassan?

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Right? Where will I get everything I want to get to the dunya dunya bah bah, bah. So I have to be here. And I have to be in it. Don't misunderstand. You don't need to be out, as I always say to the middle of nowhere in this small cave in the mountain. And no marbre I'll take it and I will use everything I have. And Allah gives me to enjoy Indonesia, there is nothing wrong with it. But

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for two things, don't forget you're here and don't use what Allah gave you to disobeying him.

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Don't use what Allah gave you to disobey Him. So make it as a mother, and as they say, be the workers of the hero who need a man

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to be the labor of the actor. How do I be the labor of the actor? What I'm living,

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right? How do I do that? In reality, other than just remembering

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an element of solid

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reality reality I'm going to leave here it's going to be one o'clock. I'm going to go and pick my children and I'm going to go home how I'm going to make the make this home when you get opened the door of your house and you ask yourself this question how I am going to make this house my bridge to the port number one for the sooner for Sally site to Silla, so I will say before I follow the sooner I need to learn the sun. What is this? What did he do when he gets home? First thing for example, entered with right foot pipe. What else?

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greeting first thing he said greeting normal human being greeting and there is nobody in the house he will greet them

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so nobody right away you can imagine the resort itself to some entered I have no time I'm going for Salah hasha no he lived

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entered his house. Right foot remember Allah first job, greeting Smile, smile. Thai what else in the house they said every odd becomes a bad by changing by being near every habit and every habit becomes a bad by changing your near

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every habit. Every you wake up in the morning. Each one of you maybe majority going to have a shower, right? Maybe not. In any case. Whoever wakes every morning goes to the bathroom and have a shower. This is

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That this habit, you can switch it and becomes a bad every day and you will get a reward on the Day of Judgment by doing what?

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Changing your intention, changing some of the acts you do in your shower and make it worse or

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make it also you know what I'm talking about. Even if you don't need to do the whistle, make it as a muscle and it becomes a bad how many rewards you will get by doing show by you come up and you look at the mirror. All of us does. Come here here. Push the cream, person sunblock, whatever you do. You look at the mirror, can this become a bother? by what?

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Allah has sent a healthy person? Oh, okay. Yeah. As you beautified me, that means you're telling yourself and Allah number one and yourself, I'm beautiful. Whoever thinks the other way around. That's a problem. I think I'm very beautiful, because that's how Allah created me.

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That's real. That's when you are happy. We both gave you karma has sent the whole thing has some karma has sent a healthy person. do art for yourself, not for anybody else. Hello, you're putting your clothes. I have to change. I'm going to work by you. Putting your clothes.

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I had a habit I have to change. What do I do?

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If you don't know that you are, if you don't know you haven't memorized all these just say hamdulillah give me a clothes.

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Right? There's a drama about how you put your clothes in what you say. Just say $100 Give me the clothes. You changed your habits to a budget. Remember the bridge you're in Judea. We didn't move out you didn't go to the masjid is anytime the higher in your house. You went, turn your key in the car. We're going to say

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suppose the homeowner had no money when they

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don't know what Alhamdulillah give me a call changed your

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intention. intention you need to call your friend. We all call our friends. Ask yourself why? And make it for Allah. haven't talked with her. Maybe once she hears my voice, you're going to be happy and healthy. So Goofy, urban Western, you have made a Muslim happy.

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Right? Maybe she needs something. Now come to Allah Hodgetts Muslim, you have came up with the need of almost unchanged everything. Everything and I can go on all the talk about how you can change your daily life. And as simple as you get out of your house and you say yarby make everything I am going to do today. Whatever you are doing for you.

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That's it, your change your knee, everything becomes a bad I'll have come to confer or not? No, he gave me but it did not take me away from him. And how could so be the army of the earth he'll be the labor of the here after by changing everything Allah gives you as I added, make it a bad one. Number two, use everything Allah gives you for his pleasure.

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Don't use it in his disobedience. That's what we feel.

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That's what we feel. And part of the shocker of the NEMA shocker. You all know this word, part of the shocker of the NEMA. They tell you you use what Allah gives you for his pleasure.

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For his pleasure. Allah gave me feats Alhamdulillah as people who can't walk, I do not use my feet and I go to places which is haram. Then I have disobeyed him and I have not showed great gratitude to the gnome. Gave me eyes. I do not look at him. Gave me ears. I do not listen to her. And remind yourself because we forget remind yourself Allah I have yours and I need to use it what pleases Allah to you? Is that so far clear? Why do you think I'll Hakuna Takata was revealed. Who knows it was in Makkah Tamaki surah and the kuffaar were sitting together, boosting about my ancestors and my ancestors. Aloha como esta casa and we want more. They tell you this, leave, stay away after this is

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better. Stay away from the company that's gonna put you in this race and go to the company that will put you in the race of Africa.

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Stay away from the race that will from the company that will put you in this race, the race of dunya

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stay away because it is hard to be among these and you are different. It's very hard. Whatever strong you are. You will get weaker and weaker and

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Wake up without you knowing gradually because it's the norm that as they call it, and you say this to your children peer pressure, the peer pressure is for the young and for the old, stay away as much as you can. Yani, if there is a gathering and you know the gathering, all the talk is going to be about what I bought and what I did and what I'm doing. Do your best not to go everyday for these are always in these. If you have to for a reason, go but don't make it your life story. Because that's going to make you forget the

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money go with a ha Kuta castle.