Fear & Sadness. What to Do #Shorts

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Yesterday I saw that Islam is anxiety. Anxiety comes when you're fearing for the future or you're worried like in the past like you fear the future you're worried about the past something that happened the past in the future. And Allah subhanaw taala says about advice and I'm I wish somebody could take notes of this because this coming out of

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add tamales Sadam Allah subhanaw taala says that that he will send down the heat Daya so many Tabare who Daya fill a hole for not only him without him, yes, there is no fear for them. And no regret sadness over what happened in the past. Meaning there's no fear for the future. If you follow the diet of Allah subhanaw taala what I hope and I named Mala Mia has no and no sadness for what happened in the past no regrets, which is actually where anxiety comes from. Is from that sadness in the future or in the class.