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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The speaker gives advice to their brother on how to pray in their house during the pandemic. They suggest praying at the beginning of the time, when the facility is cold, and then praying with their family once they are allowed to go back to the facility. They also advise against delaying the prayer when it's too late, as it can make things easier when they can go back to the massage.
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serious warning about praying in your house and not going to pray in the masjid. Obviously, in most countries around the world during these days, the massager are closed, and we have no choice but to pray in our house. But I want to give you some sincere advice from your brother, who has experience of traveling all around the world. And as we travel, sometimes in the hotel, we can't go to the masjid consistently. So I find it difficult getting back into the groove when I come back to the masjid and not being able to make it all the time. Therefore, I want to warn myself and my brothers, as we get accustomed to praying in the house, we need to be careful. So when we're finally allowed

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to go back to the masjid, that it's easy for us to go back. And there's two tips that can help us do that and shelter. The first is that we pray at the beginning of the time, meaning as soon as the event is called, just like we would do in most countries, when the event is cold, we prepare ourselves and we go directly to the masjid. So we do the exact same thing in our house. And the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam he told us that from a humble man and Allah from the most beloved actions to Allah is the prayer for a while he walked the hair in the beginning of its time. The second is that we pray with our family or those around us in congregation. If we follow these two

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tips, once the ban is lifted, and we're able to go back to the massage, it is going to be easy inshallah. Tada. But if we become lazy and we delay the prayer, we pray by ourselves, then trust me, as soon as they were able to go back to the massage we're gonna find difficulty in being able to do so. May Allah subhanaw taala help us all and make things easy for us and accept from us Seattle anatomy

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