For Those Who Feel Empty Inside #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people attend religion and try to deny their true feelings, causing them to become empty and starving. They also mention that people try to pass on information to others without acknowledging it and try to avoid having a deeper feeling.
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Allah put something in the heart of everybody, it's like a GPS. So even the person who wants to deny God will not deny God, they'll say, I believe in a higher being, because they can shut off their brain, they can shut off their heart. Allah is you know, like, it's he's beckoning them to come to him. So this person is actually starving, but they're saying that they're full. So they go into drugs, they go into, you know, into fornication, they go into all these different areas, but they're still empty on the inside. So when we want to come along, and this is even for a Muslim who's trying to pass on the message, rather than coming to this person, you know, head on and say, Hey, follow

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the prophets. I say we address the problem from an angle of, you know, what's the purpose of your life? Let's shut off this pain. And let's test something out. So for example, somebody who is a rapper, like really intense rapper and he became Muslim later, and he was doing alcohol and drugs and you know, and the whole deal and then there was a mother